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Found 433 results

  1. Can i run to the same problem !?? I was watching these type of videos about Motocross Blow up and wondering why this happen ? is it related to the maintenance or just can happen by chance !?
  2. Charmlessgamer

    yamaha dt125 dirt bike project?

    I saw a motorbike online that I liked the look of...It was a Yamaha DT125 MK2 with racing reeds, handguards, ect (picture below). I am thinking about doing something similar to take around a dirt track. There aren't many, but there are a few cheap DT125's in my area. I am also on a very small budget so this may be an on going project over the next few months or so, depending on how cheap I can get the bike for. The bike will only be used every 2/3 weeks when I take it to a dirt track, so I don't want to do too much to it, or spend too much money any way. What are your thoughts on this project? Do you think I should go ahead and do it? I am roughly 5' 11" but only 110 lbs, so do you think this bike would be too big, or too heavy for me? I just liked the idea of turning a road legal bike in to a trail type bike! Thanks
  3. Hi , I'm new here and I just purchased a spoke tourque wrench kit "Excel (TWS-210ANS) 7-Piece Adjustable Spoke Torque Wrench Set" for my 2008 Yamaha YZF450, the front spokes are smaller than the 6 that came with the bike and the rear spokes are larger than the 7 that came with the bike (I bought it New) Does any one know what sizes the front and rear spoke nipples are? I can still stop my order and seek the correct size somewhere. I find it lame that they gave me the wrong spoke wrench. Thanks in advance, Brent
  4. So i just rebuild my top end of my 2005 250F, i had 35 houres on my piston and cylinder so i decided to rebuild it. it ran perfectly before the rebuild, my timing is right, i have spark, en my sparkplug is a little wet so i have fuel... If i try to kick it it starts to run but after 2seconds it stops running. does anyone know what i have to do? thx Medard from belgium
  5. I currently own a 2002 Kawasaki KDX 220R and I'm looking for a new bike. I've been looking at 04 - 08 Yamaha YZ 250s because I think they'd be better for me. Just tell me what bikes you'd recommend. I'm 14 years old, 6'0, 200 lbs, and have been riding for 9 years. And before you say my bike is perfectly fine, I will say this. I ride trails and the street and backyard tracks with my friends. My KDX lacks the power to do much on a track and it doesn't have the power I want for riding on the street either. Just wanted to get that out of the way. All recommendations are appreciated. I can buy anything below $3000.
  6. SlowDirt03

    TTR 225 Suspension

    Hey all, I am new to the forums and dirt in general. (street rider) I am looking at getting a TTR-225 this week. I know that this has a few threads already but I was unable to find links to products with an exact fit. I was wondering what the best suspension would be for this bike. I am new to upgrading suspension so would I just need stiffer fork springs, what exactly do I need to change? And what difference if any do RaceTech gold valves make? I won't be jumping the bike, I would just like to have something that has stiffer suspension than a stock TTR-225. I will be doing trail riding in Georgia, with mud crossing, mostly decently packed dirt/clay what would work best for my application? And who makes a good skid plate for the bike? Please provide links to all things mentioned. Thanks! Nick
  7. Hi, my buddy and I are rebuilding a 2001 yz250f bottom end, the crank and connecting rod need replaced, my friend wants to buy a full bottom end kit, but the only one we found for it was for a 2003 yz250f bottom end kit, would this work in the '01 case?
  8. Mikethe80srocker

