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Found 26 results

  1. Will any newer plastics fit on my 2006 kx250f if so what year and what plastic is it ec front fender pic just cause
  2. Hey guys, so recently I've noticed that my front pro circuit suspension is stiffer than hell. So I read on it and it said that sometimes it's because the front wheel is misaligned and the forks will not sit right. So I put the bike on a stand bled the suspension and got the axle nut loose and the pinch bolts, and every body said to push the suspension down or even press the brakes a few times to help align the wheel. I made sure to tighten the axle then tightened the pinch bolts. But when I tried to push the suspension down while everything was loose it barely moves at all because it's so stiff. I even tried putting the bike on the stand and turning the clickers counter clockwise to soften them up but they were out of adjustment. What do I Do? How do you guys realign the wheel? I've got a riding trip coming up soon and need as much help as I can get. I'll try to add a link to video I found of a bike doing the same thing.
  3. Hey guys, curious if anyone has had any success or knowledge on making a 2010 suzuki rmz 250 street legal. I know that the stator has an output of 40W, and from my understanding all thats needed in my state is really a headlight and a taillight.
  4. Hi all, I recently purchased a 2010 YZ450F - Tested the bike before purchasing and it started on the 3rd kick. All was good. Brought the bike home and haven’t been able to start it since! I bought a new spark plug, oil filter , cleaned air filter and replaced the bikes oil. I checked the valve clearance and all is within spec, plug sparks on every kick and plug is wet after trying to start the bike. This really has me stumped. I have checked stator, engine stop switch, crankshaft position sensor, primary and secondary coil and all is within spec according the the manual. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
  5. I am racing the Baja1000 for the first time this year on a team. All of the guys I am racing with have years of experience and have raced on teams and iron manned the race. Most of the guys I will be racing with have KTM or Hondas but I myself have the 2010 Yamaha YZ450F. I am looking for any recommendations on setting the bike for baja. I am an advanced rider, my style is somewhat aggressive, I weigh 180lbs and am 6'1. I am looking to maximize my fuel capacity, connect a light, kickstand, and tires. I am curious about gearing, and mapping for the bike as well as any other ideas you want to throw my way.
  6. Have anyone bought after market radiators. I bought Mylers Super Cool radiators and I'm having fitment issues. Shrouds fit tight which I'm using after market plastics so that's probably why. My real issue is fitment of the radiator louvers. Also my works connections radiator braces dont fit these radiators which are suppose to be based off OEM. Anyone have issues like this.
  7. Hi Guys. I'm in the market for a different bike as mine isn't cutting it for me anymore. I have a 2010 KTM 250 XC and have the opportunity to buy a damn near brand new 2014 KTM 350 XC-F. I've heard a lot of mixed things about the 350, and was wondering what the owners of them have to say about them. I've read a lot about different years but haven't heard much of anything about the 2014. Can someone help me out?
  8. Hey guys, have a quick question. Is riding a damn money pit? I remember when I first starting riding I bought a 2006 drz125l and that thing seemed to need no work at all but my 2010 yz250f seems to always need work. My buddy has a 2011 kx250f that never seems to need anything, but it's never been rode at all. He thinks that it's just yamaha but I disagree. Any kx or yz riders that are always working on the bike? Sent from my SM-G935V using ThumperTalk mobile app Sent from my SM-G935V using ThumperTalk mobile app
  9. Hey guys, I know the sign of a bad bearing in your wheel is if it kinda has any play if I'm correct? I replaced my back wheel bearings and didn't worry about the front ones. I know this may just be a suspension problem but when I land from a wheelie or jump it is really stiff. Way more stiff then I've ever felt. It just feels like the wheel is stiff. Any ideas? I've already messed with tire pressure.
  10. Have a new problem fellas. I am currently checking my valve gaps and need to make my intake side a little bigger with a shim. Well again whoever had the bike before me decided what looks like silicone, to put it on the right side cam cap. Now I cant even get the caps off to get to the shims. Not sure if its silicone though. You would think it would still come apart with a little force. Well NOPE. Any ideas on how to remove MY silicone cam caps.
  11. While doing a rebuild and oil change on my kyb shock for a 2010 KX450F I took out the rebound adjuster. At a point in time the aluminum collar with holes in it came out which had a small metal o ring on the inside lip of it. Well this ring ran off and left because I can't find this s#&t to save my life. Does anyone know the name of the ring or where I can buy another.
  12. I traded my 2008 WRF250F for a 2013 CRF250R last July. It was working great until I started having clutch problems. It would creep really hard when in gear with the clutch engaged, and sometimes it will die when I shift it into 1st still with the clutch pulled in. I took out all the friction plates and disks, washed them in a parts washer, soaked them in new oil, and did a transmission oil change. After this it was fine, but then it started again the next day. Plates and discs are a performance brand and show no signs of wear, and has a Wiseco clutch basket from 2016, and a newish clutch center. Could it be because of grooves in the clutch pressure plate in the holes where the springs go? Or possibly because the clutch cable is one year off and is longer then it should be? Im really stuck here guys and have no idea what to do. Really want to get it fixed because I might have the opportunity to trade it for a REALLY nice bike. Help!
  13. Ok I have a 2017 yz250f and I need a rear wheel I found a set.. But they are for an 08 yz250f and I wondering if anyone knows if I can runs those? Do I just have to swap out the bearings or will they not work at all. Thanks
  14. I have just recently bought an rmz 2010 250, first of the fuel injected. As normal I’ll let it warm up, once I get on the track it’s cutting out, and ticks over no problem at all, is this a fuelling Issue or is it the valves? I will be replacing the piston etc but I’d rather know if this could be more of a fuelling issue before I got chasing problems, bike is hard too start but still feels like it has good compression, something backfires when kicking.. also what would be the best piston etc too run with this year of bike. Thanks in advance
  15. I just put a rekluse in and changed the engine oil and rode it around last night. I get up this morning too it off with gas and it won’t start! It ran perfect last night, and now all of a sudden it won’t start. I can tell it’s trying to because when I hold the kill switch it just dies instantly but without it it bumps a little like it wants to start. Could someone please help me out.
  16. What is the difference between the 2007 Ktm 105sx and the 2010 85sx, mostly wanting to know about the motors
  17. Hey riders! I have a little problem on my bike.. when I try to adjust my right side exhaust valve it looks like I can get any feeler gauge down there..its kinda tricky to get down there and it feels like maybe I am compressing the valve spring down because it gets kinda hard to get it in there but it still goes without pushing like crazy.. I left it to where it seemed harder to slide it in and the bike runs fine but I’d like to have some other opinion just to be sure! All three other valves were easy to adjust its just that one!
  18. kiwi9

