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Found 64 results

  1. I replaced the transmission on an '05 kx85, and ive put the cases back together and everything spins freely, it shifts through all the gears, but once you put that tensioner thing that presses on the shift drum (dont know what the part's called) you cant shift into 3rd, itll get stuck halfway between second and 3rd, but once you take off that tensioner thing you can spin the drum and shift through all the gears just fine, whats going on?
  2. taking my transmission apart of my 2013 kx450... bike has about 40 hours on it. started grinding and jumping out of gear when shifting from 4th to 5th under load. after splitting cases and inspecting gears, i was surprised to see they all looked like they were in nearly new condition. the only wear i can find on any of the components is on the 5th gear gear dogs. they arent a perfect 90 degree angle anymore, but i wouldnt say they are anywhere near "excessive" wear. i guess my question is.. how much wear is too much? i know these are incredible precise parts, but it's just hard to imagine this is what was causing the jumping out of gear. but on the same note, there is NOTHING else wrong that i can find so it almost has to be this?? ive provided some pictures hoping someone with more knowledge and experience with these transmissions could set me straight. sorry if this posting is in the wrong place, but this is the first time ive ever joined a forum to ask a question. Anyway, thanks to anyone who can help. James
  3. raymondthebodeau

    Crf case half issue

    These are pictures of a 2006 honda crf 250 right side case half. In the kick starter mechanism housing, there is a small piece of aluminum that bridges across a hole in the case. It broke off, and im wondering if anybody else has seen this before, and will it be an issue? I dont think it serves a purpose, but i would like a second opinion. Thanks!
  4. Lucas Hansen

    Crf450r shifting noise

    I’m looking for some opinions on a noise my bike is making. When shifting into first from nuetral my bike slams into gear which is accompanied by a “ping” noise that sounds like 2 swords hitting each other. I can faintly hear the “ping” noise ringing out while rolling around in first gear. Upshifts are all smooth however downshifts seem to slam pretty hard from 3rd to 1st. I have also found that while shifting to nuetral while stopped with the bike running, my gears will grind and not allow me to shift to nuetral. This is only on occasions. Any ideas? All new clutch last year with forged clutch basket. I did notice my chain was pretty loose on this last ride, which I have head can cause noises and hard shifts. However that “ping” noise sounds like it’s coming from inside. Any advice is appreciated.
  5. Was wondering if anyone knows of a diagram that shows the thickness and inner diameter size for each washer. I think I have it right but I want to be sure. And does it matter what direction the washers face? I'd imagine it does being that each thrust washer has a smooth edge and a sharper edge. I face the smooth edge of the thrust washers outwards if you know what I mean because if they are the other way around it wouldn't seem right. If anyone that has experience with this stuff can chime in that would be awesome
  6. Sage D'Amato

    2003 YZ 125 spitting oil

    I have a 2003 yz125, it’s excessively dripping oil out of the silencer and where it meets the exhaust, there’s a lot of oil, it’s throwing out huge amounts of smoke and starting to foul out plugs. I’ve already replaced the clutch side seal (I’m almost positive it’s coming from the transmission oil) and repacked the exhaust. After that it seemed to stop or at least slowed down. After sitting for a couple months I changed the transmission oil once again and started it up, I let it warm up and didn’t feel like it had the normal amount of power and kinda bogged down, we revved the hell out of it and it cleared up and felt normal. We loaded up and drove out the the desert and I started it with the choke on and let it idle, after about a minute it died and wouldn’t turn over at all. We came back home and took out the spark plug and it was fouled replaced it and it ran again. The next day the same thing happened. Any thoughts on what I should do? The engine was recently rebuilt and I only use it for trail riding and run about a 40:1 ratio. Thanks
  7. Was out for a short ride today to try out my new proshotcam gopro mount and on the way back, close to home luckily, the bike (2015 yz250f) acted like I accidentally clicked it into neutral. Thinking this was the case I pulled in the clutch and clicked down to first, and went to start going again and it revved with out moving, or barely moving if that, hard to tell I was in sand. So I shut off the bike and while there I tried to click it into a different gear or neutral which didn't work the first couple tries then it did but felt different than normal. When the bike was in gear it could be rolled without the clutch in but made a funny noise coming from the tranny area. The bike seemed fine in neutral so I started it. It idled fine and revved fine, all normal noises. Then upon clicking it into gear it started to make a funny noise in the tranny area again so I just shut it off right away. So it shifts into gears fine but will not engage the engine and the wheel, so it won't drive. I'm going to split the cases and see what the problem is, but was just wondering if anyone had any idea. Something wrong with the gears, shift fork, shift cam, or did the tranny bearings go? Thanks
  8. i recently bought a 2002 ktm 520sx the crank was gone so i had to split the motor. while its split i would like to add the 5th and 6th gears in there just the wide ratio for top speed.i have seen the parts list for about 250 but when i called someone just quoted me 700 for parts. not sure why such the big difference. looking for any help with this. also if anyone has directions for this would be amazing. thanks again for the help

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    The head is damaged, everything else is in great condition. Nearly new hot rods crank. Carb and electrics are available as well. I can re-assemble the bottom end, and sell complete if wanted. Either message me here, or text seven four zero 577 six three one six for prices on individual parts. Listed price is for the complete bottom end.


