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Found 72 results

  1. Parker_B30

    2003 KTM 200 EXC Clutch Issues

    Hi everyone, I purchased a 2003 200 EXC a little while ago. The guy I bought it from said it has a rekluse clutch in it, but that is all I know about it. When I got it pulling in the clutch seemed to have no effect on the bike so I opened up the maser cylinder to find it nearly empty. Filled it from the bottom up and bled it with magura blood. Now when i'm driving in gear it functions normally but any time the bike is off or in neutral it is very hard to pull. The biggest problem is when I come to a stop even with the clutch in the bike stalls. It idles fine in neutral and can be put into first gear and idles fine but the problems happen when coming to a stop. I do not know where to go from here. Any help is appreciated, Thanks. Also considering just going back to a standard clutch, seems like it would be easier to trouble shoot and more reliable for the future?
  2. dkelley42

    1997 KTM 250 EXC Graphics Kit

    Hello all, I recently picked up a 1997 KTM 250 EXC and the graphics on it are a little scratched and faded and I am in the process of looking for new ones. However, I have not been very successful as the ones I have found are not to my taste. I am really looking to get a Red Bull or Jagermeister set if possible, and I am willing to pay up to $150 for a set that actually fits my bike. If anybody has an advice on where to search, that would be awesome. Thank you all in advance!
  3. I have a 2015 KTM 300 XC that has all of the mountings for a headlight and I was wandering if it was possible if I could put a freeride headlight on it with my current fender. Thansk in advance.
  4. Looking for something a little lighter and faster to supplement my xr650l and I think this bike might fit the bill. I'm hoping there are some owners here who can give me some insight into the typical experience with this bike. The question I'm most concerned about is how many hours these engines last before needing a rebuild with normal trail riding? Also, how do they handle in technical terrain? How about on the road? The machine I'm looking at has about 75 hours and 1,500 miles on it, all stock other than a lectron carb, and comes with some dualsport lighting not installed. The current owner's asking price seems pretty high at $4500, but he seems to be a communicative, eager seller, which is practically unheard of in Upstate NY where the vast majority of dirtbikes on Craigslist are owned (or "owned") by rednecks trying to flip them. I'm willing to pay a little more than market value for this reason. Thanks for any input!
  5. Hey all, first post, glad to be here! Just got my first 2 stroke in a trade, it's a 2004 KTM 200sx. always been a 4 stroke guy, but I've done some time on some friends' yz125's and yz250's. Since day one, i though mine sounded like a bucket of marbles, especially on decel and idle, both with the clutch in and out. Here's a short clip of the test ride the first day i got it: https://vid.me/XPgVP to ease my mind, I rebuilt my crank, after finding a tiiiiny bit of up and down play. all of my bearings checked out, so I omitted replacing them since i don't have access to a machine shop. buttoned it back up, and fired it up. https://vid.me/4gDWj the noise has improved (i think), but I'm not sure if there's something else at play here. or maybe it's just a noisy bike. What do y'all think? many thanks Adam
  6. mightyerick

    01 400 EXC wont start

    I have a 2001 KTM 400 EXC that I bought leaking fuel from the float bowl gasket. The bike has been sitting for a bit over a month. I replaced the float bowl gasket and while I had the carb apart cleaned out the entire thing with carb cleaner, sprayed compressed air through every jet and pushed a thin piece of wire through so Im 100% sure there are no blockages. After reassembling the bike it would turn over but bog down and die if I snapped and held the throttle. Went back in and adjusted the float bowl tang to factory settings because I forgot to, and now the bike wont turn over. The only things I can think of are: bad gas, or I need a new spark plug. Pulled the spark plug and it was completely dry. And thats where Im stuck. This is the first bike Ive ever worked on so I dont know what else to try, any insight is appreciated. Thanks
  7. David Cannalonga

