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Found 413 results

  1. Hello, I am looking for people to go on off road rides with. So far been to Azusa Cyn OHV and Gorman. Would prefer a little less sand a bit more green and not too far, like a day trip. What are our options?
  2. I have watched Washington State change over the years and being at a place in my life where all I want to do is ride trails, I am considering leaving Washington State. Where would you move to if you were set up in life and all you had to do was to enjoy the next 30 years riding trails? Your help is greatly appreciated. I have 3 places in mind, what say you guys? Where would you go? My ideal riding is technical single track. For instance I love little Naches, Tahuya obviously and Shelton areas. Thanks everyone who chimes in, much appreciated. PS. Pics are a huge bonus.
  3. Newly single, and am finding that everyone to hang out with is either married with kids - no free time, - or not interested in the same stuff. I really would like to get out for some throttle therapy with people who are single track types and can have a beer or two. Maybe even single! Ha. I work in Susanville CA, but live in Cedar City, UT. I'm gone a lot of the time, but if someone's already riding and I can tag along that's ideal. Arizona, NM, Utah, Nevada, and NorCal are all places I'm willing to travel. I'm self sufficient so I don't need a babysitter, just some bros/broettes to ride with. My skill level would probably rate as intermediate, though its been over a year since I got some good roost time in. I've never ridden tracks really, but I'd be interested in trying.
  4. This is from Chris Horgan who heads up Stewards of the Sequoia. He has been attempting to reopen Nightmare Gulch in the Red Rock Canyon State Park area. It has been arbitrarily closed for five years. Please take a minute to send your concerns/requests to Senator Jean Fuller, via an email to Chris @ chris@stewardsofthesequoia.org Thanks, Bob Campbell Dear Robert, Please take a minute to help reopen the Nightmare Gulch 4x4 route. Hundreds of complaints need to be made. For more than a year Stewards of the Sequoia have been trying to find out why Nightmare Gulch 4x4 route in Red Rocks State Park remains closed under a temporary order that so far has lasted five years, apparently due to small mudslide. State Parks has been extremely uncooperative. Parks Director Russ Dingman claimed no information about the closure could be released to the public. This forced Stewards to submit a public information request. The documents we received show there is no justification for the continued long term 5 year closure. Stewards submitted a number of letters of concern on behalf of our members. State Parks continues to stonewall Stewards, as well as a number of other groups. Bakersfield Trailblazers continue to offer their assistance to fix any problems, but have been repeatedly turned away by State Parks. We reached out to Senator Jean Fuller who wants to help. She needs to receive hundreds of complaints to justify stepping in to help. Take Action NOW To Reopen Nightmare Gulch 4x4 Route Robert please let Senator Fuller know that five years of unjustified temporary closure is too much. Her help is needed to reopen the Nightmare Gulch 4x4 route....... Please email her by clicking Contact the Senator at https://fuller.cssrc.us/ Please call Senator Fuller office (661) 323-0443 and ask for Pam Rose or leave a message asking her to help the long overdue reopening of Nightmare Gulch 4x4 route You can read more about this including Stewards comment letters and State Parks reluctant and unhelpful replies HERE Together we can keep our trails open [www.stewardsofthesequoia.org]Stewards of the SequoiaChris Horgan Executive Director Stewards of the Sequoia Division of CTUC 501c3 FULLER.CSSRC.US Jean Fuller 16th Senate District FULLER.CSSRC.US Jean Fuller 16th Senate District
  5. California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. Better sleeping video and music than anything Frankienstien has done to date. ?
  6. Been gone from riding for a while and just moved to Bishop and looking to get on the trail. Used to do a LOT of riding but some issues kept me out of the saddle almost 8 years now....feeling rusty. Plated and non- plated bikes. Looking for like minded riders. Thanks!
  7. Anyone connected or knows anyone that might need to off a container or two ? Pref 40-45 footers... maybe multiple 20s if the price is right. Clean... Good condition... Prefer local to high desert if possible. Thanks... Jeff 760.8l3.l52l
  8. One really should if you can, we need our input heard. I will be there looking for my buddy Scott to buy him a beer.
  9. Completely of topic here, but worth a shot, looking for a good place to purchase a couple of new deep cycle batteries. These have really gone up in price recently, so reaching out for a connection in the forum might work. In the LA area, but get down to OC all the time, any contact help would be great, thanks all.
  10. Hi Trying to buy an older yz125 w a green sticker. I came across a 2004 that is green sticker. Per the owner "CA used to do a lottery thing on a certain year and bike and it was the 04 125 that got the green sticker". I am gonna confirm the VIN, but was wondering if it's in fact true that CA issued green stickers with a lottery system for 2003 and newer bikes? I tried searching and couldn't find anything. Thank you all for you advice.
  11. Footage courtesy of the RAZR & his trusty drone
  12. I'm headed down from Northern California in late April/May with my wife and our two dogs. We're just trying to have a relaxing vacation with our dogs and go around and eat at some good places / beaches etc. We were thinking LA but even as far as San Diego sounds good. Wife gave me the a-ok to bring my bike so I can sneak out out a bit to ride. Any suggestions on where to stay?
