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Found 26 results

  1. ThumperTalk

    G2 Ergonomics Throttle Cam System

    5 reviews

    New Delrin inserts By utilizing different cams for different track conditions, you are now able to better control the power output, putting more speed and control to the ground, not to be lost because of excessive horsepower and wheel spin Cam 100Y is the best choice for tracks with perfect traction from wet sand to loam Cam 200Y is perfect for intermediate conditions. From mixed sand to hard terrain, this is the most versatile cam available Cam 400Y is the best choice for slippery, technical and/or tight woods conditions. From hardpack to rocky, technical terrain to all types of mud
  2. 2 reviews

    Converts thumb throttle to straight pull-type motorcycle throttle Kits are complete with throttle, cable and fittings if needed All kits are packaged with part numbers and applications
  3. thumper_racer

    Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube with Bearing

    3 reviews

    PRODUCT DETAILS Durable aluminum construction. Sealed ball bearing on the outward end and nylon sleeve on the inward end for virtually drag-free operation. Will only fit aluminum handlebars. Will not work with wrap around handguards.
  4. ThumperTalk

    Motion Pro Titan Throttle Tube

    1 review

    Designed for the rigorous demands of motocross Tougher and more resilient than aluminum tubes Will not deform and seize upon a hard impact like aluminum tubes can No more DNFs due to bent or broken throttle tubes Proprietary low-friction material provides smooth operation and eliminates galling No irritating and uncomfortable vibration like aluminum tubes Higher performance than aluminum tubes at a much lower cost Cannot be used with bar end mounted hand guards
  5. ghostcitizen

    Zeta Racing Quick Turn Throttle Tube

    2 reviews

    SPECIFICATIONS Replaces OEM throttle tube. Teflon coated nylon fabric provides smooth acceleration. Open end type available for use with aluminum hand guards and bar ends.
  6. 1 review

    Machined and knurled 6061 billet aluminum Removable end cap allows handguard installation without the hacksaw Lightweight, removable cams are compatible with altered ratio throttle cams Better accuracy and more applications than the competition
  7. 1 review

    Made from durable Zytel nylon Easily installs in minutes on most motorcycles without requiring grip removal Fits most Honda/Kawasaki/Suzuki/Yamaha Fits 1in. Clamp
  8. ThumperTalk

    Motion Pro CR Pro Throttle

    1 review

    Kit includes Motion Pro CR Pro throttle and throttle cable to work with stock carb (includes carb cap if needed) Designed for ultimate throttle performance
  9. ThumperTalk

    G2 Ergonomics Tamer Throttle Tubes

    3 reviews

    Features a tube with 400 cam initially sold to FJR1300 riders to cure the abrupt initial power delivery of the EFI Since then we have had strong demand in Aprilia and KTM, and plan to add more applications this fall
  10. 3 reviews

    Tuberider aluminum throttle tube has a factory race design with relief cuts to secure the grip and provide recesses for better hold. Anodized aluminum 6061.
  11. 1 review

    For worn or broken OEM units on most offroad and dual-sport models Made from a nylon fabric composite material Featuring pop-out end caps for use with bar end type brand guards All sleeves have molded ridges to secure grips All sleeves come in a 1-piece tube and drum design
  12. ThumperTalk

    G2 Ergonomics Aluminum Throttle Tube

    2 reviews

    New Delrin inserts Most technically advanced aluminum replacement throttle tube available 2-piece design allows rider to easily change cam ratio for different riding conditions Machined 6061 billet aluminum construction with knurled surface End cap is removable for handguard or bar end installation
  13. ThumperTalk

    G2 Ergonomics Quick-Turn Throttle Tube

    3 reviews

    New Delrin inserts Throttle tube wth larger than stock pulley causes throttle to open faster Less turn equals less elbow drop and a better riding position 6061 billet aluminum construction with knurled surface Installs into stock housing, no modifications required End cap is removable for handguard or bar end installation
  14. ThumperTalk

    WPS Twist Throttle Conversion Kit

    1 review

    Converts thumb throttle to straight pull-type motorcycle throttle Kits are complete with throttle, cable and fittings if needed All kits are packaged with part numbers and applications
  15. ThumperTalk

    ProTaper Twister Throttle Tube

    3 reviews

    Twisters sealed ball bearing virtually eliminates friction Both tubes feature nylon sleeve bearing on inboard end Both tubes feature precision CNC machined aluminum tube All Twister throttle tubes include a free insert for all Pro Taper bars New crud plug stops grip glue form ruining bearing Used by many top Pros world wide
  16. 1 review

