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Found 473 results

  1. oxfordshire

    Honda CRF250L (2015)


    for the money its just brilliant<br />
  2. jeff langlois

    Suzuki RMZ450 (2013)


    haven't ridden it yet, just picked it up! last owner liked it enough to buy a 2016..
  3. mrport6793

    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2012)


    Love it.
  4. Mayt13

    Honda XR650L (1994)


    Awesome, with a few upgrades a really killer platform. Despite my Supermoto aspirations, I'm a big fan of the L's air cooling and electric start over the more powerful R. So far -Desert Tank -FMF full Exhaust -Pro-taper Bars -Performance rear shock -Custom Baja cage (more similar to stunt cage) Soon to be installed (already purchased) -Kenhin FRC MX flatslide pumper carb (41mm) -4.8 springs & 15w fork oil Hopefully mods to come -Fork Brace -Ducati 999 oil cooler -Beringer Brakes -Steel braided brake lines
  5. sxf505spicolli

    KTM 505 SX-F (2008)


    Love it
  6. PcBuilder14

    Honda CRF250L (2014)


    First bike. Still learning, but I think it's perfect for a beginner like me.
  7. ridinblind

    Honda CRF250L (2014)


    This is my first dirt bike after many years on crotch rockets so Im still learning the dirt ropes but I do love this bike.
  8. bobbyfoxx

    Kawasaki KX450F (2013)


    Stock is pretty good...still doesn't turn but is far better than previous gen...great motor...forks not very good...fit and finish is better than previous years too
  9. 443dirt

    Honda CRF450R (2007)


    she's a strong runner, but a bit much in the tight stuff
  10. I reassembled the linkage bearings on my 2006 yz250f. Removed the old bearings, replaced with new cages, bearings and collars, regreased, now trying to put back together with the kit I bought. On the connecting arm that's shaped like a horseshoe, I'm not sure whether there should be protecting washers that insert into the rubber seals on either side. On the relay arm, there were gold plates as you can see in the attached pictures. So my question is whether there should be gold plates on both pieces instead of just one. Thanks.
  11. pew05

    Honda TRX400EX Sportrax (2001)


    Bought an old race quad and redid it. Ended up buying new plastics, so there are pics with it yellow, some red, and all red.
  12. WIXConA96

    Suzuki RM250 (1996)


    I love this bike in the woods the forks are so plush and its very easy to steer with the rear end
  13. BuckeyeGreve

    Husqvarna FC 250 (2015)


    New bike, so far so good. Off road hare scramble GNCC set up.
  14. Chadillac801

    KTM 500 XC-W (2012)


    2012 KTM XC-W, gobs of power! I'm 6'5" and right around 250lbs and this things pull me around like i'm a 180lb rider. I added Factory Connection fork and shock springs and that made a huge difference. My wheels track the ground excellent in trail and desert riding. Love it!
  15. Bought a used 2010 crf250r that had been re-sprung to 4.5, I am working on an OEM Showa shock. I figured while I was in there changing the spring I would freshen up the oil too. First eff up: To get the spring off, the lower shock perch was removed by un screwing the clevis (bottom mount part #10) I did release all the nitrogen prior but I forgot to set the clicker to full soft. No visual damage at this point. In hind sight I now know the proper disassembly should have been to separate the outer ring (#34) pressed up from (#4) to expose the clip. This would have left the bottom mount threaded to the shaft and I could have avoided this fiasco entirely. 100% my fault here Second eff up: At this point I assumed I would need to have the bottom mount loose to get the spring and lower perch back on. I decided I wasn't comfortable going any further so I took the semi disassembled shock to a local shop for the remainder of the service. I can't say for certain everything they did but I requested disassembly, cleaning and inspection for damage then fill and charge the nitrogen res. When I got it back I noticed that the bottom was not fully threaded (this is how I dropped it off) and the clicker was set to full hard. I suspect it was not wise to fully pressurize in this state? 50/50 here? the shop should have known to fully seat the mount prior to charging but I also should have dropped it off that way. Third eff up: Installing the spring I unscrewed the bottom and got sprayed! My bench, wall and entire garage received a coating of oil and gas. 100% my fault Frustrated beyond words and am envisioning having to pony up another $150 for the service again but the shop won't be open until noon on Tuesday to discuss my options. Not to mention I no telling what else got buggered in the process. At this point I decided to inspect for damage where I could. Deflated the bladder, set comp and rebound to full soft and cycled the shaft a few times. I noticed that the rebound clicker will only turn 4 from full soft yet has full range when it is unthreaded from the shock shaft. Does the shock need to be full of oil and nitrogen to have full range on the bottom clicker? I am worried that there is damage further up the line that I cannot see. I have since found several youtube videos for filing and bleeding the oil which seems easy enough at this point. I'm still going to have to take it in to fill the bladder. Thanks for listening. J
  16. BIG_FAT_&_SLOW