  13. I have a set of continental twindoodoo tires for free pickup in santa Clarita. Ridden under 50 miles in the dirt and removed. Removed off a new FE450. Been sitting in my garage for a bit over a month. Going in the trash monday. Zip 91387 90/90-21 120/90-18 Yes I know there is a classified section and i did post there but let's be honest, nobody looks at anything in the TT classifieds.. ...lol
  14. My son's 15-16 WR250F is needing a new clutch/basket. I'm not interested in an auto clutch so my question Is do any of you have experience with the Hinson billetproof or the Rekluse core manual torq. Drive. There is a $200 difference favoring the Rekluse and of course both sites say their product is the best. Any pointers here would be appreciated.
  15. It was a large task to recover my 4 Craftsman toolbox's after the fire. I took 5 firemen and myself to load 1 bottom box. I can not say enough kind words about the manager of Santa Rosa Sear's. They replaced every hand tool out of the store's profit not corporate. I live in a great community, thank you again Sears! Guaranteed for life.
  16. Few is back! I Just got a fresh 16 to start off the new toys lost in the fire.
  17. While doing some browsing/research about various models, I noticed that there are no longer any green sticker 450's for the 2018 model year of all the manufacturers (at least according to https://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/onroad/cert/ofhrv/ofmcatv_comply/2018/2018.php) While I'm sure KTM/Husqvarna will come out with their 450 EXC's that are green stickered in the US, I still question the lack of green sticker 450's from the Japanese manufacturers. Was there some sort of regulatory change or did the manufacturers just decide to pull the 2018 green stickers for some secret reason we don't know about? One of the biggest selling points of the WR450F in CA was the fact that it's green sticker, and now that they're no longer green sticker there really is no incentive to pick one up anymore. Does this have something to do with the sunset of the red sticker program? Is this actually going to happen? https://www.arb.ca.gov/board/books/2017/062217/17-6-3pres.pdf
  18. Please sign up for our free kids ATV and Dirt bike classes. We do family classes as well! Contact us for more information! OHVs are as safe as the person riding them. Practice safe and responsible riding this weekend! #InventYourAdventure https://www.parks.ca.gov/NewsRelease/810 Both of my sons have taken this class and I cannot say enough great things about it and the instructors. They really give the kids the tools and techniques to be successful and confident.
  19. I'm new to riding and just bought a nice 2012 KX450. I seem to like trail riding more than tracks and was wondering if any other 450 riders know of good trails that are not tight, single tracks. I live in Placer County, so Auburn, Foresthill, Oroville, Folsom, etc....will be my go to areas. I went to Georgetown OHV about a month ago and got on trail #9 and it was a disaster. Rocky and very technical. Not good for the 450 and I just left. I kind of wish that I had done more research and bought an enduro or 250, but hate to scrap it and sell the 450 after only having it for 2 months. I'm a bigger guy at 6'1 and 230 lbs, so size isn't the issue. Any help with this would be much appreciated. Thanks, Greg
  20. Oldedude and I had a classic great ride today up at Strawberry Tract and the In-n-Out Trail.
  21. https://signalscv.com/2018/09/wayward-dirt-bikers-airlifted-from-bottom-of-gully/ I heard somebody saying it was the the Snake and the Bombardier
  22. I'm looking into bar mounting an old smartphone, using it's GPS only, and downloading/popping in a SD and using maps offline. I like the idea of the interface, but can't find ACCURATE SO CAL OHV MAPS to download. Seems they are always missing legal FS or BLM trails.. I've only looked at the freebies and don't mind paying as long as they are accurate, and clearly define trail types (single track/fire roads). What's the latest/easiest/cheap GPS options??? Lots of old info when I search. I'm in OC and ride Big Bear, Gorman, Stoddard.. etc. and very familiar with my spots and have a plated WR (I have battery). I sometimes refer to a paper map and never break out my Garmin 76, because its not mounted and frankly its a pain to use (when compared to smartphone maps), and I never really NEED to take a specific route. California Trail Map.com looks promising at $25 a year, but I can't pan around on the actual map so I can't verify its accuracy. OwlsheadGPS map looks REALLY good but the reviews were horrible based on downloading issues. Anyone using these? I mentioned on a budget because honestly I don't want to learn/maintain brain space for a new $400 gadget. I've already got the Garmin 76 and don't like it. Any advise is appreciated. THANKS IN ADVANCE
  23. Well... What do you think Bob ? While other teams spent a lot of their practice time jetting, Carson Brown and AJ Catanzaro continued turning laps. Carson was the fastest qualifier on his TC 150 and took the 150cc class with AJ taking a close second, on a James Stewart tribute KX 125. Both bikes were equipped with 38HV Lectron carbs. They were the fastest out of the gate, were able to triple where other bikes struggled, and consistently pulled the whoops faster than any other riders in the class. From AJ's Mechanic, "I was so lucky that the '04 KX125 we were running was equipped with a Lectron carb. While the other mechanics were twisting air screws and changing jets to compensate for the temp changes throughout the day, we were running PERFECT the day we showed up, morning through nighttime! In the 250 class, Cedric Soubeyras won the first bracket against Ryan Sipes on his Lectron equipped RM 250 before being knocked out by Ryan Dungey in the second bracket. Bill's Pipes said this was the fastest RM 250 they've ever had on their dyno after comparing it to factory builds from the early 2000s.
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