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Found 26 results

  1. So I bought this bike about 2 months ago .. noticed a small leak where the exhaust manifold and expansion chamber meet the head mounting studs.. seems to progressively get worse as I ride as I notice more smoke. so I pulled off my pro circuit pipe and my exhaust manifold and I noticed the top stud is super stripped (the nut just keeps spinning on the stud). I am wondering how I can get this stud out because it seems to just be a stripped stud and it will not just turn out with vice grips.. and are there any recomended studs or sealers I can use ? Also how am I going to screw in the new stud without damaging the threads ? As you can see I don't have enough room to put 2 nuts on and screw it out as I tried that !
  2. I have recently purchased my first 1997 CR125. When purchased the top end needed to be replated and rebuilt so I sent out the cylinder to be replated and had to remove the power valve bearing before sending out. In preparation for the cylinder to return and reassembly, I am trying to plan how I am going to press the bearing back in. I looked in the service manual and it said I need a Honda part to press the bearing back in. I would like to avoid buying the tool if possible would anybody know of any DIY ways to press the bearing back in without messing up the bearing? Any tips would be appreciated.
  3. ive got a 1997 yz250 and it needs replating or boring. idk about it because ive always been able to go to the local machine shop and they can do it. can i do that or do i have to send it in somewhere?
  4. So I am currently working on a 1997 CR125 and plan to make a full race build on it. But I have been noticing that there are not very many aftermarket parts the biggest being the plastics and graphics for it due to the frame,tank,sub frame, etc. I was wondering if its possible to put that engine into a CR125 frame anywhere from 98-07 and how hard that would be to do. I have a welder but I am not confident enough to weld new motor mounts. If you guys could help me out with this that would be great.
  5. So Iv got a 1993 cr 125. I tore down the engine for a top end and discovered someone left out the power valves. How many years did they make the engine the same? Can I put a newer cylinder back on this bike?
  6. So i'm doing a rebuild on my 1997 cr125 and the connecting rod has free play going side to side and up and down and I would like to know if i can just buy a new bearing for the rod or I if need to do a complete rebuild of the bottom end? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Greetings, all! I’ve been attempting to find some for-sure information for quite some time now, but it’s time to let the internet chime in! In my possession is a ‘97 CR 125. She’s in clapped condition but rideable, however, that’s not up to par with the plans for the year. I’m in need of some notes on what is or is not compatible in terms of “direct fit” or “some modifications required”, in regards of items readily available for newer (read: aluminum framed) bikes. Delving right in- wheels, I’ve my eye on a set of something gold with red hubs, but, to no surprise, I’ve come up with nothing readily available through my normal sources. Newer wheels are readily attainable. I’ve heard tales of swapping wheel bearings and using stock sizes in newer wheels, but nothing solid enough to throw the money as of yet. Next on the docket, foot pegs- there are some out there for cheap, but the best ones are for newer models. All insight is appreciated. Newer triple clamps, suspension has crossed my mind, though no plans as of yet, but information on these things would be nice, as it is a public forum, and someone, somewhere, some time from now, wants to know Above all else, if you know some compatibility, even random things, brake parts, sprockets, brake levers (actually, that would be great to know), shifters (that, too, is something I’d personally like information on), throttle tubes (another thing I need to find), or any other piece of interchangeable item, under the canopy or heaven, would be appreciated by all, I’m sure. Thank you for any input you may have on the subject. (attached is a picture of some of my stable, the ever-so-cleverly identified #69 is the bike in question.)
  8. I cant seem to find a stator for my 1996 KTM 300 EXC that is under $400 dollars. But i see 1997 stator for under $100. All i need it to do it make the bike run, I don' t have a headlight or anything aftermarket on my bike. So would I be able to use a 1997's stator and fly wheel in my 1996
  9. Hello all, I recently picked up a 1997 KTM 250 EXC and the graphics on it are a little scratched and faded and I am in the process of looking for new ones. However, I have not been very successful as the ones I have found are not to my taste. I am really looking to get a Red Bull or Jagermeister set if possible, and I am willing to pay up to $150 for a set that actually fits my bike. If anybody has an advice on where to search, that would be awesome. Thank you all in advance!
