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Found 71 results

  1. Round 3 has been completed. It was run as a "classic enduro" won by Loic Larrieu. Familiar hard enduro names include: Jonny Walker 10th Colton Haaker 17th Taddy B 20th Paul Bolton 27 Billy Bolt 38 Graham Jarvis 44 Walker is in the lead for season points. I'd love to find some video of the racing.
  2. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows how to take the powervalve governor out of a KTM/Husqvarna 85. I’ve bought a new spring for it and I don’t know how to fit it, I’ve heard the spring is in the same spot as in the bigger KTM’s but after I take the cover off the bolt underneath (pictured) just keeps turning. Does anyone know? Thanks heaps.
  3. Hey guy’s, new to the forum here. I had a 2019 Yamaha MT-09, traded for a 2019 KTM 500 exc to get into the enduro/supermoto world. I’m very happy with the bike, but more is always better! I punched out the exhaust end cap, and went with a piggyback fuel tuner to address the lean fuel issues. I saw that some guys with older 530’s were cutting the internal pipe off the end-cap, spark arrestor I’m assuming? I’m not worried about forestry legal mumbo jumbo, mostly ridden in supermoto form on the street with the occasional trail riding on private land. Has anyone else done this? Does it make it more like the 450sx end cap by doing so? Or was that just a thing for the older ktm models? Also, does anyone have the recommended tuner settings from JD? A picture of the programming paper for 2019 ktm 500 would be a huge help! Thanks guys
  4. Hey guys, I just picked up my 2nd KTM 690 (first one was stolen) and the quickshifter is only functioning for downshifts. It also is very tight compared to my first bike. Has anyone else encountered this? Any suggestions? If not I'll take her back in on the weekend and get them to check it out. Edit: so after a bit more riding I've figured out that the quickshifter only works when the throttle is closed.
  5. So I am a fairly new owner of a 2015 KTM 250sx. The bike ran good for a while with a 50:1 mix which is what the previous owner used. The manual reccomends 60:1. However, recently i have been fouling the recommended spark plug and believe it has to do with jetting. The bike also tends to smoke a lot more than i think is normal as it leaves behind clouds. I cant seem to get a good understanding of the idea so i was wondering what any of you guys could do to help. I ride motocross and trails mainly in pennsylvania and places -1000 sea level. All i know is that there is a 158 main jet in. I have not done any digging yet because i don't even know where to begin with figuring out what jets to use. Any recommendations or solutions would help.
  6. G'day guys I bought a 2014 ktm 350excf a few weeks ago On the first ride after about 5 hours of single trails and firetrails, it wouldnt idle it would kick over and bog down but i didnt think too much of it revved it up and dropped the clutch away i went, rode about 20kms home and on the drive way it wouldnt idle Would bog when revved and die so i washed it and put it away The next night it wouldnt rev at all or idle properly it just bogged down when the throttle got cracked, thinking it was the idle adjustment i got it running atleast, left it over night came home from work and bam it ran perfect around the block and everything Next ride it died in the trails wouldnt idle and i had too nurse it 15kmH home opening the throttle too much it would stutter backfire and jolt I've since replaced the inline fuel filter, the fuel pump filters, ran injector cleaner through it too The bike after running injector cleaner through it and filters ran perfect i thought it was fixed Went for a ride last saturday after about an hour i stopped for a break for about 5 minutes The bike wouldnt start at all estart and the kickstart, the efi light would flash twice(crank angle sensor? This only flashed every now and again, most times it hardly flashed at all) Then i gave up and started pushing While pushing i played with the estart and got it going again having too nurse it as it was running like crap! 2 days later i just kicked it over and its perfect!! Around the block it went fine idles perfect I have a new fuel pump on the way but any input would be appreciated(i know its a long post sorry but im so baffled on what it is) All the loom connections and what not are all sealed and look fine ive gone around and cleaned most of the plugs Cheers!!
  7. Might get a 1999 Yamaha YZ250, and it's gonna be used as a enduro bike. However theres no stator on it since it's been used as a pure dirt bike. Does anyone know if there's a webpage that sells stators for this bike? Or maybe if the electronics from a WR250 work on it if it's the same model year? Also, I'm from Sweden so it's important that the site ships to the EU. Thanks :-)
  8. So, I'm new to this and dirt bikes in general. I did small engine repair in high school, so I'm not full on retarded in that respect. But I digress. My dad recently have me a 1980 Honda XL250s Dual sport bike. It's got the 6v system, and goofy 23" wheel. When I got it, it had sat for a couple years, but nonetheless, I had it running in no time. Then a month later, it was fine tuned with the correct filter, carb rebuild, etc. So it runs fine, no problems there. So now I'm onto electrical; blinkers, horn, things to make it road legal. So after I bought a brand new 6v battery, charged it, I was going through the lights. Headlight runs off stator, so that's fine, tail light runs off both, that's fine, turn signal switches are good, but lights stay solid. Horn switch doesn't work, but I haven't tested the horn itself. Most instrument lights work, but there may be an issue because I used LEDs for that, and when I hit the turn signal, the light comes on, but shuts off neutral light. Today I got all 4 signals to light up, after I grounded the rear lights. But now they don't come on with just the switch on. Only when the bike runs. And I'm only getting 3v at the battery when it's running. I feel like I just made it worse when I "fixed" the rear turn signals. And to make things worse, my 6v trickle charger doesn't work anymore.
