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Found 4,181 results

  1. Dave and the boys

    Kawasaki KFX 90 starter not working...please help

    Hi. I'm new as a forum member to TT, but have been reading articles and learning a lot for a couple years now. This one has me stumped. My son's 2007 kfx 90 will start fine when kick started, but the start button only starts it very intermittently. Battery is new and has 12v. I know the starter is good, because if I bypass the starter relay (jump the wire that has 12v to the one that goes to the starter) it starts right up. This led me to believe it was the starter relay. Replaced and still won't work! I tested the push button itself and I get continuity when I push it. I tried jumping the two wires that go to the push button, just to be sure, no start, so this should mean that it isn't the push button right? I have two wires, a yellow/red and a green that come from the push button and I think they go the starter relay (same colors, although green wire is slightly different) I tried jumping those each (from push button to starter relay connector) and no start... So I have a new battery, a new starter relay, a starter that I've confirmed works, I think the push button is working. Any other ideas? Any help is appreciated.
  2. gyayo2012

    Kawasaki 04 kfx400

    hey all my kfx400 is having a weird stall out issue.. the bike will start and run fine for sometimes 5 sometimes 20 min but it never fails to just clonk out on me in the middle of a ride will do its constantly but then i just fire it back up and ride again for another 5 - 10 then clonk again has anyone else had this same issue in the past could it be the cdi rev box? bad ground battery no good? i have no idea any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  3. Jeff@bigborethumpers

    Kawasaki Brute Fore That now can have Brute Force.

    New Cylinder Works Brute Force 750, Teryx 750 replacement cylinders and 860cc big bore kit June 19, 2014 Cylinder Works announces the release of their replacement and big bore cylinder kit for the Kawasaki Brute Force 750 and Teryx 750. These cylinders are a great alternative to expensive OE cylinders when doing repair work. The 860cc big bore option is also available for those that need some extra horsepower when playing in the mud or hauling heavy loads. Depending on your needs you can get just the cylinder, a front or rear cylinder kit, a front or rear 11.5:1 high compression option, or the complete 860cc big bore kit, which includes both cylinders, pistons, and top-end gasket kits. All options are bolt-on without any modifications. The cylinders are manufactured and plated in the U.S.A. Pistons are supplied by Vertex pistons and manufactured in Italy. Call Bigborethumpers.com for pricing.
  4. Hello, I picked up a really cheap bayou 220. It starts but won't idle and it has low power. The guy I bought it from just bought it this summer and said it was running fine but would bog down so he cleaned the carb and now it runs like this. The spark plug is black. I decided to look at the timing though, and it's either perfect or off by 180 degrees. When I line up the T on the flywheel with the notch in the threads the indent on the camshaft sprocket is at the bottom. Shouldn't this be at the top lined up with the nick in the case? The timing chain is tight though. Any ideas how this could have slipped?
  5. imported_Skeeter190

    Kawasaki 08 KFX 50 and KFX 90 Recall

    If you guys have one of these call your dealer. I got a letter from Kawasaki saying to bring mine in to replace the carb. It says they are sticking open at full throttle so they are just gonna replace it. We havent had any problems with ours. Just a heads up:thumbsup:
  6. ridinredneck

    Kawasaki brute 750 sit, now wont start

    just got an 07 750 brute force. the old man had it for a year and only put 5 hours on it with the same gas in it. then it sit for 6 more months with sill the same fuel in it. i put new plugs in it. it will hit and run for about a second. i know i have to change the fuel in it. but will the injectors need replaced (if injected) or the carbs cleaned (if carb)? fuel pump, maybe? any info is appreciated. thanks
  7. furlong24

    Kawasaki first quad

    hey i am 16 i have ridden dirt bikes but i got a ffx400 today as a surprise! i was wondering what the hp was?
  8. mkii_turbo

    Kawasaki Holeshots on the kfx 700's

    Hey Guys... Have a quick question... Got offered some OEM take off holeshots from a kfx 700 (XCT rears, XC fronts I think) for my raptor, as the guy is going with paddles + smoothies... Haven't checked out the tires yet, but are they the normal 4 ply or 6 ply holeshots tires rather than some cheap OEM version with only 1 or 2 ply. (Like you get on many new cars, OEM versions of name brand tires with less plies and half the tread I realize that they're 10 inch wheels all around. Thanks. Alf 06 Raptor 700
  9. The local bike shop took in a 05 Brute Force 750 camo w/ 425mi, in excellent shape. I was wondering if anyone had any comments on this machine, I haven't riden it yet, but it sure looks bad ass! I was hoping to hear some pros and cons on this particular wheeler.
  10. Anyone know how to remove this damn thing? The FMF directions say "may need to remove other components" but even that doesn't look like it would solve anything. I any one knows a trickto removingthis without cutting it please let me know. Thanks
  11. CRF RedRider

    Kawasaki 750 prairie shocks

    Has anyone had their shocks rebuilt on their 650 prairie of brute force? Was wondering if they were worth it or if I should just buy after market ones for replacement? OR, can they be service? Mine don't appear to be leaking but the back shock is almost worthless. Any ideas?
  12. Fusion77

    Kawasaki Which is faster?

