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Found 188 results

  1. Stabby

    Jetting Reccomendation

    Hey All, dug around lightly an didn't quite find what I needed, as I have specific things I'm lookin for. Idealy a place to start with jetting settings, couldn't find a thread with the same mods I got. CW 440 big bore, STOCK header and exhaust that was cut in half by previous owner, hotcams stage 2, 3x3, K&N street filter, stock carb, sea level altitude. Just a bit odd having the stock exhaust and BBK, hence a little difficult to find a good starting point from advice. Thank you for any and all advice!
  2. I have a 2004 RM 125 that I cannot get to start. I rebuilt the carb with a Moose rebuild kit. It started the other day (first kick); and when I went to put my boots on to ride/ tune it, it wouldn't start again. We noticed gas pouring out of the overflow. I tried new plugs and nothing, not even close to firing. I set the float in water to test for holes and there seemed to be no issue with it. I will admit that we didn't have a spark plug gapper at the time, so we went with what it came with (i am going to buy a new one tomorrow!!). When i took the spark plug out; it seemed to have good spark. The plug was clean but smelled strongly of gas, also when I kicked it over, you could smell it coming out of the head. When rebuilding the carb, I set the pin on the middle groove, and I took the jets to original settings. I've contemplated taking it to a shop, but I haven't given up yet. I am wondering if you guys have any thoughts of where to begin my troubleshooting.
  3. NEGbrap

    YZ250 with slight rev hang

    Hi All, I have a 2016 YZ250x with 12 hours ( I know, ride more!) I'm running a lectron and it feels really good. Had some initial struggles but now it seems to be dialed in. This is my first two stroke and I feel like it has some rev hang. When I'm on the trail I haven't really felt it but noticed yesterday after a good wash down. Started up, warmed it up, and still getting some rev hang. Check the video out yourself and let me know. thanks
  4. patq1996

    KLX400R (DRZ400E) Idle Issue

    Picked up a 2003 KLX400R a few months ago and since then I've been having some issue with my idle. At first, the idle seemed way too high so I turned it down and the bike would barely stay running, so I turned it up again. After doing that, the bike would hang revs and would take a few seconds to return to idle. I took the carb apart, and replaced the vacuum plate seal (since this has the FCR39 and heard that the seal could be warped due to carb cleaner). After doing that I was still having the same issue: the bike would still die on idle, regardless of how high or low the idle is set. Here is my question: what should I do to fix it? Is it possible that the idle air screw is set incorrectly? I set it to the 2.5 turns out that I've been seeing online, but that seems like it's either way too much or way too little air. The bike has the stock exhaust, and the 3x3 mod has NOT been done to it.
  5. Collin Luckett

    2006 RM 85 WON'T START!

    I just bought it and it was starting up first kick every time, then all of a sudden when I was riding it, it would just bog down after giving it gas and eventually quit. So I thought it was out of gas and put more in. It wouldn't start up so I cleaned the carb out and tried it and it still wouldn't start. When i tried push starting it, it would start up and run as long as I was pushing it but it sounded bogged down still especially if I gave it gas and eventually it would quit when I got too tired to keep pushing it. Choke makes no difference. Seems like theres a good seal around the air boots, so what could this be??
  6. I have a 2014 DRZ400SM with about 28,000 miles on it. I have had it since last summer. Since then, I have done the 3x3 mod with a JD jetting kit and added a K&N Air filter. I have been running a 155 Main Jet, the Blue Needle with the clip on the 3rd slot, a 125 pilot jet, etc. Basically, exactly as recommended by JD. The bike was running fine until recently. It started sputtering, backfiring, and missing around 5k rpm, especially in higher gears. I thought maybe this was due to the weather warming up, and I was too rich. I tried swapping out the main jet to a 145 (the next smallest size I had handy), but it was doing the same thing. I tried then switching to a 160 main, and it seemed a little better, but then it was doing the same thing. I thought maybe it was something more complicated than just the carb, so I checked the valve clearances. They all looked good and were in spec. In the process, I checked the sparkplug and it looked suspect, so I replaced it. No Dice, still sputtering at 4-7k rpm. I was riding it, trying to further diagnose it, and I noticed some white smoke coming out the exhaust (coolant?). The Oil looks normal (no milkshake of death) on the dipstick, so maybe not a head gasket issue. Would that even cause the problems I've been having? I also noticed a screw had escaped from the top of the carb (that holds the black cover on). Surely that must be the problem! I replaced it and... still the same issue. I tried recording the issue, though apparently didn't have much space on the memory card, and the sound is not as clear as I expected. I can try re-recording some footage to demonstrate the issue. Anyone have any idea what could be the problem? I may just try to revert as much back to stock as I can (don't have the stock exhaust). I am beginning to wonder if the issue is not related to the carb at all. Thanks in advance.
  7. flynn chibnall

