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Found 12 results

  1. 6 reviews

    This product is required to recalibrate your speedometer and odometer after changing either sprocket size or the rear tire size.[/size][/font] The smallest electronic speedometer/odometer calibration device in the world. Saves max speed, which can be recalled to your stock speedometer gauge Widest calibration range on the market (ratio based and multiplier/divider capability) Built in testing mode to ensure proper installation Easier to setup than any other device on the market Simple plug-in installation for many vehicles using factory OEM connectors Works for any 3 wire Hall Effect Sensor, or 2 wire Ground Switch Sensors Works for vehicles which display MPH or KPH Ability to convert MPH to KPH, or KPH to MPH Ratio based correction in 0.1% steps, up to 99.9% + or - Fractional frequency multiplier & divider with 0.1 steps, up to 99.9 + or - Weather proof design to protect against the elements 18" wiring harness (1.5ft) 3 year product replacement warranty Made in the USA
  2. 2 reviews

    DESCRIPTION Universal type comes with bullet connectors to wire in manually, other listed types come with factory connectors to make install easier by plugging into the factory harness turn signal connectors. This device is universal; designed to work for any motorcycle with a DC electrical system (such as Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, etc) (There are a few KTM & Husqvarna enduro models that do not use DC for the turn signals, but can be modified to use DC) This devices allows any two wire after market LED turn signal indicators to operate as running lights (always on), and will blink on / off when the turn signal switch is activated. It is highly recommended to use this product with the 12oClockLabs Fixed Rate Turn Signal Flasher. This device, as well as aftermarket turn signals, use much less current than stock turn signals, thus an increased flash rate will occur. Load resistors or a fixed rate turn signal flasher will get your flashers operating at the normal flash rate again. Package contains one duel adapter (meaning you can operate both front turn signals; left and right, with just purchasing one adapter kit) FEATURES Works with any two wire after market LED turn signal indicator. Designed to work for any motorcycle with a DC electrical system. All Solid State design. Designed for DC electrical systems (most are). One duel output running light adapter per package (for front Left /Right turn signals).
  3. Tcsglassworks

    From Stock to...

    Well, i decided to upgrade the 250l with parts. gonna be using this to track the progress from stock. Stock 2014 CRF250L Picture taken: 7/3/13 8/20/13 Installed 2 handlebar speakers powered by a 200w mini amp Sound quality is not bad at all. when i ride next to my buddy who has a harley thats straight piped i can still hear what im listening to. 12/18/13 Plasti dipped the whole bike black. Taped off all graphics, logos and safety stickers took 2 1/2 cans of black. about 4 coats on each section of plastic. followed by 2 coats of glossifier Final product of the plasti dip
  4. KaToomTime

    KTM 450 XC-W (2014)


    Great 450 has seen some fantastic rides.
  5. Adrenolin

    Yamaha WR250R (2015)


    My FIRST motorcycle at 46 years of age! Bought this 2015 Yamaha WR250R brand new from the dealer back in Oct 2015 with 4 miles on it. Most of my miles are street and highway but hit the dirt often and whenever I can. Simply love this bike! I'm currently setting it up for Adv Riding and it'll be seeing more of the USA and Canada this and following years. No trailers, no rear carriers.. just me, the bike and the miles we pass.
  6. 1 review

    PRODUCT DETAILS New XCW EFI lighting kit is even easier to install, you don't even have to remove the fuel tank! SICASS racing's lighting for the EFI equipped 2014 four stroke XCW's puts to use the items you already have, the kit plugs directly in to the existing head light and tail light saving you time and money. Kit includes: Bar mounted Hi/Lo/Off switch 12v DC Horn rear brake switch license plate light license plate mounting plate ALL mounting hardware and instructions Fits: 2014 KTM 250 XCF-W 2014 KTM 350 XCF-W 2014 KTM 450 XC-W 2014 KTM 500 XC-W 2015 KTM 250 XCF-W 2015 KTM 350 XCF-W 2015 KTM 450 XC-W 2015 KTM 500 XC-W
  7. 1 review

