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Found 122 results

  1. Today we’re going to be talking a little bit about automotive suspensions and how they work to smoothen the ride of your car. There are mainly three purposes of the automotive suspension system. First, they support the weight of the vehicle. Second, they maintain accurate tire contact with the ground. And third, they absorb any shock that you get through the road when you hit a bump. Most modern vehicles come with an independent front suspension. Which means if one wheel hits a bump it does not disturb the other wheel. Nowadays, people use Coil Spring to support the majority of weight in the car. As it has a really good characteristics for absorbing any bumps as you go up and down on the road. However Springs aren’t very good at dissipating that energy. In fact that’s why you have the shock absorber. Which is there to smoothen out the ride and make sure the tire maintains contact with the road. In modern passenger vehicles the two most popular suspensions are McPherson strut and double wishbone style of suspension. The main advantage of the McPherson strut suspension is that it’s really cheap and simple that’s why a lot of manufacturers are moving towards this design. The double wishbone design allows the wheel to stay perpendicular to the body as it navigates a corner or as it goes over a bump. And that maintains good tire contact patch no matter where the wheel is situated. Another advantage of this design is that it can be made adjustable where you can control the position of upper control arms ball Joints. Click to Know More About Ball Joints and other Suspension Components
  2. DefyConvention

    Second oil filter underneath shifter?

    Good day all, I am riding a new 2017 kx450f, the first four stroke i have ever owned. I am also new to actually setting up a bike for me (sag, clickers, air pressure in SFF Tac fork, etc.) I have been going through the owners manual, break in process, oil change vids on youtube etc. While on the genuine kawasaki parts site looking up part numbers, I noticed on the oil filter section that there is the regular oil filter on the right hand side of bike, and then another one on the left hand side under the shifter. The second one I have literally never changed, nor have i ever heard anyone ever mention it, or speak about changing it, and its part number is 49065A. http://www.genuinekawasakiparts.com/oemparts/a/kaw/57f5247e87a8660d6c7c9b66/oil-filter Are the engine oil, and tranny sump separated on this bike ie two different oils, one for engine, and one for tranny? Or is this just another filter entirely for the engine oil, and should it be changed frequently? Also, on the fork and shock clicker setting there is a sign that is similar to " S<--->H " for clicker adjustment. Can someone explain the basics of this? Compression=? Rebound=? Thanks!
  3. InAquaVeritas

    Replacement options rear shock

    I've searched the forum for info on this, but can't find anything except for a shock in the TT shop. I'm in the process of rebuilding my 2005 SM, front to back. After running the engine into the ground, too little oil and stupidity, I have ordered a big bore kit. As I'm doing that, I want to get the suspension redone as well, but all the rebuilders over here refuse to service the OEM Showa rear shock, as it "will always be a poor quality shock". What are good replacement options? What is the OEM shock length eye-to-eye? Are there progressive springs for the forks? Thanks a lot!
  4. I'm a 61 yr. old woods rider with a 2003 YZ 300. Do no motocross, and little jumping because of my knees. The motor part of the bike is satisfactorily dialed.But the suspension is stone stock, and pretty brutal. I've decided to do the work myself because I,ve done bushings and seals before, and feel confident that I can do it. I have spent hours reading posts on this, but the sheer mass of it all has my head spinning. This would be easy, if I had money to throw at it. I have decided that buying One racetech kit for each end is acceptable, (Or some other viable alternative). I have read that the rebound in these forks is a major problem. Question: If I were to but one fork kit, which one would it be? What about the shock?Any input appreciated.
  5. Just got my first paycheck from my first formal job. So... if you had 800 bucks, what would you get for your 2015 KTM 300 XC-W? (I studied finance so dont tell me to save for my retirement or invest! that shit is #boring) Regards from Mexico!
  6. therealmacman

    PW80 replace/repair suspension

    Hi. I bought a Yamaha PW80 for my son (actually he bought it). It was relatively cheap and I thought everything on it is probably cheap to replace. Long before I expected it he is jumping it and the suspension is bottoming out. I was shocked when the bike shop told me it's high AU$300s for the rear suspension. There are aftermarket for AU$50 - AU$100 however I am very skeptical about the quality. Can anyone give me some advice please regarding a reliable aftermarket, whether there is a reconditioning kit, any other suggestions. I'm in Australia. Thanks Chris
  7. Hey guys, I've tried the big shops over the years and gotten mixed results. Now I'm thinking about trying one of the smaller guys to see if the personalized attention provides better bang for the buck. Heard great things about Cory at ProTune but can't reach him at the moment. Rode with a guy last weekend who recommended Mark at Moto-vations in Hickory, NC. I found a few good comments on-line, but hoping some of my fellow TT members can share first hand experience. Feel free to PM if you'd rather not share details for everybody to read! I have absolutely no complaints about the Xplore when I'm doing slow speed stuff or even doing high speed when it's only moderately rough. But it began to beat me up last weekend when I hit larger rocks and roots at closer to race pace.
  8. Cook07

