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Found 163 results

  1. Great times in Moab. Amazing 5 days of riding all the way from Virginia.
  2. Great times in Moab. Amazing 5 days of riding all the way from Virginia.
  3. Romanian Tractor

    Enduro mud & swamp crossings

    Made another YouTube clip of our last ride, thought I'd share with you all. Cheers!
  4. SuMo Time: Sumotoberfest SuperSprechermoto SuMoSwarm w/ Friends Menards in Carpentersville, Illinois 10AM meet... SUNDAY: 52–72°Mostly Sunny THis is actually a combination of two groups meeting up... mostly backroads, twists, turns... Supermoto Swarm There are currently around 12 people in each group and more joining by the hour. We're avoiding gravel and offroad this time so we can include our Supermoto-challenged friends =D -- so bring a friend, or a 'backpack'. Yes, sometimes we go fast -- but the group waits for people to catch up. So, just come ride! While we, as a primarily Supermoto group, really love having as many supermotos as possible out on rides, bring your Supermoto if you have one, otherwise bring whatever. Bring a friend. I don't know how well a GROM would keep up. We've got KTMs, Suzukis, Yamahas, Husq, ducati, etc... Most of the time we're all back to the launch point by 2:30 / 3PM, but it just depends. http://www.sprecherspub.com/ The group is not a internet gawker group -- we're a group that RIDES -- not TALKS about riding -- but RIDES. So, if you RIDE, come RIDE. Don't join the group to be a lurker -- there are already a million groups you can join if you just want to be a lurker. A bunch of the guys use Sena intercoms, so if you have it... If you request to join the group and don't answer questions (designed to see if you actually ride, and are not just a lurker), and your profile doesn't seem tro indicate that you actually ride, you risk not being admitted into the group... THE GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SupermotoDundee THE EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/1963818857167157 Previous smaller events: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F80UPonJNos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZfHvtnznpY
  5. trouble_maker

    Brunes Mill Pre-entry open!!

    Brunes Mill Pre-entry open http://www.moto-tally.com/TSCEC/PreEntry.aspx
  6. pat22043

    2018 Michaux Dualsport date

    This year's will be this Sunday. Next years will be Sunday August 23, 2018 so mark your calendar now and sign up next June
  7. Supermotofool

    DRZ400S VS DRZ400SM

    Now that I am rebuilding my 2001 DRZ400S due to a crash.. I want to be sure that when it happens again the bike will not be completely totaled. I cannot find any axle sliders for it because it does not have hollow axles. The only thing I have been able to find are engine guards that mount to the frame so I will for sure be getting those. So I just have questions on how to get axle sliders mounted on my bike, and I also will probably be getting a handbrake sometime in the near future. Would I be better off just swapping to an SM swingarm? I wish there was a document listing all the spec differences between the SM and S models. Any help would be great. Best regards.
  8. New baksideDisaster flick is out! Back in early November we headed south on a 2,275 mile dualsport road trip down to California and back to ride the Mojave desert. Enjoy some amazing scenery and fast looking dirt bike guys thanks to some epic dronage as we rip up Spangler Hills and Alabama Hills! Please like and share!
  9. pat22043

    Michaux Dual Sport GPS??

    I'm working on converting the roll route sheet to a proper GPS/GPX route for this Sunday's Michaux Dual Sport. Has anyone done this before? Some parts are kinda confusing. Also, if you are a C- or so rider and want to group/time with me, let me know.
  10. For the launch of the 2018 Enduro models Husqvarna Motorcycles decided to visit Canada to experience the pioneering spirit. So we've invited 48 media guys from all over the world to Panorama, BC to test ride and experience the new 2-stroke fuel injected models.
  11. Hey guys new member to tt but have found lots of helpful info here before. So i have a couple questions i was hoping the community could help with. I just bought a 2017 husqvarna fe 350 i have only put like 2 hrs on it and like it so far but its definatly chocked off with the smog junk and the airbox reeds after the first hour of break in i put on the fmf 4.1 slip on thats all ive done so far and the pipe definatly made an improvment but now i have a some decel poping telling me its running lean. My question is, what map r ppl running ive herd the euro map works good but the dealer is saying theyve had mixed reviews. I plan on de smogging it probably get the bds emmissions delete kit. Setting it up mainly for woods but would also like to get some sm wheels eventualy. Any suggestions or tips espically by some one with the same bike or 250 would be mega thanks n cheers tt
  12. Nate Ross


