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Found 130 results

  1. Hey all, let me get right to the point, basically for the past couple years I've had this bike, it hasn't been running right. It tends to start well, and has a decent amount of power for a 200+ lb kid on it, but once I attempt to hit the top of the power band, it tends to cough and sputter like it's choking. When I recently checked to carb to jet it, I realized ALL but one of the Jets are missing. I've checked the reed valves, they seem to be in great shape... However, today (it is a warm day) it ran great for a while, after topping off the oil and running with the choke half on, this bike also leaks oil, but I'm almost convinced that this is a jetting issue (being that they're missing) at this point, but I've also never put a top end in this bike. Thanks for any help, I'd just like to get an opinion on what you guys think. I know I'm all over the place btw, sorry for that
  2. anthonyquags12

    Clutch problems

    Hey guys, jut did a bottom end on my 04 yz 250, and the clutch won't engage. What I mean by this is it will start in neutral, and once I drop it into first (with the ever pulled) it stalls out. When I depress my clutch lever the actuator is fully engaged, so I don't see that being the issue, I've read that sometimes after you take out or put in clutch plates they stick because oil hasn't flowed through the plates all the way yet. I'm at a loss, any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance
  3. I'm updating my 01 yz125, can i use the same seat? I also need brackets to fit the subframe, does somebody have the size? Thanks for any help!!
  4. ventabular

    1978 YZ125 suspension

    Hi, Ive got me a 1978 yz 125. Thinking about updating the suspension with some similiar "period pieces" I have in my possession, complete front end swaps, from both a IT465, an an IT200. Wondering what is needed for the back end?
  5. I have a new cylinder but can’t tell whether it’s a big bore or standard size. I need to order a new piston kit. Would anyone be able to identify this?
  6. hi all, I just bought a 2014 Yamaha yz250f that is set up for a 120lb rider. the guy gave me the old fork and shock springs that were for a 180 pound rider. I have a friend who always bottoms out his yz85/105 super mini because the suspension is not set up right for him. Would i be able to put the springs i got into his bike. Both bikes has srs suspension. I know some spring cutting may be required but could it be done? Thanks for any help Luke
  7. Eric Andrew Charles

    Checkout my new channel please

    PLease checkout my first video, sub if you like it. It will get better. first time uploading
  8. Allooushh

    Yz250F won’t start

    I bought a YZ250F yesterday and the previous owner said apparently it runs but they weren’t strong enough to kick it. I couldn’t kick while there so I took their word for it and bought it. I’ve been trying to get it to fire all day today, there are 2 chokes and I’m unsure if the air mixture is correct, so would be nice to know what I should do, it’s hard to adjust the air screw when the bike won’t even run. I noticed the spark is kinda low, I don’t know if it’s normally supposed to be like that or not. I can see a blue spark but it is very small and crappy, I’ve had thumpstars that generated stronger spark, I changed the plug it’s still the same, so maybe could be an electrical problem, the only ground connection I could find was for the ignition lead which I filed down to bare metal so I’m pretty sure that connection is good. Anything else I’m missing? It’s very hard to kick and I can feel the compression out of the exhaust so I don’t think compression is the issue.Just wanna know what I should do, haven’t owned a yz before so I could be not using the choke right or something. Thanks
  9. So im looking at two bikes, a 03 kx 250 and an 04 cr250r both have Some aftermarket parts and are about the same price, which should i buy?
  10. 125's

    Yz 125 Clutch

    Hey somi have a Yz 125 (2003) i want to. Take the clutch cover off but if i do i have no clue if i can put it back because of the gasket i dont know the condition of it and i have no clue on where to buy a replacement any help?
  11. Hi all, I'm interested in a good left hand rear brake set-up for the WR250R. Saw the OXbrake but as it uses a cable instead of a hydraulic cylinder so I heard it lacks power. So I'm looking at the left hand rear brake kit made by Rekluse. The problem however, is the R's rear master cylinder isn't supported. So I'm thinking I'll swap the master cylinder out for one that is, and install the kit. So would anyone be able to tell me which of the following Yamaha rear master cylinders would be a straight swap for the R? Rekluse offers the left hand rear brake kit for all of them: ALTERNATIVELY: I have a 2012 Kawasaki ZX-6R front brake master cylinder and lever from my wreck. What if I found a way to fit that on the bar and just ran a braided line straight to the rear brake caliper and did away with the rear brake pedal completely? Sounds crazy but could it work? Thanks heaps in advance!
  12. kellyleake

    Yz Front sprocket removal help

    I can't seem to remove the front sprocket on my 2002 yz 250. I even checked the manual . What am I missing ? Thanks in Advance for helping a jackass
  13. My rm125 leaks gas when sitting there on the stand with gas off. I've tried cleaning carb to make sure no dirt or anything! Please help! Also my kickstarter is tight when pulling out?
  14. 125's

