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Found 25 results

  1. brushcreek

    XR650R Exhaust Heat Sheild

    Could use some help. Can anyone tell me if an XR600R heat shield will fit a factory XR650R head pipe? Just wondering if it would give me another option?
  2. I have a 1987 Honda XR600R with very few miles. One owner and have heard that there may be a conversion kit and or, implanting the motor from a Honda XR600L with electric start into the frame of my 87 XR600R. I'm looking for opinions of value with accuracy.
  3. William Ryan

    XR600R 87 XL600R Stator Cover

    The stator cover for my 87 xl600r is damaged. Any ideas where I could find a replacement or get mine fixed? Thanks.
  4. Looking for one that's not on it's last leg preferably. New they are too expensive for my wallet right now... Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, anybody in here have any idea what camshaft this is? Found it in my 1985 XR600R that looks like it might have been one of the first engines to get the XR's only big bore and big fin kit. It has engravings on the cylinder as well as the cylinder head. The cam is welded up and ground, with the numbers 02-1008 and 11-89 on it. Im guessing 11-89 is a date code, and 02-1008 is a grind number? But who did thr grind and where is there more info? I heard Peter Waggott did a lot with Ballards enhanced XRs back in the day. Did XRs only Also, the Name Flores is engraved on top of the cylinder. And XRs Only #12 628 is engraved on the bottom of the big fin head.
  6. Charles Mrizek

    for sale 85-87 XR600R Fuel joint set #9

    contact me if you're interested.
  7. dirtjumpordie

    XR600R Top Speed and Gearing

    Whose got the fastest top speed from their XR600R? I have a 1985 XR600R with a 628cc big bore and an aftermarket cam. With my, 15/48 sprockets, the speedo said 92mph top speed on knobbies. GPS says 85MPH. I put 16/42 gears on today. Held it WOT for a little bit and GPS says I hit 93mph. Not sure what RPM I got to. Might have had more in it. Speedo said 102mph, but gps was 93mph. I tested cruising speed and I was at about 4500 RPM keeping pace with traffic on a 70mph interstate. I normally dont go on the interstate, just want to run this gearing during the week days for commuting highways at 55mph. Anybody getting a legit 100mph GPS speed? Whats your setup?
  8. hey My name is connor and i have a 1985 honda xr 600r with duel carbs. when i received it it had great compression and no spark. i put a ricky stator in it and spark is great. i went to start it up after i cleaned the carbs thoroughly, but i am afraid to split them apart. it started up and was riding great, but also shooting fuel out of the air box, the next day she just cut off while riding and wouldnt start back up, i took of the carbs and on the low end carb the jet was unscrewed. i screwed it back in and but the carbs back on, and the bike was hard to start but wont idle nor rev up it just bogs then dies, please help!!!!!!
  9. Youngy96

    XR600R 1989 XR600R mods

    Hey everyone, I just got given a 1989 xr600r in a million bits. As I'm putting the bike back together is there any mods you guys would recommend. Its got a big flat slide carby, and a 620 bore kit with the big fin head already. I don't want to pulling the bike apart to do something later. Thanks.
  10. bburns

    XR600R XR600 case issue?

