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Found 105 results

  1. Robt85

    yz450f YZ4ME!

    From the album: My rides

  2. More of a Yami promo commercial, but a good watch none the less.
  3. I start my motocross challenge with 2011 YZ450F . although i had many years experience with heavy cubic MC , from the first start i underestand it have so much power . and the first try MX track was scary and i decide to sell it . but as i am a stubborn person , i keep pushing and learning whit this bike . + mapping it as soft as possible and now i am getting better . last weekend i tried a rmz250 and was amazed how well i can drive it, but i didnt like it there was no power in it . now i need help : my friend suggest me to change to a 250 2 stroke : so how dose it feel to change from 450 4t to 250 2 stroke !? it is getting even harder !? or should i just not give up and keep pushing and learning with a 450 !? or maybe i just go to 20 4 stroke !?
  4. I've recently bought a brand new 2017 YZ450f and I have troubles starting it. It takes around 3-7 (very hard) kicks to turn it on, even when it's hot. I was expecting a one kick start up, but maybe i'm wrong. I am also 5'9 and kicking so the bike is even more of a pain to kick. I normally ride lower bikes. Are there any methods I should be using? Or is this a normal thing? Thanks for any advice.
  5. I'm stuck between a 2016 fc450 with under 20 hours was a pro practice bike. New tires new fmf pipe and carbon slid plate. I can get it for 6k. The thing holding me back is the 4cs suspension. I can get a 17 yz450f for 7500 with 3 hours. Stock besides rad guards and levers. Advice please
  6. Hi , when i rev the engine hard, sometimes i see very little blue smoke , wondering how can i identify the problem ? is it a serious problem and i should fixed it as soon as i can !? or should i wait and run the engine till i got any other sign or get smokey engine !? 1.the engine has not lost any power and doesn't have any extra noises. 2. I have 20hours on the piston ( changed by previous owner) but i dont know if was really changed or not.
  7. So apparently some mx fcr carbs have removable valve seats and some dont. I didnt know this and just thought mine was really stuck in there so i drilled it out. Was going to replace it anyway. But it turns out that i have the model that is not suppose to have the valve seat removed. or so i think. Is anyone aware of this difference between the same carb. Do you know where i can get another valve seat? its off a 2003 yz450f
  8. Bike is back to giving me trouble again. Has ran great the last few rides, but yesterday I tried to fire her up for her weekly run, and I couldn't even get a sputter out of her. Not sure if the temp has dropped enough to completely lean out the idle circuit or what. I did have the fuel screw about 3 turns out the last couple of rides due to falling air temp. Plenty of compression kicking thru the bike, and I just did a valve adjust about 15 hours ago. The only thing I can think of at this point is to put fatter main and pilot jets back in. But, open to any other suggestions that might sound plausible.
  9. Hey all - I recently picked up a 2003 YZ450F, runs like a top, I've been a road bike guy forever, but decided to get back into riding on dirt. I've been looking high and low for some parts, specifically for example a Timing Cover Gasket, I can't seem to find a website which has a pretty good selection or pricing, I am here in the States, where is a pretty decent place to get parts? I've looked on Zilla, Cyclegear, RockyMountain, etc. and none of them had the Timing cover gasket, and I'm betting there are a lot more parts missing that I haven't thought of needing yet. Thanks!

    New user, Question of faith!

