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Found 491 results



    Never purchased grips before, what's good?
  2. wably

    Honda XR400R (2004)


    So far so good. Checked/repacked/replaced all worn bearings, fluids, tires, clutch plates, brake pads, chain, sprockets, bars, grips and levers. Replaced all incorrect size/length bolds, nuts, screws. Removed a ton of red loctite. Usually at the expense of the threads and or bolt, nut and screw! BAD TOAD!!! I want to convert to electric start. The parts are out there. Let me know if you have done it or know someone who has.
  3. Mtbsinger85

    Easton EXP EA70 Taperwall M 109 36

    4 reviews

    SPECIFICATIONS Easton revolutionized the handlebar world in 1990 with the introduction of the 1 1/8” Taperwall handlebar which used our proprietary EA70 aluminum. The recipe for this ground breaking material was derived in our laboratories and twenty years later, Easton is the only handlebar maker with access to this remarkable premium blend of aluminum. EA70 is quite special in that even though it is a very high strength alloy, the ride quality does not suffer. EA70 is ideal for alloy handlebars because the average stress that is applied through all types of riding is far below the material’s relatively high yield strength. Additionally, its ability to absorb higher impact loads means it can withstand substantial loads without bending. EA70 is just one example of why our expertise in design, material fabrication, and thermal treatment remains unmatched in the industry. Prior to the Easton TaperWall handlebar, motorcycle bars were all made with the same, straight wall design. Since creating the process, Easton has developed and refined the cold-working of aluminum tubing that sets the standard in the industry. Our exclusive computer-engineered process allows us to create multiple tapers in the same tube, so the tube walls can be reinforced anywhere along their length with incredible precision. The result is jeweler-smooth walls that eliminate the stress points typical of other manufacturer's tubing. The unprecedented control of Easton TaperWall technology allows each tube to be precision engineered for its specific application. The resulting ultra-smooth wall transitions create multiple reinforced wall zones - effectively gusseting tubes on the inside. What this does is transfer energy down the length of the bar so shock is dampened more effectively without compromising strength. For over eighty five years Easton has been the leader in designing and engineering high performance products for some of the world’s most demanding sports. Our engineering has been proven in the AMA, NHL, MLB, and the Tour de France. Easton’s engineers have always understood a single rule - function follows form. This rule applies to the EXP handlebar system. Just as the 1 1/8” aluminum handlebar answered the needs of a sport that had evolved dramatically over the previous decade, Easton’s EXP System introduces a new phase in performance driven technology. After countless hours of lab testing, Easton engineers found that the new 35mm (1 3/8”) handlebar offered the optimum balance of ride quality, weight and strength of all the sizes they tested; from the previous standard 7/8” bar, all the way up to a 1 1/2” bar. True to its function it just looks “right” too. Easton pioneered the concept of Intelligent Flex whereby durability is designed into the product without adding excess material or weight. Intelligent Flex is key to the EXP’s proven level of high performance comfort. The handlebars stay stiff and rigid to help maintain control through the fast whoop sections and rutted turns while offering enhanced damping qualities.
  4. captaincanuck

    Honda CRF250L (2014)


    Amazing street and offroad bike. With some mods this bike is definitely one to keep.
  5. Hi guys , has anyone has used flexx bars before if so what do you think of them ? I ride MX only and was wondering if they would be good for me , I suffer with arm pump ,mainly due to lack of fitness I admit , they have excellent reviews although saying that I never see any at the track , is this because of the cost or do they just not work so well with MX ? Will be grateful for any advice , thanks
  6. arinlee22sr

    Suzuki RM65 (2003)


    Very fun bike, tiny but fun to mess around on.
  7. ThumperTalk

    ProTaper 4.3 Bar Mount

    1 review

    4-in-1 solid bar mount system CNC machined 6061 aluminum for added strength and durability All mounting hardware included
  8. I always find it interesting when I teach myself something I already knew. Last week I switched on a set of Pro Taper Contours in the Windham bend, replacing a pair of Henry/Reed bends by the same maker. The effect of this swap was a surprise, to put it mildly. I set my son's bike up with a pair of these because of his size when we first got the bike, and never rode it with anything else on it. At the time, they seemed a little high for me. But, if you read my reviews of the bike from back around June/July of '06, I was impressed by how light and responsive the steering seemed, and how I could make the bike go more or less anywhere I wanted it to. Mine was never like that. Mine always pushed harder the his, and always steered more like my old '03 than his bike (reluctant to turn in, stands up in turns) and I haven't ridden his bike for any length of time since just before I got my '06, so I attributed the difference to all kinds of things, including faulting my memory of his bike. I never suspected the handlebars. I was wrong. The sensitivity of the aluminum framed YZ450 to small and seemingly insignificant changes in set up still surprises me after all this time. The Windham bend is 7mm higher, which I had thought would be helpful when standing for long periods during desert races. What I hadn't realized was that the way the bars are bent, they also move the hand position about 14-19mm farther forward. So as you might expect, the bars made it easier to stand and move around, but they also made it much easier to get farther forward on the bike without so much conscious effort, which helps cornering. But the bars did something else, too. Whether it was simply that they moved me forward, or that the steering inputs are farther forward, the steering is much lighter, more responsive and precise than with the other bars. The effect is similar, although not quite the same as installing offset clamps. Frankly, I am somewhat astounded by how much better the bike handles with this simple change. I've never had a bike so profoundly changed by a set of handlebars in all of my experience. The bike's response to mid turn corrections is vastly better than it was, as is the feedback and control I get when the front tire starts slipping. If your '06-'07 doesn't turn the way you want, try moving the bars up and forward 5 and 10mm or so. You might be surprised, too.
  9. Every single grip I have ever used has came loose on the left side and my method is Scott grip glue and safety wire, what methods do you guys use to hold them mother truckers on
  10. smv ryder

    Novik Gloves Grip Doughnuts

    1 review

    Looking to relieve your hunger for less blisters?? Well get yourself a set of the all new Novik grip donuts that are sure to make your buddies smile. Currently available in standard thickness.
  11. captaincanuck

    Handlebar installation help needed

    Ok so, I'm installing my new pro taper se cr high bend handlebars. I'm stuck at a point where I can't quite get the cover that covers the throttle cable on tight without making it so the throttle won't turn back after turning the throttle. Did I screw up with drilling the hole for the throttle tube? Or possibly do I need to put more grease inside of the cover? Anyone getting back to me as soon as possible would be much appreciated.
  12. What's the hype with these? And why would someone pay $350 for bars and mounts?
  13. HoldenMuhGroin

    Honda CR250R (2005)


    Awesome pristine bike, and unbelievably cheap.
  14. Dunny50

    Yamaha YZ450F (2015)


    One of the best bike I've ridden
  15. 50KAL

    Kawasaki KX450F (2008)


    My new beast. Previous owner sticker bombed the sh*t out of it. White spoke covers too. Some decent mods: ASV levers, Renthals, Pro-Circuit linkage, suspension, hoses & other billet components. Mostly stock otherwise.
  16. pilot4yahms

    Yamaha YZ450F (2008)


    fastest bike I've ever rode
  17. grimaries

    Kawasaki KX450F (2012)


    Great bike, have owned my share and my favorite to date
  18. 2001CR125Rider

    Honda CR125R (2001)


    Love it! Incredibly fun 2 stroke 125!
  19. 500bigbore

    500 EXC bars

    What aftermarket bars would be the closest thing to stock for 2014 500 exc?