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Found 34 results

  1. NORhardenduro

    Night ride in the snow

    Video of night riding in the snow at borg mc enduro norway https://youtu.be/UdLhNnV0wsQ
  2. So this has been an abnoxious one, I bought this bike about 8 months ago and it has always run perfectly, about a month and a half ago I installed the IMS 4 gallon tank and tusk billet cap and it has continued to run perfectly until less than a week ago. Now it will start to starve for fuel every 5 min or so unless I loosen the cap to relieve tank pressure. It seems to do fine if I driving backroads at a sub 30mph pace, but if I get on the highway it quickly build pressure and cuts out. The tank has always built pressure when I was riding, and hissed viciously when i refueled but had no fuel delivery issues until less than a week ago, I could nearly drain the tank without opening it, and it would never cut out. Could the vacuum assisted petcock have possibly worn out? Is it normal for the tank to build pressure? I was under the impression that the fuel cap would relieve all pressure. So far I have checked the vacuum line over and over, taken apart the tusk fuel cap and blasted the parts with hot water, removed fuel filter, then installed it again when I noticed no difference. The bike noticeably regains power while I'm driving and I loosen the cap.
  3. Alright, so up behind my house I got a mountain full of trails to explore, but my dad won't let me go at it unless I have some sort of device that tracks my location and has the capability to send an emergency message in case I get hurt. I was wondering if there were any good GPS tracking devices that would have those functions? Thanks!
  4. Who else is going to be at the desert 100/50 this year? This will be my second year. Ran out if gas last year and only got 1 lap at the very end. Excited for this year
  5. pat22043

    World Enduro Super Series (WESS)

    Round 3 has been completed. It was run as a "classic enduro" won by Loic Larrieu. Familiar hard enduro names include: Jonny Walker 10th Colton Haaker 17th Taddy B 20th Paul Bolton 27 Billy Bolt 38 Graham Jarvis 44 Walker is in the lead for season points. I'd love to find some video of the racing.
  6. G'day guys I bought a 2014 ktm 350excf a few weeks ago On the first ride after about 5 hours of single trails and firetrails, it wouldnt idle it would kick over and bog down but i didnt think too much of it revved it up and dropped the clutch away i went, rode about 20kms home and on the drive way it wouldnt idle Would bog when revved and die so i washed it and put it away The next night it wouldnt rev at all or idle properly it just bogged down when the throttle got cracked, thinking it was the idle adjustment i got it running atleast, left it over night came home from work and bam it ran perfect around the block and everything Next ride it died in the trails wouldnt idle and i had too nurse it 15kmH home opening the throttle too much it would stutter backfire and jolt I've since replaced the inline fuel filter, the fuel pump filters, ran injector cleaner through it too The bike after running injector cleaner through it and filters ran perfect i thought it was fixed Went for a ride last saturday after about an hour i stopped for a break for about 5 minutes The bike wouldnt start at all estart and the kickstart, the efi light would flash twice(crank angle sensor? This only flashed every now and again, most times it hardly flashed at all) Then i gave up and started pushing While pushing i played with the estart and got it going again having too nurse it as it was running like crap! 2 days later i just kicked it over and its perfect!! Around the block it went fine idles perfect I have a new fuel pump on the way but any input would be appreciated(i know its a long post sorry but im so baffled on what it is) All the loom connections and what not are all sealed and look fine ive gone around and cleaned most of the plugs Cheers!!
  7. Enduro Slavonija Croatia

    New Chanel Enduro Slavonija Croatia

    Hello! We are a group of enduro enthusiasts from Croatia. We have some really amazing terrain for enduro here and as soon as the temperature goes above zero, we go for the hills. Hope you enjoy the video :
  8. Reeve Harper

    KTM 85 powervalve disassembly

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows how to take the powervalve governor out of a KTM/Husqvarna 85. I’ve bought a new spring for it and I don’t know how to fit it, I’ve heard the spring is in the same spot as in the bigger KTM’s but after I take the cover off the bolt underneath (pictured) just keeps turning. Does anyone know? Thanks heaps.
  9. Carl Stolt

