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Found 36 results

  1. Hey I just bought a 2013 crf250x with no owners manual. I just want to know the oil quantities for the engine oil and the transmission oil. I have been told they fill from the same place, is this true? I thought engine oil filled on one side and transmission on the other? Thanks
  2. I own a 2013 TXC310, and would like to hear any suggestions to make it competitive in the hard enduro scene (specifically re-gearing). -SLR Fanga dagen
  3. Will any newer plastics fit on my 2006 kx250f if so what year and what plastic is it ec front fender pic just cause
  4. I was going to change the oil on my dirt bike and i was going to use Rotella T Triple protection but the only one I could find was Rotella t4 15-40w. I think its the same thing but I just wanted to make sure. Can anyone confirm this?
  5. Hello everyone I own a 2013 ktm 300 xcw. I just recently picked up the bike. I live in Los Angeles and ride in usually 2-6k elevation. The temp is usually 60-80. I am running the fmf gnarly pipe with the turbine core 2. My premix is 1/50 and I use maxima castor 927. My plug is a BR7ES My main jet is 160. My pilot jet is 35. My needle is N2ZJ. My air screw is at 2. The position on my needle is 3. The bike struggles to hold and idle. As I am riding and going down hills the bike dies. When I move the air screw in or out, it does not change the idle of the bike. Any ideas on how I can fix the idle?
  6. Sorry if this has already been asked, but I've been looking for a competion ECU for my 2013 wr450f for a couple of weeks now. I can not find one for purchase anywhere... Everyone is either on back order for months, or just don't sell them. I might just be dumb and can't find the right thing, but I'd love some assistance in finding one. Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, New owner of a 2013 XCF 450. I was curious if anyone here has any experience with fly wheel weights or clutch weights? This bike is primarily used for tight single track and I'm in the process of plating the bike. I don't do any MX and I won't be doing a ton of desert/Cali single track. The reason why I'm interested in a clutch or flywheel is to combat flameout and stalling on the trails. I do a lot of riding with my wife and young kids. I'm often the caboose and I hardly ever go past third gear while riding with them (which is a majority of my riding these days). They all go pretty slow. Which means I'm mostly idling and riding the clutch. I've done some research into both weighted flywheels and clutches and it seems like a good solution. For the WFF is seems like the Steahly product is the only one available for my year, but I'm not sold on the epoxy cure. KTM/Husky makes a bolt on Clutch weight that seems much more sturdy. Because I'm getting the bike plated, I don't really want to change the gearing. Unless someone can offer some additional input. I've researched this option the least. Anyone have any thoughts or experiences?
  8. Hey I just bought a 2013 crf250x with no owners manual. I just want to know the oil quantities for the engine oil and the transmission oil. I have been told they fill from the same place, is this true? I thought engine oil filled on one side and transmission on the other? Thanks
  9. Hey I just bought a 2013 crf250x with no owners manual. I just want to know the oil quantities for the engine oil and the transmission oil. I have been told they fill from the same place, is this true? I thought engine oil filled on one side and transmission on the other? Thanks
  10. This is a 2013 Husqvarna TXC250r which has very light usage. Fuel injected, six speed, electric and kick start, 48mm duel stage forks... It's a fun bike that is very light and easy to ride so where are others like it? Think they made 125, 250, 350, 435? Real owners please, curious to know how the bikes are, were, for others. Thanks.
  11. Hi Guys. I'm in the market for a different bike as mine isn't cutting it for me anymore. I have a 2010 KTM 250 XC and have the opportunity to buy a damn near brand new 2014 KTM 350 XC-F. I've heard a lot of mixed things about the 350, and was wondering what the owners of them have to say about them. I've read a lot about different years but haven't heard much of anything about the 2014. Can someone help me out?
  12. I have a 2013 ktm 250sxf, sweet bike and all but whenever I go to do a wheelie/practice them ive been told by multiple different youtube videos to use the clutch pull it in and give it gas all in one motion. Well I go to do that in like 2nd gear and it doesn't even do that much justice as they made it sound in the video, like I could get up in the wheelie just as easy without the clutch. I have tried it in 3rd gear as well and same thing doesn't seem like the clutch is doing anything, and the bike runs perfectly fine as well. Any tips for the wheelies or suggestions to why this isnt working? It is a hydraulic clutch by the way so maybe that has something to do with it?