  10. Hello my name is Stone and I just bought a 97 CR 250 with no title but clean vin I also have a 99 CR 250 frame with a clean title so I could ride anywhere I want in Arizona. What I need to know is are the frames interchangeable especially the sub frame and linkage because the placements look very funky and I want to know before I do anything thank you 🙏
  11. Hello i am in search of a 1990- 1997 cr125 main shaft, countershaft, shift drum, and shift forks please message me if you have them or get to me with you contact information thank you
  12. I have a 1997 or 1998 Yamaha RT 180 and I was wondering if there were any mods I could do to get more power and a higher top speed, also... Can I put a aftermarket pipe on it All Reccomendations Appreciated!! Jared
  13. Would a 1997 XR250 fuel tank fit a 2003 XR250?
  14. does anyone know if a 1997 Yamaha WR250z is legal on your L's/LAMS?
  15. Anyone know why black oil is leaking through this little hole? Pulled the engine apart to change the crank seals because my exhaust has been spitting out black oil.
  16. So I went on a 3 hour trek last week to look at this bike and it ran great, looked decent, and had a few minor issues to fix, so I bought it for $1500. I changed the oil, adjusted the chain and tire pressure, checked suspension and brakes. Before the first ride I realized I didn't look at the air filter. What I discovered was shocking. I can't believe it runs at all if any of this filter ended up in the carb. I did replace it of course with an uni filter. Bike is missing the heat shield (the guy said it fell off and wouldn't stay on, which is odd), the frame support bolt that goes into the center of the exhaust, the bars seem to be bent slightly and the tires need to be replaced. My 1995 200R is a lot more comfortable to ride, but I expected the suspension to be a lot better on the 250, but the first ride was pretty rough. I had a bad spill on some rocks and laid it over and fell off down a bank. Got a couple new battle wounds. The whole bike felt pretty squirrely at times, hopefully it's just the bad tires. I'm wondering about the front disc brake guard also, does this year have one stock? My buddy has a 1991 250R with a complete disc guard that goes up the forks about a foot, but I don't see one on the 1997 in the diagrams. The brakes were also extremely sensitive. I'm used to my 200R drum brakes having a lot more forgiveness. I had to be extra careful not to hit the fronts too hard on corners. Anyway from the looks of that air filter I'm wondering how much better this thing might run with a carb rebuild and rejetting.
  17. So my brother just got a 1997 ktm 300exc that has seen better days, especially the stock ohlins rear shock. So I'm finding out more and more that there arent too many parts out there for a 97 ktm. We took the shock to a local shop to get it rebuilt and they told us, "Yeah no prob, give us a week and 200 bucks and we'll have it back to you." So they ordered the rebuild kit that they thought fit the shock and it wasn't the right one. They now cant find the right rebuild kit anywhere and neither can I. Not even listed on Ohlins website. So my question is, does anybody know where I could find either a rebuild kit for this specific shock or even a new but cheap shock that would fit this bike? Can I take the bottom "fork style" mount off the shock shaft and install it on to a different shock of similar dimensions? Not sure how to search for a shock of the same dimensions. I would really like to spend no more than 200 dollars to get this shock situation sorted out since we may have already made a mistake buying a 97 ktm. I dont want to invest much into this bike.
  18. So as the title states my friend is buying a "new" old bike and had me look over it first since I'm the most mechanically inclined of any of our friends. The bike seems alright, dude gave us the generic shit of "Carbs were just rebuilt last year, tires are new from beginning to season, just had oil changed last month, ect." which I barely listened to because I never trust ANYTHING like that when someone says it unless they can show receipts and I tried explaining to my buddy he shouldn't either but he was just eating it all up, getting hyped over probable lies.. Found fresh oil on the bottom of the oil pan, owner didn't say anything but my buddy was like "Yeah, that could just be road grime or some shit" to which I'm like "Dude, it's literally oil" *Tilts bike to the side so he can see the oil sight glass and holds my finger near it, same color as the oil in the glass and it feels like oil between my fingers*. He goes silent but pretty much acts like he didn't even listen or pay attention to what I just told/showed him. The exhaust has a small leak, no big deal.. The plastics have been repainted, and pretty poorly in my opinion but my buddy was eating that up too because he does not know what factory paint looks like, or even GOOD aftermarket paint.. There is literally dirt in the clear coat in some spots. My friend is a dumbass and overly trusting, he's been scammed multiple times in his life, most recently on a Subaru with a blown head gasket for 1500. He tends to think he knows what he is doing, breaks/&%$#@!s something up and asks me for help, and ignored information/advice from other people with more life experience or even experience in what he is asking about. Like he literally will ask what he should do, you tell him, and he does it his own dumb ass janky way anyways.. Like why the &%$#@! did you even ask..... ANYWAYS.... The reason I'm posting this in the first place is not to "shit post" on my friend, but for some advice on how to get him to &%$#@!ing understand I'm looking out for his own well being, I did some research on the 97 Katana he is wanting to get and found it has some minor generic issues like the timing chain tensioner needs maintenance every 5-6k miles, the shims for the valves are "under bucket", and just other odds and ends... But he just messaged me the other day (We're going to go get the bike later this afternoon) and told me the first thing he wants to do to the bike when he gets it is, and I quote: "Change the ugly gauge cluster, I want something digital." So he found some cheap garbage looking Chinese gauge cluster on ebay for 55 bucks. I tried explaining he should worry about other shit first but I'm pretty positive he is going to ignore my words and buy this anyways, then immediately beg me for help installing it... How do I get him to understand he needs to do other shit first? I even made this little list for him and outlined everything he needs to do: I don't want to see him get hurt, but I feel like he is going to because he just won't listen and does this dumb cosmetic shit before even looking at the mechanical aspects of the vehicle first, he thinks just because both him and myself have taken the bike for a quick jaunt up and down the road that the bike is in "perfect mechanical order" when he does not understand that a bearing could seize at any moment, or a poorly maintained chain can snap, or even an old tire could explode going down the road at any moment if it de-laminates... He just does not care, he's a 17 year old in a 25 year olds body.
