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Found 149 results

  1. 12_Aclockboys

    crf Please helppp

    I have a 2007 crf250r and I need to know if it came stock with Showa forks? My buddy’s bike is a 08 and has them. And I seen vids and a guy mentioned that they did. Anyways do they and if so how do I go about normal maintenance and probably a rebuild.
  2. my last post i asked for help with the sizing for the spanner sockets. now im trying to figure out how to lock the clutch and keep it from rotating so i can remove the spanner nut. how can i lock it without the standard tool, and can i get it off without locking it if i just use an impact gun?
  3. Today i flushed the old coolant out, and added fresh coolant to the radiator. When I started it up, it began smoking after 1-2 minutes of idling. I killed the engine and started checking hoses, looking for leaks and noticed some damage to the radiator. It looks like this part was pushed into the radiator, but i'm not even sure what it is? My question is about the damage to the radiator, is it enough to say the radiator is ruined and needs to be replaced? Also, what the heck is this thing that was pushed into it? I bought this bike a week ago, and I've only owned older bikes in the past, so I've never seen anything like this before? Main concern is the smoke from the radiator, but any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Theeebalz

    New 230 owner

    hi all. my girlfriend whos getting more serious into racing this season has started to outride her klx140 suspension wise and was wanting something a bit bigger and maybe with some more power. we found a nice looking 09 230 with a lot of mods done to it. most of my issue with the bike itself besides that its a bit heavy for her is the cold start. it plain sucks. it runs like its jetted properly plug color is about as good as any air cooled fourstroke i've owned. has an fmf pipe on it and a powerbomb looks like an older twin air or moose air filter cleaned and reoiled. fresh oil change with yamalube. and a fresh plug. i have to flutter the choke more than i would think on it. (no i havent checked jetting) this is literally my only complaint on this bike and curious as to what anyone else did with it or just dealt with it? im only concerned with it is if she wants to ride it sometime with one of her girlfriends she cant just pull the choke and press the button like her klx, just like to make it as simple as possible for her. the thing was a steal of a price and rides awesome! and she loves it too has a rear disc brake and a hydro clutch too anything else you guys have to these? its been on a pretty good diet so far but do the lowering links make them feel a hair less heavy up high etc
  5. Austintryingtofixhonda

    Problems starting

    I have a 2006 Crf 150 f and when I push the starter button it only works sometimes, and then when I turn the key off and back on it will work but not constantly. What could the problem here be. Iv checked all grounds and connections look good. When it does turn over the bike runs fine and no weird sounds come from the starter so I don't think the problem has to do with the starter. If any one else has had this problem or might have a possible solution I would appreciate hearing from you, Thanks!
  6. I rebuilt a crf 150r that broke down. It locked up due to no radiator fluid and who knows what else. I bought it and rebuilt the piston, bearings, etc. basically the whole bike. The bike isn't running yet. I need the clutch hub and a few other things but the engine is on but the transmission shifts from 1-5 but I can't shift into neutral. I don't know the problem. Any ideas?
  7. fergus

    2007 crf250r gear problems

    Hi all, a little wile ago I was riding my crf250 and the gear shifter started vibrating a little bit, so I shifted down a gear but as soon as I did that it was like the gears were going crazy inside and the gear shifter was going crazy. After turning the bike off and then starting it back up the bike ran fine for a couple of hours of riding until it started to happen every time I shift down a gear. I can shift fine up to 5th gear but as soon as I shift down this happens. Any idea of what this could be please let me know? cheers
  8. Hi I have a crf230f and it smokes blue-ish white-ish. Really bad! I turn the choke on then start it and it sends out billows of smoke, and it doesn't stop until I start riding it. Once I'm riding the smoke reduces greatly but still smokes a little bit. After a while it completely clears. But when I hold the clutch or put it in neutral for a couple minutes it starts right back up again. Is it the piston rings or does the carb need an adjustment? Thanks for the help!!!
  9. joshstefan

    CRF250R 2006, Clutch not working.

    Hello, One of my buddies got his top end rebuilt couple months ago on his 2006 CRF250R. When he took it home he rode it up the street a few times & it worked fine. Yesterday we went to the track, pretty cold morning 30-40 degrees & after warming up the bikes he went to take off & the clutch is not working what so ever. Tries to drop it in gear & it just stalls. What could it be? clutch plates suck together from sitting too long? too long? let me know. Thanks
  10. I recently purchased a used 2009 CRF450r.. before this bike, everything I've owned had carburetor and cables. That being said, I'm certain something is missing here in the assembly, I just have no clue what I am looking for, what it's called or where to order it. There is nothing that really helps in the manual, but if anyone knows the part(s) i need to get my front brake functioning again, it would be greatly appreciated. Here are a few pictures of the setup with the new lever on, as well as with it off. All i know for sure about this font brake, is that the lever i purchased doesn't reach/touch anything.
  11. Basically, we all know 2004 is the year of the terrible valve issues on the Honda 250r, so can I buy a 2007 Head and put it on the 2004 cylinder?? Also what material are the intake valves on 2004 CRF250R
  12. I am wanting to start riding dirt bikes again. I am 15 years old 6 foot 150 pounds and i now have a raptor 250r all modded out and had a ttr 125 that was modded. I have been riding dirt bikes and 4 wheelers since i was little so im not a beginner and want to know if the crf 250x would be a good choice. I ride mostly trails and like to ride aggressively.
  13. semkaldijk

