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Found 77 results

  1. So if I can’t buy a used bike from out state looking for anyone that has or knows of a low mileage California 2017 / 2018 Beta 500 RRS? Thanks in advance!
  2. Kev_XR

    Hill signs with Suzuki

    250's in 2018. 450's in 2019. http://racerxonline.com/2017/10/03/justin-hill-signs-with-autotradercomyoshimura-suzuki
  3. Motorider101

    2018 MXA 450 Shootout

    The MXA 450 shootout video finally came out. It is almost 20 minutes long! But found it the most in depth review of 2018 dirt bikes around. Thought some people would gain some help and knowledge from it. https://motocrossactionmag.com/the-greatest-450-shootout-ever-its-long-indepth-accurate/
  4. Fryboy

    2018 Supercross TV Schedule

    2018 Supercross TV Schedule
  5. Got about 250 hours on my 18 EXCF-450. I've got my suspension dialed in- im a big rider. 1st gear wheelies effortlessly in any situation -as it should. 2nd - 4th gear cant wheelie at all, which is where I need it (mostly 2&3). Its utter shit. My 16 XC-f 350 would wheelie if a light breeze caught the throttle tube in any gear. I ride singletrack/Enduro. I only do practical wheelies to get the front up over logs, small pits, jumps-kickers etc... Dam thing flames out on quick throttle blips. I went down on the front sprocket from 14 to 13- Not much help, but 1st does respond quicker. Looking for advise to get the front end up with a blip and zap. -Praying that the $1000 Vortex ECU isn't the answer. HELP!
  6. Hey guys, Im looking to buy a new Yamaha 2 stroke within the next couple weeks but i cant decide whether i would be happier with the 2018 yz 250 or the 2018 yz250x. Heres my riding background. Ive been riding for 15 years, I raced in the A class for 5 years until money got tight and i gave up racing all together. Since i then I realized how much fun single track riding is and just free riding with the buddies. I still occasionally ride tracks but about 80% of my riding is trails. I live in Michigan and if you have ever ridden in Michigan then you know the trails can get as rough as a motocross track. My local trails have sand whoops that i would compare to REDD-BUUUDDDS sand whoops. Ive never owned a "trail" bike ive always taken my race bikes and made them into "trail" bikes. My last bike being a Yz125. That being said i know all the mechanical and technical differences between the 2 bikes. Im a bit worried that the 250x just wont have the racey feel when im riding. Im also worried then when i do take it to the track the suspension will be a bit soft and the mellow hitting powerband will not allow me to seat bounce the big whoops. But now the standard yz250 might not have enough low end to help me skate through wet black slick dirt and the suspension might be a little to "non responsive" per say in studder bumps. Can you guys give me any sort of guidance. If you would like to check out my riding style on YouTube check out : "Yz125 2 stroke Shredding Michigan Enduro Trails." Thanks Guys
  7. So I am going to buy a brand new ktm 150sx. Should I wait until the 2019 come out? When does the 2019’s come out? It is March 22, 2018 right now. I have the cash already,but want to make the right decision. Thank you.
  8. New to TT! Im very close to putting that down payment on the counter; trying to find what people have liked and disliked about their FX´s... Many thanks.
  9. Hi All, My sons NEW 2018 KTM 50 SX has an issue in muddy or wet conditions. If he rides through a fairly deep puddle or is riding in muddy conditions the bike will eventually stall and then when trying to start it again I can usually get it started and it will run at lower RPM's but as soon as I try to give it gas and go to higher RPM's the bike will bog down and stall. Sometimes it will not start at all. If I let the bike sit for 20 minutes, it will start up and rip again without any issues. I assumed that coil or coil wires or spark plug wires were getting wet and and causing this BUT I have not been able to duplicate the failure wetting the bike with hose at home. It has me completely baffled. If the carb is clogging up somehow or airways etc. I can't figure out where or why it is OK after 20 minutes and why I cannot duplicate the issue. The bike is not getting hot, and it has happened just going through a deep puddle (Up to foot pegs at most) but splashing the bike. Anyone been through this? Any ideas on what it might be. Prior to having this bike, we had the mini. That was a nightmare with coil and stator issues and overheating. Other then this issue, this bike rips. Its been much better.
  10. Honda Announces Race Team Management Changes for 2018 Season Yesterday 4:00pm | by: Chase Stallo http://racerxonline.com/2017/08/11/honda-announces-race-team-management-changes-for-2018-season Honda made two big announcements today regarding management of the Honda HRC and GEICO Honda teams. Effective at the end of the 2017 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, Erik Kehoe will take over as team manager of Honda HRC. Kehoe previously managed the Honda’s in-house motocross and supercross team from 2002 through 2012. Current Honda HRC team manager, Dan Betley will move to the GEICO Honda team to serve as team manager. Betley will replace current team manager Mike LaRocco, who spent nearly two decades with the GEICO Honda squad, first as a rider and then as a manager. Below are comments from the Honda press release regarding the recent moves. Takashi "Sam" Mishima: Manager of Motorcycle Sports, American Honda "We're excited to implement these new managerial changes along with Factory Connection. Erik has close ties with Honda, having managed the factory team to five AMA Championships. By bringing our two organizations closer together, we'll be able to more effectively carry out development of new models. American Honda and HRC are both becoming more involved with the 250cc racing effort, so moving Dan to the GEICO Honda team will be a great utilization of his development skills." Erik Kehoe "I have a lot of history and good memories with Honda, and it's nice to be reconnecting with such a great company and team. I was fortunate enough to be able to take some time off, which gave me the opportunity to work on some family things. I'm a racer at heart though, and I've probably looked at lap times every single weekend since I left! Now I'm in a different place, and I'm appreciative of having the opportunity to come back into the team. I know how talented Kenny Roczen and Cole Seely are, and I'm very excited about getting to work with them. I'm also looking forward to working with Dan again in his new role at GEICO Honda. I can't wait to get started." Rick Zielfelder: Founder, Factory Connection "These changes were sparked from a technical agenda to align our two companies. Given the chassis similarities between the CRF250R and CRF450R, Factory Connection having greater technical cooperation with Honda will help us to be more competitive as a team. Dan is obviously a tremendous choice for us, and we're very pleased to have him be the guy that will lead this effort on our side. We've got a 20-year relationship with Mike, and in many ways he's responsible for putting our team on the map. We'll forever be grateful for that, and he will always be a friend and a resource." Dan Betley "I'm looking forward to this new challenge in my career. My goals for the Factory Connection program are no different than my goals have been with Team Honda HRC. GEICO Honda has already been an incredibly successful team, so I'd like to continue that by winning races and more championships. I also see myself as the bridge between American Honda, HRC, and Factory Connection, which will help improve the flow of information in order to make us all an even more cohesive group. I've always enjoyed working on the technical side too, so I'm excited to help develop the all-new CRF250R into a race-winning machine. Although we'll still be in close contact, I'm really going to miss the relationships that I've built with all the team members and riders at American Honda, but they're still in great hands with Erik returning as team manger. I think it's going to be a very smooth and successful transition for everyone." Mike LaRocco "When I took on the GEICO Honda manager position in 2010, I thought I'd give it a try and see if I could use my previous race experience to guide the team. I definitely learned a lot being on the other side of the fence. As a rider, you never really know how much goes into getting a team this size to the races. There are a lot of moving parts, and I feel like the team can get to another level by aligning with American Honda like this. When I originally committed to this position, I figured I'd give it five years and see where I was at then. It's been seven years and the team is in a great position, so I'd like to explore what's next. It was a great experience! I've been with these guys in some form since the fall of 1997. I love them, and I'm sure I'll miss it."