  19. Hey guys, I just picked up a 1997 XR200 for $200 (Canadian $). it needs some work and I am new to the bike. I ordered a service manual. I was told it needs a kick start idle gear, some work on the wiring harness, front and rear brakes are not working and it needs some clamps to get the exhaust back on. the stator cover and clutch cover were JB welded in places so will likely replace those. Carb was done over, top end was done over. Rubber is good front and back, shocks are good. frame was just painted and the plastics are good. Do you guys think this was a good deal and am i in for a lot of work? I plan on taking my time with it and getting it ready for next summer. Just looking for some input as this is my first dirt bike, I've always drove quads. I have a spare engine out of a 2002 xr200 to use for parts thats already all broken down. Any suggestions though would be great! Thank you!
  20. Hello! I recently bought a 97' CR125, its great except the black oil leaking out of where the exhaust meets the cylinder. Ive bought many OEM seals to properly seal the exhaust to stop the leaking but to no avail. When its running it drips black oil out of the where the exhaust and cylinder meet. About 1 "drop" per second. The right side is pretty dry, while the left side of the exhaust cylinder connection basically sprays black oil. So my question is, why is there so much black oil? I understand that its byproduct from the gas / air mixture but why so much? And my second question is how do i fix this? Could the exhaust be bent? Thanks!
  21. I can't find any electrical for my 94 rm 250 is it possible to just swap out the entire electrical system and put one in that's off a 97 will everything fit and work properly?
  22. just bought a 1997 yz250 and i didn't get to ride it yet but when my dad was he said the power-band was not kicking in right so he was riding it around the yard and the bike started bogging really heavy and cut off every sense then it wont crank at all. ive replaced the plug, new gas, cleaned the carb and jets, and clean the air filter. i did the park plug thing where you put it on the frame and kick it over to see if it had spark and it had a blue one. i have a blister on my foot from kicking it so much. please help im pretty despret.
  23. So I don't seem to find my specific issue so here I am asking. I have a 1997 Xr600r. It was recently re-jetted and has ran really well ever since until more recently it has begun to have this issue. Everything works fine. Kicks right away, nice and easy. Runs great, sounds great, purs. But when I'm downshifting and slowing down to a stop, if I let my hand off the throttle that's when it just dies. I found that I can counter this by lightly holding the throttle as I down shift (so I'm revving quite a bit during downshift). But it hadn't done this before. The only thing I've done that I suspect may have been an issue on my part was when I pulled out the engine to change the valve cover gasket and upon doing so perhaps when connecting the carb back to it, I may have missed something or made a crack in the boot? Any ideas? Thanks
  24. My 250SX is a dinosaur for some of you young tackers 🙄 but I was hoping to get some advice from guys that know these beasts and what parts I may be able to use from later years. The first thing I am looking at is pegs, I have read conflicting reports online in regards to the pegs and compatible years, some state 93-97, some state 96-2002, and some state 93-2017, can some one clear up which is correct please? The second part I am chasing is a case saver for the front sprocket, I can't seem to locate one online, and am curious what years had the same case on the engine that I may be able to cross reference with and find a suitable part? Cheers in advance for any help supplied, I appreciate it.
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