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Found 107 results

  1. troyhaytroy

    supermoto Supermoto Group Riding Atlanta

    I have a DRZ400sm in Atlanta, and I want to do some casual group riding. I'm newer to riding, and I'm still developing my skills, but I'm very safe and responsible. Does anyone have any knowledge of groups/good practice areas around town?
  2. I have a DRZ400sm in Atlanta, and I want to do some casual group riding. I'm newer to riding, and I'm still developing my skills, but I'm very safe and responsible. Does anyone have any knowledge of groups/good practice areas around town?
  3. AMA partners with DRT Racing for 2017 season PICKERINGTON, OH – February 24, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – The 2017 AMA Supermoto National Championship Series features five rounds of racing in five states, sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association. The series includes the return of many popular venues, plus one new venue at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Fla. “The 2017 series promises to be exciting,” said AMA Track Racing Manager Ken Saillant. “The AMA Supermoto National Championship Series showcases North America’s top Supermoto talent and provides amateur racers the opportunity to compete at premier racing facilities alongside some of the top Supermoto teams in the industry.” The 2017 season begins with DRT Racing as the new series promoter. “We welcome DRT Racing for the 2017 Supermoto season,” Saillant said. “Working with an organization that has strong industry ties creates opportunities for our members to really feel connected with the Supermoto community.” The AMA Supermoto National Championship Series includes novice, youth, intermediate and age- and displacement-based classes, as well as classes that feature some of the best Supermoto talent in the country. Supermoto combines exciting elements of motocross, dirt track and road racing into one dynamic discipline. It features jumps, high-speed straights and both dirt and asphalt surfaces. Track variations and venues can vary considerably. Supermoto events have taken place at purpose-built facilities, in sports stadiums, on casino properties and on closed-course cityscape street layouts. The discipline originated in the United States in the late 1970s and was initially popularized by the ABC Wide World of Sports “Superbikers” show that featured the best dirt trackers, motocrossers and road racers of the time. 2017 AMA Supermoto National Championship Series Schedule Round 1 – April 8 Kern County Raceway – Bakersfield, Calif. Round 2 – May 6 Musselman Honda Circuit – Tucson, Ariz. Round 3 – Aug. 5-6 GP3R Trois Rivières – Quebec, Canada Round 4 – Sept. 16 Downtown Sturgis – Sturgis, S.D. Round 5 – Oct. 7 Five Flags Speedway – Pensacola, Fla. About the American Motorcyclist Association Founded in 1924, the AMA is a not-for-profit member-based association whose mission is to promote the motorcycle lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling. As the world’s largest motorcycling rights and event sanctioning organization, the AMA advocates for riders’ interests at all levels of government and sanctions thousands of competition and recreational events every year. The AMA also provides money-saving discounts on products and services for its members. Through the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in Pickerington, Ohio, the AMA honors the heroes and heritage of motorcycling. For more information, visit www.americanmotorcyclist.com. Not a member? Join the AMA today. Source: American Motorcyclist Association
  4. SuMo Time: Braptasticly Motarded Supermoto Swarm Superfuntime Ride( SUPERMOTO GROUP RIDE -- last ride was 24 bikes) Ok, Supermoto Dundee Swarm™, IS IT INVIGORATING to go blast roads with a huge, glorious swarm of Supermotos with friendly Braptards™? YES! Does Supermoto-ing make you feel MORE THAN ALIVE??! YES! IT DOES! Will this be the last absolutely gorgeous weekend before the weather becomes less friendly? Who wants to take that chance of losing a perfectly gorgeous day to ride?! NOT YOU. NOT me. NOBODY does. NOBODY. Will the rest of the weekends before it gets uncomfortably cold be rainy days? Who knows. But, what if?!? You MUST ride NOW!! Will you REGRET NOT having ridden with a large crew of totally awesome Supermoto teammates? Yes. Yes, you WILL REGRET it! (And a recent very independent study done by Professor Joe PhD Wheeliester over at Braptard University™ shows you'd definitely be SAD -- Very sad. -- if you MISS THIS RIDE. Don't be SAD. COME RIDE. BE HAPPY. Is THIS SUNDAY, October 8th @ 10:00AM projected to be absolutely GORGEOUS Supermoto-ing weather? Why, YES! YES it is! YOU. ARE. IN. LUCK!! Do you remember when it was NINETY PLUS degrees this summer, and you were all, "OMG it's TOO HOT to gear up and ride!! (but i'm going to do it anyway because SUPERMOTO IS LIFE!)"???!! So... you DO remember longingly hoping for the exact riding conditions projected for Sunday October 8th 2017?? Well... it's HERE. That DAY is THIS SUNDAY. Do you even know how to find the Menards parking lot near mcdonalds, on Randall Road, in Carpentersville, IL which has fuel, food, coffee?? Doesn't matter. Ask UNCLE GOOGLE! He'll show you how to get to the start of your GLORIOUS Supermoto day. Thanks, Uncle Google. You should KNOW where HOME is. Home is Supermoto Dundee launch zone -- Menard's -- "Where you always save Motard$" Do you have friends who rides Supermotos who've not had the awesome experience of riding with the Supermoto Dundee Swarm™? Yes! YES you do! Bring them. Bring them ALL. (You wouldn't want them to question you later about why you left them high and dry. Excluded them? No! Include your fellow Braaptardz! You can't afford having a rift in your Supermoto friendship. BRING THEM. They might not know they need this -- they do. Do NOT leave it up to them. Bring them. Somehow. Must... get... to... launch... We WILL SEE YOU THERE! Stand-ups somewhere between 10:45 and 11AM, depending on if we know we're waiting for certain Braptardz™ to arrive who've said they are ON THEIR WAY, who'll be arriving in a REASONABLE amount of time. You need this couple of hours to FEEL TRULY ALIVE. Most of the time we're all back to launch by 2:30 / 3PM, but it just depends. The group is NOT a internet gawker group -- we're a group that actually RIDES -- we don't just TALK about riding -- we RIDE. So, if you RIDE, come RIDE. Don't join the group to be a lurker -- there are already a million groups you can join if you just want to be a lurker. A bunch of the guys use Sena intercoms, so if you have it, bring it. If you request to join the group and don't answer questions (designed to see if you actually ride, and are not just a lurker), and your profile doesn't seem tro indicate that you actually ride, you risk not being admitted into the group... THE GROUP: Faceb00k / SupermotoDundee [figure it out] THE EVENT: Faceb00k / events / 1736350573335437 [figure it out] Previous smaller events Yt00b / F80UPonJNos [figure it out] Yt00b / VZfHvtnznpY [figure it out]
  5. Ron Denham