  13. hello, I'm new to this forum, hope I'm going about this the right way.... I'm new to KTM's and 4 strokes but not to the off road world. I'm about to pull the trigger on buying a 2013 KTM 500EXC with 2100 miles and roughly 100 hrs on it for $7,500. I'm a little hesitant for the fact that it's a 2013. I was looking more for a 2016 or newer because I was told that the motor design is much better?? I rode the bike briefly and from my experience nothing seems odd about it. The owner is a second owner and says he bought it from the dealership with about a 1,000 miles on it and about 50 hrs and then he updated the display to a fancier one that shows the other half of the mileage/hours on it. It seems to be ridden by him only in the pine barrens in NJ. I saw it was listed about a month prior for $8,000 and he told me he had it listed for $9,000 at one point but someone told him he is nuts so he lowered the price. I'm hoping to hear that I'm being paranoid and that it's a good deal but I need to hear it from someone who knows more about these bikes.
  14. I traded my 2008 WRF250F for a 2013 CRF250R last July. It was working great until I started having clutch problems. It would creep really hard when in gear with the clutch engaged, and sometimes it will die when I shift it into 1st still with the clutch pulled in. I took out all the friction plates and disks, washed them in a parts washer, soaked them in new oil, and did a transmission oil change. After this it was fine, but then it started again the next day. Plates and discs are a performance brand and show no signs of wear, and has a Wiseco clutch basket from 2016, and a newish clutch center. Could it be because of grooves in the clutch pressure plate in the holes where the springs go? Or possibly because the clutch cable is one year off and is longer then it should be? Im really stuck here guys and have no idea what to do. Really want to get it fixed because I might have the opportunity to trade it for a REALLY nice bike. Help!
  15. Ok I have a 2017 yz250f and I need a rear wheel I found a set.. But they are for an 08 yz250f and I wondering if anyone knows if I can runs those? Do I just have to swap out the bearings or will they not work at all. Thanks
  16. Does the crf250x share engines with any other hondela bike? I am looking for a clutch cover but the only ones I can find are recluse or Hudson. I would like to find one off a junk bike but not sure which other bike engines I can look at. A list would help a lot. Thanks
  17. Hello all. I have tried to use the search function to avoid duplication but can’t find my answer. I have a 2012 690 enduro r. I have had it about 18 month having picked it up used obviously. Been an awesome bike for the San Bernardino trails. About three rides ago it felt like it wasn’t quite pulling as hard as usual but I wasn’t quite sure. Two rides ago, started to feel something wasn’t quite right and on the last ride about four minutes in she just would not rev beyond 4K and just bogged down. Complete lack of power. It was a fairly quick onset of a problem. Thankfully I was close to home base. It starts no problem. Idles just fine but when you rev her she just reluctantly goes up to 4 k and then kind of dies. I am not that experienced on working on bikes but reasonably handy on the tools, If I know what it is I’m fixing. The diagnosis is my problem. My thoughts is fuel. I changed the fuel filter and filter basket. The 2012 don’t have the inline little filter cone thing. And changed the air filter. I put some fuel additive injector cleaner through her with no change. None of this changed the behavior at all. I want to try and fix her myself or at least eliminate a few more things before going to a Shop. I like the learning part of the process within my limits. It starts just fine and revs ok to 2k. So I am guessing spark is all ok. I figure the fuel pump or clogged injector are on the suspect list. Not quite sure how to diagnose these or eliminate them without just replacing. Any information most welcome. What about timing. I have read a bit about the timing chain tensioner and it’s potential downfall. Once again not sure of the steps to diagnose this or if it would lead to this problem. what else should I be checking to eliminate. many hints guidance or suggestions appreciated. I miss having her ready to rock. I only have one bike and find the 690 enduro covers so many of the bases of the riding I like to do. All the best and thanks in advance. Daniel.
  18. Has any one attempted to install 2013 crf450x on a 2013 crf450r? I'm need to replace both my radiators and want something with better cooling. I like to trail quite a bit and I know I should have bought an x, but I found a deal on the r that I couldn't pass up. I've seen the trail tech radiator fan kits for the x and this is why I'm wondering if any has tried this in the past. Thanks in advance.
