Privacy Policy

ThumperTalk employs the best security technology available!

Our online store uses full SSL (secure socket layer) encryption throughout your entire shopping session. You can quickly verify this for yourself by simply viewing the "properties" of any of page inside the frameset. To do this, right mouse click on the page that you want to check and select "properties" from the drop down menu (IE4 and higher).
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ThumperTalk protects your personal information!

Site Protection
 ThumperTalk's online store is protected behind an advanced firewall and network intrusion detection system which prevents unauthorized persons from accessing your personal information.
Personal Information
ThumperTalk Inc. will not sell, loan, rent, lease, barter or publish your personal information to any third party. All the information that we keep about you is kept strictly for ThumperTalk business uses, to assist you in your current or future purchases or in the analysis of sales trends.
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Shopping online is safe!

When you compare the Internet to other retail channels in terms of credit card security, it is far easier for a thief to steal your credit card information from a carbon copy of a receipt or by tapping your telephone line than it would be for a thief to intercept an on-line transaction from our online store.


You are protected by federal law!

The chances are very, very small that you would ever have your credit card information stolen on the Internet. However, if it ever is, you are protected by the same federal law which protects all of your credit card purchases, which limits your liability to the maximum of $50 in charges.

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