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Found 20 results

  1. Hello all, There's been a lot of talk about how to register a dirt bike in states that don't allow it. I just moved to North Carolina and for the first time in my life might be able to afford a bike. I've been dreaming about an XR650R for a long time, but they're not cheap. Plated bikes seem to be more expensive too. So here's my question, has anyone tried to plate a dirt bike by adding all the necessary features and having it inspected as a custom bike? Anyone know of another way I can plate an xr650 in NC? Thanks
  2. Hi guys I need some help please. I have a Honda XR650R , since yesterday fuel keeps flowing out of carb drain tube when the gas switch is open or on reserve can the needle jet or choke get stuck somehow and how do i rectify something like that? Kind regards Stefan Hoffmann
  3. Hey guys, I'm at a little crossroads on my build, looking to make my 650R more dual sport/adventure ready. Here is the history: Bike is already plated and headlight(including brights), taillight, brake light and speedo are already wired to the stock AC output and I would like to keep them that way as its working fine, don't mess with it. I added stator winding to the stator and have it going through a reg/rec for DC power as a separate circuit than the stock AC already running everything. Here are the few questions i have before moving forward: Do I have to add a battery to my DC circuit if I don't care for power when the bike is not running? (or can I just split the pos and neg to power specific items like GPS shown in photo, phone charger, ect.) If I add turn signals, can I get a new dual sport switch that includes turn signal controls, but still split the power of AC to headlight and twilight, with DC only powering turn signals and horn? I wanted to keep the stock AC power as is to free up as much of the DC circuit as I will likely add some type of supplementary LEDs at some point. Any info on the questions I have or if you have alternate suggestions that would be better I would like to hear it!
  4. kwekuPaul

    XR650R Front Rotor for XR650R

    Anybody used a braking front rotor for offroad (not the supermotard version) Does the W Flo rotor fit ?
  5. What are opinions on the XROnly pipe. Does anyone know of a T4 system available
  6. Robert Wistedt

    XR650R at my roller rink

    From the album: Robert Wistedt

    Supermoto XR650R for the Street - FMF full exhaust, Race Tech gold valve Suspension, Scott's Damper, Fat bar and Acerbic hand guards, enlarged front Rotor
  7. Just picked up a XR650R -04 and it has a brake lever from different model. Anyone who are able to identify it? I need to order a new lever to replace the broken one but I'm unsure what to order. It looks like Honda OEM but its different from the master cylinder for XR650R. This one has a slot for a mirror. Apologies for the poor quality of the photos.
  8. I've been rebuilding/restoring an XR650R for some years now (after toasting the motor in 2013). Sent the motor off to be rebuilt, had a local shop rebuild my forks and shock, and took care of most everything else myself. As of a couple months ago I had almost everything assembled and ready to run. As a final check before adding fluids to the bike, I decided to stick my boroscope into cylinder and take a look. The results were concerning. These boroscope pics looked so gnarly that I pulled the head off the motor to get a more thorough look. To say that I'm concerned is an understatement. I have pics of the motor internals pre-rebuild, and can confirm that this is definitely a new piston and replated cylinder. I also have all the old parts from the motor, so it does have a new cam, connecting rod, valves, and basically everything else I expected to have replaced. The builder "ran the motor briefly to confirm everything ran alright" and then shipped it back to me. I reached out to him with these pics and he said, The piston looks like this because he had it machined from 12:1 to 11:1 compression. The streaks on the cylinder wall are normal for one that isn't broken in yet. Regarding the valve impacts in the piston head: "My concern is that something may have passed through the cylinder. How does it run?" I've never run this motor. I can feel these streaks in the cylinder wall with my fingernail. Did he re-use a piston from some other motor? Is this dude jerking my chain or is this motor fine to run? He's a fairly well-known builder in the XR community and was recommended to me by guys in the (now-gone) XR650R forum.
  9. kwekuPaul

    Modify CRX Axle Blocks for an XR650R

    Hi, Any of you CRX riders can measure the size of the axle blocks , the type that stay in place when you remove the rear axle. my XR650R are 35.5mm square. am trying to adapt some modern axle sliders, will require some machine work am sure. the axle is 20mm dia.. what is the CRX rear axle dia. thanks for any help or suggestions
  10. hey guys- i really need some help...any fitment issues on a XR650R w crf fork conversion fit a 120/70/19 on a 19”x3.5” front wheel?? im in the process of sourcing parts out and i still havent found out for sure despite a lot of searching online. ive contacted woody’s wheels and was hoping they could provide some feedback but i havent heard back yet woody’s wheels says they can supply the hubs if needed, but im not sure if they make them in-house or source them to talon or RAD?? im assuming the stock 650R hubs are high quality? ive never heard people saying they are a weak spot, but any info is much appreciated! *im gonna start my first build thread when i get things together! i appreciate any info and advice! thanks
  11. Charles Anderson

