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Found 138 results

  1. Hey Guys and Gals! I went on a really cool ride at Corral Canyon OHV park in SoCal. The conditions were epic since we've been getting all this rain recently. I also got a new camera mount so let me know what you think!!
  2. cbargo

    Bike value

    Recently been looking at a 2007 crf150f parts bike to use to finish up my own to sell it and was wondering how much does a 2007 crf150f blown up motor go for? I don’t know if there is a market for blown up motors just checking if it’s worth something besides scrap metal
  3. YungCharmander

    Best Trail Bike

    I was wondering what trail bike I should buy, ive been looking at the ttr230 and the crf230f but they seem a bit small as I'm 6'1 and most people will say they are too small, what other options do I have for bikes that are reliable and that don't need a lot of maintinence like these two?
  4. ktmyates122

    xr400 wont start

    have a 2000 XR 400 in the shop put new stator, coil plug, new topend, rebuilt carb, and adjusted the valves will spit and spurter wen being pulled but wont stay fully running or wont start wen kick start plz help out were all puzzled about it at the shop
  5. Hi guys, I have a 2011 Crf250r that I’m going to pull the top end since I don’t believe the previous owner did any matinence on anything on the bike so I want to freshen up the Motor since I’ve replaced almost everything else on the bike. Now since I’m replacing piston I was wanting to try the JE 14:2:1 HC piston along with a cam , hot cam or anyone that suits it best. I’m aiming for low end to mid power increase. I figured if I add these mods to it I’ll be getting my ecu remapped and dialed into run vpU4.4. Just curious by adding these mods will I be adding a lot more stress on the engine? I understand by doing these mods I’ll have to be checking the piston and valve clearances more often which is no problem at all but just trying to figure out if it’s going to be adding more stress by doing this or just more matinence. thanks!
  6. Hello, I recently did a mini moto track day with my GF on CRF50's we had so much fun and looked into picking up an XR100 however they are going for $1200+ right now in So Cal. So we picked up a CRF80F for half that. However in stock condition it has a 2.5 x 16 front and 3.6 x 14 rear. What is the best way to get a 16" wheel on the rear? Should I purchase another crf80 front and lace it to the rear hub, should I purchase an XR100 rear wheel? I'm not looking to race this is strictly to have fun with my GF since we live right next to a kart track.
  7. Brady The Honda Guy

    Cr 250 Conversion

    So I can get a 1986 cr250 motor for a good price and I also know a guy that has a 2005 crf250r that needs work. I have the idea of just swapping motors. Would this motor fit in the newer frame?
  8. lookin to upgrade my suspension on my 06 cr250, curious whats possible with some work.
  9. Tired of putting money into an old 2003 KX 250 that keeps breaking and isn't perfect for what I ride, has some upgrades but kills me every race from the suspension. I like the bike but just don't want to be the guy who puts $1000 into suspension to make it suitable. What does anyone think the best option would be? budget around $3000. 6ft 160lbs. Really interested in a crf 450x or a wr450, and I know it will be heavy for me to handle but I'm hoping the trail settings and suspension should compensate and still be better than my KX (and it would still be a fun powerful bike). Ideally I would want a 250f mx bike that already had the suspension work done, but that is rare. Is there a certain 250f to buy that would have the "best" stock mx suspension for the woods? Really want something reliable and newer (2006-2010ish) but I know I would be bored of a regular trail bike (KDX, 250x, TTR) after the first ride, and need something to be able to compete. I can deal with my 250 2Ts power but the 450x torque might be a bit much in the PA single track. KTM is an option, probably only a 2 stroke, but bikes newer than 2005 are fairly expensive and hard to come by. Any suggestions for a competitive woods bike for that budget would be great, thanks.
  10. I just bought a 2004 crf50, since I'm new at buying a motorbike I didn't really know what to look for. I got it for $500. It turns on with one kick of the kickstand but here's the problem I think, the throttle is sort of loose..idk if it's suppose to be like that? I grab the cable and pull back and the play sort of goes away so what might it be?
  11. Check it out! Let me know your thoughts 2018 Shootout 450's BEHIND THE SCENES as a Test Rider
  12. Hello friends, Seeing as how school was about to begin, I took my boys on a 16-mile exploration ride through the country. Along the way we found a neat levee, and the boys rode across it on their little Honda dirt bikes (CRF50F and CRF70F). These little bikes are awesome. Dirt bikes are a great way to spend time together, in my opinion.
  13. anywhere on the innerweb to download it yet?
  14. Hi all, I have a 2005 crf250r that has a pretty bad bog whenever you whack the throttle. If you roll on the gas you cant even tell. The motor has about 7 hours on the full rebuild. Jets are 48 pilot 162 main 70 leak and i dont remember the other one. Has full fmf exhaust with mega bomb header and 4.1 pipe motor is stock. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Luke
  15. Hey guys, Really need some help on this one. I got a second hand CRF450R (2009) 80hrs, prior to handing the cash over, I took it for a ride and thought it was all good. (got it cheap, and suspect its been poorly maintained) That weekend I took it for a ride, first lap.. noticed a knocking noise. shut it off and took it home. Once I got it home I gave it a new top end.. piston rings, pin, had the barrel checked, shimmed valves to spec, new guides and new water pump. Went for a ride.. no good. still had the noise. Have now pulled the motor out and split the case... Only bearing i could find that may be on its way out was the roller bearing that the clutch basket sits on - a small amount of movement. BUT.. then I noticed the crank.. it slides side to side with a rather good "knock" (not the con-rod, but the crank),, there's so much movement that it almost looks like there is a thrust washer missing or something - but the service manual does not show a thrust washer there.. I'm 99% sure this amount cannot be ok. However, the main bearings that the crank sits in, have only the slightest amount of wear, almost nothing. This is my first bottom end of a dirt bike engine, so I'm not sure how much movement is too much. Has anyone come across this? or have any ideas/remedies??? Click on this link to a youtube video of movement of the crank.
  16. Ferhuagarz

