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Found 475 results

  1. I'm working on a friends 2007 ktm sxf250 and the bike runs like crap, I completely disassemble the carb and set it in a cleaner over night. I took it out the next morning and cleaned all the jets and passages with pressurized air. I put everything back together and it still won't start. The only way to get the bike to start is by turning the idle all the way up and turning it back down, now that the bike is started and the idle stew is turned down, you got to constantly give gas to keep the think going. I took it out on a ride and the bike ran fine until you pull the clutch in, at this point the bike stalls without any hesitation. To start the bike I need to repeat the whole prosedure to get it started. I have another buddy with an 08' and his bike is extremely cold blooded and takes forever to warm up. I'm not sure if there's an issue with the carb or the bike just needs its sweat time to warm up. PLEASE HELP!
  2. Hi, New member here! I am interested in 2 bikes, the KTM 125 SX and 150 SX. I know the 150 SX is obviously got a bit more power but I am wondering what the exact differences are. Is it just the cylinder and piston or are there other changes? I am wondering because if there are big differences that means that parts made for the 125 SX won't fit the 150 SX. Most parts are for 125/250/300 bikes I assume. I am assuming that they are very much the same which means that if for example a company makes an exhaust for the 125 SX then it would fit on the 150 SX. I hope that is true. My other question is on the Power Valve system. Does KTM use that Power Valve with the green, yellow and red springs for the 125 SX and 150 SX? Or is it that other one one with that notch? Any help is glady appreciated! Sorry I am also fairly dumb when it comes to bikes, although I used to ride a lot, as it has been a while. I have forgotten a lot about riding.
  3. Hello, i have bought few weeks ago a clutch lever of MIDWEST for my ktm enduro 690 2008 year , after the replacement i have notice that the shifting is not as smooth as it was with the original shift. time to time it can be hard for a second to shift a gear but a quick release and pressure will resolve it , it may be my squeeze strength but i have no such experience with the old original clutch level of magura . anyway the old cluch lever was having a spring attached to it , in the instruction of the new clutch there is a statement to disregard the spring from the setup. may it be that the old clutch was more smooth because of it ? also when adjusting the midwest clutch lever i notice that if i squeeze the bolt in the front to much my clutch start slipping at high speed as it was squeezed . my question would be : is anyone experience such problems or similar with that clutch lever (it seems like it not fully COMPATIBLE with the bike) ? i own ktm enduro 690 , 2008 model
  4. Me and a buddy playing on Tomahawk C Loop in Wolverine Michigan getting a few clips of the loop. #that300tho
  5. Newly-recruited Australian-Factory KTM Team Rider Lyndon Snodgrass shows his training on the 2017 KTM 250EXC. Love the scenery (I'm Aussie) and the sound! Braaap!
  6. I'm new to KTM but glad to be here. Just bought a used 2011 SXF 450. It sounds different than other bikes I've had int he past. I just want to make sure there isn't anything out of the ordinary... peace of mind, really. The sound I'm hearing is more significant on the right side of the bike. There is no knocking or ticking from what I can tell, just a noisier engine then I'm used to. I hear KTM's have a thinner engine case, so maybe that's why. I also hear the timing chain tensioner tends to be an issue with these bikes. Please take a listen to the video and let me know what you think. Thanks!
  7. swamp-donkey

    KTM Stator

    Recently purchased s 2005 KTM 250 exc. I am out of state from where the bike is currently stored and am trying to get info about the stock stator. Looking at OEM part schematics, I find that this year and model apparently could have either the 2k-2 stator with about 35-40W output or the 2k-3 stator with a better/higher output (https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/oem-schematic/21). The bike currently has no head light but allegedly it used to when it was bought. Is there an easy way to know which stator is actually on my bike without pulling it out and actually looking at it or testing the output? Or should I assume that if no one has done the upgrade to 2k-3 stator that it would have a 2k-2 stator by default? Next question: If the bike has 2k-2 stator, what would be the brightest light I could get for relatively decent price. Broad question, I know. But if anyone has some really standout recommendations for older type bikes, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  8. 4wheelinbro

    CDI Box Swap

    I have a 2008 ktm 250 xcfw and was wondering what, if any, is the best CDI swap for the most power gain.
  9. Bryan Bosch

    Vegas Baby!