    I might have to get a new 4-wheeler next yr. and I was just wondering if anyone happened to know which is faster....the 08' KFX450R or the 07' YFZ450 SE?
  13. I have a ltz/kfx with big bore kit always worked well. Today when going up hills it boggs down so bad it crawls up the hill and barely makes it. On flat ground it rips. sometimes going up the hill it will clear out then go fine up the hill. Only thing I have done since last time to the quad was to install a quiet core in my pipe as it was to loud for ranger dick.im wanderin could it be that? Or maybe CDI? it has aftermarket CDI on it. it runs like someone putting rev limiter on while i go up hills. like when its in neutral it wont rev but when in gear it will. it feels like that up the hills any suggestions ? Casey
  14. Bjarni

    Kawasaki Kawasaki BaYou 300

    Hi folks, I have Kawasaki 300 4x2 1987. It will not start, not with the electir ignition or if I try to draw it with my car. The spark plug gives a fine spark, while trying to draw it I think the compress is good. Any ideas what might be the problem or what I should look at? Thanks for any advice. Regards, - Bjarni
  15. adrynalinjunkie

    Kawasaki 2012 KFX 90 rev limiter ?

    Does anyone know how to disable the rev limiter on my sons 2012 KFX 90 ? Thanks in advance!
  16. rokthevogt

    Kawasaki jet probs

    recently i put a new jet kit with a 165 jet after replacing the full exhaust the quad wont start or run after trying to bump start, any ideas on the prob let me know, i appreciate it
  17. bntdurham

    Kawasaki cam chain 99 220 bayou

    I just rebuilt the top end bored .030 over new piston and rings and valves.It ran great for about a week and it just stalled on my daughter and would not restart.after insp. I found the cam chain of the crank grear and a bent valve.so I put it all back together with a new chain and gears now I have slack in the chain oppisite of the tensoiner whats the deal any help would be great thanks
  18. Psychoone

    Kawasaki Am I missing something

    I went to check the oil on my 06 KFX400 at the oil reservoir and oil came pouring out of the top of the reservoir. Not just a little, but a lot. The bike came this way from the factory. The oil filler plug, does have a dipstick on it doesn't it? Was there back pressure or was there too much oil in the bike to make it come out like that? Psychoone 2003 YZ timed WR450 2006 KFX400
  19. I believe that's how they're spelling it.. Anyway, you know, the upcoming Kawi Rhino-killer. I was at KMC yesterday taking care of some business, and snooping around(Our dealer metting is next month, and they have some pre-pro units there this time of year). They were moving one outside, and I hopped in (just acted like I was supposed to be there). I got to feel how it accelerates, and HOLY CRAP! The whole ride maybe covered 50 yards, and I asked the driver to hit it briefly (first I asked to drive it, and of course was shot down). To say I was impressed would be an understatement. I hope that they have them in the warehouses, just waiting for our orders. I want I want I want. I don't know how the other manufacturer's employees are, but KMC's are just like me. They're totally into their products, get geeked up about new models, and totally go out of their way to help me and other dealers out. If it was just a job to them, I would have been told to go pound sand, and to get out. What I was allowed to do, was probably engineered to give me a small taste, and to get me even more excited than I already was. It worked, and now I can't sleep:ride:
  20. got5steelman

    Kawasaki Bayou 300??

    I tried to start my 98 bayou 300 after setting for about a year. Battery was dead of course. I hooked up the charger and got it started. As soon as I unhooked the battery charger it would quit running. I am going to buy a new battery but should the engine keep running even if the battery is no good? I am guessing it is not putting out enough voltage to keep the engine ignition system running without a battery. What is the problem? The new battery is not going to last too long if it will not keep it charged right?
  21. I have a 2004 Kawasaki Prairie 360 4x4. It wants to creep when idling in gear. It is hard to shift from neutral into gear, either forward or reverse without grinding. Belt light came on so they re-shimed to tighten up what appears to be a very good belt. Belt deflection was corrected and is now in specs. They can see that at idle, when the belt should be disengaged it is turning. Front clutch is not pressing against the belt but engine side pulley is. On the secondary the transmission side pulley is not rubbing but the outside half is. What possible solutions are there? Is pulley alignment possible? I've seen a couple people mention alignment but no one talking about changing alignment between primary and secondary drive pulleys. Thanks
  22. dirtrider255

    Kawasaki 95 Bayou 300 4x4 Question

    I am trying to access the neutral switch and I am having a difficult time removing the sub transmission. I have removed all the bolts I can find, also the flywheel engine cover and the oil line, it will not budge, what am I missing? Thanks
  23. well i just got my new one. its ricks motorsport and well its alot bigger then the one on my kfx and it has 2 round plugs and the one on the kfx has 1 box plug. so im lost. any ideas?
  24. Since I am a new member of the broken case club, I am looking for some tips / tricks from people that have done theirs. My case took a pretty good shot from a rock on the local MX track last month, and now it leaks oil when it is turned off and everything is cool. I guess when the engine heats up the metals expand and seals the crack. Cost for the cases, all internal bearings, gaskets, service manual, filters, and puller tool from motion pro is going to cost me around $680.00. Where did everyone buy their parts? Am I forgetting anything