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Found 24 results

  1. Hello all, As the title says, I am looking for steering head, crown and pin combo for the 2009 te450 and have not had much luck. I have looked on rockymountain and Motosports websites, but for whatever reason they do not list these parts for the 2009 (but they do for 2008). The 2009 has 50mm forks and from what I found here so does the 2008. Does anyone know if the parts are interchangeable? Thanks, Tony
  2. The service manual for my 2009 WR250F specifies 95 octane gas. All of the pumps around me stop at 93 octane. A local dealer sells a bunch of different types of canned race gas but none of the damn things say what octane they are---just some model number. So, how is 95 octane gas sold? Do I need to keep looking for a gas station with a pump or is it available in the can? Or is Yamaha just making up "95"? FYI, I always just used pump 93 for my air-cooled XRs and DRs. This stuff is new to me.
  3. Hey guys, im looking for some electrical wisdom diagnosing my KLX 250 charging issue. Some background on the situation, the guy who had it before me ran the bike with a flat battery for some time. The bike has 8000 kms on it. He said the bike kills batteries so I figured it was a stator issue. I bought a fresh battery and gave it a full charge reading 12.6V at rest, at idle the battery dips down to 12.3V and slowly goes down over time. I think it should be around 13.5 at idle right? I disconnected the wiring harness where the stator meets the rectifier and tested the resistance on all 3 yellow wires leading to the stator and they all read the same .9 ohms so that seemed right. I pulled the cover and the wiring looks all normal, nothing looks burnt out. Next i went to test the rectifier forward bias ( negative lead on the multi on the positive lead to the rectifier and got 0 resistance on forward and 0 continunity on the reverse bias on the positive side? Does it seem safe to assume the regulator / rectifier is toasted? Any input is greatly appreciated and welcomed so I dont waste time and $$$ buying parts Rock on
  4. I’m sure there are questions about this already, but I am in a hurry to buy a set of Warp 9 supermoto rims for my 2009 Wr250F. However, the rims came off of a 2009 Yz450F and I’m not sure if the hubs will fit on my Wr. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Andrew Oberther

    09 Kx250f

    I picked up an 09 kx250f as a winter project and it had a chewed up head, and is unrepairable. I was online and found a 2011 kx250f head and was wondering if it would fit. Thanks.
  6. Need the experts to chime in and guide.... I've split my engine in my 2009 450 xcf. Bike was refusing to go into neutral or first. Turns out a roller from a worn shifter fork had come off and jammed in the shift drum. No other damage. Changing out the worn shifter fork and the matching slider gear (4.5 slider) and replacing the shifter drum just in case. So this part has all gone smooth (more or less) - this is my first case split, so here come the questions: (1) I want to clean the cases prior to putting them back together - I am presuming that should completely remove the crank to do so - fact or fiction? I plan on cleaning with degreaser, warm soapy water, bigtime rinse, and then brake cleaner...sound reasonable? (2) if i do pull the crank out, should I replace the crankshaft seals on spec? or is it alright to put the crank back in with the same seals so long as they haven't been beaten all to hell and back? for some background, the bike just recently (within the past year) had the bottom end redone - to include bearings and seals. I'm not against swapping them out, just don't want to do it if it's not necessary. (3) any other tips, or things I should be doing while I have the case split? bearings are good and thus I don't plan on replacing...everything else seems pretty good to my eye - but I am by no means a case-ologist... Thanks fellas!
  7. Hey guys, first post here. My bike is a 2009 Honda CRF250R which i bought in August 2017, i have only ridden it twice since then due to mechanical problems. When i bought the bike i didn't know as much as i do now unfortunately, nevertheless ive spent more on it than what i paid for originally. i Took the bike to my local Honda dealership and they said its a common occurrence where the bikes wont turn over it just needs clearance adjustment and shimming, i brought my bike to them and told them to do a full inspection on it. Initially after the inspection they said; Tyres are worn, front brake pads worn, clearance need to be checked and 4x shims needs replacement. i told them to continue with their work and do whatever needs to be done to get my bike running again. A week go by and no luck, according to them they got the bike starting but heard a knock from the engine and the cam chain and tensioner needs to be replaced as it is in correlation to the bike not turning over, few days later with a new cam chain installed the bike started first kick according to the mechanic but didn't want to turn over for a second time no matter how many times they tried. After them inspecting the bike again they phoned me and said the flywheel is demagnetized and the stator is burnt, but there are no new parts available anywhere in South Africa and it would take 6weeks to get the new parts. Their initial quote was R1100 to get my bike running again, it totaled to R7000 without the flywheel and stator which was an additional R6800. This Honda dealership clearly don't follow procedure and cant comprehend the concept of what a full inspection means otherwise there wouldn't have been that much trial and error on their part. i took my bike back almost 7 times more than what i thought it would cost only to get a bike still in the same condition as before, not running. a local mechanic supplied me with a second hand flywheel and stator for R3000 which made the bike start with much struggle (cant cold start, 20-30 kicks when warm plus it had a massive bog) meaning Honda never even bothered to look at my carb, there was a stripped leak jet which is very visible and they never mentioned it once. i had my carb dipped in acid and rebuilt as the acc bypass nozzle that squirts fuel into the engine was also blocked and spraying mist, carb cleaner, compressed air and thin wire couldn't clear it up but the acid bath made it look brand new and working perfectly, they also drilled out the stripped leak jet and replaced it for me. a different local mechanic had a look at my bike and the shims had to be replaced again... the Honda dealership clearly knows what they're doing. My bike can finally start but the power delivery is super jerky. if i punch the throttle there is a delay before it kicks in and you can hear/ feel there's something wrong. slowly opening the throttle is when its worse, i attached a link to a YouTube video of my bike. i would greatly appreciate any assistance to resolve this problem. thanks in advance the idle sounds a bit high but after a few seconds itll drop down for some reason. not shure if its a related issue.
  8. Sawitzky214