    Car Oil In Honda CRF250

    So im planning to buy a Suzuki or honda, but i thinking for the honda because the trans and motor oil apart. since we almost never change the trans oil i have to use less oil for the engine. But anyone used car oil for the eninge? i thought it is better because of the anti friction additives. but my dad says a good oil like motul 5100 also does the job and make sure that u change it before 10 hours. Besides the price if it also good for less wear. now im not asking here for what oil is the best , im asking car or engine oil? with experiences please, dont say no because you think its for a car etc.
  14. Hello friends, 6 months ago I encouraged my six-year-old son to learn to ride our little 2007 CRF50F. He rode a little, but kept panicking and having small spills, and I sensed it was becoming a negative experience for him. He had lost all confidence. So I gave it a break, and now, 6 months later, he's back in the saddle. Yesterday at dinner I cheerfully encouraged him to try again. He cautiously agreed, and after about 1 minute of seat time he was off. I think 6 months of strength, mental ability, etc made the difference. Maybe more than anything his confidence boosted and now he's grinning ear to ear. Here's a little video from last night...
  15. So I'm 5' 11" and 135 pounds. I've been looking to upgrade to a crf230f, but my parents want me to get a crf150f instead. How much of a difference is there between these two bikes? I know that they have a similar seat height but is the power roughly the same too? Any info is appreciated, thanks
  16. Hey Everyone! I recently went on a ride down to Mikes Sky Ranch in Baja Mexico. Mikes is about 200 miles south of the border and is one of the best places to check out in baja. Take a ride with our group and check it out! PS- this is the first video I have ever edited haha
  17. So i was about to get a crf250r until i went to the ktm dealership and checked out a 2017 ktm 250sxf. i just wanted to know what thoughts people had on these bikes. I have always ridden honda but would like to know more about the ktm. reliability, handling, resale, and any known problems .
  18. Need to pick up a used starter bike for my 8 Y.O's birthday next month. Craigslist has plenty of 07-09 CRF70s around, but TTR90s are not as plentiful (none local). Does anyone have any opinions on which of these 2 models is superior? Looks like TTR only weighs 4-5 lbs more and has electric start, as well just slightly more travel on both ends. The electric start is really what is making me think I'm going to go the extra mile(s) for a TTR. Riding will be cruising around the ranch and learning to handle the bike before moving into something with a clutch in a year or 2. 2 younger brothers a couple years younger will be chomping at the bit to take it from him. Thanks!
  19. TK Things

    New Owner of 2017 250L

    Well I just sold my ATV and picked up a new 2017 250L. This is my second bike but first dual sport. Been riding ATV's the last 4 years on major trail systems here in Maine. Looking forward to learning and sharing on this site!
  20. TheAirborneCheese

    CRF80F Replacement Stator/Rotor Kit?

    My 2007 Crf80f threw a chain and broke the pulse generator off its mounts, also the flywheel came out of true as a result of the impact. After surfing the "wide and wondrous web" for a few hours I came across this kit that Tbolt makes. http://tboltusa.com/store/trc-outer-rotor-ignition-br-ultimate-full-system-p-650.html It comes with a flywheel/pulse generator/stator combo, a CDI, Ignition coil and some other harnesses, etc. It says in the description that it is compatible with CRF/XR 50's and 70's and I wanted to know if it is compatible with my 80. I would assume that the flywheel on the 70's and 50's is the same (or at least the kewyay/etc. is). Also it is a lightweight flywheel so i figured it would fit because its smaller. Just looking for some feedback... -Sincerely, Airborne
  21. I would like to put a headlight and possibly a tail light. I was told I'd have to wire it to the stator. I'm not familiar with the stator and not too comfortable messing with it. I found a battery pack that runs off the stator but I don't know how to hook it up. What if I get like a small enough marine battery to fit under my seat and just hook the wires up to that? Please help. I would love the advice and tips. Thanks!!
  22. Chris Edwards

    Snappy throttle help!

    hey guys hey guys I need a little help. I just bought a 2017 Honda CRF250R I realize I should have got the X Edition but I can't trade up or get a different bike now so I'm left with trying to modify it to hit the trails. my question is I'm having a really hard time controlling the throttle at low revs and in tight technical terain because it's a Motocross Edition so what can I do to help the smooth the throttle so that I don't whiskey throttle it and end up on my back side all day long.. I am also new to riding g so any help please.
  23. My rm125 leaks gas when sitting there on the stand with gas off. I've tried cleaning carb to make sure no dirt or anything! Please help! Also my kickstarter is tight when pulling out?
  24. luke8500


    hi all, i have a 2007 Honda crf150rb that has an unsolvable hanging idle. bike has full fmf exhaust (powerbomb header and q4 muffler with spark arrestor taken out. you can turn the idle screw up and it will sit there and idle great but as soon as you touch the throttle the idle will hang very high and wont come back down unless i tap the kill switch a couple times. I have replaced the vacuum plate seal and installed in correctly and it did absolutely nothing. carb has been cleaned about 4 times before that. Jets are 135 main, 48 pilot and the others are stock. The throttle cables are not binding up i have checked this. I have tried the fuel screw turned really in really lean and turned out really rich. it made little difference except making it almost impossible to start. The screw is currently set at the factory specified 2 turns out. I have set and tuned the throttle position sensor to exactly what it should be. I've checked all around the engine for air leaks and have found none. Other than these issues the bike starts first kick and runs great. I feel like I've tried everything there is to try. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Luke
  25. Jesse Smith

    2017 crf450r electric start

    any one do the electric start kit on the 17? i see two different part numbers for it 08Z70-MKE-A00 and 08Z71-MKE-A00? does the kit 08z71 come with the harness any everything else or do you have to buy both?