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Found 139 results

  1. Of all the extensive mods we have discussed here, engine swapping into XR or from XR etc., what about a Mini Moto? Will our engine fit? I'm talking about a CR, KX, YZ, SX or RM 80, 85, 100 or even a CRF150R chassis. We seem to be drawn to their forks, but what about the whole enchilada? I do realize even the RB or Expert Big Wheel models don't use the preferred 21/18 combo our 230F does but that could be addressed.
  2. TheAirborneCheese

    Virginia Motocross Tracks

    I live in northwest Virginia (Charlottesville area) about an hour south of DC, I am not aware of any tracks in the area that are either public (or private but allow people to ride with permission). Does anyone know of any good tracks in my area? - Airborne
  3. carsun757

    2014 yz250f problem

    Hello all this is my first time using this site so not sure if this thread is in the correct place or not. So I have a mint condition 2014 yz250f that starts 1-2 kicks and runs flawlessly, except lately it has been losing power and bogging down after a few hours of hard riding. It does not fully die but I have to down shift and it will not regain power until 1st or 2nd gear, usually loosing power in 4th. It does not do it often maybe 1 time throughout the whole day. And this has happened 2 times each on different riding days. I figure maybe my air filter that wasn't fully dry could be causing it? I'm going to install an oem piston next week and also back flush the injector and adjust valves. I appreciate any suggestions, really don't want this bike bogging down when I'm heading toward a jump wide open.
  4. Just did a complete engine rebuild and while testing it for maybe 5 min it stopped. I had already started and stopped it several times but this time it was dead. The bike has spark and a lot of compression and it backfires when trying to start it. I cleaned the carb but it still wont start. I pulled of the ignition cover and noticed that the stator bolts where slightly loose. Can this be linked to the problem? I tried to change the timing but it did nothing. BTW I just bought this bike and the previous owner was the one to pull the engine apart.
  5. owainyz03

    06 YZ 125 Project

    Hey folks, I'm delighted to be back in the YZ 2 stroke forum after a bit of an absence. I used to own a 03 YZ 125 which always regret selling. I currently own a 2011 yz 250f and owned a 03 rm 125 until recently when I sold it to a friend. Only a few weeks later I got the 2 stroke itch and began looking for a 06+ YZ 125, after being blown away by the SSS suspension on the 250f. A few came and went that I missed out on but finally one popped up. Advertised as a 2007 yz 125 (vin checks as a 06) priced at 2500 Euro. The usual BS advertised was on the ad "good tires only one ride, chain and sprockets good etc " Arrived down and found the chain and sprockets absolutely shot, tires were worn, Leaky fork seals(looked like new oil?) rear fender broken few bits and pieces. Talked him down to 2200 euro and was happy enough with that. Picked it up on friday on my way home from college and started ripping it apart. And that's where things go down hill Found the air filter in a shocking state (see pics) which caused a major groan.... still at least its a 2 stroke. From looking in the exhaust and intake ports I could still see crosshatching very clearly, unfortunately I didn't have time to rip the cylinder off yet. Counter shaft seal appears to be weeping so that will get replaced, also isn't there an issue with 06 shift stopper or something? It does have unbreakable levers which is one of the few plus's All of the bearings will be inspected and replaced if necessary, new top end most likely, new bars, grips, tires, fork seals, chain and sprockets, air filter, restyle plastics more than likely and whatever else I uncover Keep in mind this will be a slow build as I'm in college 5 days a week. Now some pics
  6. I don’t know where to post this cause I just joined this page 10 seconds ago. But I’m interested in buying a 2001 YZ125 off a guy on Facebook. I’ve ask some questions about the bike and the engine hours, at first he said he didn’t know the hours. Then he ask his mate and he said there is 16-18 on top and 20 on bottom. Too me and my mate that doesn’t add up or make sense, and there are no receipts or old parts so to us that’s abit fishy. He sent me a video of a “cold” start, but he could of started it up before he started to record. Anyway it started first kick with choke on and idled good with choke off. So it sounds alright to me. But the one thing I don’t like is I don’t know the hours. Top end seems to be easy to do but i have know idea about the bottom end and that what scares me. So how would i find out the top and bottom end hours and if there in a good condition and won’t need to be rebuild soon. Any advice/help or anything would be great.
  8. I have a 2008 YZ450F with a stock header pipe and Pro Circuit T-4 Slip-On Exhaust. I'm 99% sure the slip on is shot because its loud as hell and when I take it off and shake it it rattles. I would repack it but the screws are all stripped ect. Anyways I've gone over the carb multiple times and I've got it running pretty well. The only issue I have with the bike is that it sputters and pops around 1/2 throttle when I hold it there. When I give it full throttle from any RPM it runs great or when I give it about 3/4 throttle it spins up like a top to redline. Initially the popping and sputtering was way worse I made the situation better by moving the pilot jet up in a few sizes from a 45 (stock) to a 62. The issue has gotten way better since then but I'm not super sure what to do from here. Should I keep moving my pilot jet up in size because that's a pretty large jump right? I tried changing my needle clip position but that didn't help much if anything it just made starting it worse and little to no impact on the ride. Any input on this would be helpful. I don't want to buy other slip on. Also as for the rest of the carb I'm very sure everything else in it is what it needs to be at. I've replaced all the gaskets and O-rings cleaned all the jets, valve holes ect. fixed the accelerator pump timing. I just thinks its strange that my pilot jet size is going so far from the stock 45, but all symptoms point to the bike running lean.
  9. Zalein

