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Found 52 results

  1. Noticed that my 2007 ktm 300 was bottoming out with no real power and looked at the reeds(Vforce3) and the petals had a chip in one of them. I bought some new petals off of a ktm dealer and used them for about two hours bbefore the exact same thing happened. What could the cause be?
  2. Hello friends. I'm new here because I've been riding quads for the past decade. However, in this area (NE Arizona) everybody rides dirt bikes. So, I decided to swap to dirt bikes. I've got 4 young kids, so one week ago I found a pristine little 2007 CRF50F for sale in Flagstaff, and talked the original owner down from $1200 to $1000. I picked it up, and the dirt biking days have begun! I already picked up a Ricochet brand skid plate for it that I will be installing soon.
  3. Hey guys, bought a clean, used CRF250R from a guy. Ran great. Personally test drove it. But hard to start. Could kick over 20 times before starting. Once running, ran like a beast once warmed up. I parked it for about a month and came back to ride and won’t start at all. Check air filter and was dirty as heck, and a mouse decided to make my air box a home and have some babies. So, new air filter and a new plug. Still no start. And btw, the fuel in the tank was put in during the last time I rode it. Non-ethanol 91octane. Pull the new plug and it’s wet. So I clean the plug and put it back in. Nothing and it’s wet again. Check that it has spark. Yep! Has spark. Stator at 17.1 ohms. Check power of spark with multimeter and measures 0.1 volts??? Had the multimeter at lowest setting. Honda dealer said to pull the plug, poor a pop bottle capful of fuel in cylinder and see if it starts... it did but then died almost immediately. But I also didn’t have the fuel tank hooked up at the time. I would think that there would be enough fuel in the bowl to allow it to run for more than a second...? Called them back and they said it’s my carburetor. Basically, pull it and clean it. Does everything make sense? U all agree? No need to “rebuild” the carb? The spark issue...I know spark should look blueish. This looks white to me. Any other suggestions? Thanks. Anything will help.
  4. Will any newer plastics fit on my 2006 kx250f if so what year and what plastic is it ec front fender pic just cause
  5. Does anyone know how to replace the “Charging Coil 1” on a 2007 yz250f? When using the multimeter, I received the following readings: Ignition Coil Primary coil resistance: initially .8 but settles at .3 - .5 - spec: .08 - .10 Secondary coil resistance: 5.7 - spec: 4.6 - 6.8 CDI Mageto Pickup coil resistance: 293 - spec: 248 - 372 Charging coil 1: no reading on multimeter - spec: 720 - 1,080 Charging coil 2: 52 - spec 44 - 66 Both the stop and neutral switches checked out last time I tested, but that was months ago. Spark plug was good, but I replaced it, anyway. The bike ran perfect last year and randomly wouldn’t give any feedback when kickstarting (no start button) after riding the prior day (last summer). It has been sitting ever since. Would you say the charging coil 1 is the issue here? I am trying to eliminate shop fees, so I would like to replace a small part rather than the whole stator/CDI unit if it is even possible. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  6. Alex__

    kx450f blows up

    hey I was wondering if anybody knows why this problem happened and how i can fix it. I was riding on some trails on my bike (2007 kx 450f) and i stopped to warm up for about 30 mins. At the time it was about -10°c out. I went out to go ride again and i started to kick it over, it would run for about 2 seconds then die again, this happened several times before it finally started. I drove about 500 feet before it stopped running. I look down and there is oil pouring out of the top end. I try to kick it over but the bike is seized. I take it home and I look over the bike. It has no coolant left, the bike isn't seized any more and it still has oil but it looks as if the coolant has miked with the oil. If you know what the problem could be and how to fix it, please let me know. - thanks Alex
  7. So I am currently working on a 1997 CR125 and plan to make a full race build on it. But I have been noticing that there are not very many aftermarket parts the biggest being the plastics and graphics for it due to the frame,tank,sub frame, etc. I was wondering if its possible to put that engine into a CR125 frame anywhere from 98-07 and how hard that would be to do. I have a welder but I am not confident enough to weld new motor mounts. If you guys could help me out with this that would be great.
  9. I just bought a 2007 cr85r for my son i watched them ride it and I brought it home rode it for less that 5 min chain came off put the chain back on and now there is no fire I can hold nre spark plug in hand kick it and no spark
  10. Hello folks, This past weekend it got pretty cold, so I took a "cold start" video early in the morning - our 2007 Honda CRF70F. These little Hondas are awesome. They do take a while to warm up when it's cold out. At least starting is not hard.
