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Fat Baggers, Inc. Narrow Side Panels for Drop Seat Kit - Unpainted (FBI-09SCN)

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RETAIL: $399.95
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The driver seat area is at the 3in. drop level but the rear of the seat area is bumped forward 2in. from the standard kit seat. The nose of the side panels is pulled back and the seat is tapered as much as possible allowing the drivers legs to go as directly to the ground as possible. This kit is good for drivers approximately 5ft. 6in. and under. Since the drivers legs do not have to go out around the side panels, the seat feels narrower to the inside of their legs and they can reach the ground even better. While the narrow seat kit is best for riders with short inseams, heavy-set riders may find the narrow seat too crowded and may find the standard seat more comfortable. Ordering Instructions: 1. Order the Drop Seat Conversion Frame Kit 2. Pick your seat option of custom solo, standard 2-up seat or Touring 2-up seat with or without backrest slot 3. Pick your option of vivid black painted or unpainted side panels to match standard or narrow seat option1 4. Pick ABS brake manifold, if needed 5. If the bike has saddlebag guards, (minor modifications required) chrome caps are available for cut ends Sold in pairs


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