    Money pit?

    Hey guys, have a quick question. Is riding a damn money pit? I remember when I first starting riding I bought a 2006 drz125l and that thing seemed to need no work at all but my 2010 yz250f seems to always need work. My buddy has a 2011 kx250f that never seems to need anything, but it's never been rode at all. He thinks that it's just yamaha but I disagree. Any kx or yz riders that are always working on the bike? Sent from my SM-G935V using ThumperTalk mobile app Sent from my SM-G935V using ThumperTalk mobile app
  10. Ok so I bought a yz80 from a guy and he said everything was good with it, but I found a problem after riding it around my yard, in neutral it would bog a little when going from no throttle to WOT, and it was bogging real bad when going from neutral to 1st you would try to move an it will bog for a couple of seconds and then with some throttle feathering it will lift the rpms up until your over about 1/8th to 1/6th throttle and then it has perfect power and response again and I thought it might not be burning all the gas so I cleaned the spark plug with a paper towel and started it up again as surprisingly when I was going from no throttle to WOT without bog and it was responding perfect however after about 20 seconds it went back to normal and when I looked behind me there was oil splatters all over the quad that was behind me, so I thought this might be because I added double the mix of oil on accident so I thinned out the mix a little and there was really no difference, the guy before me said he cleaned the carb and checked through the bike, So I think it may be running rich what would be your suggestions
  11. In April 2017 when I was 13, I bought myself a DRZ 125. In November of 2017, I sold that bike and bought myself a screaming YZ85. When I got bored of the low top speed of the 85, I sold it and went back to the 4 stroke. Right now, as of April-July 2018 I have had a CRF230F with MANY performance parts. I am beginning to want more power and am wondering something. I keep switching back and forth between 2 strokes and 4 strokes but I think I want my next bike to be a 2 stroke. Unless someone can give me good reason otherwise, that's what I want to go with. Anyways, I'm wondering whether or not to jump the gun and get a 250 2 stroke or just go for a 125. I've ridden many 125s during the period that I've had the 230, and they just don't seem powerful enough to satisfy me over time. On the other end, I don't want to get a 250 and be scared of my own dirtbike. I'm a lean 5'8 guy that weighs 135 pounds. I carry most my weight in my legs and arms which helps me control and kick over the bigger bikes lol. So what do you guys think? I've tamed every bike I've owned pretty quickly so far, but I think it's just because I haven't owned anything really fast. Anyways, I will either go with a 250 or 125 depending on you guys' opinions. Or some of you will suggest a 4 stroke? Any suggestions/recommendations appreciated! Thanks!
  12. The question is simple. Will plastics off a 2009 yz250f bolt onto a 2006 yz250f?
  13. I currently have 05 yz that I just dumped a ton of cash into. I was searching for a set of 06+ forks and I found a titled 13 yz125, the guy say it runs like shit,has a cracked case, needs chain, sprockets and probably a bunch of other shit. My plan was to swap my motor and all the other new parts over to it since my bike doesn't have a title. Is it worth 1500 and a 6 hour round trip?
  14. Hey guys I pretty much have it narrowed down that I want the yz 250f now I was thinking about Just getting one of Craigslist but in the long run if you take out a loan u might only be paying 20$ mor a month for a new one out of the dealership, I was gonna go for the 2016 Yz250f the list price is about 6300 how much could I actually negotiate realistically. Thank you
  15. Evan Dodd

    Fork break in?

