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Found 221 results

  1. ------------------------------------------------------------- Monster Energy Supercross - ROUND 5 University of Pheonix Stadium Saturday February 4th 4:00 PM PST ------------------------------------------------------------- Live Timing: http://live.amasupercross.com/ Race Day Live: https://livestream.com/accounts/1543541/events/6960233 TV Schedule: Fox Sports 2 and Fox Sports Go App @ 4:00 P.M. PST http://instagram.com/racerxonline https://twitter.com/pulpmx http://instagram.com/pulpmx http://instagram.com/twmxdotcom https://twitter.com/twmxdotcom
  2. Eric nads

    Great Season so far... On MUTE

    Wow the racing this season has been most enjoyable, from roczens early season fireworks to tomac charging and even dungey has had many entertaining main events. And with Marvin getting a win, the only thing left that I'm waiting for is Anderson to get back on the box. BUT if there is one thing that has finally gotten so bad that I literally watch the entire show on mute it is ralph sheheen, oh my god he was terrible the last few seasons but is seriously unbearable this season. I had some friends over to watch this last weekends race and they wanted to watch it unmuted and I simply couldn't take it, he's awful. I'm considering starting a go fund me page where all the money earned goes to whoever fires or murders ralph sheheen. I can't believe they got rid of the amazing(understatement of the decade) dianna dahlgren but kept &%$#@!ing ralph around! If anybody deserves a brutal beating from Weston pieck it should be ralph. When future generations look back and watch these races they will shake their heads in disbelief that someone that retarded was announcing. His announcing makes my ears bleed almost as profusely as when Obama would speak, wait wait I mean lie to the country. Not to let emig off the hook, he's a douche but nowhere near the magnitude of awful that ralf possesses and spews every race. GO DUNGEY! KKKTM for life
  3. ------------------------------------------------------------- Monster Energy Supercross - ROUND 17 Las Vegas Sam Boyd Stadium Saturday May 6 7:00 PM PST ------------------------------------------------------------- Live Timing: http://live.amasupercross.com/ Race Day Live 12:50 pm PDT https://livestream.com/accounts/1543541/events/7356384 TV Schedule: Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports Go App @ 7:00 P.M. PST http://instagram.com/racerxonline https://twitter.com/pulpmx http://instagram.com/pulpmx http://instagram.com/twmxdotcom https://twitter.com/twmxdotcom
  4. hey everyone, I make youtube edits and with Ken Roczen and Anderson having a close season so far in points, i figured i'd make an edit on it! I also post many other edit videos if you want to check them out! Channel : Ken and Jason Edit :
  5. Bryan Bosch

    2018 Team Honda HRC Video

    The 2018 season is an exciting one for Team Honda HRC, with Ken Roczen and Cole Seely both on the hunt for wins and podium finishes in the AMA Supercross and AMA Pro Motocross series. Check out American Honda’s official team video, which showcases the riders preparing for battle aboard their CRF450R race bikes at the famous Honda test track. Guaranteed to get you fired up for the races!
  6. jetfuel

    Post Race Interviews Houston

    I often wonder what Monster energy thinks when the Top guy is Rockstar and 2nd is Redbull .
  7. daled

    Bagget..not Gagger

    thought he rode outstanding...may be on the box, if he keeps this up !
  8. ALL over again. Unbelievable !!! I still can't believe what I just watched. `g
  9. prollyrob

    Maybe he didn't see the flag?

  10. Chris Cooksey

    motocross Round 8 Atlanta: Dungey’s Revenge!