  9. What are the best used Dual Sport models to convert into a scrambler style? Looking for 400-650cc, decent Highway Speed (cruise around 65-70 mph), Low Maintance, good MPG, can handle long distance rides (150 mile day ride), Very Good on fire roads, decent single track, can handle occasional sand and rocks no problem, lighter weight, Currently deciding between: drz400 and 650, KLR650, XR400R 600R and 650R,
  10. How is everybody doing. I just purchased a 2017 Husqvarna FE250 for 4,800Euros with only 200 hours on it as I just moved to Tuscany, Italy from the states.. I used to race motocross and quite frankly it was a different time when I used to race, mind you im only 27 but I used to ride a C125. These new amazing fuel injected sexy beasts are something im not used to... I just got back into "racing" as im now looking to compete in some local enduro and harescrambe events out here... I would greatly appreciate ANY advice on, tuning the bike, and beside getting the obvious header and exhaust pipe what other mods would anyone recommend to bang this baby up from 35(stock) horespower to about 40 or more..!? if that's even possible. thank you for the time to read this, I truly appreciate any feedback thanks again.
  11. Hello! We are a group of enduro enthusiasts from Croatia. We have some really amazing terrain for enduro here and as soon as the temperature goes above zero, we go for the hills. Hope you enjoy the video :
  12. Hey folks. This project started with an impulse purchase. I've been playing around with some e-bicycle stuff and got a little ahead of myself ordering things. This "20" fat tire" hub motor wouldn't apply to anything I am working on but it's such a nice piece that I didn't want to return it, so I decided to build an electric motorcycle with it. The size and engineering of the CRF100 will be perfect for what I have in mind. I'll be on the lookout for a good deal on a frame if anyone has one. I am in Denver, thanks for looking.
  13. Time Left: 28 days and 7 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • Used - Good

    2004 KTM 450 exc. Street legal and trail ready. Comes with set of dirt tires and a rare set of 17 inch Warp street tires. Title in hand. Extras: • KTM Desert tank • GPR Steering stabilizer • Pro Moto Billet Kick stand • 3 seats • Extra Front fender, rear fender (not new) • Maintenance manual • Jack stand • Extra 14 tooth front sprocket, 12 tooth on bike. • Extra bearings front and back • Recent maintenance, carb cleaned with all new gaskets, fronk fork seals replaced, frequent oil changes. Been a great bike for true enduro riding. Not sure of mileage speedometer reads on the street tires only not the dirt tires.


    Cottonwood, Idaho - US

  14. Hi there! I recently bought an 86 xt350. It ran on full choke. I went about cleaning the carbs on it and the secondary carb had the main jet stripped out. So I tried an impact driver, and cracked the carb body. Turns out it's kinda hard to find a replacement. I have 3 questions. 1. Would anyone like to sell me a secondary carb for xt350 2. Has anybody tried a secondary carb delete. If so how did you go about accomplishing it and what size carb did you use. 3. Does another carb fit in its place. The xt600 appears to have similar carb set up Thanks for any help/advice given ?
  15. Hey guys! One thing i wonder is how the Sherco 300 sef is one the road? Whats like the top speed of this bike and can it handle cruising on the highway at 65 mph? Do you guys have any experince with this bike? This is a dream bike i have recently found that i hopefully will get as my first motorcycle! Thx guys!
  16. Hi. Want to start doing Enduro. Got a little experience. Want to hear opinions on 2001 Yamaha .wr250f Reliability is my main concern as I'll like to use the bike around town, then performance
  17. Hi. Tried Enduro a few times in borrowed bike (2012 ktm exc250) and loved it. Want to buy a bike and start riding. I live in Portugal, My budget is limited, and at the prices here I can't get good state 1999/2000 XR250. I'm 6 foot and around 180/190lbs, so my guess is if the bike will handle the trails around here. A lot of singlegrack, rock gardens, rock climbs, hillclimbs. Basically hard Enduro. And if it will be able to go on raids and events without being to slow and not able to keep up with my friends (they ride fairly well) I need a 4t because I'll be using the bike to move around town and such. Wanted an opinion about the xr250, thanks
  18. Hello guys!, i was hoping you guys could put in your two cents and help me figure out if my 6ft4 250 pound self would look stupid on a 250 2 stroke! Im really interested in buying one for mx and trail riding but wonder if i should go for a 450 instead? Im pretty experienced rider
  19. Are there any Facebook groups or Forum groups that are for District 36 Enduro and Hare Scrambles riders? Thinks are a lot different these days. The dirt bike scene in Northern California doesn't seem as friendly as it was in the 80's and 90's and all of my friends gave up on the racing part years ago. I am looking for an online community to keep up with Enduro and Hare Scrambles guys. Every time someone comes and buys a used bike from me they say that they are going to "keep in touch" and "let's hit the races together", but once they drive off with the bike and that title, I never hear from them again lol. (I sell cheap always).
