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Found 80 results

  1. I am starting this thread to hopefully assist in my attempt to build a 2017 KTM SMC/Enduro R SuMo from the ground up skipping all of the OEM parts that would traditionally be replaced anyway. With that being said any information would be much appreciated and this is a long term goal I will happily post info and pics as i go. I am curious if there have been any changes between then 2016 and 2017 bike that would keep me from getting parts like the frame swingarm and engine forks ex... I have attempted to find such information through various searches but its like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Also I may be on here to buy unused parts hopefully cheaper than I could get from a site for those of you that upgrade the gas tank and have no use for the OEM I will reserve the first comment and keep it updated with parts I buy and install throughout the build and reserve comment 2 and quote any important information I find for anyone doing future builds or from people that have done exceptional work to this Diamond in the rough. Thank you all!! Hope we can embrace this journey together. SMH
  2. So if I can’t buy a used bike from out state looking for anyone that has or knows of a low mileage California 2017 / 2018 Beta 500 RRS? Thanks in advance!
  3. MichaelAxelKlose

    But Can You Jump My JEEP?

  4. TK Things

    New Owner of 2017 250L

    Well I just sold my ATV and picked up a new 2017 250L. This is my second bike but first dual sport. Been riding ATV's the last 4 years on major trail systems here in Maine. Looking forward to learning and sharing on this site!
  5. Bigbrapsbaby

    17 yz450 and a big guy

    Hello TT new here but I’ve been referring to these helpful forums for some time. Recently bought a 17 yz450 leftover nearing the end of last year. This is my first 450 and well first actual big boy bike other then a 125 ttr I had. I went with 450 due to my weight (6’2 270-285 depending on how much beer I’ve drank) and tho it was a very steep learning curve, the bike is an absolute tank and a blast to ride. I ride mainly in the woods and single track. The bike is naturally stiff but I do squat it. never bouncing off the tire, but I’m looking for suggestions on sag and fork rebound. Should I just click it as stiff as she can go? Also open for any good springs or parts recommendations and overall riding tips for a new big guy. Thanks a bunch and glad to be here 🤘🏼
  6. I have just bought a new FMF Gnarly for my 2012 KTM 200 XC-W, it works great but i want to use it to its full potential to get my moneys worth. So i need some advice on jetting my carb for the Gnarly pipe. Any ideas on jetting for my bike? Thanks
  7. scott taggart

    '17 FE501 Need keyed 12V for GPS

    I just got my new '17 501FE. I gave some first impressions in a different post so I will not repeat. Short story is I need a good soyrce of KEYED 12V for my GPS hookup (by keyed I mean it turns off when the key is in the off position). I need someone smarter that I to interpret that wiring diagram... I have the service manual and printed the schematic. I can't make much of it -- I am very good at wiring diagrams and have added keyed 12V to many other bikes but this one has me stumped. The ignition switch on and off positions don;t seem like they take 12V and connect to anything - I think I have heard elsewhere that the ignition switch can be entirely removed and two wires connected or one connected to ground to make it a "regular, non-keyed dirt bike (an explanation of that would be great). It seems like this bike lets the ECU control everything and that there is no easy 12V for accessories available, per-se (I hope I am wrong). As part of a desperate experiment (I was running out of time before riding), I took my VOM and probed the wiring harness behind the headlight looking for a hot wire when the bike was running. The strange thing is that many were hot but only periodically!! I would plug my GPS into them and it would power up but then every 10 seconds or so say power was lost only to have it return a few seconds later!! Sure enough, if I measured any of these potential wires with my VOM they would show 13 of so volts for a while and then drop to zero for anywhere from .3 to 1 second before returning back to 13v. Very strange behavior and they were all sort of doing this. I did not haul out the oscilloscope to see detailed behavior but I am willing to do that... I presumably was tapped into something in the ECU. Ok, so that was some bad science and I am willing to move from the errors of my ways with your help. If you can provide insight (along with location on the wiring diagram and wire color) of where I might find reliable 12V when the bike is running, I would be grateful. Please don't say "just hook it to the battery with a switch - that is not my style or the solution I am looking for). Presumably others have interest in getting keyed power for their goodies too. Thanks for your constructive responses.
  8. Jesse Smith

    2017 crf450r electric start

    any one do the electric start kit on the 17? i see two different part numbers for it 08Z70-MKE-A00 and 08Z71-MKE-A00? does the kit 08z71 come with the harness any everything else or do you have to buy both?
  9. Grimmgramz

    Manual for Rmz 450 2017?

    Could anyone direct me to where I could purchase the Manual for this bike? Much appreciated
  10. Hi all. First post here. Bought a crf250l 2017 a few months ago (Thailand) and installed a DRC edge tail with rear LED blinkers. The fronts are still stock (non LED), and now I would like to fix the fast blinking with a plug and play relay that a shop recommended. However, for the life of me I cannot find the location where the relay needs to be plugged in. Is it still somewhere around the horn? Including the pics where I was searching below.
  11. ------------------------------------------------------------- Monster Energy Supercross - ROUND 17 Las Vegas Sam Boyd Stadium Saturday May 6 7:00 PM PST ------------------------------------------------------------- Live Timing: http://live.amasupercross.com/ Race Day Live 12:50 pm PDT https://livestream.com/accounts/1543541/events/7356384 TV Schedule: Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports Go App @ 7:00 P.M. PST http://instagram.com/racerxonline https://twitter.com/pulpmx http://instagram.com/pulpmx http://instagram.com/twmxdotcom https://twitter.com/twmxdotcom
  12. DefyConvention

    Second oil filter underneath shifter?