    1984 YZ 250 VIN Decal Info ??

    I'm restoring my old 84 YZ250L and need some help identifying the correct " Wording " on my VIN decal off my frame's neck area . I want a local graphics shop to remake this Decal / Badge , but mine was half rubbed off ... Does anyone know what the missing words are ??? Thanks for any help , i really appreciate it !!!
  9. Hey, I've had my 01 cr125 (picture one) for sale on kjiji for a while now...No serious inquiries until someone messages me pictures of a 01 yz450f (picture two) that he's willing to trade (evenly) for mine. He says the engine was fully rebuilt about 15 hours ago. Not sure if this is a good deal? Any known problems with the 450? It looks like its in decent shape? Thanks in advance.
  10. I have a ttr125 regular and I haven't rode it more than 50 times and i've had a little experience with 4 wheelers but never owned one. I want a little bit bigger bike but I also have always wanted a 2 stroke. Im not interested in yamaha or suzuki. I'm not a racer and I don't plan on getting into racing but I want a 2 stroke. I'm 15 years old, 5'6, and 130lbs.
  11. I have a 2008 WR250F dirtbike. My speedometer is very messed up along with something else electrical. First off, when I turn the key (I wired in a key ignition) the speedometer does not light up, the taillight doesn't work, and the headlight doesn't work. They only turn on when I kick it as my electric start doesn't work either. Then when I start to ride the speedometer reads anywhere from 100-189mph. Even when Im standing still, if I rev it up the speed will go up. Also I have gone through 2 AGM batteries in 4 months because they keep shorting out. Does anyone have any ideas on what is happening and how to fix it??? I need to sell it so I need to get this figured out. ***BTW I know that the problem does not stem from the new ignition I wired in because when those wires touch it blows the right fuse under the seat, happened to me when I was putting it in and that fuse is still good so no problems there.***
  12. Hello, now that you guys have gave me ways to get rid of spray paint im wondering how should i paint it. I would power-coat it but I think that is over my 150 dollar budget. Any thoughts?
  13. Hey legends, So after successfully rebuilding my 2003 WR450F (Bottom and top end) with an 06 crank and flywheel upgrade as well as a 480CC Athena big bore...Everything was going well... On my 5th or 6th ride, the motor was well worn in and everything was running strong...I was out riding with mates when I noticed 5th gear start jumping in and out...It got worse and worse till the point where I did not use 5th gear anymore...At first i thought it might be the clutch but its only in 5th gear it does it .. :/ I did a little research and some people think ive damaged something inside the gearbox... Can someone help me out on exactly what I need to do to get this fixed? I really don't want to have to disassemble the engine again :'( Please help Thanks Ben @grayracer513 Can you help at all??
  14. Just as the title says, what's everyone's favorite eBay mods for your bikes. I find my self buying quite a few parts on there for cheap money. Might not be the best stuff but it sure is cheap! 👍🏻
  15. Hey all, I just bought a street legal 2005 WR250F. Took it out once three weeks ago. Did about 60 miles on the dirt and 15 on the road, bike ran great. I took it out this past Sunday and was about 75 miles into my ride when the battery died. The battery is cheap, but it is brand new and was on a battery maintainer the whole time while it sat in the garage. I kick started it, and it fired right up. I was on the road for about 5-10 miles in fifth gear when I felt the bike slow down a little bit, and I noticed the sound coming from the bike sounded a bit deeper than usual. About a half mile later the bike started to bog down like it was out of gas. I filled the tank back up and experienced the same problem. The bike began to bog down, then puttered out like it was out of gas. Eventually the battery completely died and I was not even able to kick start it. I trailored it home, hooked it up to the maintainer, waited a couple hours, and the bike fired right up with the electric starter and the choke out. However, it was still puttering a lot when it was idling at this time. If anyone knows whats up, I would appreciate any and all help. Thank you. #Yamaha#wr250f
  16. Hey guys. I bought this 400 a week or so ago. And just got it runnin today. It will idle and everything. It took me ALOT of heartache to get this far lol. I STILL have to roll it off to start it. But it will fire up after like 4 inches. In 3rd. But if i fly through the gears the throttle hangd inbetween. It wont drop like its sapposed to. And in neutral on the kickstand it will idle fine. But if i twist the throttle one good time, it will hang for a couple of seconds. Then it will drop. Its driving me crazy!! Plz any advice. Thanks. i have a 165 main jet. A 45 air idle jet. The one with little holes. And i have the stock needle on the third notch down from top
  17. samroon