    2016 Yz 250x

    First off I'm a mid pack b rider from Ohio that races hare scrambles, my weight is 170lbs. Problem I'm having on my Yz 250x is it is washing out in the mud, straight lines the front end is a sled, other wise feels great in dry conditions. Race sag at 108, was at 105,tried forks 5mm up in triple clamps, that helped alittle but then I felt like it was nose diving. So it's back flush now. Was running front compression at 10 and rebound 9. Shock 10c, 9r. I did take 20cc out of each fork leg so I can run the compression in more. I was out today and tested it multiple ways and the only way I got it to track descent in mud was forks at 7c 7r and shock 6c and 5r. That is way off from what manual states and if it's dry out those setting will fill like shit. Help please what is everyone else running there clickers at on the Yz 250x. Thanks
  9. I'm in need of some suspension advice for my yz250f 2016. I have had it for about a season using stock springs and the settings on the clickers are stock (Forks: Rebound Dampaning 12 clicks out, Compression Dampaning 10 clicks out. Shock: Rebound Dampaning 13 clicks out, Fast Compression 1 1/4 turns out, Slow Compression 12 clicks out). I have changed them around and don't understand the concepts of what they do to much. So I put them back to stock because I have rode my bike like that the most. I Have done some research on clickers just can't figure it out. I have set my rider sag. But I feel like I could really benefit from from correct springs so I can feel clicker adjustments better. I have gone to race tech and trued there spring calculator but I don't know what they are asking when they ask for fork and shock lowered distance. But my weight will vary between 155-160 pounds. I ride lots of stuff like GNCC races, logging roads some hill climbs. I'm a shorter rider I think 5" 9' maybe less. I'm a pretty aggressive rider for only haveing a season under my belt I'm a B rider. If any other information is needed to help me I will give it. Thank you
  10. I know there have been thousands of threads, etc talking about how to make the WP 4CS forks better. I have them on my 2016 KTM 350sxf and until fairly recently didn't really think they were that bad. I'm a 38yr old vet rider 165lbs...just started racing (yea I know, a little late), but have definitely put in a lot of seat time and am starting to understand the subtle nuances of the bike and the suspension. SO, naturally I looked for a way to make my forks work better. I live in San Diego, CA, so I have great access to Factory Connection, Race Tech, Pro Circuit, etc. WELL, for those of you that cannot seem to find the answer, I HAVE IT. I had a guy come recommended to me (Pete Russell) from someone at Pala...said he was hands down the best in the business. I took my forks to him and not only did he do an insane job revalving them, he had no problem walking me through every step as I watched him do it. His understanding of the inner workings was light years beyond my comprehension, and apparently superior to the big shops as well. Long story short, if you want your WP 4CS forks to be pure awesomeness, get your stuff done by Pete at NOST Suspension (www.nostsuspension.com). He has a 3-5 day turnaround time and charges waaayyy less than you'd pay for an A kit set up. EVERYTHING is custom machined parts that he developed and I could tell from the second my front tire hit the dirt that it was going to be a world of difference. I'm very very pleasantly surprised at how awesome my suspension is now...so time to start winning some races!!!!
  11. Beta sent out an email bulletin today announcing Ohlins forks, shocks, and cartridges for all four and two stroke models (all means the XT too, I believe), excepting the 125 RR-S. RXF 48 Forks run about three grand with spring, TTX46 Flow shocks run about $1,100 bucks with spring, and TTX22 cartridge kit is about $1,300 with spring. Nothing on the web site yet. Fork manual here: http://files.constantcontact.com/546b6d10101/00096a0e-4397-4af1-8d9a-e3e9a1b84725.pdf Shock manual here: http://files.constantcontact.com/546b6d10101/51f54f39-9395-4992-881f-d357a31764b7.pdf Cartridge manual here: http://files.constantcontact.com/546b6d10101/c2f42b44-b205-4a8d-b0c7-483baee5fe04.pdf
  12. wachterxc