    2013 Wr250f sm conversion. Help...

    Appologies for the book but bare with me here, in need of some input... Ok, so i bought a wr250f it wasnt street legal i made it legal and got plated through south dakota. I did a baja designs enduro lighting harness kit with the stator modification. Put an fmf slip on exhaust on it and jetted the carb. I forget what jets i used and i put an air fuel mixture screw in it. Problem1.After my baja kit i put on it wouldnt start. Turned out that the solenoid under the seat was loose or something i pushed down on it when it was clicking and it started running again. Problem 2.Went riding, it ran great on the trails. Went riding for a day or 2 on the street, after a while the electric start stopped working and it became a bitch to kick over. It started making the same click noise like when the battery is dead under the seat. Idk whats up with that. Then on the street i was riding and the bike stopped having power in the throttle i would pin it full throttle and it wouldnt take off like it usuallt does. I pulled over, let it sit for 5min and kicked it over again and the power i had came back in the throttle. It did that 2 more times durring the ride and i went home. Do you think this is a computer issue, a carb issue, fuel air ratio issue. Im going to do an airbox mod on it thiss weekend maybe thatll help. Problem3. I ordered some rims and stuff from warp9 so i can sumo it out and i was curious on what size sprocket would make my gears longer and better so im not maxing my rpms out at 40mph. I can do a solid 65mph on the bike but thats like pushing it and im in 5th gear as soon as i hit like 30mph, id love 6gears but im trying to avoid regearing the bike and using a smaller sprocket in the rear and maybe a tooth or 2 bigger in the front i guess, i still wanna be able to pull wheelies. I feel like im gonna blow the motor if i leave it alone and just ride street with it. Mind you this was the wr250f=for off road use only. not the wr250r=street legal from factory, i live in nj. I should have just got the street legal one or a supermoto already done but i wanted to build one and make it custom for me. I already put alot of money in to it and dont even own it 100% yet so im not trying to get rid of it anytime soon. Im not even done with it yet.
  6. Billy White