    Help reguarding 1985 xr250r

    Hi all, so I got the 1985 xr250r running finailly this week after 4 years sitting in the shed blown up. Bike went well on the first test drive, through all the gears well etc, apart from one very big problem... I had lost some parts to secure exhaust onto engine and had a carb leeking fuel...( recipe for disaster) so basically after 15 mins when I came to a stop it lit on fire ? Managed to stop the fire with only damage to the seat cover luckily. So just a few questions to ask you experienced guys since I'm only 18 and still learning, the bike was shooting flames straight out engine without exhaust, is this normal? Also where can I find the collars, nuts and bolts and the Falange things for it. The last thing I ask is the Carb was dropping a lot of fuel out overflow onto engine below, I'm guessing that the float or needle is stuck. Also it wasnt wanting to idle with no revs and would sometimes rev a bit without me touching the throdle, carb too I'm guessing? Many thanks guys and any help will be greatly appreciated ( ive added a photo of he flames, pretty sure it's just cause of no exhaust but I'll get some opinions) thanks to all who help !!
  8. I feel like ripping my hair out! I bought a 2005 cr125 years ago, brand new. From day one it was a fouled. Eventually I had it tuned kind of good. A couple of years ago someone stole my bike. Obviously I recovered it. My crank bearings were shot. So I split the cases and changed them and both seals. After assembling the bike it smoked and bogged like crazy. I thought I may have fudged up the right crank seal when I installed it...nope changed it and still smoked and bogged and fouled. It sat up for about a year and I just broke it out again. It doesn't smoke as bad. If I idle for about 10 seconds it'll blubber and shoot out smoke before fouling a plug. The strange part it that it rides pretty good on the pipe, but out of the blue with blubber and eventually die. Now After cleaning the spark plug and kicking it, it'll turn over for a sec and die. The spark looks weak so I check it with a new plug and it looks good (so I'm assuming it's not the ignition system) anyone else have this problem? I'm beginning to think this bike is a money pit...but on the same hand I feel like it's something small causing all of this. Oh and also it's dripping that black crap from the tailpipe and plugs are always wet. I went down a size on the pilot...didnt help.
  9. Ndh87

    Carb rebuild

    I’ve got an old barn find ‘83 CR80R that needs either a new carb or a rebuild kit. I haven’t been able to find either anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find either? housing, bowl and all the hard parts seem fine, if I can find a rebuild kit with a new float I think I’ll be ok. Right now it runs but only when I leave the choke on, smokes heavily and likes to bog down on takeoff thanks
  10. I have an 08 crf450 only mod is fmf q4 exhaust and rekluse clutch. I've owned the bike for 4 yrs and have never had problem until recently. I have had to start cracking the throttle while kicking it no choke and it starts pretty easy, then thats when I have to turn the idle up till it warms up then back down and still then when it seems to be idling good a quick snap of the throttle and it hangs high. I've got stock jetting and have never had an issue. I have cleaned the carb 2 times with all new stock jets. I've tried setting the fuel/air screw with the idle and no happy medium. I'm thinking about going to a #45 pilot instead of #42 will that help? Valve Clearance are within spec. I've done a air leak test as well. Temperatures are fairly humid here. These problems just started so I'm wondering what i'm missing, hot start lever moves freely but it will stall motor while running as will the choke!
  11. Hi all, I have a 2005 crf250r that has a pretty bad bog whenever you whack the throttle. If you roll on the gas you cant even tell. The motor has about 7 hours on the full rebuild. Jets are 48 pilot 162 main 70 leak and i dont remember the other one. Has full fmf exhaust with mega bomb header and 4.1 pipe motor is stock. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Luke
  12. Charles L'Abri Anderson