    Round 8 Atlanta: Dungey’s Revenge! The past week was full of message boards and journalists (myself included) asking, “What's wrong with Dungey?” He came to Atlanta ready to silence his critics. I stand by my analysis that he is battling an illness, but clearly he is getting better. Dungey did look fatigued towards the end of the race as opposed to Eli Tomac who remained fresh. With that said, Dungey got it done and this is what defines him as a Champion! He can seemingly raise his level when needed while taking what's given on other days. Marvin and Eli have to be frustrated, both guys were faster than Dungey all day, including the Main event but bad starts caused both guys to struggle. The Atlanta track wasn't ideal for passing and the sand section was downright silly. Why put beach sand on the backside of a wall jump? I like the sand sections when built in turns. Wall jumps without sand cause guys to get blasted with dirt, again putting sand there was ridiculous. Another part of the track I didn't like was the dog leg before the triple. Maybe they had to build it that way to fit the stadium, but in any form of racing a dog leg creates single file racing unless it is followed by a double apex 180 degree turn. In the 250 race, Zach Osborne finally reached the top step of the podium! Osborne took the long road to the top. For those who don't know his story, here is the short version. Osborne was highly touted coming out of the Amateur ranks signing with Factory KTM. This didn't work out and he ended up earning the dubious nick name “snack pack,” the name given to him from outdoor national commentator at the time David Pingree. After losing his ride at KTM the only option to continue his career was to take a ride in Europe. Osborne fought hard and earned himself a ride with Geico Honda but after a couple years of not reaching his potential they let him go. Zach then signed with the Rockstar Husky team. While last year was filled with disappointments, this year is proving different. Almost 10 years after becoming a Pro he earned his first SX win. Osborne took the hard road showing through dedication his old nickname, “snack pack” was lifetimes ago. I put him as the East title favorite, but this coming week will be telling. Is this going to make him want to win every race, or is this just the monkey off his back? I am predicting the competition is in trouble. Alex Martin and Jordan Smith seemed a lock for 2nd and 3rd in the 250 main until Martin cleaned out his teammate. Smith missed the on/off jump and was out of the normal rhythm, still Martin shouldn't have jumped in there and cleaned him out. It makes senses if they were battling for a win, but when both TLD KTM riders are in podium spots with little or no chance to catch Osborne, it becomes a stupid move. Team manager Tyler Keefe has to be pulling his hair out. Although Dungey’s performance was great, it's a 17 race series! Tomac and Musquin can't allow Dungey any more breathing room. Let's be real though, if Dungey is up more than 30 points after Daytona this is likely over.
  11. Monster Energy Supercross: Detroit, is it time for change in Supercross? The 12th round of Monster Energy AMA Supercross concluded in Detroit leaving behind some hard to ignore layout deficiencies on the Ford Field. While the series progresses to St. Louis I find myself asking more questions about the overall structure of the series (as it continues to grow and become more mainstream) and less questions about who will or will not be crowned the champion. At the pinnacle of Supercross why was there not enough dirt to cover the stadium floor and how did the stadium floor start peeking through after only 2 laps in the first 250 heat? Is it time to look at different track building techniques? Here are some different ideas : Another series challenge is the need of updated timed qualifiers. I would like to see the top 20 timed qualifiers split in the heats. Rewarding the top half of the field, top 10 in each heat get a 2 second advantage over the other half of the gate, prevents slower guys from becoming moving road blocks. The rest of qualifying should follow suit, if you don't qualify out of the heat or win your semi, during the Main event you take off in the second wave. Again, this will reward the top qualifiers. This will also give us the elite matchups in the front of the field, Dungey vs Tomac and the moving roadblocks like Alessi and Friese won't be in the way. Every other major form of racing rewards fast qualifying. This will also make the first turn far safer, and while it's cool seeing 22 of the worlds fastest 450’s funnel into a couple lines, the bikes are too fast and have outgrown the current starting procedure. This will help keep the stars healthy and on the track, but still maintain the entertainment factor. The final issue in review is how quick the riders figure out the fast lines. With dartfish and overlapping video these teams have taken out the guesswork of finding the fastest line. If part of the track was not opened until the night program, riders may have more difficulty discovering the fasted line before the race has started. Give the guys a hot lap and then turn them loose! While this doesn’t seem to promote safety, it rewards riders who can learn new sections quickly, making the series more interesting as we will see different rider’s skills outside of dirt preference. Also, the much debated “chase” format has been discussed and in this era of short attention spans, smart phones, and instant gratification we have lost the appreciation for a season long war. If we want to attract a new generation of fans, we need to up the intensity and make sure the champion is not crowned halfway through the series (like Dungey in 2016), we can't count on Eli making it interesting every year. These are just a couple things I feel need to be addressed for the future of Supercross, what do you think? Should we add a shark pit or have riders change a tire for starting position? Let me hear your ideas. View full article
