Straight Talk About 4-Strokes


ThumperTalk was originally launched in the spring of 1999 as a hobby site for a small group of enthusiasts who became frustrated with their local dealers. These dealers just didn't seem to know much about the latest generation of high-performance 4-strokes and how to help their new owners to get the most out of them. ThumperTalk was created so that 4-stroke enthusiasts could tap into the experiences of other enthusiasts; to share common problems and fixes, as well as performance modifications. Many members make a friend or two along the way!


The ThumperTalk Store is born. At the request of TT members worldwide, ThumperTalk brings together the purchasing power of thousands of members to negotiate great deals with manufacturers, and bring the best possible products at the best possible prices to ThumperTalk members everywhere.
When you choose to make a purchase in the TT Store, you are supporting the ThumperTalk community. And that is why it is our #1 priority to deliver only the best in customer service and satisfaction.


ThumperTalk.com undergoes a major overhaul, completely redesigning not only the look of the site, but the technology that powers it. ThumperTalk.com now employs multiple state-of-the-art web servers, not only making the browsing experience of our members faster and easier, but also allowing the addition of many more features that truly make ThumperTalk.com the complete 4-stroke enthusiasts haven.


ThumperTalk has tens of thousands of registered members from around the globe. Our members range from the novice just getting into the sport to the seasoned racer and mechanic. Arguably, more combined knowledge and experience with 4-stroke motorcycles is shared via ThumperTalk on a daily basis than with any other single source.
Above all else, ThumperTalk is committed to providing its members with a mechanism that allows for the free exchange of unbiased information about 4-strokes. It is this exchange that is the very heart of ThumperTalk.