    Hi every one. I am new to the forum but have lurked here for a while and I finally have a topic I think is worthy for discussion. I have owned a 07 yz450f for quite a while (about 4 years) and ride it 99% for trails and desert with very little to no track time. I has done a few small mods like regeared, added hand guards and a desert tank and my own lighting system using a 7in led light bar and a Milwaukee 18v 5ah m18 battery, to name a few. fast forward to about a week ago and I decided its time to make my bike a bit more friendly for me as I have had back surgery and a knee surgery in the last 3 years and kick starting a carbed bike wrecks me after a few times, so I am considering buying a wr450f. I was on craigslist and found a 07 wr450f with a grenaded motor that I picked up for $400 as I wanted the 18" wheel and the kick stand and planned to part the rest of the bike out. However the more time I look at it I am amazed at how clean the frame and major components are so I am left in a bit of a quandary. I am considering swapping the motor from my yz into the wr frame and converting it over to the wr trans gears, adding the stator, e-start, and getting my lighting set up. I Also plan on putting the yz forks and rear shock on it. Downside is A) its a lot of work. b. I will have to split the cases and figure out how to install gears and the stator. but I would essentially have a true yz/wr hybrid with the best of both and a true green sticker bike..... what would you all do? am I crazy.... sell them both and buy a ktm? lol
  11. Alright, so I have recently been considering converting my 2017 yz450f into a semi-practical/street legal supermoto. It would be great if you guys could help me out. Thanks! Questions: Is there a way to install a lock on it? What else do I need? I know I need: tires, rims, brake disks, brakes, sprockets, headlight, horn, blinkers, speedometer, external battery, stator, brake lights, a plate.
  12. I thought buying my second used dirt-bike will take time but fun !?? :/ , and it turns-out to be supper hard / embarrassing. totall of 12 bikes I have tried . all of them looked reasonable/nice in the pictures and according to the owner they were good in body/engine/gearbox/chassis. I put time and energy to go on the spot !!? and mosst of the time i found obvious problems that they didnt mention on the announce or telephone chat . what pissed me off was that some of them just looked at my eyes and told me : sir , trust me , noting is wrong and you are mistaking . Here i want to share 4 of the worse bikes / situations i got into. 1. a 2006 yamaha 450 : i found the bike was not the same as the picture and actually the owner had used photoshop to make bike look Awesome :/ + the engine smoke blue and many other things (it costing me 3hour to go there and get back) 2. 3 young boys which had a KTM 400 , they trie to convincing that everything is ok and this problem are normal and nothing to worry . it have every possible electronic device failure + damage to gearbox and leaking a little oil . and they seems super worry about something , they said they are above 20 !? which they didnt show me any ID card . and my impression was that they might be under 18 and asked them for the permission which they hadn't ( + 2hour ). 3. 2014 kawazaki kx450f : the owner said that he have the receipt for piston and all other maintenance . on the spot he change his word and say i have receipt for the parts on my computer , and i asked to see it and finally there was no receipt . But what worries me was that they have other motorbike(moped/scooter) around the garage in which key ignition /lock switch was destroyed and bypassed with wiring . 4. 2013 KTM 450 Factory edition in superb condition( in picture ) . as soon as the add was up , i called him and tried to be the first one on the spot . and guess what !?!!!! the pictures were from the first months that he had bought it . and the bike was a crap even parts of plastic kit were missing :/ , dead batterri and cant start the engine as well. but hopefully i found a nice CRF450R, that every thing worked and does not seems to have any obvious problem . and finally i bought it yesterday (i hope it dont make me disappointed ) .
  13. Hi guys , how you doing , i got a problem with a YZ450F 2009 , Carb is missing, i was checking on ebay to get one new or used, but i found one for a YZ250F 2009, it look the same as the 450 , but obviously jets change, i wanna know if this carb is going to fit MY 450 , THANKS , if somebody knows something about this.
  14. krinkovman

    2017 YZ450F

    So, I recently wanted to get a dirt bike and was looking around and ended up going with the YZ450F. Originally I had intentions of getting a YZ250 and at the last minute changed course and decided on the 450F. This is only my second bike I have ever had, before this I had a 2002 CR 125 which I got when I was around 14 "2004" I rode that and had fun but had to sell it when I moved to Florida in 2006. Here we are now and I wanted to get another bike so today I went to a local dealer and have a 450 on its way. I am excited about it and looking to learn more about it so I made an account on here. Looks like I will be picking it up next week on Wednesday, I guess Im looking for some input and any suggestions on riding this bike for a "beginner". I need to purchase some riding gear and also looking to maybe pickup a small trailer to tow it around to the local riding spots! Thanks KrinkovMan
  15. I’m sure there are questions about this already, but I am in a hurry to buy a set of Warp 9 supermoto rims for my 2009 Wr250F. However, the rims came off of a 2009 Yz450F and I’m not sure if the hubs will fit on my Wr. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  16. aminem

    Öhlins spring.

