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Found 5,801 results

  1. roger young


    Checking the spark on an 07 LTR450, push the start button and get 2 or 3 sparks then then no more. It will do this again and again. Tried a different spark plug and the same thing. Any ideas on why this would happen? Thanks
  2. Well my fourwheeler was running great then It stopped the driveshaft turns and there's a frinding noise coming from the rearend I took it apart and I was told the pinion gear was wire out but none of the teeth look bad if anybody knows what this could be please let me know thanks
  3. rebuilt the carb on my 06 250 quadsport. made sure petcock was'nt bleeding over flooding cylinder. changed oil and filter. now only cranks with choke engaged, smokes, header heats up almost instantly. starts idling really rough/bogging when you apply throttle. then refuses to start until it cools down. what have I done to my quad.
  4. I need a right rear axle for a 1994 Suzuki Quadrunner 250 4x4. I've found some on ebay for slightly newer and older quads, but not for a 1994. I'm trying to find out if this axle is the same as any other years and what those years are? Also, are the left and right rear axles the same part # of different? Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanx in advance!
  5. I spent a lot of time while I was younger enjoying the builds and restoration projects that people turned into threads. Finally at a point in my life where a project and financially feasible, though perhaps more challenging on the free time side of things. Just a warning, I get very long winded. Enter my 2006 LT-R450. I have always been impressed and interested in the LT-R450. It was considered the most race ready 450 quad of its time, and perhaps even still today. But as most know, it had short life. Used prices are fairly high and way outside what I will spend on a quad. One of the very busy managers at my place of employment had one that he had traded for and no longer wanted around. It was run down when he got it and needed some work. So he took it to the local Suzuki dealership. Quad wouldn’t start with the starter, just kind of lugged and turned over too slow. So they took the whole top end apart and found nothing wrong with it. He went to look at it when they called and was surprised to find the state of disassembly. He immediately took it back home, after paying their crappy prices, where it sat for a few months. Hearing the story had me very intrigued. I am a sucker for a good project. Ended up paying a bit more than it was worth to be honest, but loaded it into the truck and the box with the top end in the back seat. Got home and dug in to make a list of parts and get a better idea of the size of the project. This is where I started to realize that I likely over paid for it and would never be able to get my money back out of it. But I’ve had plenty of winners at this point already so I’m alright with it. Be prepared, this is going to be quite a list. Here is what I’ve found wrong with the quad; Frame is bent at the lower left a-arm mount, the a-arm seems alright. Tires don’t hold air and even if they did, they are terrible. Plastics are chewed up and stained. The exhaust is some aftermarket crap that is weldedish back together and missing an end cap. The bore has signs of worn nikasil. Air filter is so dirty and holey that it is likely the cause of the wear on the bore. Piston has some deformed beat up area at the wrist pin. Wiring harness from the stator is chewed up to the point that 2 of the 3 yellow charging wires are broken. The fuel pump plug has a broken wire. Chain is so bad that it sounds like a tambourine when you shake it, which you can because it is so loose. Sprockets are worn. Seat looks great, figured I’d throw a positive in there. Bolts are broken off in the frame in 2 places, one being the massive foot peg mount hole and the other being the front bumper upper left hole. Front bumper is bent and barely hanging on. The nerf bars are zip tied on. The rear grab bar…what rear grab bar? Oh there the rear grab bar is, just the piece bolted in the sub-frame that holds the plastics up. Is that a dildo or something on the coolant overflow reservoir? Missing indicator lights. Broken clutch perch and switch. Rusted keyed ignition switch. What in the heck happened to this thing? I did check, not stolen. Now let’s see a picture of it. If I am going to be honest, after looking it over once I got home…didn’t take many pictures. I’ve got one where I had already stripped it down and was questioning my wallet’s weight still. So here is that one. But, I continued. It took me 3 weeks and a lot of ebay used parts but it started up. The slow to crank issue really wasn’t that hard. The starter had two bad segments. I just used the manual that is available to check it. Which is embarrassing if you’re the dealer that took the whole top end down and still couldn’t get it fixed. Put on a stock exhaust. Fixed the wiring harness with solder and heat shrink and a really nice guy on ebay who cut up a harness for plugs and sold them to me. They mixed up the valves so I had to put them in the best I could. Ended up messing up a bit and lapped them…don’t do that with Titanium valves. Messed up the coating. But oh well. Live and learn with a $400 mistake. It ran as is but after reading a bit I discovered that I jacked them up. There was also an issue with the seals on one of exhaust valves. Going to be nice to check it after only running an hour or so. Going to replace when I put in the cylinder worked standard bore kit. It did run and ride and this is probably the first time that I realized that I didn’t mess up in buying this thing. It was a blast. Handled well and was just a lot of fun. Probably faster than I need but that’s ok. I’ll get accustomed to it. It dies every once in a while too and then won’t start. But I dealt with a similar issue on an XR200 for a buddy. New coil is on the way to see if that does the trick. New frame came in and even had a title, which I promptly took a buddies house to start welding gussets in. Not much of a welder but the gussets will certainly hold and don’t look too bad. It’s not going to be a show piece but I am learning more useful skills on this quad. This frame is probably the most impressive part of the whole build, got it for about $200 less than most frames on Ebay expecting total crap but maybe no bends. The thing comes in and looks like it hasn’t been abused at all. So pretty happy there. Bought all new bearings for the whole rear end. Sand blasted the swing arm and sub-frame and painted them black. Leaving the frame blue because I like it. So much will be black on the quad that I figured that black won’t hurt. Used some appliance epoxy as a test really. That stuff goes on thick and looks amazing, but make sure temps are good. I was really careful on the sub frame and not so careful on the swing arm. The swing arm has some metal showing through. So it needs a bit of touch up. I’ve still got a lot of work to do and this is going to be quite a log. Pretty stoked about the PRM skid plate for the rear swing arm I got and the desert grab bar they fabbed up for me. They don’t make the desert anymore but I called and they made me one. Really great company to work with. Reserved for update Reserved for update
  6. suzukiman12