    Stator for a Yamaha yz250 -99

    Might get a 1999 Yamaha YZ250, and it's gonna be used as a enduro bike. However theres no stator on it since it's been used as a pure dirt bike. Does anyone know if there's a webpage that sells stators for this bike? Or maybe if the electronics from a WR250 work on it if it's the same model year? Also, I'm from Sweden so it's important that the site ships to the EU. Thanks :-)
  10. Dean William

    Electrical issues

    So, I'm new to this and dirt bikes in general. I did small engine repair in high school, so I'm not full on retarded in that respect. But I digress. My dad recently have me a 1980 Honda XL250s Dual sport bike. It's got the 6v system, and goofy 23" wheel. When I got it, it had sat for a couple years, but nonetheless, I had it running in no time. Then a month later, it was fine tuned with the correct filter, carb rebuild, etc. So it runs fine, no problems there. So now I'm onto electrical; blinkers, horn, things to make it road legal. So after I bought a brand new 6v battery, charged it, I was going through the lights. Headlight runs off stator, so that's fine, tail light runs off both, that's fine, turn signal switches are good, but lights stay solid. Horn switch doesn't work, but I haven't tested the horn itself. Most instrument lights work, but there may be an issue because I used LEDs for that, and when I hit the turn signal, the light comes on, but shuts off neutral light. Today I got all 4 signals to light up, after I grounded the rear lights. But now they don't come on with just the switch on. Only when the bike runs. And I'm only getting 3v at the battery when it's running. I feel like I just made it worse when I "fixed" the rear turn signals. And to make things worse, my 6v trickle charger doesn't work anymore.
  11. Hi, New to this site, I am currently having problems with my recently purchased 2004 Yz250 2t, when i first got the bike it had trouble starting and possible carb issues, so i sent it to a local bike mechanic. Got the bike back 2 weeks later, he cleaned carb on bike and done some other small bits that arent related to this problem. The starting isues were resovled by useing the correct sparkplug and it now idles great however midrange to high revs its useless, not hitting power band atall, today i took it out and really tryed to give it some beans to see if it was clogged with somthing that it could maybe spit out (bad decision I am not bike smart) It proceeded to backfire and stall out, hasnt started since, (still has compression and is not siezed) Any help would be very appreciated!
  12. Eat, sleep, work, and repeat. Sound familiar? This is the hamster wheel we’ve all heard about. It’s hard to see it and even harder to break the cycle when you’re in it. Some say this is the cycle of life and that’s just the way it is. I say I want more. To quote one of the best movies of all times “This is your life, and its ending one minute at a time.” Tyler Durden, Fight Club. Let’s take a look at one of the best possible ways you can use those valuable minutes. I came into dirt biking at the age of 32. I was not bottle fed as a child out of old Rotella bottles. The only clutch control I had was clutching at my TV remote when my wife tried to steal it from me. I had been very active in the outdoors as a kid growing up, but the last 10 years had seen a move across the country, a new career and a new mortgage. I was, for a while, living only to progress my age. I felt every rung of that wheel as I ran along. It was just over a year ago when I rode my first dirt bike, and my average suburban grind had a fistful of cayenne pepper thrown on it, then lit on fire, then thrown off a cliff. Point is I woke up to a whole new lifestyle and I know I could never go back. I ran into my first obstacle the minute I opened my mouth and spoke the words Dirt Bike around my wife. I got that look of “Oh yeah? At your age” and she spoke to me of not being a kid anymore and what bills we had to pay and that I would just hurt myself and blah yadda yadda yadda. I zoned out. After hearing silence for a few seconds I snapped to and realized by her last inflection of her voice she had asked a question. “Well” I said “you know, if you put things off you want to do throughout your life, eventually you will have a midlife crisis and end up running away with a 20 year old in a new convertible. It’s better to do irresponsible things in small doses throughout your life instead of at one big go when you realize you’ve never done what you wanted and it’s almost too late.” I finished, giving her the most genuine look I could muster. Luckily I have a really great wife who really supports me if I want to do something, and she agreed. The next few months I spent absolutely obsessing over the online used stuff website, I’m sure you know the one. I also read every review, article and watched every youtube video on how to select the proper bike for you. After some long theoretical debates with myself over what type of rider I wanted to be, I determined that the WRF series from Yamaha would best compliment me as a theoretical rider. I then poured over the web looking for the nicest, newest WRF I could find. I ended up with a 1984 Honda CR125 with no front brakes. You see, there’s one small thing I forgot to mention, as a part of my wife agreeing to me riding, it was that it would not be at the monetary detriment to our family….And seeing as how we had only in the last year bought a new house and had to pay for all the accoutrements that go with it. I was house poor. I ended up getting the Honda by bartering and trading some household items to a man that was an approximately 5 hour drive from me. Beggars can’t be choosers. After watching a few videos on how to strap a bike into a truck, as I had a hard time believing it would stay in with just two straps to the handle bars, I was able to load it up and take it home ready for the new life I was about to have. This was but the first bike in a few I would own over the last year, after having bartered, traded up and sold my soul I now have a 2017 Husqvarna FE350. Stay tuned for my next chapter on how you too can maneuver into the bike of your dreams, and some of the pitfalls to watch out for along the way. Do you guys remember what your first bikes were and what you had to do to get it? Post in comments below. Also don’t forget to follow this blog to get alerts on new entries.
  13. Trying to identify the model year of this old Kawasaki G4TR enduro. The VIN and title match and say it”s a ‘71. BUT, everything about the frame says it definitely is NOT a’71. Mainly how the tank mounts. My frame has the large round rubber tank supports at the front of the tank and a J-hook at the back for a rubber strap. 1971 tanks bolted on in the front and back. I need to get a tank that fits this frame as the one that came with it is from a 1975 90cc model (M1B). Can any vintage Kawasaki enduro gurus out there help?
  14. 04crf250