    Just replaced my entire suspension and the forks are very stiff even when loosened all the way. I was wondering if the forks just needed to be ridden on to break them in.
  16. Hey! I'm relatively new to the Moses Lake area and pretty new to riding. I have an 09 YZ450F and looking for friends to ride with since I know no one around here. Riding alone is fun and all, but we all know riding with someone else is so much better! I don't mind traveling around and riding new trails, almost prefer it! Any y'all riding around Moses Lake/Spokane/Tri Cities areas?
  17. Goon Rides

    Any new upgrades?

    Hey guys I just wanted to show off my bike and show it to the world lol What is your opinion on it. God or bad, please be honest. I am open to all comments and suggestions. Any upgrades I should do to make it look better and/or faster?
  18. Hey guys, I know the sign of a bad bearing in your wheel is if it kinda has any play if I'm correct? I replaced my back wheel bearings and didn't worry about the front ones. I know this may just be a suspension problem but when I land from a wheelie or jump it is really stiff. Way more stiff then I've ever felt. It just feels like the wheel is stiff. Any ideas? I've already messed with tire pressure.
  19. Hey guys I read an article saying that the 01 YZ125 has six gears. But other people are saying that it's 5. How many gears does it have? Just asking. Thanks.
  20. antonio211

    2001 RM125 !

    Hi need help stiffening the rear shock I want to raise the bike as it sits too low for me, Im 85kg what setting should I do like how many clicks thanks
  21. Alright, so I have recently been considering converting my 2017 yz450f into a semi-practical/street legal supermoto. It would be great if you guys could help me out. Thanks! Questions: Is there a way to install a lock on it? What else do I need? I know I need: tires, rims, brake disks, brakes, sprockets, headlight, horn, blinkers, speedometer, external battery, stator, brake lights, a plate.
  22. Walker Richard

    Avgas/Maxima castor 927 separation

    my question is I am running Avgas Mobil1100LL with Maxima castor 927 at 28:1 in my 2018 yz250, My problem is at 58°F in the oil separated from the fuel leaving the oil to rest on the bottom of the fuel tank not knowing this until after my problem my bike ran crazy would not run without choke on, in the process of trying to get my bike started I started my bike with the choke on and it immediately revved up to 8000 RPM it scared me so I hit the kill switch the bike would not shut off finally after about seven seconds The bike finally died, my question is what types of oil are people running with Avgas because I do not want to run to this problem again.
  23. so im doing a ground up restoration on an 1989 yz80 just because ive always wanted this specific year and size of bike, ive fully rebuilt and powdercoated everything but the suspension is way too soft, im 80 kg so i need to find a way to stiffen up the shocks a bit, can anyone help me out?
  24. jbreierbikes

    2001 YZ125 no spark problem?

    Hello everyone, I’m in need of some help with this one. About a month ago my 2001 YZ125 was running fine until all of a sudden after running WOT for a little bit i let off the throttle and the bike instantly died. I checked the bike out after I got home, and sure enough no spark. I changed the plug thinking that was a possible problem but it didn’t fix anything. Tested the ignition coil and thought that might be the issue so I got an oem replacement, and it ran again for about a minute, but when I gave it a little throttle it died again and then I was back to no spark. So I put the old coil back on and cleaned the ground points real good. Cranked it over, started and then again i gave it some throttle and it died again. I also noticed that when I kick it over the starter likes to slam back into position which it never did before, and there is excessive amounts of smoke coming out of the exaughst when it does. Today I replaced the ignition switch because I thought that it may have gotten screwed up earlier from when I dumped the bike, but it made no difference. Im totally lost on what it could be, maybe cdi? I don’t know what the symptoms of a bad cdi are, so I can’t tell. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!