    xr650r fcr41 bog

    Hey all, I have got some carb trouble. I have been riding around my 2001 xr650r on roadtrips for about a year. Mostly up in northern california in the winter where its cold. With my FCR41 ive always had the issue where if i leave the petcock on, it wont start due to flooding. The bike runs great, just I have to turn off the petcock when doing ANYTHING.. like stopping to piss .. ANYTHING. I was on a recent trip through Arizona and Nevada a few weeks back and noticed that it was running super super hot. It was 115F outside, but the bike hit 250F on the vegas strip. Ive got a TT Vapor on there, so I am monitoring the water off the block. I have engine ice in it and a 1:8 cap. I figured with these two issues, its time to mess around with the carb. I pulled it apart and found that ive got a 160 main jet, 55 pilot jet and an OCEMP jet needle. The Needle clip was on 3/7 (from the top of the needle). So I set the needle clip to 5/7 and adjusted the float a tad leaner (its supposed to be 9mm). I also set the fuel screw to 2 turns out. Put it back together and MAN, the mid range really picked up. It also seemed to run a little cooler (around the 175F range). Problem is that when i roll off the throttle it bogs down to about 900RPM and then dies. If i keep on the gas, it does just fine. additionally, when on hills, it dies when i get to a stop on a hill (san francisco). Thinking that this is the float. Can anyone steer me in the right direction about the bogging and dying on hills when the throttle is off? It did not do this before the adjustment of the needle, float and fuel screw. I read that 55 is pretty rich for a pilot jet on this carb/bike. Seems most people run 45-48 pilot jet. My main is also pretty lean looking at 160 when most seem to be up in the 175-185 range. Thoughts?
  13. SeriousGecko

    Drz only running on choke or prime

    Hey thumper talk! Long story short I have a 2000 drz400s that just got a new rebuilt engine after my previous one blew. The rebuilt was done fine and the bike was running perfectly. I decided to do some trail riding a couple days ago and the bike fell. It started up no problem and I continued home. Yesterday I was doing some city riding and I ran out of gas, I tried switching to reserve but the bike didn't want to start. I refilled the tank and everything seemed fine; now today I was riding on the highway and it started to stall and die as if it ran empty again but it wasn't and it would only start on prime. I can switch it to on after with the choke on but the second I take it off choke the bike dies unless it is set to prime. Would it be possible that when the bike fell dirt could of gotten into the carb and clogged a jet? I doubt theres something wrong with the engine. Could it maybe be a vacuum line? This already happened before the old engine blew at the beginning of the season I cleaned the carb and it seemed to be fine. I just need some ideas because I don't want to clean the carb again if that is not the issue. There has also been high humidity in my area for the past 2 days, would that cause the carb to act up? *Edit* ok so I took the bike for a long test run today I tried turning it on in the "on" position; it only starts on choke and then after some time on choke it dies, if I try switching the choke of it also dies. It runs like normal on prime I was able to drive it on my daily route. Im starting to think that the petcock is the problem but I will check to see if the boots on the carb got loose. There also seems to be a loud ticking noise but not the typical drz ticking noise. *edit pt 2* I've given up! My drz is just weird. On my way home from school it decided that it was going to start working again normally. I didn't touch anything, all I did was start it in the "on" position with choke on. It died twice and on the third time it stayed opened I kept the throttle open to see if it would choke out but it didn't I was able to ride it home with no issues. I really don't know what the problem could be? It seems to be fine now. As for the clicking noise, I discovered that it was a loose bolt on the exhaust tip, tightened it up and the noise is gone.
  14. Hi guys, new here, I have a 1981 Honda xl500 and it's fantastic. While I was riding yesterday, as I shifted into 3rd or 4th from 2nd, my bike didn’t want to stay in gear and would revert to neutral. When I squeezed the clutch to shift back down, my bike died. This all happened once and I assumed I ran out of gas, but started my bike again and kept riding, where it all happened again a block later. I think, “Bike is probably out of gas, no problem, I’ll go grab some gas and keep going.” This is where it gets weird. I start filling my tank and almost instantly notice gas leaking out of the engine. I stop pouring and look – it is coming out of the carb. It looks like it could be a designated overflow drain but since I had only put about 1-2L of fuel in the tank, I do not know why it would be overflowing. I turned my gas shutoff to the off position and it stopped. When I turned it back on again, the gas was draining out of the overflow drain as well as another overflow drain on the other side of the carb! I didn’t want to keep filling gas in the tank just to watch it keep leaking, so I stopped filling the tank and gave up for the night. What should I do? Thanks in advance for any advice given!
  15. Paul Caudill

