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Found 5,803 results

  1. Hey Guys Pretty happy so far with my restoration of my 1990 LT250s. Initially I got this as I just bought my kid a Z400 and the wife wouldn't let me also swing a new quad. So I found this cheap and started digging into it with the intention of riding it the next year. Well 3 years later it is still in the works, but I can see the light. How I first found it for $500. Sat for 10 yrs in a garage, filled it up and 10 kicks later it started right up and proceded to puke gas all over the floor of the garage. Here are all the pics of the tear down and restore: http://www.pbase.com/dirtweed/1990_suzuki_lt250s&page=all A bunch of time and money for NOS parts and this is as I got it to last summer. Now I have the motor in it and will be running the cables and wiring this week. Unfortunately I didn't get it finished in time to ride so I decided to just get a new one last summer.
  2. I took my water pump apart and I'm forgetting the direction the oil seal goes, I found a picture but I'm pretty sure it's installed wrong in the photo. The seal I'm questioned about is the one behind the mechanical seal. Do I install oil seal like photo below with stamping up or stamping down and spring side up. (Looks like a axel seal) http://www.suzukicentral.com/forums/59-tech-help/61437-water-pump-seal-5-a.html
  3. Hey guys new to the quad world here. This guy wants to trade me my 2002 yz250f for his 2006 ltr 450. Only thing is it needs main bearings according to him, and the battery is dead. Looks like a nice quad, even has yoshimura exhaust. My concern is if I trade it I dont want it to need hundreds of dollars in repairs. Ive rebuilt dirt bikes and I dont think main bearings should be too hard but is there anything I should watch out for? Im planning on checking this thing out tomorrow. Thanks!
  4. I have a DRZ400E that got a fresh bottom end rebuild and 440 kit at the end of last season. Single base gasket, stock valves, hot cam intake cam, E exhaust cam. UNI filter and full yosh exhaust. I bought, jetted and installed an FCR 39 carb from a YZF450 and it is runs really good. I also have an LTZ400 with a 100% stock engine that is in excellent shape. No plans to go BB. Airbox lid removed, 400ex intake tube, UNI filter, stock header and slip on. I have a hot cam exhaust cam that may go in it. (didn't use it on the DRZ after finding the E cam is more aggressive than new hot cam) I just picked up a used Sudco slant FCR41 for a price I couldn't refuse. I thoroughly cleaned it and made sure everything is working properly. Man it is a royal PITA to unclog the AP nozzle!!!! Most of the info I find on here is from people running big bore engine and / or strokers. -FCR39 new (but not MX) jetting stock bore or BB: 165-170 main, 45 pilot -slant FCR41 jetting on BB: 175-180 main, 45 pilot, 1 turn air screw (=100), 200 main air, eddie mod Can I run the 41 on the stock bore? or would it be a better idea to swap the carbs and use the slant 41 on the big bore? Or should I just put the slant 41 up for sale and find a 39? If anyone IS running a 41 on a stock bore, what jetting specs are you running? It looks so pretty sitting inside the LTZ..... haha
  5. I have a 05' to 07' LT250 (LT250147717) Shaft drive motor and tranny in a golf cart. Problem I am having is the cart wants to lift/tip when turning. The inside front wheel climbs up which tends to tip cart to the outside of the turn. I assume the locked rear differential in the quad part of the cart is causing the problem. Is there a way to unlock the rear differential or put a limited slip in it or something? Maybe make the rear drive a one wheel drive system?? Maybe take a drive gear out of axel. Any ideas???
  6. damone

    Suzuki LT250 05' or 07' ?

    I just got a golf cart that has a LT250 motor tranny. SN? LT250147717 Shaft Driven not 4x4. Can you unlock the differential somehow. The locked rear is pushing the cart and caausing it to tip up. Thanks D
  7. CrSteel

    Suzuki LTZ 250 Problems

    I own an 04' LTZ 250 that dies whenever you give it gas, even after warmup and with choke on or off. Has clean gas, airbox is all good, filter is clean. It does idle and it revs slightly if you give it a slow and very small amount of throttle. This started on a trail ride up north riding in 5th gear, it suddenly lost all its power and died about 3/4 of the way through our 40 mile ride. It hasn't run the same since, any help would be appreciated in finding out whats causing this. Thank you.

    Suzuki Dead in the water

    I have a 2006 LTZ 50 4 stroke that dies when my daughter hits a mud puddle of any decent size. It then becomes hard to start. If she stays out of the water it runs great. Anyone have any tips on this problem? You can't tell a little kid to go around a big mud puddle. Thanks
  9. I have a 85 Suzuki 230s that's blowing quite a bit of oil as well as white smoke out the exhaust. It started doing it suddenly after a 3 hour ride at local trails. It still has good compression (150psi when cold, 130 Psi when warm). Starts up on first kick and runs and drives great. Just going through a crazy amount of oil. It blows out so much that its pooled up in the muffler after riding for 5 min. Previous owner rebuilt the top end about a year ago with wiesco parts. I'm just baffled and don't know where to begin looking. What can I do to diagnose exactly what's going on? I'm just not thinking its bad rings as it happened so sudden, but rather maybe stuck rings, valve seals, valve guides, head gasket, Or cracked head. I'd like to try to diagnose it as best as I can without tearing it down as I'd rather sell or trade it as is.
  10. After 23 pulls and two hours of tuning this hsr48 mikuni, my 525cc z400 made almost 65hp and 42ftlbs tq. I did half the Dyno session on 93 pump fuel. Then switched to u4.4 oxy fuel. I saw no peak hp or tq increase. I did gain 3hp/2tq in the midrange. I just couldn't get the carb quite right. Too fat on the bottom end. I guess the stock size valves I have are limiting me. Time for plus 2 valves and bigger cams!
  11. pcwiggins

