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Found 39 results

  1. So I bought a ssr 125 very fresh hardly riddin bike and I went and changed the oil I put what the book said 10w 40 regular car oil and after about a 30 mile ride I was looking thru the book and see. That it needed 10w 40 4 stroke motorcycle oil so I changed it the next day do you think I hurt the bike at all ??
  2. Spark plug out of my ssr 125 do u think I looks ok or does it look like it’s been running lean or rich I’m not to good with this type of stuff
  3. PRIOR INFO Hey all, before i start i want to introduce some prior info in case it helps you guys give me some feedback. I'm a south Florida sand track rider that currently rides a 2015 CRF150RB and would probably classify as a 85cc B rider. I learned to ride on this bike and I still feel it has plenty of room for me to get better on and still has plenty of power left for me to use, i usually only top out 4th gear occasionally with a 56T rear sprocket. The reason i'm considering a 125 within the next year or so is because i'm 5'7" and growing and about 130 pounds and soon i wont fit on this bike. I figured that a 125 two stroke would be perfect since i'm still able to find power with this bike and i ride sand a lot, also so i don't get lazy . ACTUAL QUESTION Currently I'm set on a CR125R because i'm just a Honda guy and from what i've heard these days if your getting a Japanese bike is pick your favorite color and ride it because most of us don't push the bikes to the limit anyway. In my area I see only 1998's 2001's and 2004's. I don't know much about the year history but i heard there were weak engines from 01-04 and the aluminum frames sucked from 99-04. You guys have any insight? The 04's look the best around here but i'm not sure they perform the best.
  4. Hey all, I have been waiting for this day for quite a while. I am finally able to fix my bike, i've been in debt for some time but the day has come 🙂 Now i have a question, when I got my bike checked out at the shop, i was told i could rebuild my crank with any rod and bearings from 1986-2000. I am going to purchase an entire new hot rods crank instead. Am i able to order any crank from 1986-2000 for my bike? Mine is a 1987. I just want to make sure I am getting the correct part before I spend the money! Appreciate any replies or help. Thanks!!
  5. I have a 98 cr125r, i have done a lot to it. rebuilt the carb, new top end. It still wont start unless i prime the cylinder. Once it starts it runs good but also wont idle. my friend said it might be the jet or reed valves. what do you think
  6. Hey i have recently acquired a 2000 kx 125 and i just found out it has a big bore 144cc kit and i need to buy a piston for it. I have searched and i cant seem to be able to find one. Where do you purchase those.
  7. Hey guys new to the forum I just bought a new pitbike it's a gio 125cc when I bought it the bike wouldn't run without the choke fully on so my guess was the pilot jet just needed to be cleaned out and some fresh fuel should do the trick.... not the case after tearing the carb apart what felt like 100x and not much change in the idle I decided to go order a new carb. I put the new carb on which fit great minus the throttle cable being to long, the bike started right up and with some tuning it ran great with the choke off. I loaded the bike up in my truck to go rip it at a friend's place, I stopped by another buddy's place on the way to show him the new bike, I started it up did a burnout in the bed of my truck shut it off then headed to my friends house to go rip we off loaded the bike went to start it and it wouldn't run without the choke even after being warmed up. So I grabbed by old carb cleaned out the jets again with a torch and compressed air and slapped it back on, it runs way better then in the first place it will start with the choke or some throttle and will continue to run until it's without throttle for more then 5 seconds. I'm at a loss I have no idea what could be causing this any help is welcome! But please read the whole post I know it's long but I wanted to go over the whole situation so it's narrows things down hopefully
  8. Hello! So i have recently bought a 1997 cr125. It leaks a lot of black oil around where the exhaust connects to the cylinder and around the Exhaust valve, its kind of hard to see. So i took apart the exhaust valve and found loads of black oil inside. Does anyone want to explain how the oil gets to the into the exhaust valves? Does it pick up transmission oil? And why is the oil in there really dark black when i just changed the transmission oil? Pretty new to dirtbike engines and how they work, but i would love some help with this one!
  9. Hi I bought a new lifan125cc engine for my pit bike and on the second ride second gear started jutering and then stoped working completely so I tore apart the engine and replaced the shift drum and fork as they were slightly bent and when I put it all back together second gear still juters but other gears work fine is there any other fix I could do? Thanks for any help
  10. I just introduced my 10 year old son to the world of ICE motorcycles with a 2017 SSR 125cc pit bike after his brief training period on a Razor MX650 in our yard etc. I would like to take him on trail rides etc but our forests get drier than a popcorn fart in the summer. If you even think about riding anything with an internal combustion engine and no spark arrestor out there you'll be strung up on the nearest tree! #1Is there an aftermarket muffler that fits the existing pipe with an approved spark arrestor? #2Are there any bark buster sets that work on the stock bars? #3 I see there are versions of this bike with the bigger wheels (17F/14R?), can these swap straight on the existing forks and swingarm? Down the road when he grows another foot and a half taller (probably within about 6 months) it might help the bike continue to fit him? #4 I ride in the local sand dunes regularly and hope he can join me. Is there a flag mount that works good on these pit bikes or do I need to fab my own?
