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Found 200 results

  1. I own dual sports because of the convenience of riding to the trails. Because I live in California I own a Suzuki DRZ 400 and DR 350 because they are the cheapest options in this dual sport restrictive state. I want to buy a beta 390 rr simply because I would like a lighter more peppy bike, however, I find it difficult to justify the 10 grand. The reason is not just because 10 grand is a lot of money, but two of the guys I often ride with own KTM 500 exc. We never race the track but often ride mountain fire trails and narrow trails with occasional steep climbs. My bikes with the typical carb and exhaust mods will go everywhere their bikes go and just as fast, and sometimes they can keep up with me. When I ride the KTM's I find the vibration of the engine and stock suspension bouncing me around wares me out as fast as throwing around the weight of the DR's. Because the KTM's have so much power I ride them with the throttle one quarter to half open on the dirt trails, anything more will throw you off the trail, for the DR's, half to wide open brings the same thrill. Often I am more than happy to switch back to my old DR's after putting miles on the KTM's. Is something wrong with me to not enjoy modern technology like others do, or do I just need to spend more time on a lighter more powerful bike to really learn to appreciate what they offer. I want the Beta, I'm just not sure if its worth it. Has anyone with similar experience resolved this?
  2. New baksideDisaster flick is out! Back in early November we headed south on a 2,275 mile dualsport road trip down to California and back to ride the Mojave desert. Enjoy some amazing scenery and fast looking dirt bike guys thanks to some epic dronage as we rip up Spangler Hills and Alabama Hills! Please like and share!
  3. Sorry for new duplicate thread to my CA extravaganza thread, but I am still having technical issues not able to reply in some threads even my own threads from my home PC... weird so I have dropped the woods ranch option and focusing on SoCal desert riding only for my march 11-19 trip to LA . any SoCal TT desert riding jackals out there? want to show an experienced good C rider some good desert trails? hate the whoops, not a fan of giant hill climbs, but I do love the desert. Never been to Barstow, got on a great TT ride in Ridgecrest years ago though, been to NorNev lots too. I will come across the Tehachapi pass from / to I5 my route home on both legs, so Ridgecrest and Barstow are straight shots for me to get there from I5 vice versa
  4. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a bit of California-specific information for a particular scenario, and I haven't been able to find a definitive answer anywhere. I am the owner of a '95 XR600R that I bought with a CA plate a few months ago, and so far I've been loving it. Unfortunately, last week I was in an accident on the street where a car turned in front of me, and both the bike and car took some damage. I'm doing fine (and I'm not at fault), and the bike is going to be inspected in the near future by the insurance company. I'm preparing for the worst case (total loss) since the bike is older and most likely not worth much in the eyes of an insurance company, so my question is this... If the bike is deemed a total loss (claim agent said it's likely) and I buy the bike back, could my California plate be revoked when I get the CHP salvage vehicle inspection? I would not be happy if my dual sport gets turned into a dirt-only salvage vehicle after this whole mess, so I'm wondering if anyone has an answer. Also, does the CHP inspection require a speedo to make salvage vehicle "road worthy" again?
  5. Hi All, About 12 years ago I was at either glamis or Ocotillo wells every weekend with my 4x4 and Toyhauler. Between then an now I still go to Ocotillo but mainly mid-week and just without the bikes (no trailer). Since then I've upgraded to a 32' Class A motorhome pulling a trailer with toys. If I were to head out on a Saturday afternoon to camp Sat-Mon where would I stay? Its been a while and I am not sure where I should go anymore. I understand I'm at a disadvantage going after the weekend crowd has already arrived. I'd hate to drive in somewhere and either get stuck or be forced to try and turn around.... Any ideas?
  6. crazybrother

    Stonyford ride?

    Anyone interested in riding Stonyford over the next three weeks. I just retired last week and the wife said that I need to get the "Fack" out of the House...
  7. havaride

