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Found 10,000 results

  1. azwake

    unexpected issues

    Hey guys first time posting on here so i hope i get some good advice i was taking the top end apart from my 2003 cr250r and when taking the head nuts off all came out good except one. it unscrewed the entire bolt out of the cylinder and i cant get the nut off i tried getting vice grips on it and using nuts off but nothing works what should i do? i cant get the gasket off until i can get the nut off the bolt. another thing is. my piston moves side to side on the rod about 3/4 of an inch like left to right is this normal or is this the reason it was knocking? and if so how do i fix it? thanks guys! -Jes This post has been promoted to a wiki
  2. ryanduncan1122

    woods bike yz250f

    OK so I'm 15 and I've been riding my yz 125 for s while but I want a woods bike and I was looking into a wr250f yz250f I was leaning towards the yz cause I like that initial power and its lighter and I want to go to the track a little but rarely. My trails are wide and made for fourwheelers cause I have a raptor 700 so there made for something with some balls so not much tight vcorners and stuff but a few streams here and there. And dirt and gravel roads with wide open room. I'm 6 foot 145 pounds and average rider which bike should I get????????
  3. Hi, So I need a new motor for my 1995 CR250. There is a pretty good deal on one in my town...but it is a 2002 CR250 motor. It comes with the carb, harness, pipe...airbox...so it is ready for a drop-in from what I can tell. I'm mechanically inclined, but don't want to hack up my 1995 beyond recognition if I don't have to. What would it take, and how do I confidently purchase this motor knowing it will fit will some mods, but nothing grusome? Thanks!
  4. Hello beloved rm250 owners , right now , as far as dirt bikes go , im STUCK. I ride some realy tight trails and hard stuff , usualy trails meant for trials bikes , i have a scorpa sy 250 (trial bike) thats awesome on those trails , but i started riding with a new group , and they ride those same trails but with enduro bikes , i used to ride some enduro trails as well on a honda xr 250r , but its a realy old machine, and heavy , lacks powers ...that kind of problem .So i need a new bike , i thought the ktm 200 exc would be awesome , realy light witch is realy important for me , nice power and overall nice bike , but they are rare around here , so i started looking for 250 bikes , the ktms exc 250 are rather expensive for me to afford , i wen to jap bikes , almost bought a honda cr 250 , but then realized they had 0 bottom end power, I just found a 03 rm 250 (http://telhado-vilanovadefamalicao.olx.pt/suzuki-rm-250-aceito-troca-iid-454848681) that looks nice , what are your thoughts on that ? Also , would a rm 125 do the job? -Thanks for your time
  5. veetwo tls

    Honda XR600R (1992)


    bullet proof - ballard supplyed - je 630 hi comp piston (running 2 x base gaskets for 95ron pump fuel), hrd valve kit , corrillo rod , mild cam , head tidy'd up , keihn 40mm flat slide , duel hella 10" 200w , 200w stator & custom heavy duty loom , acerbis 24ltr tank , crd o/s stainless headers , barret carbon muffler , k&n , eibach shock , eibach fork springs , custom seat & cover , mach cycle computer , renthal twin walls & grips , chain gang sprockets , chain gang disc's , did x-ring gold , home made , crank case oil/air seperator breather , shark fin , checker alloy bash plate , alloy r/brake res-guard , light guard/wind deflector & cut down holden HQ transmission oil cooler.
  6. vwprostock

    Beta 350 RR (2015)


    Lovin my BEta since April 2015 when I got it!
  7. brocksta05

    Honda XR600R (1996)


    By far the best and most fun bike I have owned (besides my old IT490 lol) I'm definately going to own this bike for as long as I can. I love it!
  8. GmognKX

    Kawasaki KX250F (2005)


    No complaints...
  9. ImpulsiveMuffin

    Beta 300 RR (2015)


    No regrets...but i've seen better kickstands from 16" bicycles straight out of WalMart, get it together Beta xD
  10. UpNorthMN

    Honda XR600R (1987)


    Should be a great bike, will post back once I get her running right and can take it out for a spin!
  11. DirtbikeRiderRaes02

    Suzuki RM125 (1998)


    the price is $1350 is because that is how much i bought it for off of kijjiji lol, 2strokes are awesome and i love this bike!!
  12. My son has been saving for a crf150r. Found an 07 that I can get for $1800 but was told the previous owner was running it with the chain too loose which balled up and cracked the case (where the clutch rod goes in). He claims he's been riding it like that for 3 years with no problems, my concern is what kind of junk could have gotten in there and been causing extra wear. I might consider it if I can get it for $1500 and plan to (attempt) rebuild it this winter. It seems decent otherwise, never raced, just farm ridden and has new tires, aftermarket bars and hand guards etc.. but really I might just be better off waiting for one at a reasonable price that's been taken care of. Someone tell me to pass on it, I don't really want anymore projects
  13. YoTRacer158

    Yamaha YZ250F (2014)