    High RPM Scraping Noise 2011 CRF250x

    I have a 2011 CRF250x, I've always been on top of maintenance, never really flogged the bike. From about this time last year the bike developed a sort of rubbing/scraping noise coming from the left side of the motor only when it was 3/4 throttle or more. I thought it might have been drivetrain so I pulled over, put it in neutral and did the same thing (3/4 throttle and more) while sitting still and it did the same thing. The bike sat in the shed for about 6 months and then I took it out to see if I could figure it out. I pulled the valve cover off and everything seemed normal, nothing loose, valves still in clearances. I also pulled the cam chain tensioner out, I wasn't game enough to go further so I put it back together and started it. No noise. It was fine, I rode it for about 1-2 months with no noise at all. I had to get a friend to ride it to get it inspected for road worthy and the noise is back. I've tried taking the cam chain tensioner out again and it hasn't worked this time. The noise has also become worse and at lower RPM (more like 2/3 throttle now). I'm wondering if this has been experienced by anyone else also and how they fixed it. I'm not game enough to continue riding it as I'm not sure whether the noise is something going bad. I'm keen to fix the problem as I've been without a bike for so long, I just don't have the money to pay someone to dig around the bike for me. Thanks in advance
  17. Caleb Breaux

    Pissed at Honda

    So I've got 2015 crf250x. I did many of the ccc mods and now it runs like a champ. Starts on first kick/push and I love the suspension and feel. What I hate about the bike is how hard it is to work on. Specifically the carb. For anyone who doesn't own a 250x/450x the carb sits right behind a large portion of subframe and is nearly impossible to access. I have a after market fuel screw and I still can barely get to it with my hands. If you actually wan't to clean the carb you have to lift the whole sub frame to get it out. Now my throttle cable is seized up (probably from sand) and I am going to have to replace. I'm not mad that the cable seized, it happens, things go wrong grit gets in places its not supposed to be and parts wear out. However where my throttle cables attach to my carb is completely inaccessible. So I am going to have to lift the sub frame again! This is not that big a deal but the last time I tried to get the airbox boot back on the carb it took 5 hours and a shit ton of grease. Carb work is something that is common on all dirtbikes. Even just for maintenance. It should not be that difficult to access it. It seems like honda doesn't want owners to work on their bikes anymore. Don't even get me started on trying to find a current service manual (because the bikes don't come with them anymore). I looked at several buddies bikes because I was curious as to how they are layed out, and for the ktm, yamaha, and suzuki the throttle cable fix wouldn't take more than 30 minutes. But its going to be an all day process for me. I'm so pissed right now I'm thinking about selling my bike and switching makers because I feel like this is going to become a recurring problem. What do you guys think? Any honda guys out there gonna convince me otherwise?
  18. Chris Edwards

    need help taming a 2017 Honda CRF250R

    I'm new to riding and new to The Forum. I have recently purchased a 2017 Honda CRF250R and want to convert it for Enduro riding or single-track trail riding. the bike currently has way too much throttle response and it's to Snappy for me to control in tight technical terain or anything sloppy or rough I have heard that adding a flywheel weight or a G2 Tamer will help but I Wonder has anybody made these mods on a newer Honda and if so do they work? or is there something else I should go with? and if I get a flywheel weight what size would you recommend? thanks for any recommendations guys
  19. TheAirborneCheese

    CRF80F Replacement Stator/Rotor Kit?