    1997 KTM 250 EGS SEM Ignition Problem

    Hi Guys, My SEM coil has failed, and they are very hard to find, and very expensive! does anyone have any suggestions of alternatives? Could i fit a non charging stator as this would be a cheap fix. Any suggestions welcome.
  8. Hello, I just purchased a 2016 350 exc-f with ~20 hours on it for trail riding in the Downieville area. The bike is pretty much bone stock. I did order a low seat. My inseam is 30" and I'm tip-toes. Hope the seat helps. If not, I may need to have adjustments done. Besides the seat, is there a simple 'start here' approach to dealing with the height? Are there some obvious add-ons that this bike needs? I got a decent helmet and pair of boots. Not sure about protection...is there a recommendation for enduro type rider? Thanks
  9. I couldn't find any markings from the cylinder (expect 66/17AR), didn't open powervalve covers though. I would be happy to hear where the size marking is (size 1 or 2).
  10. I've wanted a 300 smoker for a long time, and now I've decided it's the time to do it. I've been already pretty much decided on a 2004-2007 300 EXC, but then I started browsing my local ads and noticed quite a few of these EC 300s for sale. I can get around a 2007-2010 EC 300 for the same money as a 2004-2007 300 EXC, that's why I've been considering it. Does anyone have experience with both of these, preferably these years? It's hard to find head to head comparisons on the internet for these two. Do the EC 300s and pre-2008 EXC 300s have an adjustable power valve? How do the engines and suspension compare? The only thing I've found out from my research is that owners of both seem to love their bikes.
  11. Sorry if this is not the right forum to post this, but I've recently started taking apart the top end on my 2008 ktm exc-r 450. I was able to loosen 3 out of the 4 bolts that hold the cylinder head on and when I got to the last one (front right shown in the picture) the inside rounded out. As you can see from the picture its pretty close to the side of the engine so nothing can fit around the outside of it. I tried using a star-head to get a little more grab on the inside of the bolt head but no luck. I'm trying to figure out what my options are before I make anything worse. I've been told I could cut the bolt head off, but if I do wont the threads inside still be holding the cylinder head down?? Maybe a stupid question, since from looking on the oem parts finder it looks like the threads dont start until their into that bottom part of the engine. I've also head of tack welding a bolt on top to remove it, but not sure how hard thatd be to do with such little space. Are there any other tools or tricks to getting this thing out before resorting to those last ditch efforts?
  12. Just wanted to share a movie I made from the ride this weekend.

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Purchased from an older gentleman who rides a gs1200. It had 70 hours on it, 2400 miles, over 6 years; roughly 10 hours a year!!. I have added 40 onto it mainly commuting to work and joy rides on the street since July 2018. I am moving south in my van and this bike cannot come! You will fall in love with this 250lbs, 57 horsepower monster. This bike retails for almost 11k brand new. This bike is know to last several hundred hours before throwing a top end in. Check out thumpertalk forums and there are guys putting 250+ hours before having to do a top end. Braaping_kiwi on instagram has 1170 hours with only doing a top end rebuild @ 850 hours!!! There is tons of life left on this bike, the ultimate dual sport machine. Video of cold start: High Mile KTM 500exc's: https://advrider.com/f/threads/2012-16-ktm-500-exc-xc-w-high-miles-hours.1163490/ 2016 KTM Hitting 100,000km!! https://advrider.com/f/threads/new-zealand-to-alaska-on-a-ktm500exc-now-rtw.1181912/ Check out this video 7000km, 7 countries all on a ktm 500 *Street legal in all 50 states from the factory* KTM DOT dirt wheels with metzeler 6 days extreme 90/90-21front 140/80-18 rear Seat concepts aftermarket seat (old seat included) fmf 4.1 megabomb header + muffler titanium exhaust heated grips desmog kit Coolant flush + oil change + filter at 84 hours Valve's checked + oil change @ 100 hours Includes oil, oil filters, coolant, owners manual, handguards, tool bag Minor scrapes but excellent condition for a dirt bike All of the turn signals work but have become brittle and hang, right rear has been burned from exhaust Exhaust has 2 dents in it Asking $6500 OBO Located outside Philadelphia PA *Title in hand, cash only*


    HUNTINGDON VY, Pennsylvania - US

  14. swamp-donkey

    KTM Stator

    Recently purchased s 2005 KTM 250 exc. I am out of state from where the bike is currently stored and am trying to get info about the stock stator. Looking at OEM part schematics, I find that this year and model apparently could have either the 2k-2 stator with about 35-40W output or the 2k-3 stator with a better/higher output (https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/oem-schematic/21). The bike currently has no head light but allegedly it used to when it was bought. Is there an easy way to know which stator is actually on my bike without pulling it out and actually looking at it or testing the output? Or should I assume that if no one has done the upgrade to 2k-3 stator that it would have a 2k-2 stator by default? Next question: If the bike has 2k-2 stator, what would be the brightest light I could get for relatively decent price. Broad question, I know. But if anyone has some really standout recommendations for older type bikes, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  15. Mangusti