    So I am doing the top end on my 99 XR600R. While right side engine cover was off, preparing to replace the lower cam chain sprocket, I noticed the area above circled in black. It is located directly below the oil pump and inboard of the forward cover stud. Is this a normal part of the casting? The opening that is? The edges of the opening seems quite rough like it may have been blown out somehow. Likewise, I found a small piece of aluminum at the very bottom of the case near the screen. While Im not sure, it could have come from this area. So, is the opening normal? Looking forward to your replies. Thx.
  11. Knowing the stock seat is cushier and not as wide and firm as the Seat Concepts seat, I'm curious to see what real riders find most comfortable. So, do you prefer cushy stock or firm flat aftermarket for day jaunts?
  12. Hey all, new to the site. Looking forward to getting a better understanding of my 95’ XR600R. Its street legal and I plan on using it to commute and also ride all around. Camping etc. its running strong. But seems to have a few common problems I’ve been reading on the forum here. Like the hanging high idle. Possibly the old carb but I did order a new intake boot because it was slathered in rvt. lol Little noisy in the valve cover. Probably cause its running hot and I imagine the tensioner needs replaced. Also have some leaks around the lower cases appears to be vent line on the right side. Good news is I pulled the plug and its burning tan. Doesn’t seem to lean to I think its a idle problem and not an air leak: I plan on pulling the engine this winter. To address these issues and clean the bike and repaint the frame and engine. The xr has acerbis headlight and plastic. The headlight is a bit of a joke. I’m looking to replace it with an led of some sort. Even if I have to retro fit another type of led bar. Any ideas or links to prior post would be awesome if you are follow something similar. Thanks
  13. Have had my old 85 XR600R pulled apart because it was blowing a lot of smoke when it was cold. Turns out the rings are done and there is wear on the cylinder sleeve. I have found a 98mm piston kit with rings and I have someone that is boring out the existing cylinder to match. The problem that I have is the availability of the 85 to 87 head gasket. The internet is awash with 88 to 00 versions though. Can anyone tell me what the difference is? They look the same in all the pictures that I can find, but I do not have an example handy of the later model gasket to put them side by side.
  14. TLDR: Valve lash is increasing considerably during break in, does this mean it's eating my cam/rockers or should I adjust and continue? Hey guys. I need some advice on my 96 XR600R break in that is maybe not going so well. I guess I'll start with a quick history of the bike... I swapped it over to a Kansas titled XR650L frame and registered just in time to leave for a week long trip to Colorado with some buddies. We went down by Telluride/Ouray and rode a bunch of jeep trails. It was blast and the XR ran great. However it burned oil like CRAZY! I probably put 6 quarts of oil in it over that week, and my buddies said they could see it smoking like my 2 stroke. I almost made it home too, about an hour away she gave up, would not run and made clunking sounds when I tried to kick it over - was not locked up though. A buddy came and saved me. Upon tearing down the motor, I found that the top end all appeared to be fine. I was surprised to find that what I thought was a stock motor had a 100mm JE 10.5:1 piston... Evidently it had been detonating on the highway while I had my music plugged in and could not hear it. Damn. I sent the crank off to Ken O'Connor racing and ordered a Wossner 100mm 9.3:1 piston. I am planning to take this bike to baja and need it to run on whatever kind of gas I can get, so I figured I'd go for the lower compression piston. After rebuilding it I put it, I mounted it in the frame and got ready to break it in. Here's the details on my bike setup and break in: Maxima 15W-50 Break-In Oil - High Zinc. Website says it is safe for wet clutches and motorcycle transmissions... Jetting: 155 main, 68 pilot, 2.5 turns out on fuel screw. Stock CDI; UNI air filter; Stock header with inlet welds ground & FMF powercore muffler Put 1 liter oil in frame, 1 liter oil in through one of the valve inspection covers. Waited several minutes for the oil to all drain to the bottom end. Cycled kick starter over until I saw oil coming out of the external line at the head. Bolted it up. Motor had sat for ~3 weeks between assembly and start up. Didn't add oil until day of start up. Upon starting it up initially, it was making a loud tapping sound. What the hell? It ran maybe 15 seconds like this; I shut it down and found the valves were set loose. Could have SWORE I set the valve lash properly with the motor on the bench. Oh well; reset lash and tried again. Sounded much better after this, I ran it for maybe 5 minutes varying throttle from idle up to 1/4 throttle or so. I let the bike cool down for a couple hours and then did a similar exercise. Rode it up and down the street a few times, seemed to be either running lean or missing? Didn't really seem right. Didn't want to start after this and the lever kicked back real hard on my leg several times. Brought it back in the shop; found that the valves were pretty loose again. Intake went from .10mm to like .18 or something like that (.003" to .007"). Lash should not increase during break in, right? Does this mean I am eating through my cam or rockers? Cam, rockers, valves, springs, etc. are all the same parts as before rebuild. I did lap valves. Is this a normal thing that I should not be concerned about? I have done full rebuilds and top ends on other bikes and never experienced this. I am planning to remove the valve cover and investigate later tonight. I will post updates later if nobody advises me otherwise before I tear it down in a couple hours. Thank you for reading and for advice. Any knowledge/time is greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long post.
  15. Charles Mrizek