  11. Hi I have an 01 yz125. I bought this last year with it needing the top end replaced. I’m mechanically inclined just new to the two stroke game. Well I replaced the top end after I bought the bike and the hole motor takes a dump so now I’m stuck trying to basically figure out the interchange years for the motor, top end jug, and bottom end. When the motor went out it bent the connecting rod messed the inside of the jug up pretty good and of course the piston was trashed I need help fellow riders please and thank you in advance.
  12. Hey guys, I have a 1969 (approximately) Honda Z50. It was given to me after my uncle died. He would ride it around the dirt lake road between our families houses with a beer in one hand and a cigarette hanging out of the side of his mouth laughing the entire way. If you've ever seen or owned a Z50, they are a little ridiculous. All I wanted when I was younger was to ride his mini bike but I never got the opportunity. After he died, it sat in his garage for a number of years until i eventually came to own it. Unfortunately after sitting for so long, it is not starting at the moment. In addition he was not much of a mechanic so it needs some serious TLC. I thought it would be a great honor to restore it in his name and put it back on those lake roads. I need help guys. I can figure my way out around a bike but I am a little curious where to start with this old hunk. I would be happy to get it running again but I am also looking at possibly engine swapping this little guy (80cc or 125cc) if possible. And I know what you're thinking, "waste of time.. or this idiot has too much time on your hands"......agreed but I think you can agree that would be pretty badass. And for the short amount of time this thing gets used it would be a fun little project for nights at the lake. If you have any advice on where exactly to start or if the engine swap is possible please let me know. Not looking to hear from any of you automatic 'nay-sayers,' have a little imagination and appeal to your younger 12 year old self. Thanks, Chip
  13. Hey! New rider here, just got my first ever dirtbike which is a Honda CR125 1997. Got it running yesterday, but i noticed a lot of oil and exhaust fumes flying out around the area where the exhaust connects to the cylinder. Its also reaaally loud, the rubber piece that connects the muffler and the exhaust is also missing, is this the cause to the loud noise? Also noticed that one of the springs that connect the exhuast to the cylinder has been changed and one of them has a lot of slack. The last thing is a hole, less than 1mm big in the exhaust that leaks oil too. And when i took the exhuast off the first time, there was looads of oil sitting in the exhaust. Help is greatly appriciated!
  14. Hello, I recently bought a Dirtbike. It is a 125cc 4-stroke. The only problem is that I don't know what it is. I know what motor it is but that's about it. I would be happy to get some help with this.
  15. HI guys, last post recieved great help so hoping the same here, basically I think I’m experiencing some timing issues on my 02 rm125. The timing marks on the magneto were slightly out by like a degree or less, in favour of an earlier spark, worried that I was gunna fry the piston, I moved the timing marks by a degree in favour of a later spark just for piece of mind that I wasn’t harming my freshly rebuilt engine, since doing this o think I can hear the bike ‘pinging’ when riding at a steady speed, and has developed a ticking noise from the top end, it runs okay maybe a little splutter before the valve opens and possibly down on power a little but I ride a sports bike so maybe it’s just not that fast compared, but once it’s cleared out it sings through the gears as it should, can anyone help? Will post a picture of current position on magneto, also I haven’t proper tool for measuring tdc but by feel on the fly wheel this is pretty much where it’s at, that can’t be right considering the crank turns anti clockwise?
  16. apollo 125cc dirt bike i was riding, it ran fine and had no issues then the chain came off and broke my magneto cover. everything looked fine except for the case cover. when the chain came off it stoped the bike but i was not going very fast. i bought a new case cover and went to start it and it wont start unless i pull the throttle back wide open then it starts but only idles with it wide open and if i let off it dies and if i keep it wide open it only stays running for 5-10 seconds then dies and ether spits fuel into the air filter or pops and white smoke comes out the air filter. also when i kick it it sometimes spits gas into the air filter out of these 2 like ejection points in the carb. it ran perfect with no issues till that chain came off and broke the cover. It is getting fuel, the jets are clean, the air filter is clean, and i do not know what it is. Please help
  17. I recently bought a Yamaha TTR 125. It has some problems, the bike does not idle and spills gas from the overflow in the carburetor. I've taken the carburetor apart several times to try and fix little thing that I believed where the problem. I was able to stop the overflow temporarily by adjust the float, but that started back up again but not nearly as bad. I still cant get the bike to idle and its very tough to start. I'm planning on buying a new carburetor but I wanted to see if there was anything anyone new I should try to get it to run. It also has another problem when it is running, shifting gears it seems to just skip gear 2 and 3, anyone know how to fix that?
