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Found 101 results

  1. Hi Guys I was on XR's Only website last night, and see that they have updated the looks of the muffler for their exhaust system. Looks much better than the old one. http://www.xrsonly.com/xrs-only-exhaust-pipe-honda-xr400r-stainless-steel-cone-tip http://www.xrsonly.com/xrs-only-exhaust-header-honda-xr400r So I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with their full system? It will be for a 440 setup. They say the header is larger, but also say the muffler can connect to stock headers?? Sooooo, Power?....Quality?...Noisy or not? Thanks
  2. flynn chibnall

    Help reguarding 1985 xr250r

    Hi all, so I got the 1985 xr250r running finailly this week after 4 years sitting in the shed blown up. Bike went well on the first test drive, through all the gears well etc, apart from one very big problem... I had lost some parts to secure exhaust onto engine and had a carb leeking fuel...( recipe for disaster) so basically after 15 mins when I came to a stop it lit on fire ? Managed to stop the fire with only damage to the seat cover luckily. So just a few questions to ask you experienced guys since I'm only 18 and still learning, the bike was shooting flames straight out engine without exhaust, is this normal? Also where can I find the collars, nuts and bolts and the Falange things for it. The last thing I ask is the Carb was dropping a lot of fuel out overflow onto engine below, I'm guessing that the float or needle is stuck. Also it wasnt wanting to idle with no revs and would sometimes rev a bit without me touching the throdle, carb too I'm guessing? Many thanks guys and any help will be greatly appreciated ( ive added a photo of he flames, pretty sure it's just cause of no exhaust but I'll get some opinions) thanks to all who help !!
  3. From what I can tell, the stock exhaust systems/spark arrestor on '17 KTM 250 SX-F meet the requirements to ride in the mountains. Is that correct?
  4. Hi, I'm located in Canada and have a 2015 WR250F . I have ordered the Competition Kit (ECU) for the bike and was looking into Exhaust options. My requirement is to have a Spark Arrestor and also keep noise down to 94db, and I am looking to liven up the bottom end power. I mainly ride woods/trails. I've done a search here and read some old threads from back in 2015 about people upgrading the WR250F with the Competition Kit, and trying various exhausts. My understanding is that the YZ250FX stock pipe is similar to the WR250F, but lacks a Spark Arrestor. The YZ250F stock pipe would be the one to put on the WRF, but I believe I would not be able to get a SA and a Decibel limiter at the same time for that pipe to bring it down to 94db. Not looking to spend a $$$, so Is my only option if I was to get a new slipon the FMF Q4 with quiet insert? I guess I could keep the stock pipe and do the modifcations for the Competition ECU (Throttle stop screw, remove Intake Snorkle, remove End pipe restrictor) .. does anyone know how many decibels these changes come in at? thanks in advance !
  5. TeamDoty

    GYTR Exhaust + BBR Cradle Fitment

    Hi, My son's bike is an '06 TTR 125 LE (big wheel, electric start). We got it used and it had a GYTR Exhaust on it and the previous owner also put a different carburetor on it - explaining to me that a larger carb was recommended. I know nothing about this but I know it's not the factory carb. I wanted to get a BBR Cradle on it and we had to remove the exhaust in order to take out the factory motor mount bolts. The cradle went on with no issues but we can't reinstall the GYTR Exhaust as it interferes with the cradle. 01.) Grind the cradle down and/or try to reshape the exhaust? 02.) Purchase an original OEM exhaust system... but would I have to go back to a factory carb? 03.) Any other ideas... (returning the cradle isn't really and option - this was a Christmas gift and my son is really expecting it to stay on) Thanks for any guidance, assistance, info... I really appreciate it!!! TeamDoty
  6. Wombat221

    will this exhaust fit my bike?

    hey guys! im on the edge of getting a new slip on fmf powercore 4 exhaust today and im just wondering if it is worth it, what is the power difference like and would S/SM slip ons fit onto a Australian 2004 DRZ400E header pipe? Thanks (also should i get the fmf power up jet kit or just the JD jet kit thanks)
  7. tplayer100

    Crooked exhaust clamp

    So recently installed a new mrd exhaust and having a little trouble. Although i can tighten down the nut on the stud completely i can not tighten down the bolt enough to make the exhaust header clamp flat. It's now holding on the exhaust tight (with no leaks as far as i can tell ) but its crooked with one end (stud side) further down then the bolt side ( looks like this \() should look like this |() ). Is this normal or is the bolt hole possibly filled with junk? or maybe Something else is up. Any suggestions are welcome.
  8. I feel like ripping my hair out! I bought a 2005 cr125 years ago, brand new. From day one it was a fouled. Eventually I had it tuned kind of good. A couple of years ago someone stole my bike. Obviously I recovered it. My crank bearings were shot. So I split the cases and changed them and both seals. After assembling the bike it smoked and bogged like crazy. I thought I may have fudged up the right crank seal when I installed it...nope changed it and still smoked and bogged and fouled. It sat up for about a year and I just broke it out again. It doesn't smoke as bad. If I idle for about 10 seconds it'll blubber and shoot out smoke before fouling a plug. The strange part it that it rides pretty good on the pipe, but out of the blue with blubber and eventually die. Now After cleaning the spark plug and kicking it, it'll turn over for a sec and die. The spark looks weak so I check it with a new plug and it looks good (so I'm assuming it's not the ignition system) anyone else have this problem? I'm beginning to think this bike is a money pit...but on the same hand I feel like it's something small causing all of this. Oh and also it's dripping that black crap from the tailpipe and plugs are always wet. I went down a size on the pilot...didnt help.
  9. mikesbaron

    What brand exhaust is this?