    Jackson, Ohio - US

  10. Is it possible to orient the transmission incorrectly in the case or does it only go in one way?
  11. my last post i asked for help with the sizing for the spanner sockets. now im trying to figure out how to lock the clutch and keep it from rotating so i can remove the spanner nut. how can i lock it without the standard tool, and can i get it off without locking it if i just use an impact gun?
  12. hello I have a 01 rm 125 and the shift drum is grooved also my 2nd driven the dogs on the back are stripped my part number I'm getting is 24321-36f01 also the corespondent gear which is gear 6th driven 24361-36e03 does anyone kno if any other years will replace these 2 gears
  13. Hello, My 2007 Suzuki rmz450 has just recently started giving me hell. I was cruising around yesterday and all of a sudden I couldn't upshift. I tried down shifting as I was slowing and it wouldn't work either and the bike stalled. I tried to kick it over after I stopped and got it into neutral and it wouldn't turn over and the kickstarter started kickback almost every kick. Then the kickstarter seized on me. I tried to slowly push it by hand. Then tried shifting up into top gear to push it for troubleshooting, and it wouldn't shift past second. So pushed it back home in neutral and took of the the leftist engine cover to crank over the cam shaft. It moved fine and unstuck the kickstarter. Put the cover back on added the required oil. Then the gears started getting more finicky. It would budge at all at first then would only shift the odd time intermittently, but no higher than 3rd. Tried putting it in neutral and kickstarting it and it just kicked back every time. Im guessing the overall problem with the transmission could be the gear forks, gearshift cam, or gearshift pawl? Im interested in what everyone else thinks in what is the problem here with the kickback and shifting, as I am a newb. Thanks much appreciated
  14. fergus

    2007 crf250r gear problems

    Hi all, a little wile ago I was riding my crf250 and the gear shifter started vibrating a little bit, so I shifted down a gear but as soon as I did that it was like the gears were going crazy inside and the gear shifter was going crazy. After turning the bike off and then starting it back up the bike ran fine for a couple of hours of riding until it started to happen every time I shift down a gear. I can shift fine up to 5th gear but as soon as I shift down this happens. Any idea of what this could be please let me know? cheers
  15. Scott L.

    2006 Honda CR125 Tranny Oil

    Hello, I recently picked up a 2006 Honda CR125R coming from a 2008 Yamaha yz85. In my YZ85, I normally ran 10w30 oil in the transmission. I used some top notch expensive stuff once but could not afford to pay $25 for oil since I ride trails and change the oil pretty much every 3 rides. In my 2006 Honda CR125, could I run the 10w30? Or is 10w40 better since my bike is older? Like I said, I ride trails. I mostly stay in the first 3 gears. I would MOSTLY like to know if either 10w30 or 10w40 is better considering I have both in my garage. Any help is appreciated! Thanks
  16. motocrossmike 759

    1999 yz125 shifting problem

    My yz125 started acting funny because I've been riding it pretty hard this past weekend (2days of 5 hours and today 30mins of riding) I was doing this awkward jump where it goes up a hill, then it drops down 5 ft then there's another hill that is right in front of it, and I always almost land on the top but I think I landed on my shifter. and now when I try to go in first gear, it doesn't want to click. It goes into first but takes a little force. all you can feel is the engine spinning on the shifter. Anyone got any ideas? Also it feels like something to do with the clutch but I'm not entirely positive I could back that up.
  17. thunderdriver007

