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Found 66 results

  1. So, me and my riding buddies all have officially stamped wife passes to ride the Colorado BDR next summer. That said, what week is the ideal time of the year, all things considered? I lived in Colorado for a few years, so I know the weather can change on a dime. But, I still have to solidify some dates, so I'd rather do so with input from the smart people here. My biggest worry is being in the high country during a wicked lightening storm. I know getting struck is rare, but still something to consider. Like anyone, hoping for mild nights and not too much heat during the day. But then again, I now live in Florida, so not sure heat will be an issue. http://ridebdr.com/COBDR
  2. So i can't get it out of my mind that i want to ride somewhere other than the same ole' stuff I've always rode. We have some great riding here in Missouri/Arkansas/Oklahoma but I think Colorado or possibly Utah would be an amazing place to get some great scenery and have an amazing time. I've tried to google best single track destinations and tried to find more info on whats required but the information seems to elude me. Where would you guys recommend starting? What does it require (i.e. Permits, bike regulations, etc.)? Also any recommendations on equipment? I know i'd need to change the jetting on my bike and whatnot, and maybe put on the oversized tank. Thanks in advance everyone!
  3. Went to Jewell MX in Watkins, CO on Monday and was pleasantly surprised to find out I had the entire park practically to myself. And in the process, cranked out my fastest lap times ever! Not to mention flying down some trails wide open in 3rd gear, and of course, a little enduro mixed in. Was a freaking epic day!
  4. Just made some very last minute plans to be in Steamboat this weekend and would like to take mine and my daughters dirtbikes along since I've never ridden up there. Looking for some suggestions on trails to explore with my daughter. She's still learning so not looking for anything technical or difficult. I'm hoping there's some scenic/fast/flowy trails up in that area that we can check out, if you have any recommendations post them up please!
  5. Who is signed up for the 2017 ADV Rally in Gunnison, CO this year? July 13-16. www.advrally.com
  6. Was just on a different bike forum and a friend there was mentioning to me about a cool paved road in Canon City for a street bike ride. While browsing the area for other roads and trails for potential dirt bike and drift trike adventures, I found what appears to be either a Jeep trail or an OHV trail, or possibly just a county dirt road. Not sure which it is tho. Anyway, doesn't look difficult at all for a bike. But sounds like there may be lots of areas to ride and even camp out by the road. Anyone been out here on a dirt bike? Can you get gas in Victor? It's 29.5 miles, so would be cutting it awfully close for an out and back on my moto tank. I'm kind of more interested in finding a place to camp with trails or fire roads close by.
  7. I have watched Washington State change over the years and being at a place in my life where all I want to do is ride trails, I am considering leaving Washington State. Where would you move to if you were set up in life and all you had to do was to enjoy the next 30 years riding trails? Your help is greatly appreciated. I have 3 places in mind, what say you guys? Where would you go? My ideal riding is technical single track. For instance I love little Naches, Tahuya obviously and Shelton areas. Thanks everyone who chimes in, much appreciated. PS. Pics are a huge bonus.
  8. Bryan Bosch

    Exploring Telluride, CO

    From the album: Gone, but not forgotten!