    D36 racers? A few questions:

    Howdy all! This will be my first season racing with District 36 (stoked!) and wanted to know if there were some things I should know/prep for ahead of time? A bit of background: I started riding at 10 (now 30) so am a fairly competent rider, I just haven't done much competition. I grew up riding Hollister, Carnegie, and Metcalf before getting a bit more time to get out and explore places like Stonyford. I've raced a few HHORA events (6 hours of Hollister twice, including one Ironman where I finished 4th) but that's about it. This season I hope to run the full 8 events for Enduro, as well as a few Hare Scrambles (planning to attend Phantom Hare Scrambles in Hollister this month). Some questions that come to mind: 1. I see mention of a transponder needed for the Phantom HS, is that something I can get at the race? 2. I have put myself in the C-Vet class. My only real gauge for this was looking at Youtube footage from past races, so hoping this is the correct placement for me? 3. I've been trying to research the enduros without much luck and am trying to figure out how far I will need to be able to go between refuels? 4. On that note, what are the rules around refueling? Where/how? 5. Number plate: I just received my D-36 card last week and am trying to request a new number to match my long-time number I've been running. Provided I can't make that change happen before the first events, are there any temporary ways I can show the currently assigned number? Anything else I should know? Thanks so much for your time!
  15. Yep its that time of the year again !This year its going to be a AMA sanctioned series event so its gonna be a better course than we ever set up.with a lot of new terrain that has never been used on the property (Sahara Sands Eagleswood NJ) Visit www.ride-mci.com for more info!
  16. Freemotion