    2007 CRF450R Engine Parts

    Motor parts from an '07 crf450r, will fit a couple other years. Located in Shreveport, Louisiana. I'll ship or you can pick up in person. I'd like to sell the parts in the pictured groups (minus the last miscellaneous picture). If you'd like parts/ bolts/ anything from that last picture just open up the picture in microsoft paint and draw a circle around what you want to make it easier for both of us. Make a reasonable offer and we can do payments through paypal. Thanks for looking and feel free to ask questions.
  18. Anyone ever had this happen to them? First practice of the day I got the bike warmed up for 5 or so minutes and pulled off. Second time out the bike locked up in the air over a jump on lap 2. Pulled the motor apart and found second gear in pieces and a lot of other transmission components got chewed up from it. Parts being replaced are: 2nd gear, 2nd pinion gear, 5th gear, shift drum, all 3 shift forks, both shift guides plus all the washers, circlips, and bearings. The bike is a 2011 so should I play it safe and replace the entire transmission since it’s opened and I’m already replacing most of it? I can imagine that both shafts might have been bent slightly and the other gears have the possibility of grenading at any time. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks 2nd gear
  19. I have acquired a couple half decent cr250r bikes. They are all there but one of them will not shift into first gear. I can fire it up and take off in second no problem and shift through all the other gears. But when I down shift to first no go. When i shifted to first “as far as it would go, I pull the motor apart to see what was actually binding. When the clutch cover came off I could see the shift star was half ingaged into first, the shift selector will not move it farther, I can however do it manually no problem doesn’t seem to be binding. I’ve had the case apart twice to make sure I didn’t misss something and can seem to see any issues. Shift star doesn’t show any wear and shift selector looks like it’s polished at the points but not worn off really not sure hoping someone may have a clue
  20. My son's friend was riding his '05 230 in second gear when a stick jammed into his rear sprocket and stopped the bike dead - they said "a loud crack/pop came from the motor" when the wheel locked up. They started the bike but the gears wouldn't engage. I looked at it and the counter shaft was sticking out of the engine case more than it should. I can grab the front sprocket and move the counter shaft in and out of the engine case. I've done nothing to it yet - haven't even removed the front sprocket to see how far the counter shaft will pull out. I have a couple questions I hope y'all can help with: First, considering he was only cruising along in second gear, what's the likelihood that the damage will be contained to the transmission? Do y'all think the wheel locking up at that speed could have damaged anything else in the lower or upper engine - or even the engine case itself? Second, how difficult of a fix might this be? I have never messed with a transmission but, on other four-stoke bikes I've replaced clutches and flywheels, rebuilt a top end, replaced wheel and body bearings, rebuilt 250x forks and such things. How do you think this transmission job might rank in difficulty compared to those types jobs? I'm just trying to get an idea if it's something I might can tackle for him - he's pretty sure his dad won't want to pay what it would likely cost for Honda to fix an '05 230. Any advice/help is greatly appreciated.
  21. haasguy96

    93 cr125 transmission problems

    I bought a 1993 cr125 with a heat seized piston and ended up with much more trouble than I anticipated. Top end is rebuilt, cylinder is all squared away. I took it for it's maiden voyage and found that I only had the first 3 gears. When I went to shift into 4th it felt like I was hitting something very solid with my shifter. The clutch plates are in spec but the springs are .050" long. Can anyone help me?
  22. I have a 2005 WR450 with need of tlc in the gear dept. Does anyone know if any other year WR has the same shifter forks and indeed if any YZ shifter forks will work. I have seen some 06 YZ shifter forks, which look just like the 05 WR ones, except they have a different part no. and different numbers cast on them, The WR has 5BE4, and the same looking YZ has 5BE5. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Cheers
  23. dirtbagian

    1998 KX250 shifting problems

    Hi, this is my first post on TT! I recently traded my PS4 for a 1998 KX250 with a "broken shift lever" the bike was unable to start due to it being freezing cold and stuck in gear. The reason the shift lever was broke was because the splines were completely worn. So right away, I bought a new shift lever. The old one was a bitch to get off as he had snapped the end of the bolt off to tighten the lever to the shift shaft. I ended up using a pickle fork to pry it off. Bit anyway. After putting on a nice, new shift lever, I was ready to get it running, only to unable to get it into neutral. Which wasn't really an issue. I figured I'd just bump start it. After several attempts, it didn't start, but I got it into neutral. After getting it into neutral, I couldn't get it back into gear. It just clicks about 7 times up or down and nothing happens. Now, I am able to get it in and out of gear, but only by clicking it randomly up and down so many times. I have no idea what gear it's going into, and it has no pattern. I already have the bike mostly tore apart. I plan on splitting the cases, I am just curious if someone can help me diagnose the issue, before I split the cases. Possibly worn shift forks?
  24. MarcusDude

    2014 Kx 250f issues

    So i have bought a used bike with only 17 hours on it and is very clean. I went to ride it once with no issues and then washed the bike. After that day the air filter/Air box was making a weird sucking sound with every stroke of the engine. Second issue is when i idle in neutral there is a slight scraping or engaging sound in the bike but it goes away when i pull the clutch in. Also the bike turns off when i go into first gear Plz help ps none of these issues were present the day i got it