    Hi, what these number code mean on the öhlins spring !? 06411-14/60/140 L3711 I try to addjust the sag on my bike : the static sag is ok but the rider sag is too little(60mm is maximum that i get) , i think i need to replace rear shock spring and go softer . but i dont know what are these number mean and what should i order !? plz see the photo i attached.
  17. Got a break in the weather over the weekend, and was finally able to get out on a track for the first time since October. I know I suck compared to a lot of guys (and kids for that matter), but I always have a blast twisting a grip and roosting some dirt! Here's a raw uncut lap around the MX track at IMI Motorsports Complex in Dacono, CO. Was a fun day despite some wind. Also, there was a drift car club having a meet on the road course. So, got to check out some drift car action while we were taking a break.
  18. Rad199

    99 wr400f cam mod

    I have a 1999 wr400f really nice shape but I would like to be able to keep up better with my 450 friends, I have a pdf file giving the details on the cam switch out with a yz450 or wr450, but it always referances with the 2000 model wr400 will this work with the 1999 model?
  19. I am thinking of buying a van for motocross touring (try different MX and Enduro track in summer) . furthermore i am planing to go to Spain for a 2 week Motocross touring as well . and in general i am an easygoing camper which wanna park the car beside the roads/beaches/... and enjoy the nature i have looked at small-medium size vans , something like Ford Transit !? are these cars roomy enough for what i want !? or i need a bigger vans !? and in general what equipment should i buy and install in the van !? or what equipment should i carry with me ?
  20. So, I had a fabulous 2 days of riding with my family this weekend. My bike was running the best ever after finally getting it dialed in while healing up from my broken sternum. Unfortunately, during Sunday's riding, what started as an untraceable buzz, turned into an absolute obnoxious clatter by late afternoon. So, I ended up parking it in the trailer, it was almost 5pm anyway. Upon unloading my bike on Monday, I decided to start it and ride it into the shop, and the noise was unbearable and quite obvious an exhaust leak. Put the bike on the triangle stand to peak and found a 1" tear right on the first bend off of the head. So, yesterday after work I decided to pull it off and get it cleaned up. What I thought was a 1" crack turned out to be a series of cracks. It appears that at some point when the bike went down (it's been down before I got it, and has been down since) the metal must have torn just a bit, and then the vibrations and torque of the motor just started tearing the heck out of it, following every little tiny crease from getting bent. After a thorough inspection, the main crack went almost all the way around the pipe. I don't have $200 for a head pipe right now, so I'm going to have my neighboring shop try to TIG it up to get me thru the season. Not costing me anything, so it's worth a shot. Unfortunately I didn't think to take a pic before I took it over there last night. I'll try to snap a pic 1st thing this morning if the welder hasn't gotten to it yet. Has anyone else heard of or seen this before? It's a stock head pipe with a FMF silencer.
  21. hi, my 06 yz450f was perfect, it would start first kick when cold and hot, with putting a good amount of hours on it started getting harder to start when cold, now it wont start at all when cold unless pop started, doesn't idle and runs choppy until warmed up once warmed up starts first couple kicks and has power. my guess is the valves need to be shimmed? I was going to have my local shop check the valves then I was going to put a new top end in after anyways I put this top end in 150hrs ago. (bike was taken apart I used the piston that came with bike) im going to have to do better with keeping up with valve maintence this time around.
  22. Hey guys, I understand that I'm going to sound like a complete rookie on this one. How do you tell if you have an aftermarket kit done to the front forks? I just recently pickup up an 05 yz450f and on one of the forks it has a (1) fast lap racing suspension sticker on 1 of the forks. The guy appeared to go alittle sticker happy with this thing before I got it. Runs good and the front end feels great but I've never had anything aftermarket suspension done to any of my other bikes. Any tell tale signs aside from the feel? Thanks.
  23. nissan_twinturbo

    2013 yz450 vs 2014??

    just curious if anyone has ridden both the new and last gen yz450 and how different they REALLY are. i can read reviews all day but theyre all from professional mx racers that probably pick up on little things id never notice. selling my ktm, pretty set on getting me a new yz, my price range is around 4k so that puts me in the range of buying a 2010-2013 yz450. however im being told from a few guys who ride these that i really need to save and spring for a 2014+, the cheapest 2014 i could find was $5000. are the 14's really that much better? should i save and go for one of those? My main actual question is with that same money could i make a 2013 the same or even better? What ever one i decide on ill probably do the same to either for aftermaket parts, exhaust, tuner, fly wheel weight and a lowering link in the rear. Ive ridden a 2015, which is what sold me on one, i loved it! i just dont wanna be disappointed if i get the early gen. either way will be better around the track then my ktm exc! lol, but man that electric start is soo nice
  24. I live in the woods and don't always make it home before dark. My question Is, is it possible to wire and power a low voltage LED light to the stock stator without interfering with operation of the bike. If so, how? Any help is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!
  25. I think yamaha have done a great job for 2018 and its is still in the first year and it will get better and better each year. now we have vital MX opt for = CRF450R Dirt Bike Magazine opt for = SXF450 and motocross.com opt for = YZ450f