    Because You Can Abuse a FunnelWeb Filter

    A part on my bike is somewhat of a Gladiator. If it is on my bike it means it has lasted the abuse of riding, racing, the elements, the unknown. It means that it has bested other products in that space and is in some way, superior. My current race bike is a 2018 KTM 300 XC-W Six Days. Everything I run has been carefully chosen and tested in some very harsh conditions. I am proud of, and believe in, the parts I run. I ran FunnelWeb Filters before being sponsored by them. I reached out and asked for the support because I wanted to run the best filter for my riding. They are a sponsor but they did not pay for these thoughts. This is my filter after race conditions for ~12hrs and still running strong. The pyramid foam traps the dirt & sand on the top layer leaving air still able to pass. Said another way, it prevents the dirt from penetrating deep into the filter. This keeps maximum airflow and makes it much easier to clean. Dual-layer filters can trap the dirt between layers and that's what makes them very hard to get clean again. It is easier to oil this design & resists dripping. I've tested them against regular filters and the life wasn't even close to Funnelweb filter life. This was side by comparison. Equal time of spinning laps in the super dusty summer. I even ran some dust socks on the twin airs. What I found is that nothing gets past the funnelweb filters. So that's why I run them. I have tested them and seen the performance advantages for myself. I need filters to last for 2 day races. Rarely do I need to change filters between days. Every time you take the filter off your bike some dirt gets in no matter how careful you are. If I don't have to remove it, just another advantage. Not popping this thing off in the pits is one less thing to think about. The filters I use will get soaked, frozen, muddy, the list goes on of what Hard Enduro races demand. Destry Abbott (10x desert racing champ) & his crew run these, Honda team out of Australia runs these too. Hell, if they're good enough for Geocomo Redondi (2018 WORCS champ) they should work for me. It was designed for combating the dust. They are quite popular in Europe and Australia because of how brutal the conditions are. I think of it this way- I expect my filter to still perform even if I lose the airbox cover. I trust the seal of the fwf filters to hold in these conditions. These fwf filters have proven themselves and earned their spot on my bike.
  17. hawaiidirtrider

    Enduro magazines online

    Here’s some online enduro magazines for all who like.. enjoy https://issuu.com/search?language=all&q=Enduro%20&sortby=relevance&type=stack
  18. iTGbuDeeV

    JDay Sprint Enduro 5/12: Southwick

    Evening all, Anyone going to do the JDay sprint enduro at Southwick next weekend? I have all intentions of doing it (first one!), but can't figure out how to sign up! On the registration page it says "Currently Disabled." I've already signed up for my license and have a number but can't get in for the race. Anyone experienced this before?
  19. Francisco Capetillo

    84 xr200 cafe project

    Been a lurker here for awhile but I’ve never really posted, but I’ve been working on this little bike as a winter project and figured some of you might enjoy it the bike is a 84 xr200 frame with a 87 motor that’s bored to 205 with a hot cam in it and a wiseco high comp piston, it’s got stock forks ( for now) and an 89 xr250 rear shock, I welded up a straight pipe for it too, she purrs. (Sorry In advance I couldn’t resist a test ride even though it was muddy, so the bikes a little dirty)
  20. Nicholas Bell

    Making WR250F Street Legal

    I have a 2007 WR250F that I'd like to make street legal in North Carolina. I have a few questions: Has anybody else used a WR250F as a dual sport? If so how is the reliability and should I be okay with highway usage? I'd imagine the motor could handle it but maybe a bit shakey... Does anybody know how strict the DMV will be on registering my bike? It already has a headlight and tail light but it does not have a high beam and low beam switch, and I don't know if I have to replace the tailight or if I need blinkers. And obviously I will need a side mirror, horn, and key ignition. Not to mention I need DOT approved tires. I love this bike and have taken it on several trails accross the country and have done some street riding on ATV approved roads but I have had minor problems where they require a registered vehicle. If anybody has been through this process before I'd appreciate some advice or information, or if this is even worth it because of the cost just to register it.
  21. Ran across this video the other day and thought I would share it. For all those who are curious if 1. Is the DRZ capable machine? 2. Is a dialed in/modified suspension worth it? and 3. Should you buy a DRZ? The answer is YESSSS!!!!
  22. Chris Edwards

    Rev limiter

    So I thought I knew the purpos of a rev limiter but I was watching some videos and came across some titled rev limiters and with the bikes on stands and in gear when they throttled on and off it barley engaged the drive and the rear tire hardly moved. Now all of these videos are showcased aftermarket exhaust but I'm wondering if th ey actually instled a aftermarket revlimiter. My 2017 250r is stock and with it on the stand and in gear will let loose the rear tire with the smallest throttle twist do I'm wondering if a rev limiter will give me more track able power and torque for trail riding with out causing a lot of the ruts and ruining our single and double track?
  23. Long story short I bought this 2011 WR300. The thing is mint, looks brand spanking new. The thing ran like a top, but only had one problem, a low idle. I was to lazy to fix it and just dealt with the fact that I always needed to keep a little bit on the throttle. My third ride on it, I took it to the florence dunes and the top end burnt up. I have just finished fixing it and all I need to do is break it in. I need to adjust the idle first though, and don't know if I'll have the idle too high until it starts. I don't want to hurt the motor on a fresh rebuild and want some opinions on what to do. Do you think it will be fine? How many turns out should I set the carb just to be safe? Any response helps -Dean
  24. jblob

    Who else is going to odessa?