  12. Eli Tomac showed up and did exactly what was needed to close the point gap on Ryan Dungey. Now Tomac must work hard to avoid giving any points back to Dungey. Dungey’s horrible Main event began with Marvin Musquin smashing into the starting gate, causing both Jason Anderson and Dungey to flinch leaving them with horrible starts. Dungey rode determined to a disappointing 4th place finish battling horrible vision, he had no tear offs after the 10 lap mark. The track was one lined and typically this is where I would blast Ricky Carmichael for his poor design, but with all the restrictions placed on the use of space Carmichael did a great job, other than the sand section. A couple of weeks ago I was very critical of the sand in Atlanta, saying sand was alright if it was in a turn. I was wrong, sticky beach sand has no place in Supercross! All it did was ruin Goggles and force single file racing. Adam Cianciarulo used the Dunlop Sand tire last night both Reed and Dungey were out of tear offs about halfway through the main event. I understand Daytona is a different beast when it comes to Supercross, but with a sandy base why add a stickier version in two turns? The biggest surprise last night was Jeremy Martin, at one point I thought he might win the Main event. But should I have been surprised? Martin is a two time outdoor National Champion who grew up riding in Millville, MN, which has similar dirt to Daytona. Martin hired Ryan Villopoto as his riding coach last Monday. I believe he is angling for the vacant spot at Honda left by Ken Roczen in 2018. I don't think we will see Roczen until 2019, if ever. Roczen still has some serious recovery time as he mentioned in his TV interview last night he needed cadaver cartilage replacement in his elbow and he was waiting on a donor. I am somewhat familiar with this process, as I need knee replacement surgery myself. This is a somewhat new procedure (here are couple links to explaining the process http://faoconline.com/home/videos/cartilage/cartilage-transplants-allograft-(from-cadaver http://www.sportsmd.com/knee-injuries/knee-cartilage-replacement/ ). I also heard he has extensive nerve damage and after 10 plus surgeries this is to be expected. Nerves are weird, nerve healing is not an exact science. Different doctors will give you different theories but all seem somewhat unsure exactly how long, or if nerve damage will ever heal. This led me to the sad but likely scenario that Roczen might be done. On the bright side I hear his contract is guaranteed for 3 years. Adam Cianciarulo was the feel good story, after years of injuries and many people writing him off he got the win putting himself in title contention. Adam chose to use a sand rear tire and it paid off! Every time Joey Savatgy got close he was blasted with beach sand. Hopefully this is a second beginning for the likable Ciancirulo, he has paid his dues over the last few years. Points leader Zach Osborne had his worst night so far, he had a good start but multiple mistakes on the one lined track left him salvaging a 5th place finish. Now heading into Indianapolis only 7 points separates Ciancirulo, Savatgy and Osborne. There is destined to be a battle to Vegas, there was no Crown! View full article
  13. Three rounds left in Dungey's Supercross career: Tomac vs. Dungey All the recent talk in Monster Energy AMA Supercross has been centered on Dungey and his mental state, but what about Eli? Doesn’t anyone remember Eli floundering in 2013 in Salt Lake City? How about Las Vegas in 2011? This season, other than the first few rounds, Eli has been pressure free with his only task to go out and win. Now with the points tied (Tomac owns the tie breaker) the pressure falls directly on his shoulders. With two weeks before SLC, how is he dealing with the pressure? Has he matured from his 2013 and 2011 chokes or is he doomed to repeat the same mistakes he is prone too, (Colorado 2015 huge crash, Dallas 2017 smashed front brake and Seattle 2017 endo in Main)? Eli is in for a stressful month and Dungey is the underdog that can ride with nothing to lose. Let's not forget Eli struggled with arm pump early in the season and two things that contribute to arm pump are stress and high altitude, SLC will have both. Dungey also has quite a bit of helpers available if needed. Baggett, Millsaps and Musquin are racing Dungey as if he signs their paychecks. I am not saying team orders have been given, but who really wants to be the guy who costs KTM a Championship without having a contract for next season? Millsaps didn't fight Dungey very hard for 4th place in Seattle, in fact it looked like he moved out of the way. With three races left in Dungey's career (assuming he is retiring this year) I look for him to pressure Eli into a mistake taking his 4th SX title and riding off into the sunset as the champion. In the 250 class Arron Plessinger looked like a world beater! He was the only rider, other than Tomac in the 450 class, to go 3/3/3 in the rhythm section. Plessinger is a bit of an enigma, sometimes he looks like the fastest rider on earth but only in bursts. If he could harness his speed he could be a superstar, maybe a move to the 450 class is what he needs. We all know he is good on deteriorating tracks, if he could translate this speed to a regular track he could be a contender on a 450. If I were him I would be talking to RCH, Kawasaki and KTM about a 450 ride in 2018. Justin Hill did exactly what a guy with a 21 point lead and three rounds left should do, ride to a safe 2nd place. Hill is another guy that should be shopping for a 450 ride but not because it suits him better but once he wins he has earned enough points out of the 250 class. If I were Kawasaki I would politely tell Josh Grant his services won't be needed in 2018 and put Hill there. With three rounds left in the 2017 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series it is shaping up to be one for the ages. If this is Dungey’s swan song, win or lose, what a way to go out. With a week off before SLC some guys will be testing outdoors but don't look for Eli or Dungey to be riding anything but Supercross during their Easter break. I will be in SLC for the race and yes the post-race press conference. This is my first press conference since the infamous Glendale “no crown incident.” Let me know the questions you want asked. View full article
  14. wielywilly-g