    Good day all, I am riding a new 2017 kx450f, the first four stroke i have ever owned. I am also new to actually setting up a bike for me (sag, clickers, air pressure in SFF Tac fork, etc.) I have been going through the owners manual, break in process, oil change vids on youtube etc. While on the genuine kawasaki parts site looking up part numbers, I noticed on the oil filter section that there is the regular oil filter on the right hand side of bike, and then another one on the left hand side under the shifter. The second one I have literally never changed, nor have i ever heard anyone ever mention it, or speak about changing it, and its part number is 49065A. http://www.genuinekawasakiparts.com/oemparts/a/kaw/57f5247e87a8660d6c7c9b66/oil-filter Are the engine oil, and tranny sump separated on this bike ie two different oils, one for engine, and one for tranny? Or is this just another filter entirely for the engine oil, and should it be changed frequently? Also, on the fork and shock clicker setting there is a sign that is similar to " S<--->H " for clicker adjustment. Can someone explain the basics of this? Compression=? Rebound=? Thanks!
  13. I just picked up a brand new 2017 CRF450x, I’ve had it about 3 days now road it about 2 times has about 20 miles on it and today when I went to start it, it took a good little bit, I road it around the trails and then I took a sharp corner and it stalled, which is fine because I was going slow. But then I went to start it and it would not start for shit, the electric starter on the bike was dead so I had to crank it and that still didn’t work, so I pushed it home and I took the seat off and charged the battery and the electric starter started working again which is great, but the bike still would not start. I had the battery charging and then I attempted to start the bike, and it started, I then turned off the charging then the bike turned off, then wouldn’t start back up. I hooked it back up to the charging and gave it a while and it started, then turned off and wouldn’t start once again. I let the bike sit for a good 25 minutes then tried it again and the bike started and I was able to hop on it and ride it around. I was probably riding it about 3 minutes then the bike just completely lost power and shut off, then wouldn’t start and I had to push it home, once I got it home it started once again and started working correctly and I was able to ride it for about 15 minutes until I put it up, I have no clue why I’m getting this kind of trouble on a brand new bike if you know what it could be please tell me.
  14. Hi all, Does anyone have any experience with installing stainless steel brake lines for the 2016+ WR450F / 2015+ WR250F? I know that the stainless lines for the rear are identical from the YZ450F, but I can't seem to find any stainless lines for the front brake; I'd assume on the WR the front brake lines are a little bit longer so as to clear the display and headlight. Can anyone help me confirm this? Do these brake lines really change the feel of the brakes? Coming from the orange kool aid crew, one of the things I've really missed from those days are the super grabby brakes. I know I'm not going to be able to completely replicate the feel, but anything would be better than the way the brakes feel now.
  15. I'm probably going to have to get a new 270 mm front brake rotor for a spare wheel I'm getting. My choices from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC are: Stock OEM Yamaha: $102.77 RM Tusk brand SS: $60 EBC Contoured (high carbon steel): $106.59 EBC CX Extreme SS: $107 Do any of you have any suggestions or opinions regarding reliability/quality, weight, durability, performance (especially with only sintered pads for all conditions), etc.? Is it worthwhile to also get a set of carbon pads for dry, hot conditions? Thanks.
  16. couple months back on my way home from a 2 hour ride my bike lost compression and quit. lucky I was just by my driveway. pushed it back and immediately checked the spark plug and cylinder temps with a temp gun. all seamed fine. pulled reads and pipe. everything looked fine but no compression. pulled the head and found the top of the piston trashed from metal flying around. chunk went down beside the piston and scored the cylinder. bike had 59 hours and 2048km on it. pulled the motor and took it to the dealer for them to decide what happened. chunks of metal looks like bearing cage material but no play or evidence of anything wrong. the ktm tech found a bunch more chunks of metal in the bottom end but could not find out where It came from. ktm ended up paying for a new head, cylinder, piston, crankshaft and power valve along with all the associated gaskets, bearings and oil seals. total for parts was around 2900$ Cdn. I had to pay Labour as they couldn't find the source. Labour ended up being 730$ Cdn. motor is back and running great. I was happy with the result as it was 7 months out of warranty having never been back to the dealer with over 2000 km on it. here are pictures of the top end damage
  17. Hi, I had the 300 out on the weekend (wet) and went through a few rivers, causeways. I didn't think they were that deep, under the pegs + splash, but my bike stalled. I don't think it was deep enough to drown the bike as it started (a little reluctant) after a few minutes. It seemed almost like something got wet that shouldn't have. Has anyone had similar issues and a fix?? Cheers!!
  18. worleyzack

    CRF450x mileage gauge

    Hey the dealership said to bring in the Bike after 100 miles and I was wondering how you read this dang thing, it’s 2 digits with the tenths making it 3 and it says 52 & 2 tenths and there’s no way it has 52 miles on it, I’ve only ridin it 3 times so far. I guess it might be possible but just want to make sure I’m reading it right.
  19. motolyfe385

    2017 YZ250f Oil Change

    Hey guys I just bought a brand new 2017 YZ250f and I am going riding this weekend and I read that I need to break it in. I read in the owners manual to ride for 20 mins 1/4 throttle and 40 mins 1/2 throttle. It then says to change the oil afterwards and check everything. I found some tutorials online for changing my oil and I am comfortable doing it as I have done it many times before on my CRF150r. On the 150 you use 10W-40 oil in both the transmission side and the engine oil side. I noticed that there were no tutorials for changing transmission oil only engine and in the owners manual I couldn't find anything either. Is this because you only fill up that one side and the oil spreads itself throughout the transmission and the engine? Any help would be very much appreciated!