    Who else is going to be at the desert 100/50 this year? This will be my second year. Ran out if gas last year and only got 1 lap at the very end. Excited for this year
  25. Erik@Boyesen

    Boyesen Buddy Boogie: Event Info

    Buddy Boogie Speed Festival Highlights www.pagodamc.org The Boyesen Buddy Boogie is an entire weekend dedicated to Motocross/Supercross/Pitbike and XC Riding and Racing, unique for fun activities, Mini Racing competition… all-inclusive, and at one venue. The entire weekend will be filled with many different riding and racing activities. Riders can select from an all inclusive menu of fun and challenging activities which will allow people to maximize their time riding and be able to experience unique aspects of Motocross and Offroad – all in one exciting and fun weekend festival. All Boyesen Buddy Boogie special events will be featured in an on-line Buddy Boogie event showcase video posted at www.motocrossactionmag.com and at www.dirtbikemagazine.com and www.thumpertalk.com Several of the Buddy Boogie special events have been highlighted below: ENDURO / XC ACTIVITIES Dirt Bike Magazine’s Buddy Beatdown XC Sprint Challenge The Buddy Beatdown XC Sprint Challenge has been conceived to be a unique and fun 2-Day Offroad Challenge that will take place on both Saturday and Sunday running alongside but separate to the Motocross activities. It is a friendly race format that features two XC/Enduro inspired test segments designed by Andrew Delong. Riders will make between 2-4 (time allowing) timed attempts with the cumulative time from all tests determining the overall winner as well as the class winners. You will ride up the special XC Sprint test sections each day consisting of various terrain including woods single track, light motocross, natural obstacles, grass track, and other off-road terrain. At the start of each special test segment, riders will be released every 15 seconds and you will race against the clock for your fastest time. The Buddy Beatdown XC Sprint Challenge does NOT require a headlight or tail light to compete. Sprint XC Challenge Classes (Running Order) - Mini – 50cc (50s will run on a shorter course) - Mini – 65 Open - Mini – 85 Open - 450/Open A - 250 A - Vet A - 450/Open B - 250 B - Vet B - 450/Open C - 250 C - Vet C - Schoolboy - Senior 50+ Open - Women Open Special XC Motocross Open Practice Track Access In addition to the XC Sprint Challenge you will have the value added opportunity to get out on Pagoda MC’s MX track with other XC riders in a special XC ONLY open Moto practice class! This optional MX track access is free with your paid entry into the Buddy Beatdown XC Sprint Challenge. MOTOCROSS/SUPERCROSS SPECIFIC ACTIVITIES BOYESEN BUDDY BOOGIE MX TEAM RACE (Saturday) The Boyesen Buddy Boogie MX Team Race is a 45-minute endurance GP race where each of the 3-team riders will take to the track for a 1-lap sprint before returning to the team transition area to tag their teammate for their lap. Each of the team’s 3 riders will continue to perform a 1-lap sprint until the 45-minute mark has been reached. BOYESEN KING OF THE MINIS (Saturday) Brought to you by: PowerSeal USA, Torc-1 Racing, PJ1 Lubricants The Race within the Race… This special 65cc-85cc (Youth – 9-13) multi-disciplined race format is designed to give kids the unique opportunity to see who is the most well rounded rider. All riders will have the secondary option of competing in the King of the Minis MX exhibition race (during Saturday’s open practice schedule), Sprint XC, and SX on Saturday night with all 3 separate activity’s scores counting towards a final score tally. Each rider’s combined total scores from the Saturday day-time exhibition MX race, Sprint XC, and night-time SX will determine the coveted spot of The King of the Minis