    My 2007 Crf80f threw a chain and broke the pulse generator off its mounts, also the flywheel came out of true as a result of the impact. After surfing the "wide and wondrous web" for a few hours I came across this kit that Tbolt makes. http://tboltusa.com/store/trc-outer-rotor-ignition-br-ultimate-full-system-p-650.html It comes with a flywheel/pulse generator/stator combo, a CDI, Ignition coil and some other harnesses, etc. It says in the description that it is compatible with CRF/XR 50's and 70's and I wanted to know if it is compatible with my 80. I would assume that the flywheel on the 70's and 50's is the same (or at least the kewyay/etc. is). Also it is a lightweight flywheel so i figured it would fit because its smaller. Just looking for some feedback... -Sincerely, Airborne
  20. Austintryingtofixhonda

    Problems starting

    I have a 2006 Crf 150 f and when I push the starter button it only works sometimes, and then when I turn the key off and back on it will work but not constantly. What could the problem here be. Iv checked all grounds and connections look good. When it does turn over the bike runs fine and no weird sounds come from the starter so I don't think the problem has to do with the starter. If any one else has had this problem or might have a possible solution I would appreciate hearing from you, Thanks!
  21. Theeebalz

    New 230 owner

    hi all. my girlfriend whos getting more serious into racing this season has started to outride her klx140 suspension wise and was wanting something a bit bigger and maybe with some more power. we found a nice looking 09 230 with a lot of mods done to it. most of my issue with the bike itself besides that its a bit heavy for her is the cold start. it plain sucks. it runs like its jetted properly plug color is about as good as any air cooled fourstroke i've owned. has an fmf pipe on it and a powerbomb looks like an older twin air or moose air filter cleaned and reoiled. fresh oil change with yamalube. and a fresh plug. i have to flutter the choke more than i would think on it. (no i havent checked jetting) this is literally my only complaint on this bike and curious as to what anyone else did with it or just dealt with it? im only concerned with it is if she wants to ride it sometime with one of her girlfriends she cant just pull the choke and press the button like her klx, just like to make it as simple as possible for her. the thing was a steal of a price and rides awesome! and she loves it too has a rear disc brake and a hydro clutch too anything else you guys have to these? its been on a pretty good diet so far but do the lowering links make them feel a hair less heavy up high etc
  22. I would like to put a headlight and possibly a tail light. I was told I'd have to wire it to the stator. I'm not familiar with the stator and not too comfortable messing with it. I found a battery pack that runs off the stator but I don't know how to hook it up. What if I get like a small enough marine battery to fit under my seat and just hook the wires up to that? Please help. I would love the advice and tips. Thanks!!
  23. I rebuilt a crf 150r that broke down. It locked up due to no radiator fluid and who knows what else. I bought it and rebuilt the piston, bearings, etc. basically the whole bike. The bike isn't running yet. I need the clutch hub and a few other things but the engine is on but the transmission shifts from 1-5 but I can't shift into neutral. I don't know the problem. Any ideas?
  24. I am wanting to start riding dirt bikes again. I am 15 years old 6 foot 150 pounds and i now have a raptor 250r all modded out and had a ttr 125 that was modded. I have been riding dirt bikes and 4 wheelers since i was little so im not a beginner and want to know if the crf 250x would be a good choice. I ride mostly trails and like to ride aggressively.
  25. fergus

    2007 crf250r gear problems

    Hi all, a little wile ago I was riding my crf250 and the gear shifter started vibrating a little bit, so I shifted down a gear but as soon as I did that it was like the gears were going crazy inside and the gear shifter was going crazy. After turning the bike off and then starting it back up the bike ran fine for a couple of hours of riding until it started to happen every time I shift down a gear. I can shift fine up to 5th gear but as soon as I shift down this happens. Any idea of what this could be please let me know? cheers