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Daytona Twin Tec Twin Scan 3 Probe Kit (TSCAN3-PROBE-KT)

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RETAIL: $79.95
YOU SAVE: $8.00 (10%)


Includes: Blue and white insulation piercing probes and 48in. extension wires with mating weather-pack connectors that plug into the white (channel 1) and blue (channel 2) analog inputs on the Twin Scan 3. Alligator clips (red and black) that can be used in place of the insulation piercing probes for accessing signals. Power adapter for use on earlier H-D motorcycles with 4 terminal diagnostic connector. Power cord with red and black alligator clips for general purpose use with any +12 volt power source The Twin Scan 3 includes a scopemeter feature that allows display of 2 signal waveforms and is very useful for diagnostic purposes. The optional probe kit includes 2 insulation displacement probes and extension wires with mating weatherpack connectors that plug into the analog inputs on the Twin Scan 3. Insulation piercing probes allow easy connection to any point on the motorcycle wire harness. The scopemeter feature is independent of the scan tool capability and can be used on any vehicle 2 switches on the side of the Twin Scan 3 allow selection of the voltage range for the channel 1 and channel 2 analog inputs. The low range is 0-20V and is suitable for most signals except crankshaft position sensor, coil drive and injector drive signals that require the high 200V range
Stock photo shown, actual item may vary by model.

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