    1986 TT350 Brake Light

    Hello all, I'm the proud new owner of a very clean 1986 Yamaha TT350S. I've been going through the bike making sure everything is working. I cleaned the two carbs and made sure there was enough oil. It rides great and I'm excited to get it on the road soon! I have been having some issues with the lighting. The headlight bulb was blown out so I found another one on eBay. The taillight doesn't work and I've spent a stupid amount of time trying to figure out how to get it to work (seems simple but I can't get it to work!!). I replaced the bulb with a new 1157 12v bulb that I got at Oreillys. The bulb fits the assembly but doesn't work. I measured a couple volts off the blue and yellow wires that lead to the light. The ground seems good. Not sure how to check the switch next to the rear brake but it looked good inside to me. I'm at my wits end here with this, what should be, simple fix. Any tips or help would be much appreciated!
  18. anderson56401


    I have a 1987 yamaha tt 225 that needs a new carburetor. I've looked EVERYWHERE online and can't find an original. Does anyone know a good replacement one I can put on it?
  19. Saggyoldman7

    WR250f Headlight

    Hey all! I have a 2002 WR250f that i am converting to be street legal and i am struggling to get the high low beam set up proper. I bought a tusk enduro lighting kit that has a high low beam switch but i cant seem to get it figured out. The bike has three wires coming out of the bike one was black one was blue and one is yellow. Using my volt meter i cant figure out which is the ground. Does anyone know which wire is the power wire? And which of the other two are needed? The light has three connections one for power and one for high and one for low. The enduro switch has three wires coming out of it one is black one is blue and one is white. Does anyone what the trick to this could be? Thanks a million!
  20. hi im trying to figure out why my 2014 yz250f wont stay running. it will start just fine but when it does start it will only idle for a few seconds then shut off. if i start it and hit the gas it will rev a little then kinda start bogging and then shut off a few seconds later. i have two 2014 yz250f's so i can swap stuff in and out between the running one and the one that does not. so far i tried putting the other tank on it and the other cdi and rectifier and still the same thing happening. the valves are in spec i checked them and i did a leak down test and everything is good in the motor so i think its something electrical or something with the fuel. any help or suggestion would be great thanks.
  21. I've been working on my yamaha WR250R past few weeks. Disassembled almost whole bike (engine frame, engine and forks stayed together), did a lot of washing and cleaning on the whole bike. Battery was removed, ECU disconnected, I wrapped the main wire harness that goes to the battery, ECU and relays into a foil to keep it away from water. Two days ago I started assembling it. Connected ECU, battery, switched on, but fuel pump didn't run as it used to after turning on and the red coolant temperature light is on. When I push the starter button, engine is rotating, but won't fire up as the fuel pump isn't running. I brought current to the pump and it runs. I also can't enter the diag menu on the tachometer. Any ideas what could be causing fuel pump not running and the problem with the coolant light and the diag?
  22. I found this type of washer laying on top of my oil screen filter when I removed it. Please can someone tell me what it is.
  23. Coop39

    Getting a new YZ250X

    Ok, so I am getting a new 250x, just wondering what skid plates, frame guards, handle bar risers everyone is liking? The more exotic the better for me! I like the lightspeed carbon stuff, but if there is another that you guys are liking, post me a picture or a link to check it out. I am looking at the plastic frame guards and skid plates as well? just not to hip of the idea of plastic skid plates. I guess anything you guys have found to be very good quality let me know. Thanks Coop39
  24. CHECK THIS VID OUT!!!!! You Will NOT be disappointed! Kid rips. Get stoked to get out and ride...RIGHT NOW!
  25. I'm looking for a pit bike, budget around $600. Im not to worried about a chinnese brand im worried about size, I've been looking at a ssr 125 (either semi and manual), I'm 6'1 about 165lbs. I just wanna know if i'd be able to ride it pretty comfortably, obviously wont be as comfortable as a 250. let me know anything you got. Thanks