    Suzuki 2004 ltz400 graphic questions

    do the 2004 ltr 450 graphics fit on the 2004 ltz400? If they dont fit how many changes would i have to make to the graphics to make them fit?
  7. I have88 lt250r need rear sgock that crosses over
  8. Just bought a 2003 Z400, $1200! it was really rough. Last owner had Great stuff spray insulation to try to fix radiator leak. wasn't working obviously. Why he didn't just JB Weld IDK. No taillight, sheared off bolts all over, footpegs, radiator, plastic brackets, cam chain sounded bad so i put in a TT MCCT. Included some video of it running after. Tell me if you think its just cam chain or if I might be looking at a bearing or clutch issue. I'll post a picture of old radiator soon, I replaced with used one off ebay already. Videos (sorry not great camera man) http://s1117.photobucket.com/albums/k590/mattmitchell22/Z400%20Project/?action=view&current=101_0160.mp4"]http://s1117.photobucket.com/albums/k590/mattmitchell22/Z400%20Project/?action=view&current=101_0160.mp4 http://s1117.photobucket.com/albums/k590/mattmitchell22/Z400%20Project/?action=view&current=101_0162.mp4 Day I bought it Have Rocky Mountain Nerfs to Fix this Bolts I easy out and replaced Bent Wheel (to be replaced) Thumper Talk MTTC Walk around pictures Brake light I fabricated, still needs wired, only 2 wires, no power wire that I could find. First Trip
  9. Jasmf24

    Suzuki What makes an exhaust good?

    I have this DG exhaust on my KFX400, its the kind that has discs on it. Currently I have all the discs removed. I personally wouldn't buy a DG exhaust but it came with the bike. My question is what makes exhausts different from each other? This DG has a 1 9/16" head pipe that flows into a 2"x14" perforated pipe in the can. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-6...2015.54.41.jpg If I was to get say...an HMF, Yosh, etc, would they produce more "power" than this DG, even though their construction is very similar? If so, why? I'm trying to figure out if it would be worth it to get a "higher end" exhaust.
  10. Hey all, picked up an 09 LT-Z400 a couple weeks ago, and I would like to get some nicer 7/8" bars for it. I'm looking at the Pro Taper SE high bend bars, and was wondering if anyone else has these on their 09-12 LTZ-400? I'm pretty sure they will clear the little pod on the stock bars with the reverse, neutral, fuel, and EFI guages, but I'm wondering if I'd still be able to see them without standing up to look at them. I guess I'm wondering if the bar pad will block them. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  11. on the four wheeler I'm trying to get going for my neighbor when you pull it over the start spins. I pulled the start off and pulled it over and it didn't make any noises. The starter doesn't engage its self, Im not really sure how it works. Im also not sure what it is for a four wheeler. All i know is that it has the range selectors behind the gas cap and then the motor, tranny and rear diff are all together, with the dual square head lights under the front rack. It has aftermarket plastics also. Any ideas???
  12. what do you guys think is going on? I know its most likely a carb issue but im not exatly sure what to do. i was in a long straight section of road so i decided to open it up a bit, I rode maybe half a mile at around 3/4 throttle and when i let off to turn around the bike didnt want to idle or rev without cutting out and backfiring. after i rode back to where i started and let the bike idle for about a minute it cleared up and ran fine again. This isnt the first time this has happened so I would really like to get it straightened out. Thanks, Matt
  13. asanot48

