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Found 5,795 results

  1. lt230quad

    Suzuki lt230ge manual?

    Does anybody know where I could find an online manual for a 85 lt230ge? Also I cant get it started unless i dump gas down the cylinder what should the screws on the carb be at. Any Help Would Be Appriciated.
  2. badasstruck

    Suzuki frame swap

    Hi guys, I'm getting ready to swap out frames on my ltz400. Anything I should be heads up about. Looks pretty straight forward. Thnks-Scott
  3. srwilliams87

    Suzuki king quad 300 valve question

    How many valves does a king quad 300 have?
  4. srwilliams87

    Suzuki lt300 piston question

    I have a rather obscure question regarding the lt300 piston. Does anyone know the deck height on it?
  5. beavis2732

    Suzuki Block Off Plate

    Need it or not? I can't even see the caliper assembly right now but was putting an order together for the spring tune up season and was wondering if this little piece was even necessary? Please advise and thank you for doing so.
  6. Scary4116

    Suzuki AC Blackline Nerfs

    I just got a set of AC Blackline Nerf bars for my Z. Does anyone have any thoughs on them? I got a pretty good deal and they look like a pretty burly set up. Is there anything I should watch out for? Thanks! SCARY
  7. My dad is looking to buy an atv and can't decide between a 07 raptor 350 for $2300 brand new or a 04 ltz400 for $1700. The ltz has a crapload of parts, but it needs its valves adjusted. How expensive is this or is it easy enough to do my myself?
  8. imported_godzuki

    Suzuki Broken vinson 2 years out

    Hello everyone. 1st time user. Been riding atv's 23 years. I have had honda, suzuki, polaris, yamaha machines and am a avid atv magazine reader. Both my machine and my self have been out of service for 2 years now. 2002 suzuki vinson auto, decked out with safety and accessories. Machine suffered broken frame in 9 locations! Any one else have had or know someone who has had catastrophic frame failures on the vinson model? Are there any aftermarket rear irs conversions available? Is there a quadmedic out there.
  9. regulate34

    Suzuki 08 kingquad 450 powerkit

    i was wondering how much of a differance these power kits would make exaust, chip,clutch kit,k&n air filter wanting to know if its worth it i already have the k&n very little differance i can notice it ant input would be great
  10. devanlt230e

    Suzuki lt 230e-H running problems

    i just did a top end engine rebuild on my atv i bored it out and put a high compression wiseco piston in it but i have the timing at right before top dead center and the carb is clean but it still won't run Does anyone have any ideas of what might be wrong i also have a wiring issue with it nothing is working so i am having to jump the the wires to turn the starter is their something i need to check for
  11. honda_racer12

    Suzuki wat kind ltz400

    i am getting a ltz 400 i have a choice of new ltz400 08 se or non se 09 i realy want the black because of looks but is the o9 better or different se =special edition
  12. Sinner Racing

    Suzuki Axle for a KFX 400!

    I'm debaiting on what axle to get for the best price. So if anyone has used and abused an axle and like it or disliked it. let me know thanks:confused:
  13. As the LTZ and DRZ have basically the same engine, is the ACCT (Automatic Cam Chain Tensioner) of the LTZ a problem like it is on the DRZ's? Anyone replaced theres or needed it replaced? I'm ordering a MCCT for my DRZ 400 SM and will get two and do the quad as well if it needs to be done. Cheers
  14. I'm lookin for a good aftermarket cam chain i have gone thru 3 or 4 OEMs. Also I heard that the Cam chain tensioner on a Hayabusa would bolt on the the Stock location on the Z and that the tensioner allowed for more adjustment thus getting rid of alot of noise from chain slap and prolonging the life of the valves. Is there any truth to this?
  15. scarylary