    Yz 125 Clutch Problem

    I have a 03 yz 125 i dont know much about clutches but for some reason when i pull in my clutch and downshift ( or upshift either one ) the bike jumps as if i didnt pull the clutch in. Its weird I adjusted the cable on the lever but never checled the actual clutch it self. Now if i only pull the clutch in all the way it works as normal but i just doesnt make any sence to me on why it only works when i pull it in halfway someone help it would be much appreciated.
  15. hi need help what seat covers from different bikes fit oN MY RM 125 2001
  16. 2010 yz250f Alright, I was riding and I noticed that when I pulled in the clutch the bike still wanted to move. So I looked it up and found out that it could be your clutch basket or that it could be the cable needs adjusted. So I spent an hour adjusting the cable all different ways just to find out the the problem still occured. So I bought a whole new clutch with low hours used on ebay after I saw that my basket had some decently bad grooves and some nasty plates. Well I get it all installed and it seems as if the push rod is not going to Its full extent but I may be wrong. My cable like I said may need to be adjusted again because I bought a new one after I replaced everything. So guys, what are some signs that I need to buy a new push rod? Are they a pain in the ass? Should I just have my mechanic do it for I was thinking $100?
  17. Hey Thumpertalk, new dirt bike owner and first time poster here. I've got a fair amount of experience working on cars, and some experience working in motorcycles, but changing this clutch cable is giving me a fit. I must be missing something? Model and year: 1998 YZ250 (I was told at purchase) Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but I need a new clutch cable. I undid a 10mm bolt holding on the clutch lever, slid it out, and removed the end of the clutch cable (looks like a little cylinder). I cannot see how to get the end of the cable through the perch(?), it doesn't seem to fit. I don't think this is an OEM clutch set up, or it's a different year than I think. I have seen a few '98 YZ250s on YouTube, but haven't seen a clutch set up like this. Any suggestions? I attached an image so you can see what I'm looking at.
  18. working on a 2004 yz125, doing the jetting and i had to drop it down from a 420 main to a 400 bike wouldn't even run under load with the 420. so the 400 got it good but i got a bog still at 1/3 throttle so i raised the needle clip from slot 3 (center) to slot 2 and it helped a good bit, i think dropping it 1 more slot would work perfect but is that an acceptable procedure to max out the needle? is it like the pilot jet where if its not between 2-3 turns you have to change the size of the pilot? in my case dropping the main jet size 1 more size or am i okay to max out the needle?
  19. hi all, I just bought a used 2014 yz250f in very good condition. When cold it will take about 50-100 kicks to start but when warm it will sometimes start on the first couple but sometimes it will also take alot of kicks. Ive just been giving up and bump starting the bike. Motor has very good compression and only has about 25 hours on it. The valves are where they should be i just checked. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im about to take it back to the guy and demand my money back. Thanks Luke
  20. Sorry for lots of pictures, but is this piston still usable?
  21. I am wanting to start riding dirt bikes again. I am 15 years old 6 foot 150 pounds and i now have a raptor 250r all modded out and had a ttr 125 that was modded. I have been riding dirt bikes and 4 wheelers since i was little so im not a beginner and want to know if the crf 250x would be a good choice. I ride mostly trails and like to ride aggressively.
  22. Found this good looking 2008 YZ250 on craigslist in my area for $2500. Guy says it runs good, very powerful. Has full FMF exhaust, suspension done by factory connection, protaper bars, cycra probend guards, restyle plastics kit, and oversized gas tank. Theres a photo. (only one he posted) Is there anything bad about the 2008 yz's? 2006 and up has the SSS forks? I have been scouring for a 2stroke forever.
  23. Thtyzguy

    Getting rid of spray paint

    When I bought my bike from my previous owner he had to horrible spray paint job on it, i'm just starting to get around to it and i really dont wanna take the engine out to repaint it (there is also remains of paint the the engine cover that I want to get off). Its a steel frame yz125 and i was wondering if anyone can help me get rid of the because if I take the engine out it will never go back in. Thanks
  24. YZ_Rider_1996

    2003 YZ125 Wheel and Axle Questions

    I have a question that I figured everyone here could answer. I have a 2003 YZ125 that needs a front tire and rim, Rear tire and rim, and both axles. The previous owner took both tires off to get the rims powder coated and then sold them shortly after getting them back, leaving the bike tireless. My brother has a set of tires from his 1991 YZ125 but doesn't have the axles. My question is, does anyone know if the inside measurements of the bearings on the 91' wheels are the same as the 03'?
  25. I recently bought a 1987 cr125. I've noticed after it has gotten cold outside, it hardly runs anymore. When you start it up, the engine revs to full throttle. I have tried everything I could think of and I can not get the revs to climb back down. I've went through the carb multiple times.