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S&S Cycle Intelligent Spark Technology Ignition System (55-1221)

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SKU: 55-1221


The S&S Intelligent Spark Technology ECU module automatically adjusts ignition timing When detonation is detected by the exclusive knock sensor, the ECU retards the ignition timing to prevent engine damage When detonation is not present, ignition timing is advanced for maximum power and economy The system remembers the conditions that cause the engine to knock and automatically adjusts ignition timing to prevent it when those conditions reoccur If a different camshaft is installed or if cylinder head modifications are made, the S&S Intelligent Spark Technology ignition system will automatically optimize the ignition timing for the new configuration If major engine modifications are made, such as the installation of a stroker or big bore kit, the system will adjust to the ignition requirements of the engine No timing adjustments - the system adjusts timing automatically 7000 rpm rev limiter Single fire operation - requires 2 coils or dual coil package Short circuit and reverse polarity protected All H-D Big Twin (module)
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