    Replacement fuel joint 87 XR600R

    This replaces the tube that connects the two carbs on a 1987 Honda XR600R (it may fit other years). Made in the USA. Constructed of TPU (solvent safe plastic.) Its durable stiff abrasion resistant yet flexible enough you never have to worry about breaking it when you're taking apart your carbs. Fits the o-ring perfectly and slips into the carb nice and tight. Matches the rear shock coil. If you would like to buy one contact me via e-mail. They cost $20 Shipping is free (anywhere in the USA). $10 off for active duty or retired military. Cjmrizek@gmail.com Make your subject: XR600r
  16. Hello guys, Summer of 2018 I bought a 1987 XR600, after few kilometers the engine died. The cause was a stuck check-valve in the oilpump. So I decided to do a full engine rebuild. I have 90% of the left engine case ready. Crankshaft had a rebuild, new bearings. But when I had everything in, I was doubting about the hole where the clutchpushrod comes through. Mine was missing the “Guide lifter rod” Honda OEM: 15171-KN8-000 Looking on ebay 80% of the left engine cases where without the plate, but I wanted to do it correctly like the exploded view of CSMNL showed me in the “transmission “ section. So…….. : - Pulled the (new) bearinghousing out. - Placed the “guide lifter rod in it” - Placed another New ( ☹ ) bearinghousing in it. Then I started to have doubt about this part I put in, it was blocking the oilflow to the oiljet. So this couldn’t be right. I tried to look in the manuals or online but after 30+ years of XR nobody is talking about this part. The manuals also don’t explain or refer to this part. Looking at the oilflow diagram i'm worried the oiljet will not function. Oilflow diagram, engine oil will sort of exit the left crankcase and will return through the pushrod hole. Part what i paid for but now regret, it's the #1 . This forum is full of experts, so please let your knowledge be shared! Shall i get the part out, and go back to how it was?? Does anyone know more info about this part? Thanks, CJ Netherlands
  17. Tim Spaulding

    XR600R Identifying a part 96 xr600r

    I've had three of these bikes and I don't know what this is coming out of the stator that round aluminum cylinder I don't know if it's a filter or what it is if somebody knows what it is let me know please
  18. highmarker

    XR600R 17" rear....gummy ?

    anyone make a soft 17 ?
  19. Tim Spaulding

    XR600R Identifying parts

    Hi guys im new on here but not new to the bikes I've had three of these things grate bikes this one runs grate but I've never seen a set up off the side case like that before does anyone know what that round cylinder thing is or does it looks like it opens if so is there a filter inside I don't know I'm just confused I've never seen one
  20. Hi, first off all let me congratulate you all for this fantastic forum! I´v bought a 91 XR 600 R with the cams and rocker arms "toasted", put new ones, cams bearing, timming chain, new piston and rings, done a valve job and put new clutch discs.... Motor is runing smooth, starts at first, but im wondering what can cause the damages in the top end before!?!?! If i take the spark plug off and rotate the motor with the top banjo bolt unscrewed, i have plenty of oil coming out of the top of the feeding tube, but if i start the motor, i guet less oil coming out of there, only can see some drops of oil been sprayed..... Is it normal, to see less oil coming out with the motor running? Or should i see the same flow i see when i rotate it by hand with the spark plug off? Is it possible that i see less oil with the motor running because of the "suction" generated in the top end, and a part of the oil get sucked in side de valve cover and only a small amount sprayed out side? I apriciate some help with this, i dont want to "toast" a brand knew top end... Sorry about my english, i live in Portgal
  21. I'm not going to pay $50 (w/shipping) for their little piece of aluminum. Surely someone has a lead on something other than the stock OEM metal one or making a hokey one in their garage.
  22. So I picked up this classic thinking it would be as easy as the other thumpers I had to clean and get running. The kid I bought it from spray painted it orange and put an fmf pipe on thinking it looked better. So I’ve spent the first few days removing the paint and restoring the plastics, trying to track down oem parts. I’ve since moved on to cleaning the carbs, new spark plug, fluids. The normal crap. But when it fired it doesn’t seem to want to idle, I’ll play with the set screw later but what has me worried is the back fire and the other sounds I’m hearing. Plus the headers are super hot after running for a few minutes. I’m in az, no altitude here. Jets 115/120. It’s been a few years since I’ve gotten into a XR, advice will be appreciated.
  23. Adamxl6r87

    XR600R Ignition timing

    Wondering if anyone has a stock ignition timing map for the xr600r.
  24. Connor Berg_9

    XR600R Timing HELP!! 1985 xr600r

    i just took the head and cylinder off of my honda xr600 and i am all done with what i needed to do. i am following the manuels on how to put the cam, cam gear and chain on but i dont think that i have done it correctly, can some one please tell me how to properly set the cam timing please and thanks. i am willing to send pictures 2