    Amazing power and suspension, great handling.
  14. Hi, so i just bought a new 2013 yz250 and was wondering what everybody used in terms of oils, mix and engine, I know it says to run yamamlube but i just feel like that stuff is cheap, ive never used the stuff so thats just my opinion. I race and im always pinned so i just wanted to know what everyones go to oils are. I used amsoil interceptor and the motul sytnthetic tranny expert, 10w 30 on my 08 sx125.
  15. Hi, any simple things to check before I pull my bike apart? here the story- earlier this week i changed my 03 TTR 125 w/ bbr 150 kits's oil (which was black) and rejetted the newish carb to have a 112.5 main jet and 17.5 pilot. this solved hard cold start issue it has had since ive owned it . I couldn't believe how it started with one kick and I was so happy. However, after running for a few minutes it started smoking and progressively became a chimney stack as I rode it around. It seemed to be running as fun as ever except that I could see my smoke trail in my shadow on the road. my dad who is a pretty decent old guy mechanic says I need to pull apart the top end and check the valves/ rings ect. I was about to get started doing that but I am a girl, I have dishes to do, ive never tore a bike down and I don't want to stare at its guts for a week scratching my head that badly( if it's not warranted). is there anything I should not overlook to check first that could be simpler since the bike had clean exhaust before I rejetted it? I put in one Liter of oil per the manual and made sure I drained everything out well. Thanks for help! Alli
  16. eyeopenher

    Honda CRF250L (2013)


    fun, playful, nimble, smooth, reliable, comfortable, and most of all, MINE!!!!
  17. 3lseeker

    Honda CRF230F (2006)


    Perfect bike for trail riding with you kids!
  18. Finally time to replace the oem system, and upgrade. Can anyone tell me what would be (as titled) the best choice? I need something that can help with top end speed, but is also durable. (desert/enduro racing)
  19. 06kx450_savy

    Got a new bike

    I just picked up a 06 kx 450f for $2600 has KYB front suspension pro circuit linkage arm decal works graphics, stainless steel fmf power bomb header pipe new tires pro race wheel set an a few lil parts but for that price is it a good deal from what i kno the bike rides good has a tiny knock/ tick in the top end im assuming its the valves wich is no biggie to have shimmed ither than that it needs an oil change is that a deal?.. an is the knocking / ticking the valves ??
  20. roeligan

    Beta 350 RR (2013)


    play bike :) Should raise the seat a bit & lower the footpegs I think. Will be better that way.
  21. So I just bought my first bike on Sunday, an '02 YZ125, and it started first kick and looked great and everything. I test drove it and it was perfect. We drove it home and it started up again just perfectly fine. The next day I go to start it up and nothing. I pulled the plug and cleaned it and put it back in there and it would start but then it died about 50 yards down the road. I checked the plug again and it was drenched in oil.So i cleaned it again and the same thing happened. So I cleaned the carb and drained the gas and put in a mix of 1 pint:5 gal, I also cleaned the air filter and bought a new spark plug and put that in there and it started right up. It was running first kick for two days and then I went to start it yesterday and the darn thing would NOT start. I tried push starting it and it would just bog out after 5 yards. I pulled the plug again and it was drenched in oil. I cleaned it up and nothing. I cleaned the carb again and it was almost like it was flooded even though I didnt tip it or anything. I'm at a loss for what to do. I'm definately a noob and I don't know what I'm doing so any help would be appreciated. Also, the guy I bought it from said everything on the bike is stock and that they only used it a couple times a year at the dunes. pls help
  22. dmbowers98

    Supermoto Rims!

    I know this topic has been posted a billion times, but for about 3 months now i have been weighing in my options and really need a set of SM rims. I have a 2015 DRZ400S, and I ride on and offroad a lot, but I have full knobbies on my bike at the moment and am dying for some street tires to rip up the corners with. I know most people say: "Just wait and buy some from someone on here selling them" Well the problem with that is that everyone and their sister is looking for them and they usually sell fast, Im very impatient... Second, A new set of reliable ones ex. (Warp9, Excels) Are around $1200 and I would really feel shitty about spending that kind of money on them. Realistically I would like to be between $600 and $800. Some used sets go for that, but like I said, it could be a year or 2 before I finally get the chance to snag some. My final question, I've looked at rims like these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SUZUKI-DRZ-400-E-ES-S-SUPERMOTO-MOTARD-WHEEL-SET-17-17-WHEELS-H-RMS04-/161218209871?hash=item25895aa84f&vxp=mtr Has anyone used this style? I mean they've sold a shit ton of them but I cannot seem to find any reviews on them. These one come from California, I dont know too much about rims. Like what are the risks? honestly if someone could tell me these would be alright, I'd order them now. Like right now. And I dont need anything perfect. Just a reliable wheel that is going to stay together and keep me upright on the turns. I've already laid it down 2 or 3 times around corners with my knobbies barely even leaning over. PLEASE SOMEONE ENLIGHTEN MY SITUATION! If anyone can think of an option that would be around my price range, please feel free to let me know what it would be. Thanks in advance, Dylan
  23. CRF250LAde

    Honda CRF250L (2013)

    1 comment

    Back to stock!
  24. September 10, 2015 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – It takes everything you’ve got to be the very best in motocross: Hard work, serious drive, major sacrifice and of course, the very best bikes. The 250MX and 250SX West Champion YZ®250F and Transworld MX, Cycle News and Dirt Rider’s Shootout Champion YZ®450F.
  25. Apologies if this is a repost, but I have searched and found nothing on the boards... The thumpertalk shop has this full system available (and at a good price!) but it does state it is universal and one should make sure it is a good fit for one's bike even after having selected the vehicle on the top of the page! A little frustrating I should say, but here it goes: IS THIS A GOOD FIT FOR THE 2009 CRF 450X? Also, the description is a bit misleading in what this is made of? Titanium or Aluminium? The header and the slip on? https://www.thumpertalk.com/shop/Akrapovic-Racing-Line-Full-System-Hexagonal-Titanium-Muffler-Titanium-p4584093.html Thanks!