    This Zeta Racing throttle tube [Part # ZE45-5111] was purchased to replace the stock rubber grip on plastic tube of a 2016 DR-Z400SM. Its main features are that it is all aluminum, has minimal metal-on-metal contact with the handlebar, and reduces the twist distance for the throttle in between closed and wide open. It has a plug for those that want a closed end versus those that need an open end for brush guards or bar end mirrors. (You would need to buy appropriate grips or mod existing ones to suit.) Weight of Zeta Aluminum Tube with Spider SLR grip = 2.80 ounces (Stock plastic tube with Stock Grip = 2.20 ounces) New twist range reduced by about 1/4 from closed to WOT. (Zeta = ~60 deg. Stock = ~80 deg) Aluminum tube looks much beefier than stock. Would be much more likely to survive tip over or worse. Has a good knurled surface to bond with glued-on grip. I doubt any slippage will occur over time. Spins very freely on handlebar without binding. Does not add a lot of width over the standard throttle tube A quick turn throttle tube can be easier on the wrist (carpal tunnel) Installed into existing housing without issue and could tighten housing fully without binding cables. What I had problems with during installation were products of my novice mechanical aptitude, really. I slipped the grip on too far without measuring it first. It rubbed slightly against the housing. I did not push the grip on past the mark on the Zeta tube, but it was still too far. I should have measured twice and cut once. I did have to adjust the throttle play to get the throttle to snap back freely. I adjusted it both at the in-cable nut adjuster right by the front brake cylinder on my DRZ, and under the gas tank where the cables meet the carb. Note: I do have handlebar risers on my bike so the cable adjustment at the carb may have been due to changing the overall length needed for a smooth throttle return (snap back). Overall, it was pretty close to a bolt-on mod. I did have to spend time readjusting throttle free play to get a good, crisp throttle snap back. My Spider SLR grips fit nice and snug. Operation out on the street was fantastic. The Quick Turn or semi-Speed Throttle nature of the new throttle tube is great. My DRZ has the 3X3 airbox mod and rejetted carb and it responded superbly to the faster throttle. Not quite night and day, but a definite improvement with zero bogging. I don't view this as a "true" speed throttle as some of those have about a 1/4 total range between closed and WOT like the track guys like, however, the Zeta produces a very perceptible difference that I appreciate. Going from a stop rowing through the gears on the way to 70+ just seems quicker due to the reduced twisting motion at the throttle. As I am only at about 100 miles, I can't attest to the longevity. Keeping the thing clean will be important as even the minimal metal-on-metal contact with the handlebar can eventually get gummed up and bind the throttle action. Remember that the cable barrel heads are secure in the housing, so it is just the aluminum tube around the handlebar to be conscientious about. Running an open grip end without the supplied end cap or other bar end gizmo would probably facilitate crap getting between the throttle and handlebar (not to mention down into your handlebar). I would recommend and purchase again for a similar bike. Take the time to adjust your cables after instillation and you should be quite pleased from your stock setup.
  17. I have this KTM 400 07 and Im getting annoyed of how I can give the bike a small bit of gas for example while holding the clutch the RPMs seem to last long before it goes back to normal neutral rpm. Why is this? I’ve cleaned the throttle house and etc but it still happens. I could use some tips and an explanation.
  18. ThumperTalk

    BBR Motorsports Throttle Assembly

    1 review

    Standard turn throttle with long cable and custom carb top
  19. ThumperTalk

    ProTaper Aluminum Throttle Tube

    2 reviews

    Feature nylon sleeve bearing on inboard end Feature precision CNC machined aluminum tube Inside of Aluminum throttle tube is Teflon coated for smooth operation
  20. Bryan Bosch

    Kaoko Motorcycle Cruise Control

    1 review

    Kaoko Cruise Controls are purpose-built and consist of a friction nut that is integral with a replacement handlebar-end weight. To install, just remove the right hand bar weight, replace it with Kaoko's bar weight, and firmly tighten the central retaining screw. Features Greatly reduces rider fatigue and strain on hand and wrist While cruising, rider is able to remove hand from throttle grip, throttle opening will remain as set Very simple to operate, even with heavy winter gloves High quality, compact and durable design, super smooth action Takes less than 5 minutes to fit Very little maintenance is required Less wear and tear on throttle cables and linkages Can result in reduced fuel consumption
  21. ThumperTalk

    Motion Pro Throttle Tube

    2 reviews

    For worn or broken OEM units on most offroad and dual-sport models Made from a nylon fabric composite material Featuring pop out end caps for use with bar end type brand guards All sleeves have molded ridges to secure grips All sleeves come in a 1 piece tube and drum design
  22. mebgardner

    Go Cruise Throttle Control

    1 review

    Easy to install, no tools required Install or remove in seconds 2 sizes to fit motorcycles with 7/8in. and 1in. handlebars Relieves stress on your wrist on long trips Rests on brake lever to hold throttle open
  23. Not really sure if this is the right spot to post this so my apologies if it is. Anyway I just put a new throttle cable on my yz250 as the old one was fraying, put it on with no trouble reconnected the fuel line turned the gas on and fired it up, as soon as I started the bike it started leaking gas out the overflow on the bottom of the float bowl, I took the float bowl off to see if the floats were stuck, they weren't, I tried adjusting the throttle as much as it would go and it continued to leak. Any ideas what the problem might be?