  20. So this has been an abnoxious one, I bought this bike about 8 months ago and it has always run perfectly, about a month and a half ago I installed the IMS 4 gallon tank and tusk billet cap and it has continued to run perfectly until less than a week ago. Now it will start to starve for fuel every 5 min or so unless I loosen the cap to relieve tank pressure. It seems to do fine if I driving backroads at a sub 30mph pace, but if I get on the highway it quickly build pressure and cuts out. The tank has always built pressure when I was riding, and hissed viciously when i refueled but had no fuel delivery issues until less than a week ago, I could nearly drain the tank without opening it, and it would never cut out. Could the vacuum assisted petcock have possibly worn out? Is it normal for the tank to build pressure? I was under the impression that the fuel cap would relieve all pressure. So far I have checked the vacuum line over and over, taken apart the tusk fuel cap and blasted the parts with hot water, removed fuel filter, then installed it again when I noticed no difference. The bike noticeably regains power while I'm driving and I loosen the cap.
  21. Alright, so up behind my house I got a mountain full of trails to explore, but my dad won't let me go at it unless I have some sort of device that tracks my location and has the capability to send an emergency message in case I get hurt. I was wondering if there were any good GPS tracking devices that would have those functions? Thanks!
  22. Who else is going to be at the desert 100/50 this year? This will be my second year. Ran out if gas last year and only got 1 lap at the very end. Excited for this year
  23. Video of night riding in the snow at borg mc enduro norway https://youtu.be/UdLhNnV0wsQ
  24. Eat, sleep, work, and repeat. Sound familiar? This is the hamster wheel we’ve all heard about. It’s hard to see it and even harder to break the cycle when you’re in it. Some say this is the cycle of life and that’s just the way it is. I say I want more. To quote one of the best movies of all times “This is your life, and its ending one minute at a time.” Tyler Durden, Fight Club. Let’s take a look at one of the best possible ways you can use those valuable minutes. I came into dirt biking at the age of 32. I was not bottle fed as a child out of old Rotella bottles. The only clutch control I had was clutching at my TV remote when my wife tried to steal it from me. I had been very active in the outdoors as a kid growing up, but the last 10 years had seen a move across the country, a new career and a new mortgage. I was, for a while, living only to progress my age. I felt every rung of that wheel as I ran along. It was just over a year ago when I rode my first dirt bike, and my average suburban grind had a fistful of cayenne pepper thrown on it, then lit on fire, then thrown off a cliff. Point is I woke up to a whole new lifestyle and I know I could never go back. I ran into my first obstacle the minute I opened my mouth and spoke the words Dirt Bike around my wife. I got that look of “Oh yeah? At your age” and she spoke to me of not being a kid anymore and what bills we had to pay and that I would just hurt myself and blah yadda yadda yadda. I zoned out. After hearing silence for a few seconds I snapped to and realized by her last inflection of her voice she had asked a question. “Well” I said “you know, if you put things off you want to do throughout your life, eventually you will have a midlife crisis and end up running away with a 20 year old in a new convertible. It’s better to do irresponsible things in small doses throughout your life instead of at one big go when you realize you’ve never done what you wanted and it’s almost too late.” I finished, giving her the most genuine look I could muster. Luckily I have a really great wife who really supports me if I want to do something, and she agreed. The next few months I spent absolutely obsessing over the online used stuff website, I’m sure you know the one. I also read every review, article and watched every youtube video on how to select the proper bike for you. After some long theoretical debates with myself over what type of rider I wanted to be, I determined that the WRF series from Yamaha would best compliment me as a theoretical rider. I then poured over the web looking for the nicest, newest WRF I could find. I ended up with a 1984 Honda CR125 with no front brakes. You see, there’s one small thing I forgot to mention, as a part of my wife agreeing to me riding, it was that it would not be at the monetary detriment to our family….And seeing as how we had only in the last year bought a new house and had to pay for all the accoutrements that go with it. I was house poor. I ended up getting the Honda by bartering and trading some household items to a man that was an approximately 5 hour drive from me. Beggars can’t be choosers. After watching a few videos on how to strap a bike into a truck, as I had a hard time believing it would stay in with just two straps to the handle bars, I was able to load it up and take it home ready for the new life I was about to have. This was but the first bike in a few I would own over the last year, after having bartered, traded up and sold my soul I now have a 2017 Husqvarna FE350. Stay tuned for my next chapter on how you too can maneuver into the bike of your dreams, and some of the pitfalls to watch out for along the way. Do you guys remember what your first bikes were and what you had to do to get it? Post in comments below. Also don’t forget to follow this blog to get alerts on new entries.
  25. Hey guys! I will be getting a dual sport/enduro soon after i take my licence and would like know and see what kind of bikes that you guys think are the best! Im 5'10, 138 lbs! Not much weight, but im super strong. I have never ridden a motorcycle or anything with gears but that maybe doesnt matter much since i will learn how to when i take my license!? My plan is to ride 50% road and 50% offroad! Much love and my first post!:) //Patric
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