    DESCRIPTION FIXED RATE TURN SIGNAL FLASHER This device is plug and play, as well as universal; designed to work for any motorcycle with a DC electrical system (such as Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, etc) (There are a few KTM & Husqvarna enduro models that do not use DC for the turn signals, but can be modified to use DC) The universal version comes with the mating connector set, so it can be wired in for custom applications if needed. OEM CONNECTOR The Fixed Rate Flasher is a plug-in replacement for the following OEM part numbers: Yamaha OEM Part: 4MY-83350-01-00 Honda OEM Part: 38301-MBW-D21, 38301-KYJ-641 Kawasaki OEM Part: 27002-0006, 27002-1091, 27002-1097 Suzuki OEM Part: 38610-26E00, 38610-03F00 PRODUCT DETAILS You may have noticed after adding aftermarket turn signals your blink rate has significantly increased, OEM flashers are designed for standard bulbs which draw a few watts each, much more than typical aftermarket bulbs or LED signals. This device is an effective alternative to using load resistors, it consumes considerably less watts, consumes less space, and does not generate excessive heat. Direct Plug & Play OEM Replacement. Smaller & less weight than OEM. Fixed Flash Rate, not load dependant. Flashes at the DOT OEM flash Rate. Works for LED or Standard Bulb Turn Signals. All Solid State design. Meets or exceeds OEM load rating specifications. Designed with 500,000 life hour solid capacitors. Will blink even with extremely low loads, down to 0.1W / 0.01A
  8. Tobyperkins17


    Gday A guy wants to swap a Freshly rebuilt wr400 99 model with a high compression piston for my 1990 dr350 I rode the bike and is great, very smooth and nice power delivery It isn't in best shape tho That isn't my reason for the topic tho how ever this is... I'm 65kg and I can start it, Nor could he so we tow started it, is there a tequnique for starting these beasts is question 1 and number two is do I have to use premuim petrol instead of normal unleaded to prevent the motor detonating from high comp piston... Will it blow the bottom up anyway?? Any advice would be muchly appreciated because i have to make my mind up within 5 days! Cheers toby
  9. DRC Edge2 Gen1 Integrated Tail Light w/ 12oclockLabs Board How-To: So, this was one of the most frustrating installs yet. The entire DRC kit seemed rather cheap and somewhat poorly made. (I later found out that this was due to a 'universal' mount used in the Gen1 kit) One of the screws was pre-stripped for me. The mounting plate didn't conform to the slight bend in the CRF's rear subframe so I had to drill it out. The wiring wasn't too terrible, but the supplied ends were complete trash. After fighting with this thing for a few hours I finally got it installed. The results look pretty sweet and I do feel quite a bit more safe with the flashing brake lights and strobe indicators. I will definitely look into ordering the flasher regulator from 12oclockLabs. I would also like to re-attach my stock indicators, or LED indicators, to give better turn indicator visibility during the day. Edit: It has been brought to our attention that there are several version of the DRC EDGE2 kit floating around the supply chain. -The Gen1 kit comes with the steel/gray DRZ400 bracket you will see in this how-to. -The Gen2 kit comes with an aluminium/black CRF250L specific mount. The Gen1 kit does not allow for side indicators to be used and will leave a larger gap above the taillight. Verify what mount comes with your kit before ordering if it's an issue for you. Installation Photos: What is supplied in the DRC Edge2 Gen1 Integrated kit. You essentially get the DRC Edge2 light, the DRZ400 mounting bracket, and then the 12oclockLabs board kit in a separate baggy. This is the stock light housing that you have to open up and replace the board. Not too terrible, but will require some patience and a steady hand. The light came with a pre-stripped screw. I had to drill and tap this for a slightly larger screw. I would say that "you get what you paid for," but this kit wasn't cheap. Old LED board New 12oclockLabs LED board w/ upgraded LEDS and programmable light processor. Here you can see the slight bend in the rear sub-frame assembly. Not sure if it's supposed to be that way, but it made my install even more frustrating as the mounting plat wouldn't fit. I had to slowly tap the frame mounting holes because they stripped on my first attempt when I hadn't realized it wasn't going to work. I then drilled out the mounting bracket holes to allow for more play around the two bolts. This part took the longest and had me speaking like a sailor. Furthermore, the kit wont mount up to a US license plate so be prepared to drill into your plate. (Yes I know the light is upside down. I fixed it before final install. I was pretty frustrated by this point.) Thanks to www.SRMoto.com for this educational graphic on how to wire up the DRC Edge2 taillight. Final product mounted up and wired. You can now see it's dark outside. I do really love the way that looks though! Far more simple/sleek and gives a clean line off the back of the bike. Again, I'll probably try to remount some LED indicators because the light doesn't give off enough light during the daytime to make people behind you aware of turns. UPDATE 5/6/2014: The US supplier of the CRF250L DRC mounts was gracious enough to have a few CRF-specific mounts made up and let me purchase one. The updated mount looks quite a bit better, pushes the taillight all the way to the rear of the fender for better visability, and adds turn indicator brackets for the stock signals to be reattached. I'll be mounting it up tonight and will post the details shortly thereafter.