    Pozo La Panza

    I'm heading to Pismo beach this thanksgiving and plan on riding Friday 11/24 & Saturday 11/25. Looking to stage @ Turkey flats Friday morning. I was hoping that someone has some gps routes they could message me, it'll save me time bouncing around trying to find the good stuff. I rode here years back and it kicked my@ss. Thinking redemption is needed. Thanks.
  8. My gosh, you guys couldn't buy rain and now you can't buy a dry day. Hope everyone is safe!
  9. Looking to see if any of you Nor-Cal guy's want to ride Stonyford on Saturday-3/18?
  10. Time to upgrade the front tire on my YZ 125. I ride almost exclusively on singletrack trails at Foresthill, Georgetown, Cow Mountain, and the Sierra Nevada etc. Anyone have recommendations for a good enduro front tire? I'd prefer to spend less than $100 on this tire. Pretty new to dirtbike tires, so feel free to school me. I replaced my rear with a Motoz Mountain Hybrid, but think I'm gonna spring for a Shinko 505 Cheater next. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys I am new to this forum and created an account with the intention of hopefully getting some new riding buddies. A little backround: I am a 24 year old male that rode dirt bikes since about 12. I joined the Marine Corps when I was 19 and served 5 years overseas. Dirt bikes and all hobbies went on hold. I am recently out of the service and living in Lancaster, CA until I move in Mid-August to start flight school in Colorado (ex-controller). I picked motorcycle riding back up and have become quite good. Better than I remember ever being at least. I ride my dad’s 2006 CRF450x mostly. I have a CR125 also that I rebuilt to use but I definitely outgrew it both in weight and skill level. I love the nasty single track and have the stamina to ride all day without a break. My issue is that I am always riding by myself and I go really far into single track that are not even on maps sometimes which is pretty risky. I also have a hard time keeping riding friends because everyone is either intimidated that my skill level is too high, they cannot ride more than an hour without going back to camp for a nap or they are the “all talk” guys with shiny new bikes without a single scratch but they are magically busy every single weekend/weekday they say they are going to ride. My schedule is pretty good. I can ride Saturday afternoons, Anytime Sundays and anytime Wednesdays. I am looking for guys/girls that could teach me a thing or two and be able to ride out in the case of an emergency. I can care less about your skill level as long as you’re game for exploring single track and generally like to ride often. Hit me up if you want to meet me for some riding together. Not sure if I should post my number so send me a message and I’ll send it to you. Christopher D.
  12. Hey guys, I am looking at a 2005 CRF250x that has a Arizona license plate on it. I was wondering if anybody could help me. My understanding is, from looking on forums and calling AAA, I all I need is the title of the bike from the owner and to get a VIN inspection by the DMV. The guy said the bike is registered until September 2020 in Arizona. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  13. https://kmir.com/2018/06/11/officer-shoots-off-roader/ Posted by the editor of our sister site, http://www.xadv.com, Eric Hall: @fudgypup
  14. I have watched Washington State change over the years and being at a place in my life where all I want to do is ride trails, I am considering leaving Washington State. Where would you move to if you were set up in life and all you had to do was to enjoy the next 30 years riding trails? Your help is greatly appreciated. I have 3 places in mind, what say you guys? Where would you go? My ideal riding is technical single track. For instance I love little Naches, Tahuya obviously and Shelton areas. Thanks everyone who chimes in, much appreciated. PS. Pics are a huge bonus.
  15. sportsgirl0017

    Fresh Meat Needs to Ride!