  11. So I have a 2006 crf250x I rebuilt the engine myself, had a maintenance shop trouble shoot it to see if i did it right or if i did something wrong and they said everything was perfect. So now i just rebuilt the top end and had the maintenance shop perform a leak down test to check if i resurfaced my head correctly and if i had good compression. Results came back to me saying that yes indeed i have no leaks and i have good compression... They also said my exhaust valve clearance was good but my intake had 0 clearance, they quoted me for $250 to have them do it so i instead just took it home and did it myself the bike reads (.003"in) to large from the spec clearance on the left intake and my right intake reads in between the specified clearance (.005"-.001"in)0.12-.03mm) my question is and ive already tired, will it not start with one valve having too large of a clearance? Yes its getting fuel yes it has compression(or at least its capable of sealing compression), yes it has spark and yes the timing it 100% correct.
  12. My 2007 yz250f has a lack of power but when it gets warm/hot and I restart it feels like it makes 2 to 3 times more power than before. what could be causing this it is a big bore kit with kn air filter.
  13. Had sorta ruined my back number plates during a hare scramble last year and i'm thinking about getting a whole new set of plastics and graphics. I was wondering if anyone has tried putting newer plastics on a 2007 kx250. My biggest issue is the front fender, I love the look of the new front fenders on the 250's and 450's. The only other parts is radiator shrouds because the stock ones quite ugly to but the back fender and number plates are fine. If anyone knows if any newer plastics will fit let me know, not scared to re drill some holes or make some small brackets if necessary, just curious, anything y'all know would be a big help.
  14. Hey all I recently rebuilt the top end of my 2007 YZ450 and now cannot get it to start. Below is a list of the things I have tried. Please take a look and let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks in advance. Crank and cams are timed per yamaha specs. The carb has been gone through completely to verify that all jets are clear of debris and are jetted stock. The BIKE HAS SPARK.. I am at a loss here and need some help. Is there any other timing I should know about ?
  15. Where can I find the Headtube tag that has the model and year for a 2007 cr125?
  16. Hi, I recently purchased a 07 rmz 450. Bike has had full top end rebuild and rides fine, has plenty of power and runs perfect! Other than this whiring or whine noise coming from the engine. It only happens when it's warmed up and goes away slightly when clutch is pulled in but is still very audible regardless. I took the oil filter out and lower screen and didn't find but 2 tiny slivers of metal that I had to use a magnet to pull out. It's not a knocking or ticking noise but something that more sounds like an electric drill....that would be best way I could describe it. Someone please help!!!!
  17. I bought a 2007 450 EXC last year. Amazing bike and have very little complaints. My bike does have a battery and all the lights work. Except they are very dim. I have an aftermarket headlight and tail tidy (without rear signals yet). When my bike is running the headlight has a gentle calm flicker which leads me to believe it's not getting enough power. My taillight is dim and gets a little brighter when the brake is applied but not by much. My battery has a good charge and the stator is working fine (12.5 v when bike is off). My headlight also dims alot when brake is applied. the guy before me installed a LED secondary bulb in the headlight mask and I don't know if it's wired correctly which could be the issue. I'm new to electrical and have no clue what to change. Hopefully I've provided enough info to get some good help. Happy riding. Cheers 🍻 Brayden Ethier Sudbury ontario 2007 EXC 450
  18. I am soon going to be buying a 2007 ktm 400 xc-w. It has a headlight on it, but its old, cracked, and ugly. Im having trouble finding a headlight that is an exact fit for that bike. I am really interested in the baja designs led replacement inserts. Does anybody have any experience or reccomendations for headlights for this bike?
  19. I have created an advert in the classified section but have found more success here. I am wanting a 2007 Frame 50100-KSR-711 new or in very good condition. It will need to be shipped to New Zealand at my cost. If it is a used frame it does not need to be titled for New Zealand. Thanks
  20. Hi all, Yesterday I purchased a used 2007 200 xc-w. I was not able to kick start it when I went to look at it but the seller was able to twice (with some trouble) by turning the gas off and opening the throttle while kicking it. I rode it around and it rode pretty well so I chalked it up to a cold bike and user error as this is my first bike in over 10 years. Well, I still couldn't get it to kick start yesterday or today. I can bump start it down a hill and it will rev and ride fine but it dies instantly at idle. I noticed some splooge draining out of where the pipe connects to the engine so I changed the o-rings on the pipe, however the pipe does not want to snuggly fit into the flange. Its an FMF gnarly and I verified it is the correct model but it seems like the flange is much larger than the pipe, as there is a lot of play in it when its attached. One of the pipe mounts is missing (I have new ones on the way) and it looks like the pipe may have taken a hit, no dent but possibly bent ? I plan on trying to bend the pipe once I get the new mounts to see if I can get the pipe to fit more secure but would a leak here cause me to not be able to kick the bike over or have it idle? Any other places to look first? I played with the air screw and idle screw a little with no luck. Im assuming its not carb related because it runs well once it's going. Thanks!