    Stiction on WP Forks

    I would like to get my forks moving faster in order to respond to the smallbump-slowspeed chatter that bothers my ride. My valving is spot on (Race Tech Gold Valve), SKF seals are pretty fresh, and oil is at a good height. Ive come to the conclusion that im probably dealing with some stiction issues. Any tips on how to reduce this? Trying to find some low-budget solutions... (PLEASE dont suggest some kashima coating /ti-nitride fancy pantsy coating because im pennyless) Ive read some folks "polish" the inside of their fork tubes to reduce stiction. How do you polish these? Any special tools or technique?
  13. I have a 2014 Husaberg FE501 with 4CS suspension that was IMO mediocre compared to the open cartridge WP fork of the same generation. 1 week ago I purchased a 2018 300 XC-W and the initial feel was soft but not too shabby until I tried to dial some compression damping and NOTHING at all even at full +. I mentioned something to the dealer and they said "call KTM 1-951-600-8007" so I left a message and received a call back that went something like "Yeah they are sucky but thats the direction KTM went" and when I said I get the valving could be improved but the real issue is the adjusters should be on a keychain instead because they would do the same and be even more available to the customer, his response was "Sorry KTM hates its customers, CLICK". I had Kreft go through my 4CS and the results were stellar but this is an issue of KTM pawning off non-working garbage on its customers. Anyone else feel like the adjusters are just for show on the Xplor 48 fork and that the 4CS (as hard as this is to say) was better?
  14. Looking for some info on suspension settings to use on my 2016 KX450 SFF Air Tac setup. I just started racing hare scrambles in Florida and its mainly sugar sand. The stock settings are way too stiff. Front tire just wants to wash out in turns so i know I have to lighten the psi a bit. Stock settings recommended are: 174 psi for INNER chamber. 14.5 psi for OUTER chamber and 203 psi for BALANCE chamber. I know thru many hours of riding I can dial it in myself but I figured there has to be someone on here who rides sand and has saved settings they use, Any help is appreciated!
  15. Hello, I'm looking for way to make a machine to vacuum/fill rear shock absorber. I checked, but i can not find a full topic with detailed project - making of... Does anyone have such an information, as I need to have the details and check if I'm able to make it?
  16. Hi Guys, I need to adjust (and probably do some maintenance) front and rear forks on my bike, so they can work better with my weight and height, as the previous owner was much taller than me. It is a 2015 KTM 250 XCW, and I am near Park Meadows Mall, so the closest to that area the better, but still more important to get a good, trusted mechanic, that someone has some experience with already. I thought about Fay Myers, as I assume they do that kind of work, but not sure how good they are. Any recommendations?
  17. How much weight can be saved with a disc brake swap to an XT500 w drums? My front/rear weights are a staggering 138/198.
  18. gdombrowski94

    2015 Crf 450R suspension

    Hey guys, I am new to my 2015 Crf 450r. I use it for trail riding mostly. I weigh about 220lbs w/o gear on. I need help with figuring out how to adjust the suspension on my bike. I am not exactly sure what needs to be done. The front end of my bike feels like it wants to constantly buck me, or wash out on the trail. It is very hard to keep a steady rhythm riding this bike and I think it is due to all the front suspension. The back end feels pretty good. Any ideas? I could use recommendations on dialing the suspension in on it with what the stock bike allows and I would like advice on where to send the forks if need be. Also what should I do with the front steering dampener? How many clicks on the red, blue, and silver knobs on top of the forks should I try? I am use to oil forks not air forks and this is a whole other ball game I guess. Thanks!
  19. EnduroBandit

    bushing Gio X31 250cc Linkage Bushings

    Hey ya'll! I've been riding my Gio X31 250cc really hard lately and one of the rear linkage bushings went. Now it makes a horrible squeaking noise lol. Does anyone know were I can get replacement bushings or if there are any compatible bushings from name-brand bikes? Thanks, Jordan
  20. crhrider

    XR 200 in need of a shock

    I have a 2002 XR200 in need of a shock! Anyone have any for sale?! Thanks in advance
  21. What should nitrogen pressure be set on vintage fox non reservoir shocks,14" old school twin shocks?
  22. Donovan Wormood

    07 kx250f suspension

    I just dented the sh*t out of my fork tube and the seals were already blown on my 2007 kx250f, so I'm looking for aftermarket suspension suggestions. also someone told me the 2017 kx250f forks will fit my bike, has anyone done this? Thanks
  23. Bought my 2003 Kx 250 from a shorter, lighter kid that had the suspension done by EVO for mx. I budget race woods, and the suspension set up for a 140 lbs mx racer actually does alright for me in the woods as I'm around 165 lbs. The foot pegs were welded higher which I took care of, the forks were way high in the triple clamps which I took care of, but the seat sits much lower than I want it to, I can flat foot the bike with about an inch to spare. I don't really know how the work was done, is there a link or something I can just take out to raise it back up or was the shock cut or replaced with something to fit the previous owner? how do suspension shops usually go about lowering a bike? if its free/inexpensive to fix, I would like to do so, but if it cost any decent amount of money ill just suck it up and keep riding. Maybe its just because I'm used to it, but it seems the rear end sticks better when corning compared to my friends bikes ive ridden. but its just too short. Thanks, Jake
  24. lookin to upgrade my suspension on my 06 cr250, curious whats possible with some work.