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Found 123 results

  1. Connor200202

    125 Cr 125 2002 won't go in 1st gear

    So I have a cr 125 2002 model. It runs fine in any other gear but when you put it in first gear it wants to go but it doesn't move. Any ideas?
  2. I want to flip an old bike, what is a good one preferably 2 stroke. I've heard good things about 125?
  3. Does anybody in a snowballs chance in hell have a needle for a 1998 kx125 carb? I broke mone and guess what... obsolete. The part number is 0XHHK, or 16009-1982. Any help appreciated
  4. Hey guys, I'm always up for feedback and if you enjoy the video, please subscribe on Youtube + check out our other videos via this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdmeXD1_Or_fle3VVeM01RQ
  5. Colt Hillis

    Sponsorships in ohio

    I'm looking for a motor builder that could sponsor me, something along those lines thats close to ohio. I currently race a yz 125.
  6. Rmrider144

    Rm125 upgrades

    Hi I was just wondering what upgrades I can do to my 2004 rm 125 (144 bored) that would be cheap but make the bike look amazing
  7. joegreen17

    CR125 Knocking sound

    I have a 2000 CR125 with a noticeable knocking sound, i have took of the top end, there was no play at all in the crankshaft, only side play, no play in flywheel either. i will replace top end with a new needle bearing and pin with new piston. Can anyone help me find what the knocking is ?
  8. Hey hows it going everyone, I'm new to the forum so please don't jump on me if I do something wrong but ... I have a 2004 CR125, the exhaust valves were stuck in one position, took it all apart and fixed that problem, but I took my servo unit apart and the gears are stripped from try to move the powervalve when it was stuck, question is can I use a servo unit off of a CR250 on my 125? 04 servo unit is hard to find due to 04 being the only year with an EPV. they look identical, some sites the parts numbers are the same for both and other sites the last number is different. it looks like you would be able to use a few parts for the rc valve setup from the 250 on the 125, I could be completely wrong though. did some research and couldn't find any answers, so here iam! any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm not a master mechanic but I do klnow my way around 2 strokes, been on them for about 14 years now.
  9. My yz is making a sort of thumping noise from the air box. The engine noise is fine when you’re close to the pipe but if you are closer to the air box it sounds really weird. I checked the reeds and they seem pretty good. Help?
  10. Hello, Well my old 2011 crf250r needs a full engine rebuild and it's going to cost too much to fix, would it be possible to make a 95 cr125 fit the frame, would even a yz engine fit? Cheers
  11. Drewboroce

    Ssr 125 oil leak

    I have a new 2018 ssr 125 and I have a small oil leak near my shifter and kick stand I don’t know where it’s coming from the but I just also noticed my crankcase vent hose is split in half all the way down the middle
  12. MotoXRacer_19

    AMA Numbers

    Does anyone know how to, or if you can, change your AMA number? The race number, not the full thing.
  13. So my little bro wants to go from four wheelers to bikes, I don't really know how the skills translate, he would prefer 4 stroke but he isn't to opposed to 2 smokers, I was thinking he should be ok on a 250f or 125 smoker, he has a raptor 350 been riding for about a year, I let him ride my old 230 he seemed like he was doing fine, would a 250f or 125 smoker be to much for him he thinks it would i think he will be fine though, what would you guys recommend?
  14. Drewboroce

    Can’t find a gasket for ssr 125

    Can’t find Ignition / sprocket side cover gasket I’ve looked and looked but can’t find one that looks like this I’ll post a pic it’s ripped tho that’s why I need a new one
  15. Tarron