overall finishing position. This format is designed to provide kids with the greatest amount of riding time possible for the day and gives youth riders the opportunity to have fun and showcase their abilities within all disciplines of Moto, Offroad, and Supercross. King of the Minis Race Program Saturday Sprint XC Saturday MX (Exhibition Race held at the end of Saturday’s MX Open Practice) Saturday Night SX FMF Mano e Mano (Moto Holeshot Bracket Racing) (Saturday Night) FMF Racing brings fun and fury to the Saturday night Buddy Boogie program! Included in your event pass, you will have the option of signing up to compete in several rounds of 1 on 1 Moto Holeshot bracket racing. Put your reaction times to the test and see how you stack up against other riders. The FMF Racing Mano e Mano has been designed to provide a safe and fun way to test your trigger finger and have fun with your buddies. If you’re not fast enough you will be bumped from the brackets; BUT if you have the technique and the determination you might be able to advance farther than you think. Signup for free and let’s find out! The FMF Racing Mano e Mano is included as part of your Buddy Boogie pass and will be run in conjunction with the Saturday Night Barrel Racing. This event is open to Youth and Adult riders and it will follow a simple class structure: Open 250cc-500cc (16 and up) Open 105cc- 250cc (12-16) Mini 65cc-85cc (9-13) VIRAL MX Barrel Racing (Saturday Night) Viral MX is proud to showcase the timed barrel racing as part of the Saturday night Buddy Boogie program! Moto Barrel Racing provides riders with an opportunity to see how fast they can navigate around a series of barrels and exit through the finish gate for time. Seems easy right? All riders participating in Viral MX Barrel Racing will experience a gate drop and will then navigate the barrels under a stopwatch with the times collected and scored. Fastest time wins! The Viral MX Barrel Race is included as part of your Buddy Boogie pass and will be run in conjunction with the Saturday Night FMF Racing Mano e Mano Moto Holeshot. This event is open to Youth and Adult riders and it will follow a simple class structure: Open 250cc-500cc (16 and up) Open 105cc- 250cc (12-16) Mini 65cc-85cc (9-13) Thumpertalk.com Bike Build Off Competition (Saturday Night - Judging) Thumpertalk.com showcases the Buddy Boogie bike build off competition on Saturday with final judging taking place on Saturday night during the night activities schedule. This is a great venue to exhibit your latest restoration project and potentially have your machine featured in a video appearing on Motocross Action’s and Dirt Bike Magazine’s websites as well as featured within ThumperTalk.com’s Buddy Boogie dedicated event forums. The following classifications will be available to enter your machine into for judging: - Vintage - EVO - Modern 2 Stroke - Modern 4 Stroke FXR Racing Saturday Night Buddy Boogie SX Team Race (Saturday Night) FXR Racing is proud to headline the Saturday night SX portion of the Buddy Boogie team race. Signup with 2 of your Buddies (3 Rider Teams) and compete under the lights on Pagoda MC’s Supercross track. Each rider will perform 2 sprint laps before returning to the team transition area to tag their teammate for their laps. This race will last 30 minutes with the winning team being the one who completes the greatest number of laps within the designated time. This event is only open to Adult riders and a simple class structure will be used as follows: Race 1: Open A, Open B (2 gates/waves) Race 2: Open C, Vet (2 gates/waves) Motocross Action Mini Madness SX Shootout (Saturday Night) MXA headlines the Buddy Boogie’s Mini Madness SX Shootout. This elite-level, purse-paying exhibition race will follow an Open 85cc Youth format