    Looking down on Telluride, CO
  9. Thanks for visiting my 2001 Suzuki DRZ400e resto/build thread. I picked up my DRZ this past summer shortly before getting my endorsement. I have plenty of off-roading and wrenching experience although it’s all been focused on 4x4’s and mountain bikes. A couple buddies and I all picked up project (of varying degrees) dual sports with hopes of exploring the northern Colorado national forests and good old adventure on 2 wheels. The previous owner of this bike only had it for a short period of time and didn’t have much history on it. It came with studded tires, a worn out ACCT, and running pretty lean. This thread will document my resto/build with the intent of 25% street/commuting, 50% forest service road exploring, and 25% enduro-type trails. Here is a list of items I addressed shortly after acquiring the bike: Tusk Motorcycle Enduro Lighting kit (bike is now titled and plated in CO) New disc brake pads Oil and filter change New Tires… Kenda K760 Trakmaster II rear, Pirelli MT21 front All Balls Wheel Bearing kits (front & Rear) New foam air filter (Tusk) New Tusk valve cover gasket Thumpertalk MCCT Pigtail for trickle charger Checked valve clearance (all in tolerance) A few other upgrades/mod’s that I can see have already been added: Scott’s triple clamp Air box has been opened up Auxillary CPU fan on radiator Radiator guard (not sure on brand) Factory Effex seat (not sure if this is an upgrade) Skidplate Over the next couple weeks I plan to begin disassembling the bike down to the frame and here are the planned upgrade/maintenance items I plan to address (depending on funding) before the spring riding season: IMS 4.0 Tank Seat Concepts saddle (foam kit) Tusk D Flex pro hand guards ProGrip 714 grips LED low/high beam upgrades with a customer headlight housing Ram Mount Spring grip (iphone) New plastics for front/rear fender and side panels (black) De-rust stock exhaust and paint black Service swingarm bearings Gather a tool kit, first aide kit, and spare parts kit Wider ebay pedals Trackside 12v adapter to cockpit Paint the frame (reading lots on paint vs powdercoat) Polish wheels / de-rust spokes Check jetting in carb… add JD Jet Kit as necessary Thumpertalk case savers… may need to replace case on right side (damaged) Smooth the back of the shifter near the folding tip it has kind of a sharp edge that can still damage thru the case saver Delete clutch and stand switches Free Power Mod Go through wiring harness and shorten/clean up/re-do connections/silicone grease in every electrical connector New Drive chain and sprocket(s)… still researching desired gearing (recommendations welcome) Flush brake fluid Flush radiator fluid Maintain / tune suspension as needed I would love for you all to join me on this journey and add your recommendations/opinions on upgrades, personal experience, alternative brands, things I’ve missed, etc. I will be taking my time to post details on the upgrades I’m making along the way although I’m not bringing innovation to what you all have already accomplished. Thanks again and I look forward to learning from and sharing with this community as I go!
  10. Bryan Bosch

    Exploring Telluride, CO

    From the album: Gone, but not forgotten!

  11. Hey everyone, going out on a limb here to see if anyone rides in my area. I live in Longmont, CO, north of Denver, and am looking to get my first bike and learn to ride. I am 28 and have ridden ATVs, motorcycles, mountain bikes, but never dirt bikes but am anxious to learn. First things first, I am looking for a bike to learn on. I am 6' and close to 250 so a little bike probably wouldn't work but any recommendations? I am not looking for anything new until I learn to ride and figure out what exactly I would be looking for. I don't need anything street legal as I plan to ride tracks/closed areas and hopefully in the mountains. Is there any other reason to have a street legal bike I'm missing? I would be looking to spend somewhere in the $1000-$3000 range as I expect that's what a descent, old, reliable, bike might run? Also, if there is anyone in the area that is looking for someone else to ride with that doesn't mind giving some tips let me know!
  12. If anyone has a chainsaw the section of 770 between 650 and 677 could definitely use a bit of clean-up, unfortunately a lot of under-skilled riders are riding around the downed trees instead of over them. Rough GPS coords are: 39.24340N 105.14677W If you need help let me know when you plan to be up there, I'll gladly help out
  13. Hey Everyone, I just wanted to give everyone an update on how the Alta Redshift MX did at the RMEC Hard Rock Enduro in Colorado. Don was able to get a 2nd place finish (would have been first if not for a flat rear tire) in the A 50 + class and 17th overall. The bike was absolutely amazing on the technical rocky terrain. Race Info: 6 laps that averaged 23 minutes per lap a little over 2 hours of actual racing time Don was able to sneak in about 35-40 minutes of charging total using a 220v generator. Raced the entire race in Map 1 on the Alta The Alta does require a little more strategy for Longer format Enduro racing, but it is very competitive against gas bikes! Here is the link to the YouTube video of the race from Don's helmet cam.
  14. If you are in the Colorado area in August, we invite you to join us for the 2017 Colorado Roads and Trails Rally August 24 - 27, 2017. We have 3-1/2 days of both off-road and on-road rides in the Silverton Colorado area. Details are at http://www.cortr.org. Come ride with us!
  15. JimT

    Rampart Conditions?

    Is there much snow/ice up there right now? Thanks.
  16. Bryan Bosch

    Exploring Telluride, CO

    From the album: Gone, but not forgotten!

