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S&S Cycle Guardian Diagnostic System (55-5075)

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SKU: 55-5075


The Guardian Diagnostic System offers engine builders and tuners some powerful new tools to use with the S&S IST Ignition module The Guardian Kit contains a software CD for PCs, a translator unit and 2 cables that connect the translator to the COM port of your PC and to the data link on the motorcycle wiring harness Once connection between the computer and IST module is made, the software allows access to new functions and diagnostic data Allows you to use a PC with a 9-pin COM port to perform the following functions: Turn On the Break-In Rev Limit function to protect a new or rebuilt engine during break-in Adjust the final rev limit (Modules sold with engines have a rpm limit of 6240 rpm max. Modules sold separately have a 7200 maximum rpm limit) Look at diagnostic test codes (DTCs) or clear history DTCs (scan tool function) Look at live data (rpm, manifold absolute pressure, engine temperature, battery voltage, spark timing, dwell and coil current) for both cylinders while the engine is running, to aid in service work or performance development Look at history information (number of starts, number of rev limiter hits after the break-in rev limit has expired, amount of time spent in various operating conditions, maximum temperature reached, current rev limit, total engine cycles and running time) Note: S&S IST ignition modules manufactured after 10/1/03 (Serial# begins with E or higher letter), already contain software to support the Guardian Diagnostic System. Modules manufactured before that date may be returned to S&S to be reprogrammed 1999 - 03 big twins with S&S IST ignition modules manufactured after 10/01/03 (serial number begins with E or higher letter) 2004 - 06 big twins with S&S IST ignition modules manufactured after 10/01/05 (serial number begins with G or higher letter) All new S&S IST ignition modules


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