  19. I'm looking at upgrading bike. Had previously ridden an 04 TC250 but now that I'm looking at getting back into riding I prefer to do more enduro riding. Upgrading to a bigger bike is on the cards as my motocross days are long gone. Decided I'd like a light bike not dissimilar to the tc250 with lower gearing more power and rego. =te310 I have found three options for sale 2009 @1950ks,not registered 2011 @2000ks 48hr not registered 2013 @1985 72hr registered all look to have been taken great care of your owners but just wondering what sort of price I should be looking at offering , what I should look out for and steer clear of any input appreciated cheers
  20. just curious if anyone has ridden both the new and last gen yz450 and how different they REALLY are. i can read reviews all day but theyre all from professional mx racers that probably pick up on little things id never notice. selling my ktm, pretty set on getting me a new yz, my price range is around 4k so that puts me in the range of buying a 2010-2013 yz450. however im being told from a few guys who ride these that i really need to save and spring for a 2014+, the cheapest 2014 i could find was $5000. are the 14's really that much better? should i save and go for one of those? My main actual question is with that same money could i make a 2013 the same or even better? What ever one i decide on ill probably do the same to either for aftermaket parts, exhaust, tuner, fly wheel weight and a lowering link in the rear. Ive ridden a 2015, which is what sold me on one, i loved it! i just dont wanna be disappointed if i get the early gen. either way will be better around the track then my ktm exc! lol, but man that electric start is soo nice
  21. Hey all, Just the outer day I desisted to do some suspension work on my 2005 400exc, so I started searching trying to figure out whats on my orange machine. In all the chaos and confusion an idea came to mind... What if there was a master thread for all suspension of KTM dirt bikes, from early models to present, one place you could quickly find your bike and the suspension it sits on. It might already exist but I have spent hours looking for it and am in doubt. So hears the deal, I know you can look up a certain fork or shock and find loads of info and reviews about it so i'm not asking for that here, I just want to list the year, model, what it floats on, and changes in setup. If you feel so inclined to leave a comment or two about the suspension that would be great, but lets try to keep the list neat so its easy for others to find the bike they are looking for. This is what I have come up with so far I think its most of the major differences. Please correct me if i'm wrong. 2002-2006 All KTM, 2007-2016 EXC: Use an OC (open chamber) WP USD 48mm fork, with a PDS rear. The oc fork tends to be soft from the factory but loads of tuners have experience with this fork and I hear it can be set up great for a reasonable price. 2007 XC/XCF/XCW/XCFW: WP USD 48mm OC fork, PDS rear. 2007-2014 SX/SXF, 2008-2013 XC/XCF: WP CC (closed chamber) twin chamber fork , linkage rear. the forks have an air bladder that needs to be checked and filled instead of a pressure spring. Are more expensive parts wise and harder to set up. Great fork for advanced motocross guys or those who just want to most aggressive set up. 2008-2016 XCW/XCWF: WP USD 48mm OC fork, PDS rear. 2014 XC/XCF: First model to get the 4CS fork, uses a linkage rear. The 4cs fork is designed to be lighter but has a verity of performance problems one being little bottoming resistance. Lots of mixed reactions from users. 2015-2016 SX/SXF/XC/XCF: first year of sx/sxf to get the 4CS fork, linkage rear. 2017-present (2018) SX/SXF/XC/XCF: has an AER 48mm air fork, linkage monoshock. The AER fork is insanely light (over 3 pounds less than the 4cs). 2017-present (2018) XCW/XCFW/EXC: WP XPlor fork, PDS rear. I don't really know anything about changes in shocks, and there must be some stuff about forks that I missed, for example the OC fork has been used form at least 2002 until 2016 there must have been some changes during that time. If you happen to know anything about that or changes on the other bikes please share. Cant wait to hear what you all have to say. Happy trails
  22. Ladies and gentlemen, if you could shed some quick light on this topic and give some quick help that would be great. My dear ole dad and I are planning a trip out to Moab Utah around late June, definitely the hot season. My father has a 2013 ktm 250 xc, great bike, runs perfectly with no problems. However, if you take a quick look at the hour counter, it reads 197😬. I told my dad that it should be in his best interest to at least do a top end rebuild on his bike before we take a couple runs on the 100 mile trail, so he doesn’t end up walking half of it. He is convinced that since the bike is still running well, and it is not showing any issues, “it would be pointless to spend money on a rebuild kit”. Despite my best efforts to explain that rings will simply wear out over time and even a well kept lightly ridden bike should be rebuilt every 80 or 100 hours or so, I just can’t seem to convince him. If any of you could give a quick in depth explanation on why he shouldn’t even think about running this risk through the middle of the desert, that would be great. Thank you
  23. Im currently in the process of taking apart my rear shock to replace seals. My problem is there is no valve to release the nitrogen in the shock. Should I just proceed with taking it apart? The manual only talks about disposing the rear shock and says to drill a whole in it, but that would render the shock useless. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Nate
  24. Hey there. As the title suggests my 2013 drz400sm is having intermittent starting problems. When I go to start it sometimes the push start will give no response whatsoever for 1-30 pushes and then suddenly will crank as normal. Other times it will crank first push. This problem developed over a few days and is now at the point I am not confident it will start if I take it anywhere. Have not tried it but fairly sure a bump start would work fine. When it isn't working the dash doesn't even dim and the headlight doesn't flash as normal. I am a novice mechanic but have done a fair amount of maintenance and would rather work through the problem myself if possible. My speculation is a problem with the wiring from the button to the starter or the starter itself but I'm at somewhat of a loss how to approach a fix here. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Preferably in simple terms for the sake of my inexperience.
  25. Does anyone know if a stock exhaust from a 2020 crf250r would fit on a 2013 crf250r? I know that the 2013 is a single exhaust but i just would like to know if the mounting points would match up.
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