    Cbr500 rims on my xr600r

    Hi all, long time stalker first time poster. Had my xr600r a few years now brought it with everything done lucky. Anyway it has sat in the shed for 3 or so years regoed and ready to Roll just to lazy to get my Lience. Now have it and I'm riding it to work Everyday saving ks on the car doing about 200 250 km a week, Loving the bike hasn't missed a beat but doing 80% of that Highway I want to set up for 100% road. I have picked up a set of cbr600 rims done some maching on them Got them to start fitting and taking shape but gave up on the idea Now I have my Lience it's back on. Has anyone on here done it? how much work is realy involved? Is the Juice worth the squeeze?? Ect ect. Send in your pics cbr rims or not show me your rigs!! I will have plenty more questions to ask you all that have Cheers.
  7. lilbowtie

    2015 Gold Supermoto Wheels

    I have a lightly used set of stock 2015 gold drz400sm wheels that I'm not using. They're listed in classifieds, but not sure what the going rate is for factory supermoto wheels these days. Any thoughts on what I should ask? And is anyone interested?
  8. I’m sure there are questions about this already, but I am in a hurry to buy a set of Warp 9 supermoto rims for my 2009 Wr250F. However, the rims came off of a 2009 Yz450F and I’m not sure if the hubs will fit on my Wr. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Hello everyone! I would like some help regarding which Supermoto-style front fenders fits a 2017 KTM 500 EXC-F Six Days. There's 2 screw holes in the back off my current off-road fender that mounts in the back of the lower clamp. A friend suggested a 690 SMC-R or Husky FS300-570 but I'm not sure since I've only seen pictures. (OEM partnumber: 7730821000028)
  10. Do those who run sumo and dirt setups on the same bike swap chains and brake pads as well?
  11. Hi All, I could use some help with tire selection I have a set of 17" supermoto rims that I want to use with my 2005 KTM 450 EXC. The back rim is 4.25" and the front rim is 3.5" wide. I want to put a Kenda K270 510-17 (5.1" ) on the back and a K270 4.60-17 (4.6") on the front. Will there be issues using my 4.25" rear rim with a 5.1" wide tire? Would I be better off using the 4.6" wide tire on the front and back? Thanks in advance.
  12. DrzKC


    I had a gsx-s750 and got rid of it and picked up a 2015 drz400sm this week. It's used and the last guy put knobbies on it. I'm switching back to Michelin power 2ct. stock tire size is 140/70. The current tires are 150/70. I was looking at running 160/60. Anyone know if this would be a problem? I'm just getting into the supermoto life so any other general suggestions would be great. Thanks!
  13. Supermotofool

    DRZ400S Aftermarket Exhaust

    I have my 2001 DRZ400S I have converted to a supermoto, and now I want to start doing performance mods. I want to do the 3X3 mod, along with a jet kit, and a pipe. As of now my personal choice is going to be the Yoshi RS2 Full system, a Dynojet jet kit, and a K&N filter for the 3X3. I am posting this to see if anyone would disagree with this setup, or have any recommendations on what might be better or worth doing along the way. (I do not want to wait 4 weeks for the MRD exhaust or I would go that route) Any comments or recommendations are greatly appreciated, Going to do this in about one week. Thank you, Brad
  14. infernalspark6699

    Trade KTM duke 690 for bmw xmoto g650?

