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Found 5,815 results

  1. damone

    Suzuki LT250 05' or 07' ?

    I just got a golf cart that has a LT250 motor tranny. SN? LT250147717 Shaft Driven not 4x4. Can you unlock the differential somehow. The locked rear is pushing the cart and caausing it to tip up. Thanks D
  2. I have a 85 Suzuki 230s that's blowing quite a bit of oil as well as white smoke out the exhaust. It started doing it suddenly after a 3 hour ride at local trails. It still has good compression (150psi when cold, 130 Psi when warm). Starts up on first kick and runs and drives great. Just going through a crazy amount of oil. It blows out so much that its pooled up in the muffler after riding for 5 min. Previous owner rebuilt the top end about a year ago with wiesco parts. I'm just baffled and don't know where to begin looking. What can I do to diagnose exactly what's going on? I'm just not thinking its bad rings as it happened so sudden, but rather maybe stuck rings, valve seals, valve guides, head gasket, Or cracked head. I'd like to try to diagnose it as best as I can without tearing it down as I'd rather sell or trade it as is.
  3. bstewart77

    Suzuki 2006 LT-Z250 Repair Manual

    I just purchased a Suzuki 2006 LT-Z250 Quadsport. It needs some tuning up but didn't come with a shop manual or even the owner's manual. Oddly, I can't find a shop manual for it online anywhere. Any suggestions, my normal sites Amazon, BikeBandit, etc. don't have a Clymer for the 250 only the 400. Thanks!
  4. hondaracer21

    Suzuki 1983 lt125 plug

    what kind of plug does a 1983 suzuki lt125 take? right now the plug in it is the wrong type. its way too long and not even threaded in all the way. its actually a great way to destroy the piston anyway if someone knows the ngk part number or other brand that would be great. -thanks
  5. superdutyscaler

    Suzuki where to get motor for radiator fan

    well went to take the quad out last night to take the kids for a spin and apparently i have water in the vent tube for the fan and its now shot. does anyone know where to get one cheap because the cheapest one i found was 260 from bike bandit. i think this is crazy for a ittle fan motor, if not im going to get a sealed fan from flex a,lite or some other manf. and retro fit it. the bike is a 2001 suzuki quad master 500 4x4
  6. z400maniac

    Suzuki Valve clearance....

    What does it mean if I have no clearance on my Intake side of the valves.04 ltz400
  7. 99blaster5021

    Suzuki Ltz 400 exhaust

    Iam looking into buying the lexx mxe slip on exhaust from rocky mountain atv. Does anyone have a picture of a z400 with the lexx mxe ? If you do post them up ! thanks.
  8. 99blaster5021

    Suzuki ltz400 riding video !

    Me and my friend riding - z400 and yamaha warrior (: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4nJGwFTg5s&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUrJc_hcI04&feature=channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9x_cDLX5nw&feature=channel
  9. Will the DVX 400 tail light fit a n LTZ 400? Thanks
  10. B16aRS

    Suzuki LTZ400 wiring

    Hey guys, i bought my LTZ400 from a kid who had no idea what he was doing and beat it up a bit. He also messed with a bit of the wiring and stuff. I wanna redo the wiring so its all nice and doesnt get snagged or caught in the chain. Would you guys mind taking some pics of your wiring so i can see where it is ran and what bolts to what? I need pics of the starter solenoid, battery, headlights, etc
  11. I've alreadt scoured TT classifieds, fleabay, and CL. The best price I can find is RonAyers.com. But I don't need a brand new one. A used one would be great. Does anyone have, or know where I can find, one on the cheap?
  12. Bryan Bosch

    Suzuki Suzuki recalls KingQuad ATVs

    Suzuki recalls KingQuad ATVs Powersports Business Tuesday March 15, 2011 http://www.powersportsbusiness.com/output.cfm?id=2731159 American Suzuki Motor Corp. has recalled about 29,000 KingQuad ATVs because of a fire hazard. The plastic fuel tanks in some KingQuad ATVs were improperly manufactured, and they can develop a fuel leak, posing a fire hazard. American Suzuki has received 19 reports of fuel leaking from KingQuads; no injuries have been reported. The recalled units include: all 2008 to 2010 LT-A450X models, all 2009 to 2010 LT-A500X models, all 2008 to 2010 LT-A750X models and 2011 LT-A500X and LT-A750X models manufactured before Dec. 11, 2010. The ATVs were sold at dealerships from July 2007-February 2011. Suzuki is notifying all consumers who own recalled ATVs.
  13. I am looking at buying an '03 z400 in alabama but the bike is originally from california. It has a 2004 california green sticker on the front left fender. Does the california model come choked up and restricted or is it the same as a non-california model. I tried searching around and came up with nothing.
  14. vernokdx

    Suzuki fasst flexxs

    i was just wondering if anyone on here tried them yet.Or would i be better gettin a anti vibe stem. im just lookin for some info.
  15. superneil21