  18. Does anyone know the year, make and model of the green dirt bike pictured in the attachment? It was the bike I rode in my teens, around 1977, for a few years, before getting a bigger bike. Our family had several and I’ve forgotten the details of this one. I know it’s either a Yamaha or a Suzuki (leaning toward the Yamaha). 125cc. Thanks for your help. linda
  19. Hello guys. I need some help. I own a ktm duke 125cc (4stroke). But i am going to sell it because it is very bad quality. !!!My motorcycle is only going to be for street use!!! I am going to use my motorcycle for a daily commute about 35-40 minutes long, and for riding with my friends in my own town. We ride pretty aggressive. I ride at a pretty stable rpm (when doing commute, because of cops everywhere) otherwise i go crazy :) Anyhow, Now i am wondering if i should buy a supermoto like gasgas ec 125 sixdays. It is a 2 stroke with about 37 horsepowers. Or if i should just go with a bike like a yamaha mt 125, has about 15 horsepowers and is a 4 stroke. Or is a 4 stroke supermoto any good? Like a derbi drd 125 sm, has about 15 horsepowers too. I want a bike that easily does 110km/h. I don’t want to spend a fortune on repairing. Gas money is no problem. I want a bike that i can rely upon. So is there a big difference with service and repairing between 2 stroke or 4 stroke? Please tell me about your personal experience. Thankful for all answers. Have a good day!
  20. Hello, I have a 125cc Chinese clone pitbike, it's a few years old been ragged etc! I had recently changed the piston and the rings it ran fine after that a bit less power but it was fine however when I kicked it it felt as if I was slowly forcing the piston up the cylinder and then when I kicked it again felt like a normal kick. It was only recently I started using it again and it runs for about 10 minutes and then bogs out and dies and then 5 mins later it will start up again and then 2 mins later it will bog out again!!! I've checked the valves, the timing is correct, I've tried turning idle up turning fuel/air mixture screw and taking the air filter off and all types of things and it's still doing it and not sure what's causing it ???? Please help sorry for the long description but thought I'll tell yous everything so that you maybe able to put yous fingers on the problem! Thanks
  21. Hey guys. Ive been doing extensive research on the good old inter-webs and i cant seem to find any helpful information on the common jetting that people have gotten to work with these new mikuni knock offs that come with k38- k95 khein pilot and main jets. For reference my elevation is about 1400 feet and the pilot seems to run extremely lean out of the box on a 125cc honda grom clone to make it run well i have to set the Air fuel screw (not idle screw) to 1/2 turn out And the idle screw is about 3.5 turns out to get the best results with the needle also set to the highest/richest position possible. This tells me the pilot is extremely lean and possible the main too as i am having to raise the needle all the way. If anyone has any input/experience with this particular application the knowledge would be appreciated otherwise i will keep this thread going to update my progress. Ive found that standard mikuni jets will fit the main however the jets for the pilot are 28mm long not the short ones advertised for the real vm22 carb ill add a pic of the pilot jet and of the bike just for kicks if anyone cares.
  22. Here is my Apollo 125cc (DB007) Dirtbike/Pitbike Looking to upgrade Exhaust, Triple Tree, Carb Share photos and video!! Here is my youtube page https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA4WsyzpfYMbZpLIbxgEiaA?view_as=subscriber
  23. I recently acquired this Chinese pit bike, and was able to get it running. But i have no clue what the make is. The VIN is LYPLYN13050308016. I hope it's not lost forever! All i know is its a 2005 and has a Lifan 125cc CDI engine. Maybe someone will recognize that symbol on the rear mudguard.
  24. I was wondering if it was possible to bore a 125cc dirt bike or if there are any universal big bore kits online in the UK. Cant seem to find any. The bike I have is an apollo orion (chinese bike)
  25. This one to be exact; http://www.faster-minis.com/sdg-pro-mini.html Picture: Got if for free with a RT180 i bought, Anyways its beat to hell and back, Needs front and rear brake systems (both literally gone), need a clutch cable, Air Filter, chain, exhaust... Maybe Rings... Anyways i am ordering a $6 clutch cable, a $8 filter, going to ignore exhaust and brakes for now (engine braking will be fine anyways for me) I am looking at a piston kit for it the engine is a LIFAN 125cc so i am looking at this kit HERE but i am not sure if it will fit... I might just skip the piston and rings, It was smoking but not knocking... Got a spare chain that i just need to cut to size. I am a big guy 300lbs+ so this is a guest and beater bike for messing around, I got my KX250 for normal riding. I love these cheap Chinese Trail 70 clones, parts are so cheap lol. Anyone got some info on these? Are the frames any good?
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