    Kx250f wont stay running

    I own a 2009 kx250f and recently rebuilt the motor. I put a new top end in and replaced the valves and shimmed them to spec. The bike ran great for roughly 12 hours then one day at the track in the middle of riding it started to bog and backfired really loud. I continued my lap and it repeated the same thing then the bike just died. It then wouldn't start so I bump started it and it ran for about 3 seconds then died. I took the bike home and rebuilt the carburetor and put a new spark plug and fired it up and it ran for about 3 seconds again and died. I don't know where to go from here except taking it to a shop. If anybody has any ideas i'd highly appreciate your opinion!
  9. Brock granberg

    Rough shifting

    My Yz250f has had shifting trouble for a few months and has trouble finding neutral while the bike is running. I enjoy wheelies on the bike which wears down my clutch and when I’m stopped the bike still wants to creep forward like the clutch isn’t being activated completely. I have adjusted the clutch cable with the big knob at the top of the cable on the handle bars but it either won’t activate all the way when I let it all the way out or I adjust it and it wont activate when I pull it all the way in so I was hoping there was another way to adjust the clutch on the bike and I was hoping the shifting problem is just being caused by the clutch not activating completely. Please help! Thankyou!
  10. I bought a used 2009 XC-W a few months ago. Things got a little fun and laid the bike down which damaged the mapping switch (PN K&S 12-0102). Ordered a Siccass replacement... and it doesn't match the carb jetting. Runs like crap. Looked up the K&S part and it's listed as a Kill Switch and not a map switch. I'm new to bikes and don't know the best path forward; order a K&S? Try and re-jet to match new switch (friend says it's beyond my skills right now) or take to shop and spend money I don't want to. Advice or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Hey all, Just the outer day I desisted to do some suspension work on my 2005 400exc, so I started searching trying to figure out whats on my orange machine. In all the chaos and confusion an idea came to mind... What if there was a master thread for all suspension of KTM dirt bikes, from early models to present, one place you could quickly find your bike and the suspension it sits on. It might already exist but I have spent hours looking for it and am in doubt. So hears the deal, I know you can look up a certain fork or shock and find loads of info and reviews about it so i'm not asking for that here, I just want to list the year, model, what it floats on, and changes in setup. If you feel so inclined to leave a comment or two about the suspension that would be great, but lets try to keep the list neat so its easy for others to find the bike they are looking for. This is what I have come up with so far I think its most of the major differences. Please correct me if i'm wrong. 2002-2006 All KTM, 2007-2016 EXC: Use an OC (open chamber) WP USD 48mm fork, with a PDS rear. The oc fork tends to be soft from the factory but loads of tuners have experience with this fork and I hear it can be set up great for a reasonable price. 2007 XC/XCF/XCW/XCFW: WP USD 48mm OC fork, PDS rear. 2007-2014 SX/SXF, 2008-2013 XC/XCF: WP CC (closed chamber) twin chamber fork , linkage rear. the forks have an air bladder that needs to be checked and filled instead of a pressure spring. Are more expensive parts wise and harder to set up. Great fork for advanced motocross guys or those who just want to most aggressive set up. 2008-2016 XCW/XCWF: WP USD 48mm OC fork, PDS rear. 2014 XC/XCF: First model to get the 4CS fork, uses a linkage rear. The 4cs fork is designed to be lighter but has a verity of performance problems one being little bottoming resistance. Lots of mixed reactions from users. 2015-2016 SX/SXF/XC/XCF: first year of sx/sxf to get the 4CS fork, linkage rear. 2017-present (2018) SX/SXF/XC/XCF: has an AER 48mm air fork, linkage monoshock. The AER fork is insanely light (over 3 pounds less than the 4cs). 2017-present (2018) XCW/XCFW/EXC: WP XPlor fork, PDS rear. I don't really know anything about changes in shocks, and there must be some stuff about forks that I missed, for example the OC fork has been used form at least 2002 until 2016 there must have been some changes during that time. If you happen to know anything about that or changes on the other bikes please share. Cant wait to hear what you all have to say. Happy trails
  12. Huldra