    I purchased this for my 2005 Honda CRF450X and need to know what brand or mfg it is. It's a full system with carbon fiber end cap, spark arrestor and long header. It's way too loud and I need to ID who makes it so I can see about getting a quiet core insert.
  10. Johnlckhrt

    Valve Question

    Im wondering if valve clearance will generally tighten or loosen over time? My bike has been hard to start lately, and running weird when warming up. Yesterday i couldnt even get the thing started and ive never not been able to start my bike. I figured maybe my valves need to be shimmed. I bought the bike 2 years ago and have never shimmed the valves so maybe its time i thought. So i got the bike into the garage took the valve cover off, set it to TDC and checked my clearances using the same feeler gauges i used when i put a top end in the bike last year. The exhaust valves seem to have stayed about the same, but my intake valves are too tight for me to fit my feeler gauge into now. Im just wondering if this is normal, i would assume over time valves would get looser as opposed to tighter, but you never know so i thought id ask you all.
  11. eastexas

    pro circuit exhaust problem help please

    Hi everyone, I am new here. To all you TTR125 owners out there. What is everyone doing about heat shields on their after market exhaust pipes? I have a TTR125 with a Pro Circuit T4 pipe and would like suggestions or your personal solutions on how you adapted a heat shield to your pipes. As Pro Circuit does not make one. Thanks for your time and help. Look forward to what you with experience with this bike has to say. Pics would be a big help
  12. All, I just bought a 1982 XT250 project bike. We had one of these in the family in the 90s, so I know the model fairly well already. I guess my plan is just to have a small, simple bike for shorter local trips, and maybe some light trail touring. I do know it has some known weaknesses, i.e. suspension, brakes, 6V electrics, corroding mufflers, and open frame/exposed engine cases. So I am looking for tips regarding big bore/ higher comp pistons, camshaft (Web Cam) stiffer shock, fork springs, 12 V upgrade, and so on. I was also thinking about fabricating a stepped SS headpipe, and use a 1 1/2" inlet Supertrapp IDS2 muffler. I guess the weight saving will be replacing heavy stock parts with lighter parts in alloy etc (Sprocket, handlebar, rear fender reinforcement for tail light etc), and using smaller/ lighter tail light, indicator lights. And also replacing the stock instruments with a digital dash from KOSO, Trailtech etc. Any and all tips are welcome!
  13. Does anyone know the diameter of the stock exhaust pipe on the crf150f?
  14. First post. Forgive me if it is in the wrong forum. I've just purchased Yoshimura's RS2 for my DRZ400S. In reading all the information posted for it, I've come across a few comments talking about rubbing stainless steel headers with alcohol to affect the discoloration. Specifically, I've read recommendations to soak the headers in vodka to have them turn an even "golden brown". Has anyone tried this?
  15. caseym

    Te 125 silencer

    So i bought a 2016 te 125 and i love it. I love it so much i bought a pipe and silencer for it (both factory fmf) The pipe went on with no problems but the silencer was about 2 inches short from conecting to the pipe. I have heard people say they dont make silencers specifically for the te 125. I just feel like that cant be right. Any suggestions?? Side note/question: calls for 10w40 gear oil but i was told to use 80 weight bellray gearsaver. Yay or nay?
  16. TeamGrey

    07 yz250f

    Have anyone used wiseco center intake valve with the four rest beginning OEM? How does it turn out in terms of power and reliability?
  17. Grady Harrington

    '08 KLX 450r "best mods to have"