    From the album: Gone, but not forgotten!

    Sunrise summer solo ride outside Las Vegas, NV (Apex).
  10. Hudson Charlton

    Ktm two stoke blows up again

    Hey guys, I bought a new project bike off of my brother. I will give a bit of history before I explain what is wrong with it. It first blew up do to an air filter not being put on right. The dirt got in there and did its quick job. We rebuilt it and also changed the air boot going from the carb to the engine because it was starting to crack. On the second most recent blow up, he started it up one day and it sounded like ting ting ting ting. He shut it off. When I got there, I started it so I could listen and almost immediately it died. I ripped it apart, and the piston is scored. Surprisingly the head looks fine, cylinder looks surprisingly good (can still see the crosshatch from the last rebuild), the reeds are ok, and I just don't know about the crankshaft. I have rebuilt a CR before that had a bad crankshaft, and I found it very hard to feel any up and down play until I removed it. It defiantly has a LOT of side to side play. The only other thing I noticed was that there was no liquid gasket in-between the reed cage and the air boot. Also the 4 bolts were too loose for my liking. From what I can see, I narrowed it down to one of two things: 1. The crankshaft lost its bearings and scored the piston (that theory doesn't really go along with the fact that usually the top of the piston and head look mashed because of all the bearings) 2. It had an air leak in between the air boot and reeds If anyone has any theory or questions please let me know.
  11. Im having a problem with my jetting and have been trying to fix it for weeks. I have a 13 250sx that was just rebuilt top and bottom. I can't figure out what it is, it sounds lean in the bottom and when you rev it it'll reach power band no bog but when you let off it sounds as if its starving for gas (takes a little to get back to idle). Ive tried playing around with pilot jets I went from a 45 all the way up to 50 but that was too rich and the problem didnt go away so I went back down to a 48 and it still did it but was fine reaching rpms. Another Lean hint is that it is extremely pingy almost like the pipe is leaking but I checked placement and for leaks and found nothing. I tried needle clip position as well but that never helped. If you know anything about this leave it here! Thanks, Matt
  12. WhyZeeTwoFiddy

    KTM 50 LC Pro Senior Kicker Issue

    So awhile back I got my little brother a KTM 50LC Pro Senior. When I got it the clutch and brakes where toasted so I got that all up to speed and he stated doing laps around the yard. All things are good until a few weeks ago. We went out for an actual ride where he could open it up a bit. Few hours of seat time in we stop for lunch and hop back on the bikes. The little KTM isn't starting so I get over it for a few kicks and realize something is wrong. I instantly thought piston and rings due to the kicker being extremely easy to move. I pulled the dome off and realized that compression was good but I can basically just touch the piston and move the kicker with no movement from the piston. Not sure if its part of the kicking system that's messed up or the clutch is toasted again. Just looking for some insight before I dig in any more. I do notice that the kicker doesn't really "let go" after the kick, it just stops the piston and all at once.
  13. Andrew Graham

    Vancouver island EnduroX

    June 11 and sept 3 are our dates for the 3rd season of the premier EnduroX race in western Canada . Open to all who make the trek west , our format makes it accessible to all ability levels with a heat race points system to qualify you for A-B or C main events . Minimum payout in the A main event will be $500 to win , $300 second and $200 third . Last year had Betas Steven Foord held off local Beta rider Al Wilson for the top spot , The season before had Canadian trials champ and Husqvarna mounted Thomas Cordner handily win the series . Who's going to challenge this year ? VI EnduroX , where we RACE over terrain most are happy to RIDE over
  14. Do you guys know the skid plate people are buying for the ktm 500 which goes on and off quickly by way of zip ties in the rear and a bolt in the front? I believe it's an Acerbis, but I can't tell which model is built to accommodate the zip ties. Picking up my 2018 500 exc-f tomorrow, I want to get the skid plate on asap. Thanks!
  15. Who is signed up for the 2017 ADV Rally in Gunnison, CO this year? July 13-16. www.advrally.com
  16. I'm looking for a pit bike, budget around $600. Im not to worried about a chinnese brand im worried about size, I've been looking at a ssr 125 (either semi and manual), I'm 6'1 about 165lbs. I just wanna know if i'd be able to ride it pretty comfortably, obviously wont be as comfortable as a 250. let me know anything you got. Thanks
  17. Just wanted to share a movie I made from the ride this weekend.
  18. MotoXRacer_19

