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Found 238 results

  1. I have a 1987 Honda XR600R with very few miles. One owner and have heard that there may be a conversion kit and or, implanting the motor from a Honda XR600L with electric start into the frame of my 87 XR600R. I'm looking for opinions of value with accuracy.
  2. This is a long shot. I have a 1985 XR600 that has been in my family since new. I'm slowly getting it back to its former glory. Sadly, 34 years have caused the rubber button cover on one button on the trip computer/ speedometer to fail. Is there anyone who has an old broken one of these lying around that they'd be prepared to sell me the rubber from? See the attached picture for reference. I'm based in New Zealand but have mailing address in South Africa, the USA and UK PM me if you can help, thanks Thanks
  3. Okay guys. So I just replaced top and bottom end on my 87 600. Now I was timing it and the Mark's ended up like this. And was just wondering if it's okay or if I should redo it.
  4. I'm not a fan of the heavy, noise aluminum skidplates for everyday adventure riding. I'm toying with trying to fit a plastic plate from another model bike and curious if anyone has already done it. Should be some easy drilling and tapping at best.
  5. Anyone recognise these headers at all? Cheers David...
  6. Hello all, new to the forum here I just have a problem that really stumped me so I decided to pick your brains. I have a 1986 XL600R that I bought for fairly cheap. The previous owner said it ran great and he was able to start it on the second kick when I went to check it out. I know starting this beasts can be tricky with the decompression lever and all but I dont think iv gotten the technique down so iv been having trouble starting it. I usually resort to bump starting it but recently I took her out and she ended up stalling on me. I try and bump start her and the engine starts up but as soon as I give it throttle or pull in the clutch the bike shuts off and the rear wheel locks up....any ideas what's wrong? The fuel is good, has a spark. I just rode it over 70 miles and she ran fine so I'm really confused. Any help would be appreciated thanks!
  7. Took apart top end of my 85 600 today because it's been blowing out smoke. Was wanting to know if it's the rings or the valve seals or something else. Should I replace them all regardless since I have it apart? Would I be better off with completely replacing the entire piston? I've read 3rd gear can turn to crap, but mine seems to look fine, experienced eyes might see something else though. Also what's a good brand for all the seals and gaskets and rings? I don't ride the bike hard so don't need anything performance. Thanks
  8. Changing the rear wheel bearings on my 600. The retainer was pain to remove and came out mangled. I've since learned how they punch the corners of the threads to lock it in. I tried to repair the threads with a file and it still ended up crossthreading. I forced it on but only made it a couple mm and now the new retainer is falling apart. Why would honda peen the threads and ruin the ability to replace the retainer? Pretty frustrating as I'm trying to go on a long trip next week. I think my only option besides a new hub is to order a new retainer and get it on without crossthreading somehow. Any advice appreciated...
  9. How many of you with older bikes (1993 for me) commute daily on them? If not daily, how many days a week do you ride? Being so old I don’t want to kill my bike by riding too much. I stay off the freeway totally as to not stress the engine under load. My commute is 24 miles round trip. A little longer taking the backroads.
  10. Hi guys, if anybodys familiar with rebuilding the rear shock on an XR600 I’d be happy for some hints.. I was a bit quick when ordering the rear Seal head kit for my ‘90, so when it shoved up, I realized I ordered for a 91-00-model?Are these rear shocks that different? I’ve been searching the net for a rebuild kit for my ‘90, but can’t to find any - does anyone have any pointers on where to find this? Thanks in advance?
  11. So went out to move my bike after not having rode it for a few days. Noticed what looks like some leakage under the fuel tank by the cooling fins. There’s nothing on the ground under the bike. I started it up and it started on first kick like always.