    New to Thumper and new to the '08 KLX 450r. I purchased this bike a few months ago. It was showroom condition. Took it to a very reliable mechanic that I've known for years and he said that the bike probably had less than 10 hours on it. Speedo/tach/hour meter computer no longer worked. Previous owner said he bought it from a dealer new in crate 4 years ago (hard to believe I know) and that he was the only one that rode it. Dealer was saving for himself. Probably hiding it from the IRS or something. Previous owner said he was selling it because he never rode it, parts would be hard to come buy, value was dropping because it's not available in the US anymore and he didn't won't to deal with it. If it means anything, he was in his late 50's. I also took it to a local dealer mechanic and he said the same thing my mechanic said. Based on the condition of the bike and what everyone said about it, I couldn't resist and dropped $4,000 on it. Maybe a little to high for a bike that old, but based on the condition, good reviews and how easy it is to work on, I figured it would be a reliable bike that I could trail ride on for a few years. It's a little heavy, especially carrying my fat ass around. I'm 6 ft pushing close to 300 lbs and 47. What are the basic first mods that everyone does, what mods are recommended in conjunction with other mods to get the best performance out of. Seller included a Jd jet kit just never installed it. What brand of mods is the best to get. I realize that I could search here and there through the forums, but just would like a list on one posting. Sorry about that, but thanks for your input and advise in advance.
  18. My 2011 YZ250 is undergoing a full engine and chassis rebuild and I have decided to go with a 300 kit (the bike needs a new cylinder anyway so this is a good time to do it). The current YZ250 power curve/delivery is good so i'm not aiming to create a torque monster that doesn't rev, just looking to add more power throughout the current range. I primarily ride MX, intermediate level. My questions for those run an Athena 300 kit are below: Has it been reliable? Is there in increase in bottom end/crank problems? What pipe/jetting do you run/recommend (for MX, 0-1500ft altitude)? Anything I need to watch out for during install (I've heard Athena circlips are bad)? Did you have custom porting done and if so who do you recommend for that? What octane of fuel do you run? Thanks in advance!
  19. poodlemaster

    New 250 TPI melting turn signal help

    So, I just picked up my new TPI on Friday. It's is dual sported and plated, but the stock exhaust is melting my rear right turn signal. Will changing to a different can like the FMF shorty fix this problem? On another note, bike takes 2-3 minutes to start even over 80 degrees out, but will be dropped off today at dealer hopefully for a fix. Thanks.
  20. I have researched the threads on this exhaust pipe topic but still unclear on the differences on the exhaust pipe mount at the rear footpegs on an S versus an E model, (I can’t find a good photo of this). I have 2 scenarios/questions. I’ve read that the E front head pipe has a larger outlet diameter (41mm I believe) than the S headpipe does. 1. I want to use a E front headpipe on my 2001 S model using my OEM stock S muffler, how do you connect the two, have a muffler shop expand the stock pipe or fool around with using adapters? Or can it be done at all without being a PIA? 2. Let’s assume that the E headpipe is successfully connected to the stock S muffler and 2 years later I decide to add an aftermarket muffler. Which way would be the easiest : A. Order a muffler that fits the S which will require connecting the two pipes together (again), but the footpeg mount will be the same. or B. Order a muffler for the E model, the 2 pipes (should) simply slip together, but the footpeg mount will be different and needs modified (somehow). I just want the easiest way, this rear footpeg mount is where I’m stuck on a decision…… I want to get the new headpipe soon, maybe a new muffler next year. Thanks for your inputs.
  21. HancockMX546

    Loose fitting exhaust 08 crf250r

    Howdy. I have an 08 crf250r with yoshimura rs 3 titanium dual pipes and they're fitting really weird compared to my dad's Kx 250f. I recently bought the bike with the exhaust installed, but the previous owners were about as far from mechanics as anyone can really get. Coming out of the head, the exhaust has a little insert that mounts with a plate and fits inside the header pipe. The little insert wobbles around and I am pretty sure they have the wrong parts on it. Could anyone tell me if that's supposed to be like that or where to get a new retainer plate (the one that mounts to the studs on the head) and the insert? Thanks Hayden
  22. The graphics on my exhaust side number plate keep melting off where the header and the muffler meet… I tried moving the heat shield that was included in the plastics over a little bit but nothing seems to work does anyone have any suggestions?
  23. Jackcushney

    Yzf 250 exhaust

    Does anyone know if a 2010-2013 yzf 250 exhaust will fit my 2009 yzf 250?
  24. Hi guys! I am very new to thumper talk so i am sorry if i am asking this in the wrong place! I ride a 2007 XR250 motard and it has a VitalSpirit exhaust system (including the header pipes) I found a vid in youtube of a bike with a similar exhaust Just wondering if some one has used a similar one, the pros and cons of it because i was thinking of replacing it with something like a delta barrel 4 Thanks in advance!
  25. TheAirborneCheese

    YZ125 Missing Exhaust Bridge

    I bought a 2004 YZ125 a couple years ago and the bike has run like a charm. Anyways a couple weeks ago I was riding and the powervalves snapped and hit the piston and I lost the top end. Anyways I ordered a new top end and replacement powervalves but as I was inspecting the cylinder I noticed something. The cylinder bore survived just fine and just needs a deglazing but I noticed that the entire exhaust bridge is missing. The cylinder has been sleeved with an LA sleeve and the exhaust bridge on the inner bore of the sleeve is perfect but the original aluminum exhaust bridge in the cylinder behind the sleeve is completely gone. Is it ok to throw the new powervalves and top end in or am I looking at needing a new cylinder? Also thinking about it now, if the exhaust bridge had just come completely out as I was riding would I have lost it in the pipe? There isn't any evidence of shavings or pieces of the bridge anywhere in the exhaust port or the pipe. Also, the piston has no damage other than from the powervalves hitting it. It makes me think the exhaust bridge has been missing since before I bought the bike