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Found 4,356 results

  1. Dave and the boys

    Kawasaki KFX 90 starter not working...please help

    Hi. I'm new as a forum member to TT, but have been reading articles and learning a lot for a couple years now. This one has me stumped. My son's 2007 kfx 90 will start fine when kick started, but the start button only starts it very intermittently. Battery is new and has 12v. I know the starter is good, because if I bypass the starter relay (jump the wire that has 12v to the one that goes to the starter) it starts right up. This led me to believe it was the starter relay. Replaced and still won't work! I tested the push button itself and I get continuity when I push it. I tried jumping the two wires that go to the push button, just to be sure, no start, so this should mean that it isn't the push button right? I have two wires, a yellow/red and a green that come from the push button and I think they go the starter relay (same colors, although green wire is slightly different) I tried jumping those each (from push button to starter relay connector) and no start... So I have a new battery, a new starter relay, a starter that I've confirmed works, I think the push button is working. Any other ideas? Any help is appreciated.
  2. well i just got my new one. its ricks motorsport and well its alot bigger then the one on my kfx and it has 2 round plugs and the one on the kfx has 1 box plug. so im lost. any ideas?
  3. Since I am a new member of the broken case club, I am looking for some tips / tricks from people that have done theirs. My case took a pretty good shot from a rock on the local MX track last month, and now it leaks oil when it is turned off and everything is cool. I guess when the engine heats up the metals expand and seals the crack. Cost for the cases, all internal bearings, gaskets, service manual, filters, and puller tool from motion pro is going to cost me around $680.00. Where did everyone buy their parts? Am I forgetting anything
  4. gyayo2012

    Kawasaki 04 kfx400

    hey all my kfx400 is having a weird stall out issue.. the bike will start and run fine for sometimes 5 sometimes 20 min but it never fails to just clonk out on me in the middle of a ride will do its constantly but then i just fire it back up and ride again for another 5 - 10 then clonk again has anyone else had this same issue in the past could it be the cdi rev box? bad ground battery no good? i have no idea any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  5. jeffjam

    Kawasaki Kfx400 Problem Help!

    I am having a stalling problem with my wifes 04 KFX400. When it was last ridden it was running fine. (I must add that the quad was purchased new and no work has been performed to the engine other than routine oil and filter changes). After sitting for about a month and a half, when we went to ride it again it was hard to start and sputtering, I eventually got it to idle and rev but you would have to rev it slowly or it would stall, I figured whilst being ridden it would clear up. Well it eventually shut off and whenever restarted it would just shut off. We parked it and I eventualy got around to it about 2 weeks later, I pulled the carb down and although clean I went ahead and cleaned the jets and the float. I also pulled down the Tank valve and althiugh clean, cleaned and checked it, all is fine there. Now when the bike starts it idles and revs clean but only for about 30 seconds tehn it just stalls as if it has run out of fuel. It will only restart if left alone for about another 30 seconds. I am stumped as this happens even if the tank valve is on "PRI" and fuel is flowing????? Help anyone???????
  6. quadincueball

    Kawasaki 2nd Starter gear in 3 mos

    I have an 04 Prarie 700 that has just blown the teeth of a second starter gear in under 3mos. The gear is cheap but pulling and completely diaassembling a v-twin twice in 3mos is a pain in the a** I also have had a problem with my rear intake rocker sticking and staying depressed on my valves. I have backed out the adj screws and had no clearance, sometimes the rocker will pop up and freeplay. F-Y-I rockers, pins and valves are all less than a year old and in excellent shape While the rocker is stuck down, rotating the motor the rocker and valves work as should. Have set the valve clearance and started motor sometimes up to 6 times before it works right. Except for being a cranky cold starter she doesnt miss a beat. Could the Dyna CDI advance the timing too early for starting causing a backfire or too much compression? Related or Unrelated that is the question lol Thanks
  7. I have an intermitant spark issue with my 02 Lakota. It seems to be somewhat temp related. This winter when it was cold it was no go, then when it warrmed up it would fire. I put the spark tester on it and it would throw out a faint spark on the intial turn over then nothing until you quit craking then it would thow an other spark as soon as you stopped. Called local dealer they said nothing they could do unless it was still not starting. Has anyone out there had this trouble? I was wondering if it could be the source coil or the CDI but not sure. Dont want to be out on the trail and have to tow in.
  8. mkii_turbo

    Kawasaki Holeshots on the kfx 700's

    Hey Guys... Have a quick question... Got offered some OEM take off holeshots from a kfx 700 (XCT rears, XC fronts I think) for my raptor, as the guy is going with paddles + smoothies... Haven't checked out the tires yet, but are they the normal 4 ply or 6 ply holeshots tires rather than some cheap OEM version with only 1 or 2 ply. (Like you get on many new cars, OEM versions of name brand tires with less plies and half the tread I realize that they're 10 inch wheels all around. Thanks. Alf 06 Raptor 700
  9. Bjarni