    Kx450f Spokes

    Hello, gotta say sorry for my bad English in advance, im just a confused swede i have a 2010 kx450f and i need new spokes. a friend of mine have a set with spokes but he is unsure if it is complete . he had 30 spokes in a package i could buy from him. anyway, my dirtbike is 2 hours away from where i live right now so i need some help here. How many spokes are there on a 19" rear wheel on a original black rim kx450f-10?
  19. Hey all, Just the outer day I desisted to do some suspension work on my 2005 400exc, so I started searching trying to figure out whats on my orange machine. In all the chaos and confusion an idea came to mind... What if there was a master thread for all suspension of KTM dirt bikes, from early models to present, one place you could quickly find your bike and the suspension it sits on. It might already exist but I have spent hours looking for it and am in doubt. So hears the deal, I know you can look up a certain fork or shock and find loads of info and reviews about it so i'm not asking for that here, I just want to list the year, model, what it floats on, and changes in setup. If you feel so inclined to leave a comment or two about the suspension that would be great, but lets try to keep the list neat so its easy for others to find the bike they are looking for. This is what I have come up with so far I think its most of the major differences. Please correct me if i'm wrong. 2002-2006 All KTM, 2007-2016 EXC: Use an OC (open chamber) WP USD 48mm fork, with a PDS rear. The oc fork tends to be soft from the factory but loads of tuners have experience with this fork and I hear it can be set up great for a reasonable price. 2007 XC/XCF/XCW/XCFW: WP USD 48mm OC fork, PDS rear. 2007-2014 SX/SXF, 2008-2013 XC/XCF: WP CC (closed chamber) twin chamber fork , linkage rear. the forks have an air bladder that needs to be checked and filled instead of a pressure spring. Are more expensive parts wise and harder to set up. Great fork for advanced motocross guys or those who just want to most aggressive set up. 2008-2016 XCW/XCWF: WP USD 48mm OC fork, PDS rear. 2014 XC/XCF: First model to get the 4CS fork, uses a linkage rear. The 4cs fork is designed to be lighter but has a verity of performance problems one being little bottoming resistance. Lots of mixed reactions from users. 2015-2016 SX/SXF/XC/XCF: first year of sx/sxf to get the 4CS fork, linkage rear. 2017-present (2018) SX/SXF/XC/XCF: has an AER 48mm air fork, linkage monoshock. The AER fork is insanely light (over 3 pounds less than the 4cs). 2017-present (2018) XCW/XCFW/EXC: WP XPlor fork, PDS rear. I don't really know anything about changes in shocks, and there must be some stuff about forks that I missed, for example the OC fork has been used form at least 2002 until 2016 there must have been some changes during that time. If you happen to know anything about that or changes on the other bikes please share. Cant wait to hear what you all have to say. Happy trails
  20. So it's time for a new piston. Most threads via search are related to "what's the best..." or "xyz vx abc". Does anyone know if a 2015 piston will fit a 2010? Is the common consensus still wiseco or CP as the best?
  21. Hello fellow thumpers,👍 I got a question for y'all. So basically I am not very smart and forgot to tighten my sprocket on my 2010 crf250r. This ended terribly as my back hub is now mangled, and my swingarm is ripped apart. Also, since I didn't have my riding boots or pants on, my chain whip lashed into my leg and created a 4 inch deep gash in my Achilles. So while waiting for my leg to get sewn back together, I need to prep my bike for some ass-whooping again. What I needed to know from you guys is what year swingarms are compatible with my bike; I don't feel like buying a new swing arm because they are expensive.🤦
  22. 2010 yz250f Alright, I was riding and I noticed that when I pulled in the clutch the bike still wanted to move. So I looked it up and found out that it could be your clutch basket or that it could be the cable needs adjusted. So I spent an hour adjusting the cable all different ways just to find out the the problem still occured. So I bought a whole new clutch with low hours used on ebay after I saw that my basket had some decently bad grooves and some nasty plates. Well I get it all installed and it seems as if the push rod is not going to Its full extent but I may be wrong. My cable like I said may need to be adjusted again because I bought a new one after I replaced everything. So guys, what are some signs that I need to buy a new push rod? Are they a pain in the ass? Should I just have my mechanic do it for I was thinking $100?
  23. I have a 2010 rmz250 EFI and I noticed a little smoke coming out of a hole in my header pipe, I will fix the header pipe soon, but I took the gas tank off and took the ignition coil out and there is oil on it and on the plug. Is there a bad seal, or something else?
  24. I have a tuner for my 2010 yz450f, I am looking for mapping recommendations for racing in the desert.
  25. I was tightening my valve cover bolts on my 2010 rmz250 and I overtightened one because it was getting tight then just got loose. I took it out and I obviously tore up the thread on the inside because it came out with the bolt. what is the best way to fix this?
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