    530 clutch issues

    So... clutch works fine the hole day riding then i go back home to do a oil change, first one after top end rebuild. After that i leave my house and ride for 10min then suddenly clutch loses pressure completely but comes back little bit after few pumps. So then i check the fluids, and there really isn't any. I fill it up and pump the air out of the system so no more air coming out but sill lacking pressure. Now here it starts getting interesting, when i hold my clutch it engages the clutch but after 5 sec holding it in it loses all pressure. Also it feels very soft when the clutch lever is all the way out when i start pulling it engages. I have bled it the correct way and got all the dirty stuff out. There are no visible leaks and i have replaced the slave gasket. All help is appreciated
  16. Doing a job for a guy who dropped a valve in his 08 450 EXC. Got the bike not running obviously and send out all the parts to get remachhined and fixed. Got everything back together and I'm pretty sure I got it back to TDC. Cam lobes face right way, bolt locked in on crank slit, and mark lined up on top of cam holder. Everything spun over fine but when I bolt it back up and have the motor ready to fire it won't kick, tried battery and seemed dead. Bought a new battery and charged it still won't go. The battery will turn the motor over if the spark plug is out but once it has compression it's slow and groggy. Any ideas what's wrong? I'm going mad trying to figure it out. All valves are brand new and in spec, same with top end and cylinder.
  17. Joey Banys

    New Headlights

    Hi there, ended up doing my first ride in complete darkness on my 450exc in trails. The factory setup was absolutely terrible, I replaced the bulb a week ago just to have know it’s a new one but I haven’t really done any night riding until now, I’m wondering who has any good suggestions of a new headlight system for the bike. Preferably nothing that gets me into replacing my stator. Any help would be much appreciated, cheers
  18. Hello everyone just looking for a new bike between a ktm 450 xcf or sx and a ktm 300 xc which one would go harder??
  19. evanalmighty

    2007 200exc problems

    so i recently purchased a 2007 200exc, which was supposed to have everything replaced etc etc. when i got it, it was running fine for the first 2 weeks, then the bike wouldnt start, and everytime you cranked the kickstarter fuel would POUR out of the carby overflow tube. so me and my dad took apart the carby and found a sh!t ton of dirt and gunk in there, so we used carby cleaner and a toothbrush to get as much out as we could, still poured out fuel when cranking. so we once again took apart the carby and found the the needle and float had a problem where by the float was bottoming out all the time (im no mechanic so dont have a go at me if im using wrong terms or am wrong), so we fixed that and made the float level out. went to start it, great, it started, no fuel pouring out, couldnt be happier, que the new problem. the bike cannot idle for more than 20 seconds before stalling, and once it has stalled, you cannot start it again, turns out spark plug was not the right one and was to "cold". so we ordered an iridium spark plug in hopes that it would fix this issue, we were wrong. i had recently got the bike regod and i was keen to show it off to my mates, when for a ride which should have taken 5 mins, ended up taking 2 hours. i was riding up a hill and so gave it a bit more throttle, and the bike started to cough and splutter then just cut out. wheeled it off the road and when to start it, wouldnt start, after 2 hours of trying to start it every now and then and waiting for fuel to purhaps evapourate off the new spark plug, wouldnt start still. eventually i had to clutch? roll start the bike which it ran finish after that. the still would start whilst kciking it so again i had to clutch start when leaving my mates. then the bike cut out again on a hill. wouldnt start when kicking, and had to clutch start again, made it home, and not touching it until it gets a proper fix as i dont want to be stuck 10km from hopeand cant start the thing. if there is any advice at all that may resolve these issues of not idling, not starting, and cutting out when giving it throttle up a hill that would be greatly appreaciated, ratio is 50:1 by the way as i did run 40:1 but the plug always turned black, and it has had an aparent top and bottom end rebuild. could be jetting im told or needle and float but i really am stumped and i dont want to be forking out a whole bag of cash as i had just paid a total of roughly $4500 for this bike and rego, (i live in Australia) thankyou and serioulsy and advice id really appreaciate it
  20. orundle