  17. Hi guys, I recently got a 2015 250 XC-W, which came with the original jetting, and that I need to re-jet to accommodate altitude here in Colorado, as most of the riding I do is between 7500-1000 ft. I have no experience at all in jetting bikes, as I have always ridden at sea level before, so I'm trying to figure out what's the best choice I can pick from what's out there, or at least the ones I'm aware of. Having this said, I have been trying to decide between two choices 1. Get a JDJetting Kit 2. Get the Original KTM Needle and Jets that are recommended on the owner's manual. Without reading anything or getting any kind of insight, my first impression was, ok, if KTM is making the ones that I need, it would make more sense to get those as the actual manufacturer is making them, but based on what I have been seeing on some sites, seems like the JD ones might even be a better choice, but I was not able to define what makes them better, and if that's actually the case, so wanted to get your thoughts on it. Thanks
  18. Thinking of riding there over the weekend if it is. Thanks in advance...
  19. Ud_Luz

    colorado Gunnison CO water

    Somebody mentioned we could get water at one of the parks in Gunnison for our RVs before we drove up to Taylor. Any idea where? Hauling 110 gallons from AZ seems a bit much.
  20. I'm in Granby for a week anybody else bring their dirt bike? I rode this area a couple times and know north of here a lot better. Open to ride either one. Any locals off during the week?
  21. Recently,I took a trip out to Colorado for some R&R on a family vacation. I brought my riding gear and had planned on renting a bike, but I was too late and at least what I looked at, there was no availability for my timeline. Bummer, since I'd not ridden the rockies in over 4 years, something pretty special when you live in flatlanderville (Florida)! But, behind the scenes, a couple of TT'ers were at work! Through TT, we recently hired a fine, young gentleman to head up our advertising sales team,( @Freemotion ) and he pulled some strings with a local who had a well equipped KTM 450XC-W that is his back-up machine. His new love is a 2019 KTM 300 TPI and it was gorgeous! So, a HUGE thanks to @Freemotion for greasing the skids in getting me a skoot and to @G 9.5 for generously lending out his bike to basically a stranger. The weather was great, so was the company, and the riding was epic as far as I'm concerned. I'm still a bit humbled by the generosity, so I wanted to share a story that I bet isn't as uncommon among the riding community as one might imagine. Dirt bike people rock! 🤘
  22. vossman23

    colorado KLX 140 Jetting

    Just got my daughter a 17 KLX 140, its all stock. Ive read a lot about putting bigger jets and opening up the airbox in it for better performance but does this apply at altitude (6500-8000)?
  23. Finally get to spend a few days in Ouray over Labor Day. Looking for advice to see if my ride plans are realistic. Fairly familiar with the trails, as my Jeep friends have done them, I've done a ton of resarch, and I had a trip planned prior that didn't work out. I drive a plated KTM 300 XCW and will carry some extra premix oil, though I shouldn't need it. Staying in a condo in Ouray and will drive from town. I'll have two full days to ride. Plans are: DAY 1 (~ 50 Miles): Ouray to Black Bear Pass Trailhead Black Bear to Telluride Telluride to Ouray via Imogene Pass and Yankee Boy Basin DAY 2 (~ 25 Miles): Ouray to Engineer Pass TrailHead Engineer Pass to Poughkeepsie Gulch Turnoff Poughkeepsie Gulch Hurricane Pass Corkscrew Pass Back to Ouray I have .gpx trail maps saved to my phone, and the surrounding maps cached so I'm not dependent on cell signal. Will have tools, water, snacks, and at least 1 person on Day 1. For those that have ridden Ouray, what say you? Pic for attention.
  24. I have never ridden in Sargents CO but will be in about a month. I've ridden Taylor Park a couple years ago though. I am wondering of some good intermediate single track and double track trails in the area that we should hit and which ones are loaded with very difficult sections and should be avoided for an intermediate rider. Our group will be on WR250's and YZ250FX and one of our riders wont want to do too much technical terrain. So trails that are difficult from start to finish we will want to avoid or trails that have and double black diamond sections. We will be navigating with Avenza maps in the south Gunnision district.
  25. WELL , it never ends our highway chase guy bailed , looking for a solid reliable person on saturday ( the 18th ) to chase us down and intersect the group in a few locations for fuel , supplies and bike shakedown , we are riding the greens creek trail to rbt trail head in spring creek to hayden creek / campground should get started about 9 or 930 am done by 4/430 , if there is or if anyone knows someone whos got their noggin on straight , we need a van and trailer driven that portion , we will compensate as well ... unless we missed the " trail riders highway assistance program of colorado " website this is all we got p.m. with anything that might help , or any suggestions thanks in advance