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Found 5,801 results

  1. Well my fourwheeler was running great then It stopped the driveshaft turns and there's a frinding noise coming from the rearend I took it apart and I was told the pinion gear was wire out but none of the teeth look bad if anybody knows what this could be please let me know thanks
  2. Just bought a 2003 Z400, $1200! it was really rough. Last owner had Great stuff spray insulation to try to fix radiator leak. wasn't working obviously. Why he didn't just JB Weld IDK. No taillight, sheared off bolts all over, footpegs, radiator, plastic brackets, cam chain sounded bad so i put in a TT MCCT. Included some video of it running after. Tell me if you think its just cam chain or if I might be looking at a bearing or clutch issue. I'll post a picture of old radiator soon, I replaced with used one off ebay already. Videos (sorry not great camera man) http://s1117.photobucket.com/albums/k590/mattmitchell22/Z400%20Project/?action=view&current=101_0160.mp4"]http://s1117.photobucket.com/albums/k590/mattmitchell22/Z400%20Project/?action=view&current=101_0160.mp4 http://s1117.photobucket.com/albums/k590/mattmitchell22/Z400%20Project/?action=view&current=101_0162.mp4 Day I bought it Have Rocky Mountain Nerfs to Fix this Bolts I easy out and replaced Bent Wheel (to be replaced) Thumper Talk MTTC Walk around pictures Brake light I fabricated, still needs wired, only 2 wires, no power wire that I could find. First Trip
  3. asanot48

    Suzuki exhaust & jetting

    i am looking for a slip on exhaust for my 06 ltz 400 what do you all recommend i don't want cheep but don't want to spend a lot of money. also does any one know how to rejett it . the ATV store wants $170.00 to rejett it when it only cost $6.00 for the part?????? go figure
  4. rideblue686r

    Suzuki Need asap!!!

    I have a 1986 suzuki lt230s quadsport and i am having trouble finding a left side case for it. i look on ebay the only one i could find was 200 bucks not trying to spend that much for just a side case. any ideas where i could get one for cheap or anything. thanks for you help.
  5. So I have a 89 Suzuki LT250R Quadracer. This happened in the past with a stock pipe, with a Paul Turner pipe, and now after the motor has been rebuilt. It blows specs of oil out of the exhaust where it connects to the motor, that gets all over your pants leg and boots when riding. The guy that rebuilt it told me that there is nothing you can do about this as the exhaust doesn't seal up perfectly tight to the motor since there isn't a traditional gasket or ring or something. I find it hard to believe people put up with this when riding these things though, so I'm thinking it can't be normal. Any idea's on what's going on with this and how to fix it?
  6. boricua1

    Suzuki Pilot screw setting?

    I have a 83 or 84 suzuki 50 LT its a little two stroke. Im having trouble finding what the carb settings are. PILOT SCREW, and FLOAT HIGHT:excuseme:?
  7. Dagan

    Suzuki Buying New Quad!

    I am wanting to buy a new quad and I am leaning towards a new 750 KingQuad(Power Steering) or an Arctic Cat 700 or 1000. I do trail riding and like to play in the mud holes! I was wondering if I could get some opinions on this from anyone? Thanks for any input
  8. 99blaster5021

    Suzuki z400 powder coating

    Ive got an 04 z400 does anyone know of a good cheap powder coater? Someone that can do my foot pegs, shifter, and brake pedal? If you know of anyone let me know thanks!
  9. Scary4116

    Suzuki AC Blackline Nerfs

    I just got a set of AC Blackline Nerf bars for my Z. Does anyone have any thoughs on them? I got a pretty good deal and they look like a pretty burly set up. Is there anything I should watch out for? Thanks! SCARY
  10. Yfz450guy012

    Suzuki valve shims on a Z400

    I was wondering if the shims on a Z400 are the same on the LTR-450. I know that the yamaha, and honda 450's and a kawasaki 636 engine are all the same. Just checking to see if they are all interchangeable as far as valve shims go... Thanks. Jason
  11. 150frider

    Suzuki Ozark 250

    Does anybody know where I can find any OEM plastics for an Ozark 250?I have been looking everywhere and have had no luck.Thanks
  12. AdrenalinJunky

    Suzuki Z400 differences 2003 and 2005

    just wondering what the differences are between 2003 and 2005 LTZ400's. I can get a repair manual for 2003, but own a 2005.
  13. lt230quad

    Suzuki lt230ge manual?

