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Dynatek Dynatune Fuel Monitoring Kit - Single Channel (DT-1)

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By installing the included Wide Band O2 sensor in the exhaust the Dynatune kit monitors the fuel mixture Sends information to Dynatek control module Then automatically correcting it as you ride Rider can feel the changes as they occur Each map has preset air/fuel ratio target values Allows the DynaTune to find the best overall settings For more advanced users the air/fuel ratios are fully adjustable from the baseline Each throttle opening/rpm combination is fully adjustable Allows the riders fuel economy and peak output at larger throttle openings Configure to run and make adjustments at all times or by using the map switch port on the Dynatek control module Switch back and forth between the tuning mode and the base map settings Also allows rider to configure the kit to wait until the bike/ATV is at a certain operating temperature before beginning to make adjustments includes a single Wide Band O2 sensor Includes a single Wide Band O2 sensor Not for use in California on pollution controlled vehicles - check local laws before installing
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