    Suzuki 92 susuki king quad 4x4

    need carb help at low idle it wants to spit and pop at the back of carb by the air box and in the process of that happening it tends to want to die but it cranks right back . the idle circuit and take off are not good but the wot is pretty any help would be great.
  16. I am trying find a carburetor kit for a 1987 Suzuki LT4WD it has a 250cc engine which I just rebuilt over this past winter. The engine runs very well on idle. Is there any one that is familiar with these older machines? I don't want to go to the local dealership because they don't want to be bothered with something this old. Any thoughts on this would be most appreciated. In looking at the carb it says Mikuni however there is no mention of model or serial number.
  17. Lyzic

    Suzuki it wasn't a good day

    well went out for a ride today on the 03 z400 it was a good day, quad running strong, no issues...until we stopped for a bit to eat. look at the motor, there's oil seeping out of the clutch. you can't see it actually coming out, it's a slow leak, but it's there so i checked the oil level, was still good. put the dipstick back on, but apparently not tight enough because at the end of the day i look and the oil is bubbling out of the now open oil resevoir! the dip stick is gone, and the oil has water mixed with it and going all over the place! godddamn it so i haven't dump the remainder of the oil out yet...i'm hoping the stuff in the engine comes out clean and only the resevoir got contaminated...really really hoping and i guess it's time to source a seal kit as well!
  18. hogryder94

    Suzuki suzuki quad sport 80 ??

    does anyone have a quad sport 80, i just need some help serviceing the tranni, what oil, how much and were do you drain and put in the oil. i bought a 1987 in mint condition but have no book yet
  19. Derek230F

    Suzuki Looking to Buy a Z400

    I couldn't find the forums (if there is one) for Wanting to Buy, so i'll post here real fast. http://www.z400central.com/invision/index.php?showtopic=67533 that is my post on the Z400central.com website. What I am looking for is a Z400 around 2000-3000 dollars that has little to no mods on it and is in relatively good condition. normal wear and tear is fine, bike doesn't have to look brand new but should run good. if anyone can point me to the right forums for TT where i should post this, or has a bike for sale or knows of one... let me know!! derekconlon@hotmail.com thanks! -derek
  20. crazyredneck

    Suzuki adjusting my valves

    i have a 86 lt 230 and it taps real bad when it first starts runnin. does anybody know how to adjust the valves on it
  21. sufan91mp

    Suzuki used atv

    hey all im lookin for a used utility atv, reasonably priced thanks
  22. joescicchitano

    Suzuki ltf250 wont start,help!!

    i recently purchased at 1990 ltf 250 and was told it only needed was a spring on the kick start gear so tht kickstart would come back up after you kick it down,well i got one of those and assembled it and i went to start but wouldnt start i tried a new spark plug completly cleaned out the carb but nothing,it has compression and spark and sound right when i kick but nothing,so after i put the new plug in and kicked it afew times i took the plug out to see if it was chared at all or wet but it looked as if it was not put in yet so that means no gas was getting to the cyclinder, i took the carb off and gave gas and isnt a small stream of gas supposed to shot out? well nothing came out so i took the jets off and cleaned them good but nothing still, no gas will shot out of the carb into cyclinder althoe there is gas getting into the bowl,any body have any suggestions on what to do???
  23. wiecha

    Suzuki 07/06 QuadSport Z400

    im thinking of buying either the 06/07 z400 .i have been riding the 2002 honda 400 x and i want some thign with a it more power and a little younger. but is the z 400 fuel injected or is it a carb. system ??
  24. zee4hundred

    Suzuki z400 issues

    sup guys, I just sold my z400 that ive owned new since 04'.. When I sold it, it was running mint and he even had a test drive and loved the power. Anyway he called me up today and says the temp light is on and the quad wont start now.. I know for a fact he's been on two rides with it already and they were fine..... what should I be looking for to help this guy out?? TIA... p.s this quad is clean as hell, all stock and low hours..
  25. Guest

    Suzuki Racing the Z 400 in Baja

    Will we see any 400's racing the Baja 500 in June? I'd sure like to help out with the pitting of a few teams. Too many Honda, Bomb and Raptor teams down there. Would like to see some yellow fly by the pits. Steny