    Suzuki Eiger 4 wheel drive lever thing

    So i was havin fun in the snow when i switched to 4 wheel it worked but when i went to take it out the lever just spins freely. So i took apart the thing and there is a little PLASTIC piece that broke! Its the piece that pulls on the cable. Ive found the whole assembly for $90 but i want just the little plastic piece or maybe something like a metal replacement thats stronger. lol Would it be worth it to even call the dealership? Can anyone help? and btw its an 2005 Suzuki 400 eiger
  16. Blitchfield

    Suzuki trouble wih an 04 z400

    Hi everyone, hopefully someone has some input to as what my problem is with my wifes 04 z00. i took it out last friday for a few hours and again on sunday and rode no trouble until sunday afternoon. i was ripping around in a field hitting a small jump and just goofing about, i went to circle around & when i got back on the gas for my approach it bogged out, i pulled the clutch in and let off the gas and it recovered but when i give it some throttle it bogs out. At first i though air filter- checked it and its clean. i'm pretty sure its not the gas because i topped the tank off on friday and got a few hours riding in between the two days next i pulled the plug and its sort of whitish- thinking it's running lean i checked the fuel, on prime it flows through, under res and on positions i blew it back into the tank (because this carb uses siphon to pull gas) so i know that delivery isn't(or shouldn't be) the problem. i start looking at boots and intake and tightened them down to be sure. on the carb i found a small dia. hose thats connected to the carb but nothing else. it's on the left side just above a lemon shaped cover with two screws, the hose is bent and angles up and was sitting against the bottom side of the tank, could it just be a vent as i couldn't find something disconnected. Again this bike will start right up and idle but won't rev up and i can't find an easy solution, is it time to take the carb off or has anyone got any ideas or had a similar problem?any suggestions are welcome.
  17. SuperSteve

    Suzuki 2007 vinson oil leak

    I need help guys and gals, On my 2007 Vinson 500 I have an oil leak. It's coming from a machined hole in the left side case cover. The case is painted black and sits in between the the case itself and the water pump. The hole is on the very bottom on the case and looks like there may have been a pin in the hole. It may also be a weep hole to let us know the gasket for the water pump is leaking. Can someone please look at their case and tell me what you see. Is there a pin on a dry hole? I would really appreciate it. Steve
  18. jcolborn48

    Suzuki 87 Lt 250R aftermarket lighting

    Anybody know of a good aftermarket lighting system for an 1987 LT 250R?
  19. Would a locking King Quad 450 diff. match up to a Eiger?
  20. Just curious who has installed these bearings, got mine in the mail and want to install them, any tricks for getting old bearings and seals out? Anything i should know about installing the new stuff.. Also not sure what they are but in the pack with the cotter pins were to big like washers or something and 2 smaller ones, any idea what they are for, could be spacers, just not sure where they would go, thanks in advance,
  21. Pulled over after riding my 03 z 400 hard after I noticed she kept dying but she did start back up everytime. Anyway noticed it was leaking water looked in the overflow bottle and the water had really expanded. Thought maybe I was just running her too hard or maybe the radiator was just caked in mudd but I think I narrowed it down to the water temp switch wiring be broken. Anyway I ordered one so if anyone has any input or thinks this might be the problem any input would help very much. Getting ready to leave on a big riding trip so please help!!
  22. Shannon DR650

    Suzuki Ridgeline passing

    Today I had a friend help me practice passing in the dust. If you haven't tried this, it's harder than you might think. We have a pretty knarly 26 mile loop that is mostly single line along a ridge line. So there are very few places to pass. The set up was that he would lead and I would pass anywhere I could. The trail is so tight that I could only get up to pass him in three spots. I know that sounds like a small number but thats why I'm practicing this stuff. If I can get passing on a tight single track with a lot of dust down then I can pass that much easier on race day. Oh yeah we did the whole loop in 40 minutes. Maybe not the fastest that anyone can go but on that ridge line it felt like it was all I could do to not go off the trail. The LT-Z once again showed it's stuff. That bike can be a handfull sometimes. But it's one of the best rides I've been on.
  23. streetfyter2

    Suzuki just purchased ltz400

    well i just had an 06 ltz400 delivered yesterday. I bought it at our local yamaha dealer, an old guy who used it to ride around the yard with his granddaughter traded it on a grizzly. They said he only rode it about 4 times, and it's in great condition. I will post pics sometime this weekend. It is white with the blue frame. It has blue grips and blue flame shock covers. BTW what size tires come on it??. I would like a lil more clearance in the back, and wondering what size is 1 up from stock. Anyways, i rode it yesterday and today in the snow, and its great. I love it, and it goes well in the snow. I think i'm gonna get a slip on exhaust, just keep it stock other than that for now. Which is the best bang for the buck??
  24. just bought my son a new 05 lt 8o.can anyone tell me some quick upgrades.also what do i need to block off oil mixer. thanks
  25. Nosebag

    Suzuki A good buy?

    http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/mcy/280804144.html All i need it to do is make it through giant mud holes.