    Picks for Rnd5 Oakland

    What is everyone thinking after the last weeks mix up. I like Webb Milsapps Tomac Seely Dungey Anderson Musquin Wildcard8 going to Stewart
  15. Press conference is at 10:15 Pacific time, what do you want to know?
  16. Mongo134

    Bogle Out for A1

    Practice crash..... New Zuke team off to a rough start already.
  17. 150dirtcomber

    Poor Track Design

    Aside from the back to back whoops, poor track design I'm sorry but not impressed. Particularly a triple out of an immediate corner and into another immediate corner. Guys getting landed on left and right. Also unrelated but wow that was a lot of bikes in the pits.
  18. ------------------------------------------------------------- Monster Energy Supercross - ROUND 14 Seattle Rice-Eccles Saturday April 22nd 7:00 PM PST ------------------------------------------------------------- Live Timing: http://live.amasupercross.com/ Race Day Live 12:50 am PDT https://livestream.com/accounts/1543541/events/7300130 TV Schedule: Fox Sports 2 and Fox Sports Go App @ 7:00 P.M. PST http://instagram.com/racerxonline https://twitter.com/pulpmx http://instagram.com/pulpmx http://instagram.com/twmxdotcom https://twitter.com/twmxdotcom
  19. jetfuel

    Race Day Live RD 2 Houston

    Starts 1:50 EST https://livestream.com/accounts/1543541/events/8007711
  20. wielywilly-g

    Two Red Plates

    I can't believe they are letting Dungey keep his red plate. There should be only one and Eli got the tie breaker.
  21. Chris Cooksey

    “Say it ain't so, Chad”

    “Say it ain't so, Chad” As the Monster Energy Supercross series winds down the battle for the Championship Title heats up between Dungey and Tomac. Unfortunately, Chad Reed cost the fans a chance to witness the two best Monster Energy Supercross riders go at it on a track that was challenging and designed for good racing. Chad was apparently upset at Dungey for coming over on him during the start in Detroit, along with his comments after the heat race. I have watched Detroit several times and don't see anything other than guys funneling into a tight first turn, I call Detroit a racing incident. Reed started his assault on Dungey during the heat race by crossing the whoops in front of Dungey on the first lap. I am of the opinion that whoops are like big jumps, riders are committed and this is not a section to get aggressive. The riders are in 3rd or 4th gear wide open and changing directions can cause them to drop a wheel which ultimately could be catastrophic. Now if a 250 rider made that move I might chalk it up to inexperience, but as a seasoned veteran Reed knew better. The move before the finish line was aggressive, maybe a little too rough for a heat race but I didn’t have an issue with the move. If this were a car race Reed would have been black flagged in the Main. I know I have been very critical of John Gallagher, but as the FIM Competition Director this behavior falls under his jurisdiction. I would like to know where he is viewing the race from along with how many other officials have eyes on the track. If he is trying to do the job by himself, he is doomed to fail as it is impossible for one person to see everything. Mr. Gallagher should have been on high alert after the heat race incident between Reed and Dungey, while not many people anticipated Reed blocking Dungey, Mr. Gallagher or someone in his crew should have noticed this and black flagged Reed. Due to the inconsistency of punishments handed out lately I understand the hesitation, but something should have been done. I would sit Reed out for Seattle, a similar punishment to Kyle Chisholm when he blocked Reed in 2009. With millions of dollars and the prestige of a Supercross Championship on the line, it’s perplexing Reed chose this move. If the Championship is decided by under 6 points many will look back on this moment in infamy. With four rounds left the intensity is as high as any series I can remember with so many questions to be answered in both classes. Who will be champion? Will mud be a factor? Will somebody other than Reed play spoiler? Will we see team tactics? Is this Dungey's last season? Will Joey Savatgy ever smile? Can Mcelrath make up the points lost to Hill in Dallas? Will Forkner get a win? Will the mixed East/West shout out decide both 250 titles? Whoever says Supercross isn't exciting clearly isn't paying attention. We have drama both on and off the track, stay tuned!
  22. Early start today boys and girls
  23. Chris Cooksey