    KTM 350 XC-F Oil

    Hi guys, probably a stupid question here, but I figure you can never be too safe. I have some Motorex 15w-50 from my 2010 KTM 250 XC (which I sold) and I was wondering if it would be okay to run in my 2014 KTM 350 XC-F which calls for Motorex 10w-50? What would be the side effects of running a 15w-50 instead of a 10w-50? Also, if you have any suggestions of good oil to run, please feel free to recommend it and give your reasons why. Thanks guys. (Attached is my 350)
  19. Hey everyone, As the title says when i pull the clutch in on my 04 KTM 125 it either stalls unless i give it a bit of gas and will move slowly forwards with the clutch lever fully pulled in. The clutch is a magura hydraulic clutch and the problem only just happened on a recent ride and never has happened before. I put some extra oil in before the ride due to a very small oil leak from the gasket where the hydraulic clutch slave connects to the engine, not sure if this changes anything though. So my main question is would it be the air in the system for the hydraulic clutch or would it be the actual clutch plates or basket (really hoping it is not). Thanks for reading hope everything made sense, feel free to ask questions.
  20. THE OFFICIAL TOUR VIDEO...Enjoy! The day started early. We wanted to get going early as the route was formidible and there was a high likelihood that we couldn't all make it to the other side. In fact, I didn't even call ahead and get hotel reservations. I was pretty certain we stood no chance. The day's ride was not long in distance, but in difficulty, it was overload. I had done the route once before as I rode it solo. Looking back on it, I realize I am an idiot. I am working on a solo documentary project and this route was the culmination of the film. So I rode it solo, filmed it solo, and suffered all by myself. The film is in post production at the moment and will be coming out in the next few months, at least that is the plan. As for the four of us, we had a plan to reach the pass at no later than 3pm. Any later and we would have to come back the way we came, defeated. All gassed up and ready to ride hard, we headed up the canyon to the trailhead. The anticipation was high. Fernando Puga, who I just call Puga, told me that there is no option other than to reach the other side. He's a tough fella and a good rider. To put it in perspective, he is a bronze finisher in the 2017 Redbull Romaniacs. He is one of the top riders in Peru. He was determined. His buddy, Duilio, who stands at about 6ft 4inches give or take a few inches, is a beast. He, also, had no intention to give up. We either made it or we made it. No other options. In addition, there is Alex. He is my riding buddy from Cusco. This guy has a story to tell. I won't give it all away now, but he is as short as they come. I call him Chatito. That means "Shorty" in Spanish. He is starting the inning with a couple outs. His feet hardly can touch the ground when he mounts up on his KTM 300. However, the boy can ride. The plan was to ride steady. No long stops. I was the only one who knew just how tough it would be. Alex had seen parts, but not very much of the trail. We began pounding through obstacle after obstacle. They just kept coming. Relentless, gut wrenching, head exploding obstacles that scream at you to quit. One by one, we conquered. I am not sure how many times the guys asked me if we were close, but it made me chuckle each time. There were a number of "filters" that we would face on the climb to the 15,800ft pass. Each one posed its own set of problems. The technical part was enough to make one give up. However, add the altitude to that, and the will to continue dwindled to hardly anything. It was a privilege to watch these guys battle the mental part of this journey. None of us had it in us to finish. However, there was something about the makeup of the team, that compounded the energy we had left, and turned it into a reserve for each other when we needed a little bit more boost. Somehow, we pushed through each obstacle to get closer to the top. One of the obstacles, that is properly named for the biblical scripture painted in graffiti on the rock, is the Stairway to Heaven. The words say that the day of God is soon. Pretty much spot on. We spent an hour climbing 100 feet of elevation. There are 13 switchbacks, and enough rocks to build a quarry. Literally a one foot lunge forward on your bike was all one could do in most parts. It was a war. Each in their own battle, working their way to the top. The arrival at the top was met with a view of the upper valley, a long break to recover from the chaos, and a bunch of fluids and protein which would lead us to the next set of filters that would certainly break us down some more. It seemed like forever, but we finally pushed through all of the obstacles to the pass with exception of the pass itself; a 15,300ft rock garden with an incline that makes me want to cry just thinking about it. One by one, we arrived at the top. Somehow, everyone made it. I remember Puga asking about the downside of the mountain. He had this idea that it would be "just" a downhill. I chuckled again and informed him that we were not done with the filters. Just because its downhill, doesn't mean it's easy. After a short celebration on the top, our heads were ready to explode from the altitude. Air was light and nothing could get us off that mountain fast enough. Down we went. The highest altitude area is full of rock. We had to navigate hundreds of steps and drops to bring us down toward the Cuncani Valley. With our tongues hanging out, we pounded down the edge of the canyon. Little by little, the air began to provide more oxygen as we reached the 14,000ft range. It's crazy to think that one would be happy to breath the thin air at that altitude, but when you compare to the pass, we were happy with 14k. Before long, the hot springs that awaited our arrival was on the forefront of each of our minds. Cramping arms, legs that no longer wanted to properly stand on the pegs, and minds that were exhausted from the 7 hours of intense concentration were beginning to let each of us know that the day was just about over. We reached the little community of Cuncani and found a new dirt road that had been cut, which we were happy to use to reach the hot springs. It wasn't long before we found ourselves pulling into the hotel and pool area, ditching our gear and plunging into the steaming mineral water to soothe our hammered bodies. The ride was something only one could dream about, with the exception of the four of us. It's a privilege to be able to do this. Finishing a day of riding in this manner should always feel this good. I am so stoked to have shared and fought the trail with these guys. I can't wait to try the next impossible! Stay tuned for the next adventure! Scott
  21. Msteinbach147