    2007 KTM 65 sx

    The plastic overflow on the side of the carb on my son's ktm 65 sx broke at the nipple that the hose goes on. It's not a listed part on the diagram. Does anyone know of a fix for this? Thanks
  16. Hello guys im new so bare with me but i just picked up a 1999 yz250 for 550 it had a blown head gasket didn't know till i wanted to change piston and etc but it will not idle whats so ever choke on it will idle for 7 sec then die no blip of the gas or nothing and another thing is im not sure what kind of carb is on there i've been looking for a 1999 yz250 carb rebuilt kit but there is not none noooooo where !!!! i was thinking to just buy a brand new carb from summit or ebay can you guys tell me if this will work perfectly on the yz please im trying to ride with my step pops SAME EXACT ONE THatS ON THE BIKE - http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/192119880998?lpid=82&chn=ps&ul_noapp=true SUMMIT - https://www.summitracing.com/parts/mku-tm36-2/recommendedparts
  17. Leadvillethump

    Cant get intake boot back on carb

    Its a 03 crf450 . I can't get my intake boot back on my carb for the life of me after taking the carb out and cleaning it. Im getting so worked up over this damn thing. Anyone ever have this problem before.
  18. tyler90

    JR50 down on power mid throttle/RPM

    Not sure if I need to go through the carb or if I need richer jetting or what but I bought the bike for my kids from about 2500 ft elevation and it is currently sitting 20' above sea level on the coast. It has decent low-end power and decent power on top but right in the middle it just bogs down for a few seconds on its way up the powerband. It's okay for now as they are still learning to ride, but I want to get it sorted soon. Btw, the washer has been removed from where the header meets the head, and throttle stop removed and glued over. Any ideas on what's going on and suggestions on what to try to improve power to engine and wheels? Thanks
  19. itsgreekpete

    2002 TTR 125 Carb Screw Settings

    I've been looking and looking and can't find full info on this anywhere. I see setting for the bottom screw (mixture?) but not or the top (idle?) screw. I've checked the manual and they only mention the one mixture (they call it pilot air) screw. Can anyone tell me the factory turns from seated on the two screws? I know the mixture screw (bottom) is 2-3.5, but what about the top?
  20. Bike: 2002 KTM 250sx. Problem: The carburetor seems like it is having difficulty delivering fuel to the engine. It will start and run for 5 to 10 seconds then die, It then takes about a minute before it will kick again. What's Already Done: I have taken both the carburetor and all of the throttle assembly off the bike and cleaned them. The bike ran a little longer after I did this but nothing more than that. Any suggestions to fix the issue are much needed and apperciated. Thanks -SLR
  21. When I unscrew the drain screw on my carb nothing will come out. I have to take the screw all the way out and then the gas will come out the screw hole instead of the designated exit. It seems like there is a seal or something inside?
  22. All, I just bought a 1982 XT250 project bike. We had one of these in the family in the 90s, so I know the model fairly well already. I guess my plan is just to have a small, simple bike for shorter local trips, and maybe some light trail touring. I do know it has some known weaknesses, i.e. suspension, brakes, 6V electrics, corroding mufflers, and open frame/exposed engine cases. So I am looking for tips regarding big bore/ higher comp pistons, camshaft (Web Cam) stiffer shock, fork springs, 12 V upgrade, and so on. I was also thinking about fabricating a stepped SS headpipe, and use a 1 1/2" inlet Supertrapp IDS2 muffler. I guess the weight saving will be replacing heavy stock parts with lighter parts in alloy etc (Sprocket, handlebar, rear fender reinforcement for tail light etc), and using smaller/ lighter tail light, indicator lights. And also replacing the stock instruments with a digital dash from KOSO, Trailtech etc. Any and all tips are welcome!
  23. So I have an 03 rm 125 and I’m having a problem with my jetting. My original 460 main jet that came out of the carb is huge and unlike any jet I’ve seen before. I also ordered a mikuni genuine main jet off of eBay and went to go put it in the carb (440 main) and it’s way too small. Not sure what to do.
  24. Bike starts fine, idles, runs up to 3rd wicked awesome then after third you try to crack it open and it's shits the bed, if you roll the throttle it'll work just barely but up to third runs great not sure, it's got a stock jetting im thinking going down on the main jet but not sure what jets
  25. So after a lot of cleaning I was eventually able to get my suzuki dr100 to run, but the bike wont seem to run unless I'm pulling the throttle or leave the choke atleast halfway on. So after cleaning it a dozen times, I installed an inline fuel filter, cleaned the tank, fuel selector and thoroughly cleaned the carb and pilot jet especially, I had the same issues again. There are no rebuilt kits availible for this bike that I can tell, there are most likely defects with a few of the parts in the carb, I already had to solder a hole in the float, so I know other parts could have similar issues. So in short, does anyone know of a carb that would easily replace the one on this bike? I can't seem to find a direct replacement at all or any parts. Thanks in advance.