    XR650R XR650R + kehin fcr float height

    Trying to set my float properly here. Since the carb sits at a strange angle (with modded tank) what do you all set float at? sudco calls for a 8-10mm height. I’ve set it at 7,8,9 and I still overflow if tap is left on. Attempting to get a best guess here.
  12. hey guys, i have a couple questions regarding wheels and tires for my XRR project. im going to be putting a 19” wheel on the front and 18” on the back. this is a funky retro build w slightly lowered suspension. questions: 1) whats the optimal size wheel/tire size for the front and back?? im going to be using a 50/50 tire, likely pirelli scorpion str or similar. who makes ready to go spoked tubeless wheels that will fit the brp?? 2) from what ive gathered it should be fine to use an 18” in the back. i was originally thinking it should be a 17” due to F/R ratio but i dont think thats so true now 3) i will be using spoked wheels and wanted to use tubeless wheels but if they are tubed it might not be a big deal. also, bias ply vs radials?? the scorpions str’s come in both i already have a dedicated off road bike and a streetbike. this is a fun do it all playbike ive kinda always wanted to make * thanks for any input, thoughts, opinions!!
  13. Hi, is there a collar that fits in the seat bolt hole on the right hand side panel . There is non in mine and it doesnt look right, am sure should be a collar in there. If anyone has a picture ? Nothing shown as a part from partzilla or Fowlers , it may come with the side panel (which i already have) Ignore post. Realized there is bolt with collar to fit the right side panel
  14. Hi all! I was taking apart and cleaning my xr650r kehin carb (for the first time), when I noticed that a part of the carb was coming loose. I've attached photos, as I'm not sure what to call it (intake manifold? Intake port?) My question would be.... what do I call this seal, and where can I find more of it so I can put these two parts back together? Thanks! Garrett
  15. Hi, Does the fuel tap restrict flow at all? I've recently got my XR650R running again. The fuel tap was seized so replaced the rubbers, also replace the pipe and rejetted. The carb was overflowing when the fuel tap was turned on bike stopped. Start the bike and when moving it's OK but stop and the carb overflows. Local shop thought it was wear on a non replaceable brass insert so ordered a new carb and fitted, turned the fuel tap on same problem. I'm wondering if the fuel tap restricts flow and currently isn't and the carb is getting too much fuel which would explain why both carbs leak. Any thoughts or advice appreciated. R
  16. skycruiser100

    XR650R BRP Decal?

    Does this red pig look like he’s got the honda wing?
  17. Do you guys have any links to an Edelbrock 3115 carburetor rebuild kit? Please PM me if you do or post here, thanks
  18. Has anybody made some adjuster blocks for the XR650R similar to these instead of the ´old fashioned´ OEM ones
  19. Got new laws starting here about noise. My xr has a xrs only supertrapp disk type exhaust on it. I have a gutted stock exhaust buddy gave me, but no stock tip. Like the way bike performs just fine, air box, jetted 68s 171 runs great street or dirt, probably, probably my favorite bike ever. Any ideas , cheap ideas to get noise down but not sacrifice too much performance? Stock pipe label will b a big help out here. I've seen down turn tips, my sticker someone cored out about 2 inches but never put in back pipe, down turn. Trying to get under 95 db at speed or less. Laws here say 86 db but may have some wiggle room. Thanks Chuckster
  20. Sumoman

    XR650R expert BRP advice

    hey guys, i really appreciate any info you can share- this is my 1st bike build and i really to minimize mistakes that cost me time, money, frustration...i got BRP fever haha 1) for sprockets: i think im going w Ironman/Dirt Tricks 15/47T sprockets and hoping i can swap on a 13 or 14T cs. can this work w 1 chain length?? 2) ivs decided to go w a stage 2 cam build- i have a full T4 system and a TM40 will be added as well. im going to open the airbox. dont know much about engine building (except i read a shit load) so i know i need to ‘fly cut’ the piston. i plan on getting basically an HRC kit (or equivilent) replacing cam chain clutch springs etc. im going to spring for a falicon rod to keep the bottom end stout. do you think a higher compression piston is worth it or even beneficial?? ive been reading the stock 10:1 is already good. basically looking for a rock solid reliable midrange beast that can still single track w/o issues 3) is a radiator fan worth adding? i have TT’s sweet fan kit on my 450X. i guess i need a battery for that or would a stator upgrade do the trick?...was hoping to keep everything pretty simple..but im open for suggestions thanks again for all the help- when i get things gathered im gonna start a build thread. long live the king!!