    shock springs

    Picking up a 14 this weekend. Will shock springs from the 10-13 model work?
  17. 2016 onwards sxf rear shock Just wanting to know what the spring inside the rear shock does? Located between the seal head and valving base plate
  18. TheLastByte

    Suspension re-valve; worth it?

    Now that my skills have improved to the point that I'm actually riding faster than a crawl over technical terrain, I'm starting to feel a little less confident with my 650l's stock suspension setup. Probably doesn't help that I'm about fifty pounds too heavy for the stock springs at 230 pounds wet. Would a novice-intermediate rider like myself even notice a difference over a new set of springs and heavier fork/shock oil? If so, any recommendations for tuner to send it to?
  19. slim105

    Suspension HELP!

    I just traded my 93 cr125 for a 96 cr250 and when I jump it as soon as I come off the ground and my forks extend It feels like they bottom out and you can feel it in the handel bars it does not feel right at all you can actually hear it hit or bottom out not shure what its doing....Im thinking there is no fork oil in the forks or my spring is to soft..any help at all will be appreciated.
  20. ibullard3

    98 Xr250 Front forks advice

    Hello everyone, I'm a new XR owner and new to thumperTalk! I purchased a 98 xr for $450 on Craigslist not knowing much about them just taking advice from a friend(owns 97 KDX220) that said it would be a reliable trail bike. The seller also threw in a wheel-less, partially tore down 89 xr as a parts bike for $50. After a little research I realized he had taken the wheels from the 89 and placed them on the 98 which isn't gonna work. I'm currently working on the bike, some TLC and mods. Found some front and rear rims for the 98 on eBay for $200, ordering new plastics, new tires, a little paint, gonna order 135/48 jetting, baffle is removed from exhaust. I'm thinking of doing the airbox mod. The front forks are a little on the soft side (understand that's a common issue for some). I've been online looking for stiffer springs, near impossible to find. So my question is would adding a heavier fork oil help counter this issue and be almost as good as replacing the softer springs?
  21. First of hello to all! This is my first post but I have lurked for a while as a guest. Now on with the question.... I have a 2001 XR650L I have owned since new but it has beed very neglected the past few years due to life and work....It has been locked up in a sea can for at least 5 years and maybe got out once a year to start and ride down the road when I get by the place. So I deciced to get it out and get the old girl going and go thru every thing and upgrade so I can take it with me on my Jeep travels and ride. My question is what to do with the forks....I have several options... as I am a collector of stuff lol Option 1: revalve and fix up stockers with a brace. option 2: Use the forks and parts off my 2006 crf 450 and part out the rest of the bike. It runs good and is a great bike but I really have no use for it and it prob needs valves and what not done. But im not against using it as I really prefer to ride the 650 the high rev 4 stroke was never my thing prefered my 2 stroke for that. I would use the emig racing clamp setup and pay for it with the sale of the parts. It has a full leo vince exhaust and custom triple clamps on it so sell as well. I got the bike on a trade for money owed. option 3: I have a full frame of a 96 RM125 minus the motor only... It has the big bore forks like a drz400. But havent found any info on a swap or anyone doing it.....Gary at emig said he could build them tho not sure on the cost tho yet I will be used mostly as a trail bike but I ride pretty aggressive. You can see what was already done in my sig..but I plan to do bigger tank, black excel wheels as my rear wheel is toast, and possibly an oil cooler.