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Found 5,799 results

  1. dudleyscrf

    Suzuki Valve clearance 87'-91' LT300e

    Anyone know the specs on these motors, it's a 2 intake , 2 exhaust valves head. Thanks, new member today:ride:
  2. Have a 06 LTR450 with fresh top end rebuild and head. Cam timming and valve clearance are correct. Have to give it 1/4-1/2 throttle to start. Has a very bad low end miss. Once it gets up to mid range it quits missing and seems to run fine if you stay in the throttle. If you let out it will drop to a slow idle and die almost instant. Thanks in advance
  3. barkersrock

    Suzuki 1989 lt250r ---no fuel---

    so i just picked up an 89 lt250 and it ran fine the 1st 2 days,,,,,,,,, now it doesnt seem to be getting fuel ,, i cleaned the carb,,but 1 out of 100 kicks itll fire ,,,when it did fire it ran like a bat out of hell ,,, rode it,,,,,shut it down then went to start it again and nothing !!!!!!!!! HELP !!!!!
  4. SuperSteve

    Suzuki 2007 vinson oil leak

    I need help guys and gals, On my 2007 Vinson 500 I have an oil leak. It's coming from a machined hole in the left side case cover. The case is painted black and sits in between the the case itself and the water pump. The hole is on the very bottom on the case and looks like there may have been a pin in the hole. It may also be a weep hole to let us know the gasket for the water pump is leaking. Can someone please look at their case and tell me what you see. Is there a pin on a dry hole? I would really appreciate it. Steve
  5. I'd like to know if the rear swing arms, and front A-arms from a LT250R will fit on a 230 QuadSport frame? I'm doing a ground up rebuild of a 230 and found that the swing arm has been repaired before and not real well I might add. So it got me thinking.. Thanks for any and all help.
  6. Im brand new to the forum. I have a 2005 eiger 4x4 manuel. I am currently running 27' 589's. I want to go up to 28' laws or backs. I got a 2' lift kit on the way. Can I run 28' tires without a clutch kit. If I need a clutch kit which one is the best. Thanks for your help!!!!
  7. dezerttoyota

    Suzuki ltz400 problems need help now

    my friend has a 07 ltz 400 all besides exhaust. it probable has 20 hrs and has never had air filter cleaned. anyways its always ran well but now it wont run unless the chokes on and your giving it throttle. do u think the jets r justs clogged. or is the idle just off now.
  8. imported_edbens

    Suzuki Tire Fit

    My wife rides a LTZ250 which I am putting new tires on. She has 20x10-9 on the rear right now. Can I get away with putting a 20x11-9 on that rim without a problem or do I need to upgrade the rims as well? Thanks in advance Kris
  9. superdutyscaler

    Suzuki 01 quadmasterr 500 mudding

    just started mudding my 500 a few weeks ago because my cousin bought a 04 vinison. been searching for intake kits for the airbox and belt but cant find any so im gonna try to make one myself. so anyone do this before with the quadmaster? another question i only used this quad for trail riding and hunting since i bought it new so how is mudding it gonna affect the durability and life of the quad?
  10. vernokdx

    Suzuki fcr

    im putting my fcr back together and i forgot which way the ap diaphram and spring goes back in
  11. jcolborn48

    Suzuki 87 Lt 250R aftermarket lighting

    Anybody know of a good aftermarket lighting system for an 1987 LT 250R?
  12. Just curious who has installed these bearings, got mine in the mail and want to install them, any tricks for getting old bearings and seals out? Anything i should know about installing the new stuff.. Also not sure what they are but in the pack with the cotter pins were to big like washers or something and 2 smaller ones, any idea what they are for, could be spacers, just not sure where they would go, thanks in advance,
  13. superneil21

    Suzuki Eiger 4 wheel drive lever thing

    So i was havin fun in the snow when i switched to 4 wheel it worked but when i went to take it out the lever just spins freely. So i took apart the thing and there is a little PLASTIC piece that broke! Its the piece that pulls on the cable. Ive found the whole assembly for $90 but i want just the little plastic piece or maybe something like a metal replacement thats stronger. lol Would it be worth it to even call the dealership? Can anyone help? and btw its an 2005 Suzuki 400 eiger
  14. vernokdx

    Suzuki fasst flexxs

    i was just wondering if anyone on here tried them yet.Or would i be better gettin a anti vibe stem. im just lookin for some info.
  15. chad22

    Suzuki 03 ltz400 problem

    i broke my choke cable fitting thing on the carb. is there a was to replace it with a pull style choke like on my drz?
  16. witdogg

    Suzuki LT500 motor builder

    Who's good with these motors? I'm not looking for performance so much but just a solid reliable motor builder for the LT500. How are these motors are far as overheating goes?
  17. 99blaster5021

    Suzuki z400 tires and rim ?

    Iam looking at getting new holeshot tires for my z does anyone know if i can use the stock rims? or would i need new ones....
  18. i have a 1981 dr 500 it says dr500 on it and suzuki and on the vin tag it also says dr500 i just bought it and got it running but it needs a throttle cable it has 2 cabls on the carb to throttle 1 to pull it back and 1 to pull it forward, but i cant get a throttle because the bike sopposedly doesnt exist, am i crazy is the dr500 some bike that like only 10 were made or something??? i see them on youtube so why would suzuki say they dont exist i heard of them around here locally even from other riders to,
  19. drz400rydr

    Suzuki Rear wheel size

    I am sitting here at work will be here for another hour and a half. I am ordering some sand tires on line. I can't remember the rear wheel size. Is it a 9 or 10 inch wheel
  20. This is my first time writing in. I'm looking for some help. I just put on some plus 2 a-arms. Elka dune edition shocks. Plus 2 streamline brake lines. Then removed the parking brake. Replaced it with a Cr style clutch lever. Then the blockoff. I was happy until i turned the key on and pressed the starter button and got nothing. The lights work but the starter button doesn't. I hope this is enough info.
  21. YELZ400

    Suzuki I Have A Problem

    I Took My 03 Z400 To The Shop To Get The Valves Adjusted Because I Started Getting A Loud Ticking Noise. The Guy At The Shop Told Me That The Motor Was Blown And The Valves Were Fine. Because I Only Had 60 Pounds Of Compression The Only Thing Is It Runs Just As Strong As The Day I Bought It. I Think The Guy At The Shop Was A Dummy Anyone Have Any Ideas On Way May Be Going On?
  22. kawikid

    Suzuki suspension help

    i was wounder, im looking for new shocks and ive heard alot about elka but i was woundering do i buy the shocks first or new a arms?
  23. DirtRider99


    HES ON A YAMAHA Go to http://www.hbombfilms.com/backflip_web002.wmv if that dosen't work then go to www.hbombfilms.com then to full story then movie clip Its Awsome :bonk:
  24. lsittingbull

    Suzuki hp comparision

    can anyone give me a hp comparision between the drz-400 and the quadsport 400. And besides carb and cams is there any other diffrences.
  25. SM421

    Suzuki Suspension Setup

    I am new to Quads do you set up the rear suspension the same way as on a motocross bike (i.e. Race Sag, and Static Sag)? I am trying to get my wifes '03 KFX400 dialed in for her weight.