    Wiseco Crank

    Hi all, I’m thinking about buying a 02 CR125. It has a full engine rebuild. Crank,rod,piston,rings (wiseco) I’ve heard a lot of bad things about the wiseco cranks. Saying that they break less then 50 hours. If anyone has used wiseco cranks before can you let me know how it went and all? Thanks
  16. I went to do I top end on my bike because the compression felt low and it is now winter so there is not much riding to do anyway. When I took the piston out I noticed a lip had formed on the exhaust port side of the piston. There was no wear or scoring on the cylinder which I found strange. I put a new piston in warmed up the bike at idle with a few blips on the throttle. During this time when ever I would blip the throttle there would be a low quite sound like sand was in my expansion chamber. I blew out my pipe but the noise was still there. I pull the head of to just make sure everything look right after being ran and the piston had a small lip on it again. I've link a picture of the piston that I replaced with the new one.
  17. The start of the budget build on my 2017 SSR 125!
  18. I just wanted to share with everyone a pit bike that I purchased back in November 2017 called a DB-X-29 X-Pro. It's by X-motos. It's a 17/14 125cc pit bike that has a Zongshen 125cc engine. It has inverted front shocks and a nice looking and working rear shock. The stock suspension is stiff enough to support my weight (195lbs and 5ft10) and it works really well. It's been a super fun, reliable, and solid little play bike that I am planning to use for camping and exploring the area.
  19. Hello everyone I am 16 years old and I was a quad rider ever since I was young. I had a ltr 450 that I sold recently. I'm about 5'5"-5'6" tall and weigh about 115 lbs. I rode my friends rm 125 just this past weekend and I enjoyed riding the bike! I'm looking into buying a 125 but I still cant decide weather to buy a yz 125 or a ktm 125 sx. Again I'm a newer rider to dirt bikes but I still know how to ride one and I'm also new to 2 strokes but I've been doing a lot of research lately and learned a lot about them and all the maintenance with them. I will be using the bike for pretty much all trail riding. I just want a reliable bike that I can take care of that will give me no problems. Any Opinions/Preferences? Thankyou Everyone!
  20. Hey I need some advice I have a Chinese pit bike (please no ball bustin lol) but it stopped working 2 years ago I ceased the engine. I bought it used for 300$ originally price of it is like 1000$. I was thinking should I just drop a new engine in it? The new engine is a 140 a step up from the ceased 125. The engine is only 340. The thing is I haven't touched it in 2 years. So I know i'm going to need to do more work besides the engine such as bearings and new wheels and etc. Do you think it's smarter just to buy a new one like 800 or just take time and rebuild the one I have??
  21. Hey everyone, As the title says when i pull the clutch in on my 04 KTM 125 it either stalls unless i give it a bit of gas and will move slowly forwards with the clutch lever fully pulled in. The clutch is a magura hydraulic clutch and the problem only just happened on a recent ride and never has happened before. I put some extra oil in before the ride due to a very small oil leak from the gasket where the hydraulic clutch slave connects to the engine, not sure if this changes anything though. So my main question is would it be the air in the system for the hydraulic clutch or would it be the actual clutch plates or basket (really hoping it is not). Thanks for reading hope everything made sense, feel free to ask questions.
  22. I am thinking of lowering my 16’ TE 125 but i have no clue on options or cost. Honestly, i am not to worried about throwing a little cash into it. At 5’5, im tired of high siding 5 times a day. Side note, I ride a mix of single trac and open woods, hare scrambles/enduros, and a tad bit of mx. Thanks for the help!
  23. I've just turned 16 and have just about enough money to buy myself a cr125 i'm 6,3, i wanted to get an 85 for my first bike but i am to tall so i was thinking of getting a 125, so i want to know is a cr 125 too powerful for my first bike, i had a little 125 pitbike so i know how to use clutch but is a cr125 too powerful for a first bike ? Thanks in advance
  24. I picked this bike up barley running. It would only roll start and when with was running it was popping a lot and would hardly idle (had to blip the throttle to keep it alive). At this time it was missing the air boot clamp to the carb and the hot start contraption on the carb was broken off in the carb. since then: New Intake valves (I did not cut them in) shimmed with in spec new top end gaskets carb rebuild kit (main jet: 160 pilot jet 45 currenty. also tried a series of combinations with 160, 165, and 42,45, 48) adjusted float level (with out weight of float on spring) and put a clamp on the air intake boot. now when I start it (mj:160 and pj:45) runs okay on choke dies when I take it off. When I had the mj165 and pj48 ran perfect on choke and idled fine with out choke but then died when giving it throttle. Process with fuel and air screw i used (the fuel screw i believe on the bottom of the carb bowl start woith 1.5 turns out and slowly work my way out to 2.5 turns out; while the screw on the side controlling the throttle i start with all the way in and work my way out) I am at 2100 feet above see level. Main problem still: will only run on choke with bigger jets and worse idling with smalller jets and more popping. If someone could point me in a direction I would greatly appreciate it! This bike is driving me insane