    Ryan Dungey Isn't Dead!

    Congratulations to Ryan Dungey on his highly successful racing career! He will go down as one of the all-time greats in the sport of Motocross and Supercross. While the sport is beneficial with Dungey’s participation, the sport will survive without it. After hearing his retirement speech, at his personal press conference, I am curious to see how he handles retirement. Retirement for professional athletes can be tough. Athletes define themselves by their skills and Dungey's entire life has been dedicated to the goal of winning. Once winning is no longer an athlete’s sole goal in life, depression can take hold. The identity of their professional self dies and they are forced to reinvent themselves. In the heat of the moment Dungey probably wished he was normal and didn't have the intense pressure or stress anymore. While this is true, he will still miss the adoration of so many fans. He will never be able to recreate the feeling of crossing the line to win a Supercross Championship. His life will be full of great joy and good times but the feeling of being Champion cannot be replicated. Ryan Dungey will be remembered as one of the hardest working and determined riders in the sport’s history. This skill will help him moving forward or it will be his downfall. Unfortunately, professional athletes are not held to normal societal rules and many are socially inept. They are so used to everything being geared towards them and their goals. In retirement they are expected to instantly become regular people. They no longer receive special treatment or have an entire team geared toward assisting them reach their goals. They lose many “friends” who were there to feed off their fame and fortune. This is devastating to their psyche. Dungey will need to learn how to widen his focus. The tunnel vision required to be a Champion can alienate an athlete in regular society. Retiring athletes often have an identity crisis when it all ends. During their careers they have a team of people helping them focus and move forward. When they retire this giant support system shrinks to a few people and things can feel lonely. In the next couple years Ryan and Lindsay will be challenged in their relationship. The divorce rate for professional athletes upon retirement is extremely high, their relationship dynamic will completely change. I have heard many people say, “He is rich and has a hot wife, life is good!” While this is true many professional Motocross racers don't have the money to sit back and reflect. Ryan has the money to allow the nothingness of retirement set in. Ryan doesn't need to enter the regular workforce and will have a lot of time on his hands. Ryan will have to find a new motivation for getting up in the morning, much like Kevin Windham. He might want to give Windham a call and allow Windham to explain the emotional roller coaster that lies ahead, and unlike his professional career this will be played out in private. While we celebrate Ryan Dungey and his historic career achievements, I am concerned for him as a human being. I don't think Ryan will go very far from the sport, he has too much to offer. Hopefully he will make the transition and embrace his new life in whatever role he chooses. RD5 is no longer his identity, he is now Ryan from Minnesota. I personally appreciated Dungey this season as this was my first season in the Supercross media and he made it very memorable. He answered my press conference questions honestly and didn’t hide his emotions. I took a lot of heat after Glendale, but I wouldn't have it any other way. He showed his human side, something he never showed earlier in his career. If you want a perfect example of the struggles an athlete goes through upon retirement, check out the documentary State of Play: Happiness. (Photos by LC)
  24. MikaelP34

    2018 KTM 250 SX Suggestions

    Hey whats up fellas i just picked up my new bike a 2018 ktm 250 sx and man is it a blast im just trying to get some recommendations for this bike what to do what not to do stuff like that i haven't had a 2 stroke in a along while so im kinda out of the loop they have came a long way sense my old kx 85. If anyone has any good suggestions let me know so far ive got 4.0 hours and it and done all new fluids filter grease all that im kinda hesitant to put the red power valve in it the yellow feels like more than enough for what i do.