    2012 ktm 350 injector

    Hi guys I have. A 2012 ktm 350 sxf and I'm going to buy a new fuel injector for it and I was wondering if the 2013 ktm 350 sxf fuel injector will fit in the 2012?
  22. Brandon582

    2013 KTM 250SX weird surge?

    Hey everyone Just picked up a 2013 KTM 250SX and it’s doing something fairly strange. I live in NH and it’s obviously very cold right now so when I first got the bike it was surging at idle/ running lean due to it being adjusted for summer. I fixed that issue with the air screw so it’s running just about right at idle, but when I blip the throttle it does some weird surge. The best way I can explain it is the RPM’s jump high from the throttle blip, then do a spaced out “ping, ping, ping, ping” all the way back down to idle speed. I’ve owned many two strokes and have never heard this, they always have a constant rise and fall of RPM’s, not this annoying ping. I’ve played with the air screw for an hour now and no cigar. Trying to ice race the bike soon so any help would be appreciated.
  23. I have a 2008 KTM EXC that had an aftermarket radiator fan installed by the previous owner and worked fine up until some heavy trail riding a while back. Im pretty bad with electrical stuff and havnt even owned a bike with an electric start until now. Ive heard having a fan on these is pretty much a necessity so Im trying to get it working. Ive heard I can test if the fan will work by touching two wires together but I dont know which ones. Also how can I check to see if its a fuse or something else? Thanks!
  24. Doing a job for a guy who dropped a valve in his 08 450 EXC. Got the bike not running obviously and send out all the parts to get remachhined and fixed. Got everything back together and I'm pretty sure I got it back to TDC. Cam lobes face right way, bolt locked in on crank slit, and mark lined up on top of cam holder. Everything spun over fine but when I bolt it back up and have the motor ready to fire it won't kick, tried battery and seemed dead. Bought a new battery and charged it still won't go. The battery will turn the motor over if the spark plug is out but once it has compression it's slow and groggy. Any ideas what's wrong? I'm going mad trying to figure it out. All valves are brand new and in spec, same with top end and cylinder.