and has been designed to allow a venue for kids to showcase their talent and speed. The Mini Madness Purse will be comprised of all King of the Minis signup funds and will offer a deep payback contingent upon signups. PAGODA MC’S 2018 Big Bucks Pro-Am, District 6 Henrietta Series Race (Sunday) The long-standing Big Bucks weekend is a yearly late-season destination race for many top regional professional and amateur riders who all via for a shot at bringing home their share of the $3,000 (minimum) Big Bucks purse. This year’s Big Bucks race will be held on Sunday in conjunction with the District 6 Pennsylvania Henrietta Series program as well as the Boyesen Buddy Boogie Festival. The purse money is for real. The ruts will be deep. The action will be excellent. This is one of the most exciting Northeast and Mid-Atlantic events every year so if you haven’t made time to come check out a Pagoda MC Big Bucks race you should place it on your bucket list! Contingency Available: Suzuki Honda Husqvarna Motocross Action’s 2 Stroke Revolution Exhibition Race (Sunday) Join the 2 Stroke Revolution and celebrate the excitement of 2 Stroke Racing with your buddies. This special Open Adult race will be showcased on Sunday and will be embedded into the Pagoda MC Big Bucks race program. Festival Activities Schedule FRIDAY ACTIVITIES All 2PM Festival Gates Open SX 4PM – 9PM SX Open Practice (A, B, C, VETS, MINI, XC) SATURDAY ACTIVITIES MX 9AM - 3PM MX Open Practice (A, B, C, VETS, MINI, XC) (free with XC Sprint Challenge) Brought to you by: TCX Boots and Acerbis XC 9AM - 4PM DAY 1: Dirt Bike’s Buddy Beatdown XC Sprint Challenge (free with MX Practice) Brought to you by: NeuTech, Gas Gas USA Road 9AM – 4PM Pagoda MC Road Ride (100 miles) All 12PM – 3PM Pagoda MC’s Wheel of Fortune (Spin the wheel. Win MX/Offroad products) ($10 per Spin - Proceeds go to Pro-Am purse) XC 9AM - 4PM Boyesen’s King of the Minis - XC (65cc-85cc 9-13) Brought to you by: PowerSeal USA, Torc-1 Racing, PJ1 Lubricants All 4PM – 9PM New Model Bike Demo Rides (Pitbike Track Only- 3 laps per demo) MX 3PM - 3:30 PM Boyesen’s King of the Minis - MX (65cc-85cc 9-13) Brought to you by: PowerSeal USA, Torc-1 Racing, PJ1 Lubricants MX 4PM - 4:45 PM Boyesen Buddy Boogie MX Team Endurance GP - 45 minute (Adult Open - 3 person teams) SATURDAY NIGHT ACTIVITIES All 4PM - 7PM Pagoda MC’s Family Dinner (Catered Dinner) MX 6PM – 10:30 PM T-Bolt’s Night-Time Pitbike SX (Racing on the Main Track) All 5Pm – 6PM EVO Industries Suspension Tuning Seminar (Free for all interested riders) All 5PM - 7PM ThumperTalk.com’s Bike Build Off Competition - Judging – (Vintage/Evo/Modern 2 Stroke/Modern 4 Stroke) All 5PM - 6:30 PM Viral MX Goggles Barrel Racing (Free - Timed Segment – run in unison with the Mano e Mano) All 5PM - 6:30PM FMF Racing’s Mano e Mano (Free - Moto Holeshot Bracket Racing) All 6:30PM – 8PM Open Beer Tent and Cornhole Competition SX 7PM – 7:30PM Kids 2018 Mini-Track Championship Awards (Kickoff to SX Racing) SX 7PM – 10:30 PM SX Racing (A, B, C, VETS, MINI, XC ONLY) - 1 Moto format Brought to you by: EKS Brand Googles, Sunstar, Braking SX 8PM – 9PM Boyesen’s King of the Minis - SX (65cc-85cc 9-13) Brought to you by: PowerSeal USA, Torc-1 Racing, PJ1 Lubricants SX 9PM – 9:30PM FXR Racing’s Buddy Boogie SX Team Race - 30 Minutes - (Adult Open - 3 person teams - 2 laps per rider) SX 9:30PM -10:30PM Motocross Action’s Mini Madness SX Youth Purse Race (85cc Open) Brought to you by: SUNDAY ACTIVITIES MX 9AM - 5PM Pagoda MC’s Big Bucks Pro-Am / D6 Henrietta Classic MX Racing (1 free class with Buddy Beatdown XC Sprint Challenge) XC 9AM - 4PM DAY 2 - Dirt Bike’s Buddy Beatdown XC Sprint Challenge (free with MX Entry) Brought to you by: NeuTech, Gas Gas USA MX 11 AM Motocross Action’s 2 Stroke Revolution Race