    KTM 380 Cylinder

    Hey guys. Im in a toss up with the, hopefully, last part of my KTM build... I need a 380 cylinder. I was ready to ship it off to LA Sleeve but was thinking about price and figured if a new one is $800 i might as well go that route. i found one on Babbitt"s for $717 shipped, not knowing if it is truly in stock. Any KTM guys out there know of anywhere to get one cheaper or know of a place that 100% has them available? Any help would be amazing.
  21. Hey Thumpers, I took the Carby off to replace the AP diaphragm and the Main Jet....Reassembled the Carby to the engine , attempted to kick the bike but the lever is stuck in the upright position and won't kick downwards. I took the right side case off on the Clutch side and noticed two teeth missing from the Primary gear and a couple from the Idler gear. Needless to say i found two of the teeth belonging to the Primary gear, proceeded to take the left casing off on the Stator side and noticed some metal particles pasted on the Pickup magnet. I cleaned that off , found no foreign objects on the Stator side, reconnected the kickstart lever on the lever shaft just to see if it freed up, by my surprise i was able to kick and turn over the engine like it should....BTW the spark plug was removed before to ease the compression. After all of that i felt a bit relieved and placed the left and right side casings back on . Refitted the Gas tank, kicked her and she started right up. Took her around the gap and CLAX! that bike cuts out and the kick start lever is stuck again. I was able to put the bike in neutral and walked her home , i can shift all through the gears like normal. Click the link below to view the video. Stuck Kick Lever Hope you guys can shed some light on where to look.
  22. All right guys could use some help here. Last year I sold my motocross bike and decided I was going to convert my 2015 500 EXC into a more moto friendly setup. As I was doing so I started removing items I felt "unnecessary" (headlights, tail light, turn signals, etc) and put that stuff aside for when I wanted to put it back in street legal trim. Shortly after I had to move and put the bike in storage for a few months until I found a new place with a garage. So that brings us to now, I just pulled the bike out and decided to put all the dual sport stuff back on and make it street legal but can not get the turn signals to work. So here's the situation, Head light and tail/break light work, horn also works and everything is plugged in correctly but I suspect I might have gotten a bit trigger happy when removing the "unnecessary" components as I have found what appears to be a ground wire at the bottom of the bin I stored the removed parts in. I can't remember where this came from or why I cut the wire (see picture below) but I suspect this is the reason my turn signals aren't working. To add to my confusion, tucked behind the headlight I found a random female end of a bullet connector with nothing plugged into it and I'm not sure what would have gone there and if I removed that or it's just an extra accessory wire. The piece of wire I found that I cut has a female end on it doesn't plug in there :/ I also purchased the ktm service manual but the wiring diagram is so complicated I can't tell what is what. So if you own a 13- 15 500 exc or have knowledge in this area here's what I need to know... 1.What is the female bullet connector behind the headlight supposed to be used for? 2.Is the clipped black wire I found in my box the culprit for my faulty turn signals ? 3.If so, where does that wire go on the bike? pics below If you have any info that can help me figure this out please share and thanks for reading this, cheers!
  23. Do someone has experience with the installation? Procedure specifiy to remove the engine....I plan to remove some coolant, put the bike to ground on the left side and do the job..... Thanks
  24. I have a 2008 KTM EXC that had an aftermarket radiator fan installed by the previous owner and worked fine up until some heavy trail riding a while back. Im pretty bad with electrical stuff and havnt even owned a bike with an electric start until now. Ive heard having a fan on these is pretty much a necessity so Im trying to get it working. Ive heard I can test if the fan will work by touching two wires together but I dont know which ones. Also how can I check to see if its a fuse or something else? Thanks!
  25. I have a 2018 500 Exc-f with only about 60 Miles on it. I noticed today that at idle, if I blip the throttle quickly and then let off the engine will either bog down or die completely. I thought it may be related to the JD tuner I had just installed last night, but I unplugged the tuner and it is still doing it. Has anyone else had this issue? Please help! Only other mods done are the bike is desmogged. I didn’t notice this until after I had removed the tank in order to install the JD tuner last night. Could this be related?