    Hi all, first of all I'm new here and I thank you all in advance for your time and any advice you may have to offer me. heres the deal- I recently purchased a 2013 KTM duke 690. love the bike, not a thing wrong with it, BUT- originally was looking for something a little more towards the supermoto end of the spectrum and something I that could put knobbies on and go offroad every now and then. Was also looking real hard at a drz400sm but I settled on the duke because I got a good deal on it and I love the look and the ride and im about 85/15 street/dirt so it made sense for me to go with something more street oriented rather than sacrifice the power that I would need on the highway. Now im entertaining a trade offer- a 2007 bmw xmoto g650. The bmw has 9000 miles and has been well kept and maintained. My duke has 5000 miles. obviously the KTM is worth more, but it should be noted that the KTM does have a rebuilt title which affects the value- although the bike is in perfect shape. The bmw has a clean title. I'm curious to hear from anyone who has experience with both bikes what the pros and cons of each would be in your opinion. I have only been riding for less than two years, started on a yamaha 350 dual sport and have not riden much besides that and my KTM so I am still figuring out what my preferences are. I know this is a question of personal preference but I'd like to hear opinions from folks with more experience riding than I have. Factors I'm looking at are the ride and feel, performance, maintenance, reliability, and anything else you can think of. top speed is not an issue, 105 on the BMW is more than enough for me. as far as look goes, I honestly prefer the look of the bmw (don't hang me for saying that, orange just isn't my color) I'm supposed to go check out the BMW tomorrow. attatched a pic of the actual bike im thinking of trading for. Thanks in advance to anyone whos got an opinion/advice for me.
  15. *Moved from sportbike forum Hey All, A while back a racer buddy explained to me that the best combo for tire size with lean angle in mind (for supermotos) is to have the front and rear tire as close to each other in terms of size and profile as possible for best and smoothest results in learning. I tried to find more info about it but found many contradictions. Some said 150 better, some said 140. And at that, they were talking about different tire models/mfgs and combinations. I tend to believe that the thinner rear tire gets you better/quicker/smoother lean and is also lighter weight so better response. But I'd like some more opinions or some stats if you have any. My Question: Is a setup of 120/70/17 and 140/70/17 on 4.25" rims, going to get you smoother and more stable results than a 160 or 150 rear? My current setup is Conti Attack SM's 120/140 (1.5K miles on them and loving it) Thanks for any help!
  16. JacksonDRZbeast

    Cush Drive on 450

    Hello TT peeps. I currently have an 11' Ktm 450 exc which i am converting to sumo. Still on the fence about getting cush drive rims or standard rims. Not too much info on what cush drive does for wheelies. I know its smoother on the tranny and chain but will it make much of a difference with slower wheelies/stunting? I had a DRZ with standard rims and slower wheelies were very choppy and almost impossible to control smoothly. Any advice/tips/help will be much appreciated. Also.... will 5" rims be pushing it for chain rub? Should i just stick with 4.25"?
  17. Hi guys, due to an injury to my back I can no longer ride my WR250F as intended. The bike only has 7 hours on it and I spent a lot of money, throwing every bit of bling imaginable at it. If I sell the bike I lose +-60% of the value so I was thinking of converting it to a SM for Sunday fun and the odd commute. Has anybody done this and if so how did it work out and how long did the bike last?
  18. Tiller60