  12. Hey guys, First post on TT. just picked up a great 1998 xr600r. The original headlight was blown so I read a couple forums and people said you could get a cyclops bulb that was plug and play. I got one and it was way bigger than the original bulb I had, did some more research and thought that I had the wrong headlight assembly. So, I ordered a new assembly hoping that would work. It just arrived and it’s also too small and does not fit the h4 base, and doesn’t even match the original one I have. Does anyone know if the OEM headlight assembly for the xr600r fits an H4 bulb? Any info on the subject would be great. Cheers, Blake
  13. Howdy Folks. I know this has been discussed before, but I just picked up a VERY clean 1996 XR600R needs a little help in the lighting department. YES, I ditched those spoke covers right after I got it home, so no razzing me about those! Bike has the stock stator and stock light. I thought about simply buying the glass lens which was used on some other XR's, and the bulb holder that takes a 55 watt bayonet holder, and a PIAA 55 watt bulb to my unit. If I change out what I call the bulb holder for the one used on some XR's with the 55 watt bayonet holder, it appears it will plug right into the wiring harness. Is this correct? I am assuming my stator will provide enough watts for the 55 watt bulb? Also, I am hoping it will not fry the wiring? I think many have done this before, and I know my XR250 was lighter in the output from the factory stator so I just went to a glass lens and back with the 35 watt bulb. Also, was just curious as to why Honda went from 55 back to 35w? I am guessing it was related to cost, and the plastic housing which was fine for 35 watts. Everyone says the 55 watt bulb would melt it, hence the need for a glass lens which had to be more expensive. I want to leave it as stock as possible, and thought this might be the best route. Thanks to all in advance for the help. Ride Safe!
  14. What are the best used Dual Sport models to convert into a scrambler style? Looking for 400-650cc, decent Highway Speed (cruise around 65-70 mph), Low Maintance, good MPG, can handle long distance rides (150 mile day ride), Very Good on fire roads, decent single track, can handle occasional sand and rocks no problem, lighter weight, Currently deciding between: drz400 and 650, KLR650, XR400R 600R and 650R,
  15. I bought a new wiring harness for my 95 XR600. The previous owner tried to install a rear brake light but ended up turning the wiring harness into a mess of spaghetti noodles. I currently have 3 wires coming from the stator, 2 wires coming from the A.C. regulator, and 5 wires coming from the wiring harness. I do not know which wires attach to what. Does anyone have a wiring diagram? Some of them are color-coded but some are not and are missing male/female connectors.
  16. My situation is as follows: Over the past two years I have learned to love the wilderness in the southern Russian part of the Caucasus around Mt. Elbrus and especially zip cross country with my XR 600 (1989, all stock but a Mikuni TM 40 carb, various wheels, beginning with the Pirelli Scorpions front and rear and then most used: Australian tractionators). I drive from central Europe with a small truck, wife and bike; could easily take a spare bike with me, but the Russians won't let me enter the country with more than one vehicle (so I register the car, my wife the XR). I can take some spares along, but should be careful not to overdo - otherwise the same trouble at the frontier might end the trip right there. Up to last year I took it very easy, having a tested bike I just took chains and other consumables along and was always ok, probably underestimating the risk of being on my own for many hours, at times 50 miles away from the next human being or cell signal. If you have spare time and want to fast forward through some footage that I recently posted: or Then this year in another environment, the Sahara, I was ill prepared, burned a stator (still had the original crap), used an unsuitable KN filter which regularly filled carb and engine with sand and learned many lessons the hard way in many occasions. Now I ask for you input on what tools and spares your experience would tell you to take along. Having a new stator I feel the problem's solved, but am sometimes tempted to take a new one along just in case; I have a front fork, entire front brake system, levers for clutch and brake, am wondering whether I should also bring a spare clutch with me ... or maybe even an entire spare engine to use for spares or as a replacement. I am not so much scared to get stuck on a specific trip, but to not have the resources to fix anything that might put an end to the two weeks I plan to enjoy in an area that is some 200 x 200 miles with no civilization whatsoever. Locals enjoy the freedom of just buying a new Husky and fuel it just off the shop with no tags no insurance just go for crazy rides all over the place, you will not see anything like a cop of even traffic signs for days. But being on my own I have to be careful and aware that the only helping hands will be attached to my arms and the only tools and spares will (hopefully) be in the truck where I always spend the nights. I look forward to your input, will be leaving in a week and have 3 working XRs (beside the one I will be taking with) in the garage plus trunks full of spares so I sure can take along all I might need but, as said, need to be selective.
  17. I have an XR650L with an XR600R LCD speedo fitted. My bike was imported from Japan to the UK and the speedo is in KPH instead of MPH. I believe the same speedo was fitted to the XR350R so I am posting this question in their forum too. I was wondering if there is a programming function for this speedo so that it can be changed kph to mph ? It seems strange that the writing on the clock is in English but the reading is in KPH as both the UK and America use miles. I could also use an instruction manual. I have seen people on other threads that have the manual but it is not available widely. Attached is a photo of a similar speedo to mine. Is there anyone out there that repairs or knows all about these speedos ?