    Kawasaki Kawasaki BaYou 300

    Hi folks, I have Kawasaki 300 4x2 1987. It will not start, not with the electir ignition or if I try to draw it with my car. The spark plug gives a fine spark, while trying to draw it I think the compress is good. Any ideas what might be the problem or what I should look at? Thanks for any advice. Regards, - Bjarni
  10. honda_racer12

    Kawasaki kfx 400

    should i get a kfx 400 or a raptor 660 i am 5 ft tall 100 pounds
  11. 2 tinger

    Kawasaki kx80

    i have a 1997 kx 80 and its been having alot of problems startin cold,aswell its beeen bogging when it hits power band and makin gurgleing noises.anyone know the cause of this?i thought reed valve or jetting not sure what one if not both.any help?
  12. btc20mx

    Kawasaki Bead Lock questions

    I just ordered some hiper rims for my KFX 450. I have never put beadlocks on and was wondering if I should put a dab of blue locktight for a little extra security on the ring bolts and inner section? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  13. builttospill6262

    Kawasaki 2000 kawasaki lakota 300 stator

    the quad inst charging so i figure the wire broke inside the stator cover but i go to take the cover off and oil spilled out like a pint is this supposed to have oil in the cover like that or my thought is that the crank seal is bad and why wont it run when theres not jumper cables hooked up to it other than the stator my guess is a voltage reg
  14. Its an 03 model, Picked it up for 1000 bucks even, brand new condition, not so much as a scratch on the motor side cases, carb needed cleaning and valves need adjusting, after I took care of that got it running like new, has a Super Trapp pipe, Loud as heck!! but I kinda like it! I was surprised how quik this little thing is, gonna be fun in the trails, just wanted something fairly small with enough power to ripp around on. Anybody know much about em?
  15. screechingdemon

    Kawasaki 650 Prairie Carb issues

    I have an 03 650 Prairie that is drowning itself out with gas. Any ideas on what part of the carbs I need to look at first? Just trying to get a general idea if this is a common problem and where to start before I start tearing it apart. THx
  16. Bill DeWahl

    Kawasaki 99 kawi bayou 400 4x4

    My brother offered me this quad for 1,000.00. Seems like a good deal. The bike I saw a month or so ago and it is in nice shape. It started right up( i wasnt looking to buy it at this time) but I thought that I saw a little blue smoke when it fired. Not much. My bro got if from the original owner and he hasn't used it much. He got it for friends/family to ride when the were camping.So what do I look for and watch out for? I think I've already decided to get it so I can ride with my wife on her honda.
  17. stevenman34

    Kawasaki atv throttle

    Do anybody know where i can get a cheap throttle from
  18. I have a Bayou 220 that I am working on. Trying to get the float set but can't find the original setting. Please Help. Ordered a manual today but won't see it for a couple of days.
  19. rokthevogt

    Kawasaki jet probs

    recently i put a new jet kit with a 165 jet after replacing the full exhaust the quad wont start or run after trying to bump start, any ideas on the prob let me know, i appreciate it
  20. Cannot figure out how to remove the seat to my 2000 Kawasaki Mojave. Can someone help I need to rebuild carb:ride: Thanks
  21. I bought a used 05 kfx with the basic mods, it runs great but i learned of the magnesium clutch cover problem, i dont know if mine was ever changed ...is there a way to tell the magnesium from a replacement piece? i'm worried sick now!
  22. hello i have a 2008 bayou 250 that im trying to sell about a month ago i started it and rode it for about 25 mins after then next time i started it again which was about 20 mins later i had an engine knock the knock is only at idle it goes away at about half throttle. Now it also burns some oil when i cold start it and smokes alot. Idk if it is piston rings valves timing chain or what does any one know what it is thank you
  23. I believe that's how they're spelling it.. Anyway, you know, the upcoming Kawi Rhino-killer. I was at KMC yesterday taking care of some business, and snooping around(Our dealer metting is next month, and they have some pre-pro units there this time of year). They were moving one outside, and I hopped in (just acted like I was supposed to be there). I got to feel how it accelerates, and HOLY CRAP! The whole ride maybe covered 50 yards, and I asked the driver to hit it briefly (first I asked to drive it, and of course was shot down). To say I was impressed would be an understatement. I hope that they have them in the warehouses, just waiting for our orders. I want I want I want. I don't know how the other manufacturer's employees are, but KMC's are just like me. They're totally into their products, get geeked up about new models, and totally go out of their way to help me and other dealers out. If it was just a job to them, I would have been told to go pound sand, and to get out. What I was allowed to do, was probably engineered to give me a small taste, and to get me even more excited than I already was. It worked, and now I can't sleep:ride:
  24. Title asks it all. I picked up a used 04 V-force and it has a DMC dual exhaust on it...which is too loud for my taste...AND, I have a buddy who rides a 2007 Brute force...and he actually likes the louder sounds. Can we just trade exhaust? Thanks in advance!