    Newly single, and am finding that everyone to hang out with is either married with kids - no free time, - or not interested in the same stuff. I really would like to get out for some throttle therapy with people who are single track types and can have a beer or two. Maybe even single! Ha. I work in Susanville CA, but live in Cedar City, UT. I'm gone a lot of the time, but if someone's already riding and I can tag along that's ideal. Arizona, NM, Utah, Nevada, and NorCal are all places I'm willing to travel. I'm self sufficient so I don't need a babysitter, just some bros/broettes to ride with. My skill level would probably rate as intermediate, though its been over a year since I got some good roost time in. I've never ridden tracks really, but I'd be interested in trying.
  16. While doing some browsing/research about various models, I noticed that there are no longer any green sticker 450's for the 2018 model year of all the manufacturers (at least according to https://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/onroad/cert/ofhrv/ofmcatv_comply/2018/2018.php) While I'm sure KTM/Husqvarna will come out with their 450 EXC's that are green stickered in the US, I still question the lack of green sticker 450's from the Japanese manufacturers. Was there some sort of regulatory change or did the manufacturers just decide to pull the 2018 green stickers for some secret reason we don't know about? One of the biggest selling points of the WR450F in CA was the fact that it's green sticker, and now that they're no longer green sticker there really is no incentive to pick one up anymore. Does this have something to do with the sunset of the red sticker program? Is this actually going to happen? https://www.arb.ca.gov/board/books/2017/062217/17-6-3pres.pdf
  17. Time Left: 20 days and 9 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    BLACK IS THE NEW ORANGE! Decided to sell my KTM beast. I've always wanted this bike and I bought this immaculate example at the beginning of the year. Alas it's just too big for me. My loss is your gain. I've spent over $1000 on goodies for it this year. Has just about every upgrade possible. (Shorai, GPR, All Balls, Michelin, MotoZ, etc.) Gets admiring looks and compliments every time I take it out. The price is very fair considering it's pristine condition. Clean title in hand. Meticulously maintained and just serviced with fully synth oil and new oil and air filters. Runs flawlessly and is turn-key, ready to go, needs nothing. Mileage: 66XX Cash only. No Paypal and I really don't need/want any help selling it. Located in Los Angeles, CA. Here's the list of extras: KTM 530 exc-r 2010 Champions Edition FMF full exhaust system. Rear fender eliminator with integrated blinkers and LED stop light. Michelin 4 mm ultra thick puncture proof tubes. Moto Z tractionator tires. Excel hubs and rims. Brembo brakes. Lightweight rim locks. MSR grab handle. Red Bull graphics. Stainless steel brake lines. Frame protectors. Wide foot pegs. Anodized orange billet ktm brake and clutch reservoir covers. Tuned WP suspension front and back. Fully adjustable for preload, rebound and stiffness. KTM engine guard/bash plate. Seat Concepts seat - ultra comfy Anodized billet orange ktm rear brake reservoir cap. Aftermarket high power radiator fans. Orange silicone coolant hoses. Orange 50T rear spryocket and 13T front sprocket with gold DID chain. Billet orange oil filler plug. Billet BRP fuel cap with aftermarket breather. Domino fast action throttle. Pro Taper fatty bar with wired silicon Pro Taper pro grips. Aluminum bar hand guards with integrated blinkers. Brembo master cylinders. Baja Designs Squadron led headlamp and shroud. Ridiculously bright! Under bar KTM orange GPR 4 steering damper (just serviced) with raised anodized orange bar mount. Dual USB ports (I run gps on my iPhone - works great) Front fork bleed valves. Mini billet under bar rear view mirror - works surprisingly well. Hydraulic clutch. Aftermarket billet kickstand. BRP guard mount (direct to bar clamps) New All Balls tapered headstock bearings - just fitted. Rejetted fuel system (JD) with billet ratio adjuster screw and Honda accel pump diaphragm. Emissions delete. Wavy brake discs front and back. Baja Designs handlebar control cluster. Shorai lithium battery.


    Los Angeles, California - US

  18. digitalzombie

    Los Angeles area riders

    Hello, I am looking for people to go on off road rides with. So far been to Azusa Cyn OHV and Gorman. Would prefer a little less sand a bit more green and not too far, like a day trip. What are our options?
  19. Alex Thor Johnson

    california Rowher Flats to Rock Inn

    Anyone know the route from Rowher Flats to the Rock Inn on dirt? Better yet does anyone know of any group rides doing that? Or anyone who know s the way want to ride?
  20. If you're not lucky enough to be riding or watching the carnage at Last Dog Standing on Saturday, check out my livestream of the event! -Tyson
  21. Hey all I would like to invite you to join me and some buddies for a weekend of camping and riding dirt bikes up at Washington / River west campground and OHV up by Nevada City!September 14,15 and come home the 16th here is the web site to river west camping https://www.riverrestresort.com/
  22. I'm free on Saturday 8/18 and Sunday 8/26, wanted to get a ride together to meet some people. My riding group has grown smaller and smaller, and people are just too hard to convince to get outside these days. So I'm looking to make some new friends. Planning on somewhere south of Tahoe, maybe off 88 but open to ideas or other places. I do have a few in mind, but they are private staging areas that I don't want to publicly announce. Goal is lots of single track, full day ride. I'll probably go camping up there so I'll be out there early. Leave the spot by 8ish and ride til 2ish. Typically, I'm a B paced rider with low ego and no rush anymore. I need to make it home for work in most of the same pieces. Let me know if you want to ride, or if I should try a spot you'd recommend.
  23. Ok, I got my week of rest and kayaking in. Now the weather is cooler. Let's meet at Sugarpine at 8 am this Saturday trails so smooth and sweet, bring your hoverboard!
  24. Just recently got a 2005 crf 450 R looking for recommendations on upgrades to do ? I have already upgraded the stock tank to a ims 3.2 gallon and swapped out the stock seat for a seat concepts, also has front and rear suspension adjusted and set up for trail ridding and my weight done by 707 racing suspension. Also added acerbis bark busters, and rental front and rear sprockets. What other upgrades should be done ??? Thank you for suggestions and input
  25. DontLoseMomentum

    california Cr500 engine wanted

    Looking for a water cooled cr500 engine let me know what you got, thanks