    So like an idiot I was on craigslist and found a very cheap Enduro 250. The problem is I have no idea what year or brand of bike it is due to the VIN number being scratched off on the bike. Wondering if anyone recognizes this bike or can identify what kind of a bike it is. I can attach images of the bike below. THANKS!
  13. Michael Axel Klose

    2017 ENDURO: Yamaha XT 250

  14. fireman69

    Te300 moab trip

    We had the opportunity to go ride moab for the first time last week. Had a great time and rode some amazing trails and features. I put together a pretty cool video of our ride and some of our fails (some ugly ones lol) I thought you husqvarna guys might enjoy!
  15. I have seen a lot of dirt bikes with plates in NJ on craigslist but i haven't seen any one post the process on how you can do it. I really only want to get the plate to do enduro races and stuff like that in NJ. If anyone has done it and is willing to help me out i would appreciate it. Thank Drew
  16. Hey everyone, just seeing what everyone out there uses for their phone storage. For as long as I can remember I would just throw it in the pack but on short rides with no pack I was out of luck. I didn't have pockets and if I did I didn't want to go down and break it. I found a case from Havik Accessories that is just what I needed and liked it enough I thought we'd share. Enter havik when you buy to get $4 off. https://havik-accessories-and-apparel.myshopify.com/collections/all-products/products/havik-motobar-case Here it is on two bikes:
  17. Just upgrade from a GoPro 3 Silver to a GoPro Session 5 with Video Stabilization. I've heard some guys say for dirt riding, turn off stabilization. What say you? Here are two vids to compare. With Stabilization: Without Stabilization:
  18. Here’s some footage of me and a buddy on our DR650’s out messing around.
  19. Hello everyone, I have a 2006 yz450f and I am looking to make into more of an enduro/trail bike. I am looking to make the clutch lever a little easier to pull and anything else that would help with enduro. Any suggestions for modifications would be greatly appreciated.
  20. x293x

    Dallas area trail riders?

    New to the area, looking for some new riding buddies. Probably ride once or twice a month. Used to be A level mx and Enduro rider. Would love to meet up with some like minded people down here!
  21. How can I street legalize my CR 85 expert? I was wondering the specifics of what I’ll need to convert my bike to a dual sport. If you could provide me with any information, please do. Thanks!
  22. So I’m reading these horror stories of the stock vacume operated petcocks failing and letting gas into the oil .... how many of you guys switched over and is it worth it to switch to manual ?
  23. Chris Edwards

    Snappy throttle help!

    hey guys hey guys I need a little help. I just bought a 2017 Honda CRF250R I realize I should have got the X Edition but I can't trade up or get a different bike now so I'm left with trying to modify it to hit the trails. my question is I'm having a really hard time controlling the throttle at low revs and in tight technical terain because it's a Motocross Edition so what can I do to help the smooth the throttle so that I don't whiskey throttle it and end up on my back side all day long.. I am also new to riding g so any help please.
  24. Hey guys, Im looking to buy a new Yamaha 2 stroke within the next couple weeks but i cant decide whether i would be happier with the 2018 yz 250 or the 2018 yz250x. Heres my riding background. Ive been riding for 15 years, I raced in the A class for 5 years until money got tight and i gave up racing all together. Since i then I realized how much fun single track riding is and just free riding with the buddies. I still occasionally ride tracks but about 80% of my riding is trails. I live in Michigan and if you have ever ridden in Michigan then you know the trails can get as rough as a motocross track. My local trails have sand whoops that i would compare to REDD-BUUUDDDS sand whoops. Ive never owned a "trail" bike ive always taken my race bikes and made them into "trail" bikes. My last bike being a Yz125. That being said i know all the mechanical and technical differences between the 2 bikes. Im a bit worried that the 250x just wont have the racey feel when im riding. Im also worried then when i do take it to the track the suspension will be a bit soft and the mellow hitting powerband will not allow me to seat bounce the big whoops. But now the standard yz250 might not have enough low end to help me skate through wet black slick dirt and the suspension might be a little to "non responsive" per say in studder bumps. Can you guys give me any sort of guidance. If you would like to check out my riding style on YouTube check out : "Yz125 2 stroke Shredding Michigan Enduro Trails." Thanks Guys