    Suzuki Clutch issue

    My ATV will go into gear but when revved even slightly it just feels like it's in neutral. I've tried adjusting the clutch cable but it's not helping. Any ideas? Also, the clutch doesn't seem to have the normal amount of play in it. I have to let it almost all the way out before it engages.
  12. I am stuck. the manual does not explain how to remove the brake hub from the axle. I have a new one to go on and it has splines so I assume the hub on it has the same. which way does it come off. I have let it sit in penetration fluid for 2 days.
  13. 02yz250fguy

    Suzuki quadrunner 300 cuts out

    I have a 1996 suzuki quad runner 300 4x4 quad that will sit and idle but when you hit the gas it will cut out.it will idle with the choke on and it will only run on the prime setting. Iknow it cant be a fuel problem becase i have had it apart cleaned it rejetted it and adjusted the floats. it is getting good fuel. any ideas?
  14. jhope32

    Suzuki Hot Cam

    If I have a stock ltz 400, what kind of performance gain will I get if I add a hot cam? Will I feel a difference in the performance? The only modification I have right now is a k & n filter. Is it a good idea to put a cdi rev box and a hot cam on a stock bike? I don't have a lot of money and I'm not running a big bore kit. The only part of the hot cam I was going to install is the intake side. Is that a good idea for all of this? I need to know the pros and cons and the dos and don'ts. Does anybody have a good idea on how to set this up?
  15. jbones

    Suzuki suzuki ltz 400

    I have a Suzuki ltz 400 2007. my quad is yellow i want to put black rims on it but i don't know what is a good rim. what do you recommend?
  16. bstewart77

    Suzuki 2006 LT-Z250 Repair Manual

    I just purchased a Suzuki 2006 LT-Z250 Quadsport. It needs some tuning up but didn't come with a shop manual or even the owner's manual. Oddly, I can't find a shop manual for it online anywhere. Any suggestions, my normal sites Amazon, BikeBandit, etc. don't have a Clymer for the 250 only the 400. Thanks!
  17. Ontothe4stroke

    Suzuki What is the Quadsport 230 all about?

    I'm considering buying a quadsport 230 for 500 thats in ok shape. I was just wondering what its about really. As far as I know its a 5 speed clutch chain driven, disc brakes all around. Is it a dulled down version of a 250? Because I own a 250x right now so I know what thats like. Any input really would be nice.
  18. hondaracer21

    Suzuki 1983 lt125 plug

    what kind of plug does a 1983 suzuki lt125 take? right now the plug in it is the wrong type. its way too long and not even threaded in all the way. its actually a great way to destroy the piston anyway if someone knows the ngk part number or other brand that would be great. -thanks
  19. hometheaterman

    Suzuki Am I crazy for going with these tires?

    I ordered some Kenda Bear Claw tires for the rear of my Suzuki LT250R I'm restoring. I know these are mainly tires you'd put on a 4x4 atv. However, I looked at the Hole Shot trail tires and they were double the price. I couldn't find anything else I halfway liked until I saw these. I ride 99% trails and some of them are fairly muddy. I got tired of getting stuck with the tires I previously had on there, but I did like how they slid around turns. So I decided with these I probably wouldn't get stuck as badly, but I'm wondering if I will lose all sliding ability? Am I crazy for ordering these for a sport atv, or should they do fine?
  20. It will recoil start, but electric start doesn't work anymore. When pressing starter button, all I get is a buzzing from the starter relay. I don't hear any sounds from the starter, including the solenoid. Jumper cables attached from a running automobile don't change anything, so I don't suspect a battery problem. Wiring connections to the starter relay are not corroded, and I tightened the bolts. Before I take the shotgun approach and buy a new relay, are there any other things I should check? I really don't want to spend that $44 if I don't have to.
  21. Can anyone help identify this old Suzuki ATV? All the stickers are long gone, this thing has been painted more than one should ever..lol Was told it was a 250 motor, old man had no idea. Got it running, but need a few parts, just have no idea for what..lol Hope the pics will help. Thanks, Colt
  22. superdutyscaler

    Suzuki where to get motor for radiator fan

    well went to take the quad out last night to take the kids for a spin and apparently i have water in the vent tube for the fan and its now shot. does anyone know where to get one cheap because the cheapest one i found was 260 from bike bandit. i think this is crazy for a ittle fan motor, if not im going to get a sealed fan from flex a,lite or some other manf. and retro fit it. the bike is a 2001 suzuki quad master 500 4x4
  23. z400maniac

    Suzuki Valve clearance....

    What does it mean if I have no clearance on my Intake side of the valves.04 ltz400
  24. 99blaster5021

    Suzuki Ltz 400 exhaust

    Iam looking into buying the lexx mxe slip on exhaust from rocky mountain atv. Does anyone have a picture of a z400 with the lexx mxe ? If you do post them up ! thanks.
  25. 99blaster5021

    Suzuki ltz400 riding video !

    Me and my friend riding - z400 and yamaha warrior (: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4nJGwFTg5s&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUrJc_hcI04&feature=channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9x_cDLX5nw&feature=channel