    2009 husqvarna te250

    Just bought an 09 te250 wondering if the UFO hukit609-999 plastic kit will fit ? Or if anyone know which kit will fit let me know . Thanks
  13. Hi guys , how you doing , i got a problem with a YZ450F 2009 , Carb is missing, i was checking on ebay to get one new or used, but i found one for a YZ250F 2009, it look the same as the 450 , but obviously jets change, i wanna know if this carb is going to fit MY 450 , THANKS , if somebody knows something about this.
  14. I’m sure there are questions about this already, but I am in a hurry to buy a set of Warp 9 supermoto rims for my 2009 Wr250F. However, the rims came off of a 2009 Yz450F and I’m not sure if the hubs will fit on my Wr. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  15. hello everyone out there name is Luke, I'm new to the forum so hopefully this is in right spot. I own a 2009 yz450f and I just put new Tusk clutch plates and heavy duty springs in it. It shifts between gears nicely and back into neutral pretty good but when I pull the clutch in and slap it into first from neutral it seems to clunk. It's not a real bad clunk, but I don't remember how smooth it was when I first got it and I'm wondering if it's common or normal for it clunk a little bit going from neutral to first? Thank you for your time have a great day peeps!
  16. AveryKTM115

    2009 XC-F Plastics

    Im looking at ordering aftermarket plastics for my 2009 XC-F. I am curious if there is any differences between the SX and the XC-F plastics besides the gas tank?? Would SX plastics fit my XC-F??
  17. chris.scott664

    2009 KLX250s Advice

    Hello Kawasaki friends, So I just traded my 2007 Honda CRF250r for a 2009 Kawasaki KLX250s and I'm pretty excited. I'm new to Kawis and dualsports all together, but the bike seems to be in pretty good shape. In general I was seriously underwhelmed by the power of the bike compared to MX bikes I've ridden in the past. Over the winter I'd like to get the bike stripped down to get this thing pumping out some more power. My plan is to open up the airbox, rejet the carb, and drop the front sprocket down to a 13t to start. I'm in the process of putting money aside to get the 351 kit and an aftermarket exhaust. The bike is about to hit 13k miles and I'm hoping the new top end and cylinder with give the bike a lot more life. I know these motors are supposed to be bullet proof, but I'm curious if you guys think I should do any other work to the motor because it has such high miles. I found this jet kit online after reading a few other threads about these modifications.. Anyone have any opinions on whether or not this is a good kit? https://www.partsgiant.com/p326378-dynojet-carburetor-jet-kit?m=494921&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIteT-hMyi1wIVQkCGCh3hnQ1lEAQYASABEgKscfD_BwE&f=111842 Lastly, the previous owner decided to paint some of the plastics with some low quality brown paint. No idea what kind of paint it is.. does anyone have any ideas on how to get it off the plastics or do you think my best bet is to just buy a new set. Thanks in advance for the help!
  18. Pommier921

    Stumped 09 kx250f dies runs poorly

    I have a 2009 Kx250f monster edition that I purchased preowned a few years back. Third ride on the bike I dropped a valve and cratered the cylinder head. Purchased and installed a brand new factory Cyl. head and valve train (excluding cams) installed all new parts, 5 rides at the track the bike was running like a scolded ape, 6th ride I landed off a100ft table top, gassed it on landing then hard on brakes for next turn, the bike died when I pulled the clutch in, took me over 5 minutes of kicking to get it restarted and once it started it was backfiring and died 4 times on the way to my truck... ever since it runs like hammered dog poo. I've pulled the carb off 3 times and cleaned it, pulled cylinder head to check valves, reshimmed valves, checked timing, tested all ignition components, compression is spot on. Even had a shop rebuild the carb just for good measures. No matter what I try this thing will not run properly. It will run on choke (barely) but will not idle off choke, which leads me to believe the pilot circuit is clogged.. but 4 carb builds later in an ultrasonic cleaner should have done the trick. I'm stumped, anyone out there have similar issues or any insight on what to try next? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  19. Chrisjmattc


