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S&S Cycle 80in. Shovelhead Top End Kit (90-0098)

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SKU: 90-0098
ONLINE PRICE: $2,069.95


S&S now offers Shovelhead style top end kits that provide everything you need to replace the top end of a 80in. Shovelhead engine Kit includes a set of S&S Shovelhead style cylinder heads, a set of S&S stock bore cylinders (3-1/2in. for 80in.), S&S cast 8:1 compression pistons complete with rings and wrist pins, manifold clamps, manifold seals, all required hardware and gaskets 4-1/4in. stroke pistons and rubber band style cylinder heads are also included Pistons are pre-fit to the cylinders, so there is no machine work done and very little down time NOTE: 74in. engines have a stroke of 331/32in, and 80in. shovelhead engines have a 4in. stroke, but the cylinder length for both engines is the same. The 74in. piston is taller than the 80in. piston which results in the same piston to head clearance in both engines. While it is possible to install an 80in. top end on a 74in. engine, this will result in very low compression and poor performance. A 74in. top end will bolt to an 80in. crankcase, but, the pistons will contact the cylinder head due to the combination of the taller 74in. pistons and the longer stroke of the 80in. flywheels. Therefore, it is important to correctly identify the stroke of the engine before ordering a top end kit.


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