  21. I am in the process of restoring my trusty 2007 450 EXC and just thought I'd document some of the things I did. If anyone has any questions, let me know. A little back story first. This bike has been absolutely great for years first of all but around 4 years ago even though I had a dirt tricks belleville washer and red loctite, the front sprocket bolt fell out on a two day Nevada ride. Made it back ok but the countershaft splines were starting to wear. Fast forward to 2019 and the CS gave out on me on a big hill climb in the middle of Nevada. Towed out 5 miles and luckily all was OK. I have since bought a 2019 500 EXC but decided to restore it. With all the Covid stuff happening it has given me time to really clean and polish this whole bike. Here is a photo about a month before the breakdown. Start of the teardown. Don't zoom in to those countershaft splines, it's not pretty. On a side note I had just done a top end 80 hours prior and had roughly 500 hours on it before that. Engine sent to Travis at Thumper Racing in NV for bottom end work and a good lookover. Frame about to be sent out for powder coat. KTM Orange. I wasn't going to even do this but man, might as well since it was apart. $125 locally in my small mountain town. Its funny how this all started when I was only going to really clean the airbox out really well when it was still in the sub-frame, nope. Before.... After... with Purple Power degreaser. You don't realize how dirty and corroded things get. Before.... After... I initially just wanted to clean things up. Scotch brite to header pipe, clean up radiators, decrease and once over everything. Then I learned a few cleaning tips from a guy named Cameron Niemela on YouTube. Then I went out and bought some mag wheel cleaner, a buffing wheel and some Scotch Brite wheels from his Pryme MX site. This is where I think I started beginning to lose it. I had to clean or polish everything. I'm gonna post this before I lose what I have written already. I'll just add stuff as I go on this restore. Stay tuned.
  22. My 2007 YZ250F has an issue somewhere in the ignition system. It ran well one day, but the next morning, it would not turn over on many kick start attempts. The spark plug was in good condition, but I replaced it - properly gapped as well. The primary ignition coil tested within range, but the secondary ignition coil tested at 0. What part do I need to purchase, exactly, and could this be a problem with the CDI magneto as well? I would like to do the fix myself rather than pay a shop to diagnose the problem. I am hoping this is an inexpensive fix as well. Any ideas?
  23. What is the difference between the 2007 Ktm 105sx and the 2010 85sx, mostly wanting to know about the motors
  24. Hi guys, I've got a 2007 yz 125 I bought second hand. Upon viewing the Kickstarter seemed to function as normal but once I took the bike home I realised that sometimes the Kickstarter would not return to its home position, however with a wiggle it would free up and return home. If the bike fired up it would return back without fail, it only got stuck if the bike didn't fire and I think this is because of the gear mechanism inside. Has anyone else had this same problem? Maybe the previous owner didn't reassemble the assembly correctly upon rebuild resulting in the gears not meshing correctly? I'm also looking for a year specific exploded diagram of the assy if anyone can point me in the right direction. Thanks
  25. I know there's gobs of threads out there along these lines, just hoping to narrow this down some & dig less. I live at 7,500 ft and for the most part do not ride any lower. Can't get carb dialed in. Ran it hot, ran it lean, ran it rich, I finally get it where it feels right & will get riding for about 10-15 mins and it cuts outs, engine dies on descent. After it dies the MF'er wont kick over for at least 20 mins. Gone back and forth all over with the idle get same result. I think my issues are from the hot start adjustment. Can someone with some carb experience on these 4strokes just tell me about what should be the right adjustments (turns out), at high daltitude: - fuel/air mixture knob (bottom of carb) - idle adjustment - hot start adjustment - Is the knob adjustment for the hot start (where it goes into the carb) & the cable adjustment (cable adjustment for hot start up by perch) the same adjustment? I get truly dialing it in takes going off RPM's, I am just trying to figure and know I am in the right ballpark so I can rule shit out. Input is much appreciated have been grounded for 3 weekends in a row now &%$#@!ing with bike. About to go mess with it a little more and if I don't get anywhere will get a picture of the plug up. Thanks,
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