    Does anybody know where I could find an online manual for a 85 lt230ge? Also I cant get it started unless i dump gas down the cylinder what should the screws on the carb be at. Any Help Would Be Appriciated.
  14. I am trying to fix up the first quad I bought back in 1985. (230 quadsport) she needs some newer shocks (among other things) anyone know what shocks from other bikes will work on this quadsport? It seems the quadsport shocks have are hard to find for obvious reasons. but Im a Fireman (not rich) so price IS an object. any help would be appreciated.
  15. I have a Z-400 that was making a loud chatter in the motor, so I pulled the top end and then the left side cover to see if there was any play in the crank. No play was found in the crank, no issues with the top end, but I could feel something loose, so I pulled the motor and what I found was about an 1/8'' play between the crank and counter balancer gears. Everything else was tight, wonder if I can get away with just replacing the gears and pins? I wanted to see if this might be a common problem because it looks like a poor design. Any insight is welcomed.
  16. bearcat329

    Suzuki bearing carrier

    hey All, Looking for a bearing carrier for my '04 dvx 400, mine semms to have gone WAY south ( 3 pieces) so i'm shopping for a replacement contact me at madcatscoach@yahoo.com tia Rick, Ore
  17. I have an 04 z400 with +2+1 A arms and Elkas with +4 rear axle and about 60 hours on it. The motor has a full Alba pipe, jetted carb, and airbox lid off. I trail ride mostly. Question: Should I sell it for market value ($3500-$4000) and spend $3k more for a stock new LTR or spend $1500 on a FCR 39, Athena 434, and Hotcams. Will a modded Z have the same power as a 450 or more? Any other recommended mods? How about reliability? T-Daddy
  18. http://atvriders.com/atvmodels/suzuki2008ltr450quadraceratv.html#new
  19. xkmail

    Suzuki The best mods for an ATV.

    Ok, doing mods one must always confront the following possibilities: 1. There will always be someone at comp hill in the dunes who beats you to the top, always. 2. Someone else will get the holeshot. 3. I have seen bigger air and went back to my RV with my tail between my legs. 4. If you have 40HP you are fast, if you have 50HP you are really friggin fast, if you have 60HP you have factory sponsorship and rebuild your motor for free after every race. 5. No matter what mods you have, everyone in your group comes back in one piece, without bones protruding from their new TLD skins. Happy Holidays, xk >>>Feel free to add.
  20. badasstruck

    Suzuki frame swap

    Hi guys, I'm getting ready to swap out frames on my ltz400. Anything I should be heads up about. Looks pretty straight forward. Thnks-Scott
  21. Thumpmeister

    Suzuki LT 230 Jetting Help

    I did a search on jetting threads here, and almost ALL of them are on the Z400. I couldn't find anything on the 230 q/s. Here is my situation... I bought this quad, and it has the DG full exhaust, UNI filter, and some jetting thing done to the carb. The guy I got it from said he did some jetting to it, but he thinks he screwed it up. Now, for the most part, it runs fine, but it has a really bad bog in the lower rpm's. And sometimes it will randomly die, like in the dunes. Does anyone have any suggestions or jetting guides? I run pretty close to sea level most of the time, so if anyone has any jetting suggestions, that should help. Thanks
  22. willpower20

    Suzuki I Need Help Bad!!!!!!!!!!

    hello everyone im new to this site and just wanted to say hi so i have a problem, i have an 04 z400 with a fmf power bomb header, and a fmf muffler, and an elderbrock carb, and my air box lid is off, so my problem is when im riddin it full throttle and as soon as i let off the throttle it stalls on me,now when im sittin on it in neutral and i pin the throttle the rev limiter hits but doesnt stall, only when im riddin full throttle 4th or 5th gear its weird i let off the throttle and it stalls, any idea, almost like i looses gas or something, let me no asap PLEAZ its really gettin to me, THANX A MILLION
  23. im looking to get some for my 3wheeler since the bolt pattern is the same.
  24. colby_yz250f

    Suzuki 1989 Quadrunner lt250 4x4 muffler

    i need the oem muffler for my grandpas old 1989 quadrunner lt250 4x4. can anyone find me one and not one off ebay, im not looking to spend that much, and he just wants it to be quiet, and i just want him to be happy... thanks alot people :bonk:
  25. SPR400ex853

    Suzuki ltr coolant low

    hey i just bought my ltr in july..brand new..broke it in and all that crap and had the ten hour service done by the dealer. i just noticed the other day that the coolant in the reservior was at the low mark. do i just pull the shroud and make sure theres enough in the radiator then top off the reserviow or what? i probly only have like 8 hours on it since the 10 hour service cuz i messed my leg up and couldnt ride for a month. also the tranny makes this wierd like "wooing" noise when i downshift. anyone know whats up with that?