    My bike is not straight

    Hey guys. I have a 2006 Drz400sm, which I just got new tires and was putting them on. Torqued it all down. But now, when I drove my bike after I was done; I have to turn a little right (with the handlebars) To go straight. its like I mis- aligned my tire on the front maybe? Any suggestions or answers would be appreciated.
  19. So I'm pretty new to carb bikes, I used to have a CBR-600rr and decided I wanted a supermoto. I have read the repetitive topics concerning leaving your bike on prime but no answer as to why my bike is ok, everyone seems to have problems. One day I was in the trails and my bike tipped over and wouldn't start, so I set the pet cock to prime and it started fine and I rode/left it sitting like that for 3 weeks because I went to Florida. When I came back I shit myself when I noticed I left it on prime, the bike wouldn't start but was cranking. Eventually I killed the battery trying different choke settings and decided to try to push start it and it started right up. It wasn't idling high like the choke setting was set to but after riding it around for the day it was fine. I let it cool and it started fine. Why does my bike seem ok after what is supposed to be a horrible mess up? Does anyone know the science behind why it wouldn't start at all choked but started fine when I pushed it?
  20. Alright, so I have recently been considering converting my 2017 yz450f into a semi-practical/street legal supermoto. It would be great if you guys could help me out. Thanks! Questions: Is there a way to install a lock on it? What else do I need? I know I need: tires, rims, brake disks, brakes, sprockets, headlight, horn, blinkers, speedometer, external battery, stator, brake lights, a plate.
  21. WheelieWIll

    Need help wiring supermoto

    So as I'm adding more and more auxiliary accessories to my Wr450f, I'm running out of room on the battery terminals to connect things. I've seen some "power distribution blocks" but theyre all made for huge 0 gauge wire. Anybody have any ideas of what I could do? Or something like this, but for much smaller wire. Like 20 gauge.

    • FOR SALE
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    I posted these a while back, but never got pics. Finally got some time to clean them up a bit and grab a few pics, so here they are again. They're off my 2015 DRZ400SM with relatively low miles (probably around 1000). I upgraded to warp 9 wheels and I've just had these sitting around. Before I upgraded to the warp 9s I put a DRC lightweight sprocket on, and upgraded the rear rotor to a galfer. The wheels are in great shape. There are one or two blemishes where the local shop pulled some of the coating off with tire irons when they changed the tires. The sprocket, and upgraded rotor are included. I'll throw in the stock sprocket (still in great shape), and a set of tubes. Listing them at $800 based on everything I'm including, but feel free to make an offer.


  23. I’m sure there are questions about this already, but I am in a hurry to buy a set of Warp 9 supermoto rims for my 2009 Wr250F. However, the rims came off of a 2009 Yz450F and I’m not sure if the hubs will fit on my Wr. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  24. Hi Guys, I just spend hours googling on what is going on but cant find anything on this topic (possibly because I dont know the correct terms) When I am looking at the front of the bike(2016 ktm 690 enduro with warp9 wheels) I can see that the front wheel is closer to the right fork arm then the left and is rubbing on a plastic piece(Im sure I can remove the plastic) I see the bolt to the right has a stopper and wont go any further(if it went further it would be more centered) Any idea on what I can/should do with this. Thanks

    • FOR SALE
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    Misc parts leftover after selling my drz400e supermoto. Text 502-7four1-5fourfour1. As i don't get on the site much. Located in Southern IN. Will ship at buyers expense. All prices plus shipping. Make offer. I will try and upload pictures as soon as possible. -Front Wave Rotor Used $40 -EBC Oversized Front Rotor 320mm (no relocation bracket) Brand New Still Original Box - $100 - Front Headlight White Used - $30 - Stock E Exhaust Head pipe, muffler, and guard Used - $50 - Stock front Caliper Bracket Used - $5 - Rear Sprocket (maybe 41 tooth) - $15 - CR Carb off E model (Its apart in a box, I believe all parts are there, but I can't guarantee it as I don't remember why its in box) - Make offer - Seat Concepts Seat with Pan Carbon Fiver with Blue Stitching (no rips or tears) - $200