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Jetworks Performance Flow Control Valve - 3/8in. - Non-Adjustable (FC-101)

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SKU: FC-101

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This valve has been designed to prevent water flow to the water box at idle and just off idle engine speeds. It allows the craft to be more responsive off the line and around the turns. Even completely stock watercraft show an improvement in throttle response. In a race start situation, the craft is under a slight load awaiting the start. Water fills up the water box and exhaust exit hoses. Upon sudden acceleration all this water must be forced out quickly before full exhaust flow can occur. During this time the craft feels a slight hesitation and/or sluggish, especially when the water box is mounted up front and has a rear exhaust. The flow control valve allows the box to dry out for better throttle response through the turns as well. Average acceleration improvement of 10 feet over a non-equipped model in the first 50 feet Adjustable with shims supplied Pressure can be tested with a pop-off gauge Comes in a preset kit All stainless internal parts IJSBA race legal
Stock photo shown, actual item may vary by model.

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