    Hi Can I plug a diagnostic into my 09 450 to get fault code? Been told by the bike shop that they can’t do it because it doesn’t work like that so he wants to charge me £25 an hour to manually diagnose it. Is he trying it on????? Fires up and cuts out after 30 seconds any ideas?
  20. I’m sure there are questions about this already, but I am in a hurry to buy a set of Warp 9 supermoto rims for my 2009 Wr250F. However, the rims came off of a 2009 Yz450F and I’m not sure if the hubs will fit on my Wr. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  21. I bought a used 2009 XC-W a few months ago. Things got a little fun and laid the bike down which damaged the mapping switch (PN K&S 12-0102). Ordered a Siccass replacement... and it doesn't match the carb jetting. Runs like crap. Looked up the K&S part and it's listed as a Kill Switch and not a map switch. I'm new to bikes and don't know the best path forward; order a K&S? Try and re-jet to match new switch (friend says it's beyond my skills right now) or take to shop and spend money I don't want to. Advice or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
  22. Parker4570

    2006 kx250f newer plastics?

    Will any newer plastics fit on my 2006 kx250f if so what year and what plastic is it ec front fender pic just cause
  23. zibbit u2

    Mid-life refresh 2009 KTM 105 SX

    I'll start this post by saying hi to the 2T Austrian crowd. I'm a little unknown to these threads because I used to frequent the WR450 side of the house... but like many of us, the need to mix fuel gets the better of us. Anyways, on with the post. About two months I started looking for a mini to compete against a whole herd of 150R's that were dominating our mini class with Victoria Supermoto. Thing was, I couldn't see myself riding red (plus they're super expensive around here), so I started looking for viable alternatives to the "norm". After a couple weeks of searching, I found this little gem on a local buy/sell/trade site. I knew it had potential against the herd.. but I wasn't too sure how much it'll cost me in the end. The things that attracted me to the bike.. 1: it had better components that the honda, 2: it was lighter, and 3: I kinda missed riding a 2T (1st bike in 1994 was a 1981 RM125). 4: 6 speed vs 5 So, I made an offer and the seller agreed to the price, so I took it home later that day. Day 1 was a long as I did a complete bike disassembly to survey for damage or items to replace/repair before bringing it to the track. Luckily the bike started first kick cold, and the previous owner had lots of fairly recent receipts for top/bottom end work carried out by a reputable shop locally, so I figured the motor didn't have to be opened up yet. Then I started scrubbing/cleaning.. I'll admit, my CDO (alphabetically correct OCD) took over and things started to snowball a bit. About 2 weeks later and a massive hoard of new shinny KTM parts later, I rebuilt the clutch M/C, bled the clutch, installed new EBC sintered pads (F/R), swapped brake fluid to Motul RBF660, replaced all chain sliders, repacked every bearing with grease, repacked the silencer and installed some Bridgestone BT45 tires on the factory 19/16 wheels. That was enough to do it's initial shakedown at the track. Now armed with the knowledge I learned from the outing, it was time to modify and address any issues I encountered while trackside. I started with the feeble factory 220mm front brakes.. and ordered the KTM 260mm hard-parts BBK. Next I moved on to gearing.. I quickly realized that a 13/51 wasn't ideal.. So I promptly ordered the factory 14/46 gears to boost my overall speed. Now, I could confidently get up to around 110 km/hr and stop almost as quickly without any sign of brake fade. Next, I ordered all new plastics, factory 2012 decal kit, throttle cable, SXS CDI, clutch basket, clutch hub, and new steels and fibres. Then, while I was ordering parts one of the parts guys asked what I was using the bike for.. and he showed me the hard parts catalogue from 2009 that had a factory Supermoto conversion kit for the 85 SX. I hate him.. now I had to have it. Unfortunately.. I was informed that everything was discontinued from KTM.. So the search began. About a week later, the latest batch of parts showed up, so I got to installing everything. Here's how it sits right now My search continues. So, to be continued..
  24. Anyone know where I can get a shorter kick starter for 2009 YZ250F - want the faster spin to help starting. Happy to look at another bikes kick starter or modify stock version or buy an after market shorter version. Just cant find any options at the moment.