  18. Ok, looks like I can't figure this one out. It will start right up but pop through the carbs. Kills the bike at idle. I can rev the engine but it still pops. Have not drivin the bike yet. Here's some of the work... Top end overhaul. Bored up to .076mm piston. Valve redone at machine shop. Stock airbox. Carbs have been cleaned and cleaned with compressed air. All ports and passages are clear. I installed a crf450 Vance and Hines slip-on shorted 7 inches. Still has stock jets at 122. Ricky Stator installed. Not running any lights. Double and triple checked valve clearances...004 intake and .005 exhaust. Timing is on point. I hope I gave enough info. I'm not sure how it ran before I purchased the basket case. Had head bolts were stripped so I decided to give the pig a makeover. Thanks in advance!
  19. So, I recently found this forum (thank goodness). I moved here to Santa Cruz in june of last year and noticed lots of dual sport and dirt bikes being ridden around here. Before moving here I owned a 99 Yamaha FZR600 and rode it. I found a 1988 XR600 here in the area being sold. Seller and I have been talking and I need to meet up with him this weekend for a test ride. He is willing to work with me on the price because he wants it gone from his storage. He rode it over to my house yesterday to let me see it since he was going to the store. Is it too old to even buy? I know parts are scarce for a bike that old. I know i can get on ebay or amazon for stuff. He also said there are a few shops in Santa Cruz and wrench on older bikes.
  20. Hi all, I am new to this forum and didn't find a page for XR500's so I figured this page will be the closest thing. Let me know if there is a different forum to which I should be posting. I recently acquired a 1984 XR500R for $200. The bike wasn't running and definitely wasn't in the best of shape. Covered in grime, no compression, etc... Anyways I am completely overhauling the bike. New paint, new parts, engine rebuild, everything. However, I have never attempted a complete engine rebuild. I figure an older bike like this would be a good start to learning my way around engines and a fun side project for me. I just wanted to get people's opinions. Should I attempt the entire rebuild myself? What all would that require? Or if I want the bike to actually run again, am I better off just having a shop rebuild it?? The guy I bought the bike from obviously neglected it after it lost compression. He claims he was riding it on the highway and the compression blew out as he was riding. Told me it only needs a gasket job and it will run strong again. Any hints or tips would be really appreciated! I love this community and really want to be apart of it! (And yes the bike is in terrible shape in the picture I posted, I will post updated pictures of what I have accomplished so far soon)
  21. Are there brackets or other options to mount rear turn signals on a 93 XR600? I don't want to drill another hole to fit signals on my rear fender. Here is what it looks like as of now. One of the po's looks to have drilled into the frame but that makes the lights sit further back and I think the rack will block it. Those flush mounts are just there for show. He snipped the wires on them. I was told flush mounts are illegal so I bought some stalk turn signals.
  22. hi guys, can i put xr650L cylinder head on my 93 xr600r?
  23. Hey guys, I need your help. Does anyone happen to have a pic of the wiring diagram of the Tusk enduro kit for the XR600. Im trying to un-butcher a wiring set-up by pre-owner to remove all but tail and headlight. I know I can call them but its the weekend and I was hoping someone would have one.
  24. I've had my xr600r running for about a good month now, been taking it to local parks and pushing it a little harder. I do know these bikes have a decomp thingy on the cam as an anti kickback thing, i also know that you don't need the manual decomp but i got one anyways since i had more uses for it than starting the bike. However my bike makes this really bad sound at and a little above idle, it sounds an awful lot like a locomotive moving down a train track, i know its not my valve seat or valve adjustments, checked chose. Whenever i hear this really loud sound i see that little thing that the decomp cable goes to twitch.Some people say this is normal but even if it is, its still not a great sound and i would like to get rid of possibly. I have been wondering if switching to a different cam other than stock would eliminate the sound. I know, I know i lose the auto decompression but i barely use it anyway, and i have been looking to beef up my motor a little bit after my buddies CRF250R gave me a run for money. Would using a different cam eliminate this noise or am i chasing a ghost? Thanks in advance (Noise got worst with more use)
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