    Suzuki exhaust & jetting

    i am looking for a slip on exhaust for my 06 ltz 400 what do you all recommend i don't want cheep but don't want to spend a lot of money. also does any one know how to rejett it . the ATV store wants $170.00 to rejett it when it only cost $6.00 for the part?????? go figure
  14. dog walker

    Suzuki suzuki LT230 throttle ?

    I just bought an 87 LT230 and it has a twist throttle on it, looks just like the one on my 82 RM465, so I'm guessing its from a RM125/250. My question is, the cable needs to be replaced, and I'm not sure what cable to order? Thanks,
  15. rideblue686r

    Suzuki Need asap!!!

    I have a 1986 suzuki lt230s quadsport and i am having trouble finding a left side case for it. i look on ebay the only one i could find was 200 bucks not trying to spend that much for just a side case. any ideas where i could get one for cheap or anything. thanks for you help.
  16. freightwrench2

    Suzuki WTK quadmaster 500

    anyone know what size magneto pull is used on a 2001 quadmaster 500? thanks
  17. Show off your kingquad or Vinson whatever Suzuki bike you have.
  18. So I have a 89 Suzuki LT250R Quadracer. This happened in the past with a stock pipe, with a Paul Turner pipe, and now after the motor has been rebuilt. It blows specs of oil out of the exhaust where it connects to the motor, that gets all over your pants leg and boots when riding. The guy that rebuilt it told me that there is nothing you can do about this as the exhaust doesn't seal up perfectly tight to the motor since there isn't a traditional gasket or ring or something. I find it hard to believe people put up with this when riding these things though, so I'm thinking it can't be normal. Any idea's on what's going on with this and how to fix it?
  19. i am looking to put some nice graphics on my yellow z400 any body have any good graphics for my quad if so post pictures and what they are thax
  20. i have a suzuki ltz 400 2007 i want to put a lonestar axle +3 but i have couple of questions. first do i have to change my carrier. second can i use my stock sprocket and hubs on the axle. any input would be very helpfull thx
  21. boricua1

    Suzuki Pilot screw setting?

    I have a 83 or 84 suzuki 50 LT its a little two stroke. Im having trouble finding what the carb settings are. PILOT SCREW, and FLOAT HIGHT:excuseme:?
  22. Beef

    Suzuki Stock 2009 Z400 Dyno

    Does anyone have a stock 2009 Z400 Dyno graph? Or even better, a stock-vs-stock pre-2009 and post-2009 comparison dyno? I'm curious how the EFI and exhaust mods that Suzuki brags about modified the power band. Also, they claim "improved traction" which...I have no idea what that means. Did they add traction control to the CPU?!
  23. Dagan

    Suzuki Buying New Quad!

    I am wanting to buy a new quad and I am leaning towards a new 750 KingQuad(Power Steering) or an Arctic Cat 700 or 1000. I do trail riding and like to play in the mud holes! I was wondering if I could get some opinions on this from anyone? Thanks for any input
  24. bsawicki

    Suzuki 1990 dr6502

    I have a 1990 DR650s. I rode the bike before I bought it. Brought it home ahd removed the shocks and carb and had them rebuilt. Put the bike back to gether and it would not start. I took it to a mechanic who woked for Malcom Smith Motor Sports at one time. He also had his own one man shop, and came highly recomended. He called me and said that everything checked out good, except he was unable to check the CDI, and didn't know why he was not getting spark. So I brought the bike back home, and there it sits. This sounds a litle weird to me.
  25. 07EigerRider

    Suzuki 07 Eiger backfires

    Ive had my 07 Eiger since January. It has always backfired about 5 seconds after being shut off. Why does it do this?