    2017 vs 2018 Kx250f

    Hey guys, I am looking into a new kx, just curious, I have looked into the 2017s and all the reviews say that the linear power is quite boring. I am coming off of a 2010 Kx250f carbureted so I like the snappy hit of the carb however I need a new bike to keep up with racing. The reviews on the 2018s all talk about all the updates on the 18 but there isn’t any mention on the power compared to the 17. My question is, is it really worth paying more for an 18 or getting a cheaper 17. Which one do you guys own and what do you think about them? I was thinking of getting a 17 and putting a vortex ignition on it. Do you reckon this is a better idea than getting a 2018? Thanks.
  12. Huskyfe501

    FE 501 JD Tuner Issues

    I have a 2018 fe 501. I just installed a JD Tuner on it. I noticed now that when I am idling with the clutch in, if I blip the throttle quickly the bike will quickly die. It seems to run good otherwise. It’s just blipping the throttle at idle. I turned all the settings to “stock” (all 3 across the board) and it still does it, although it is harder to make do it then it did on the “off-road” settings. What gives? Any ideas?
  13. Ok, I idolize, worship the new 2018 YZ450F (new for me because I bought it late in the year). Haven't had any starting issues or had to use the new starter plunger until the winter temperatures crept in. I keep it in an off and on heated garage, but in the morning it's cold, and would not start so easily anymore as it did in the summer, where I never before had to use the starter circuit. The F.S.M says to push the plunger all the way in, then hit the starter, and let the engine run/rev at 3000-5000rpm!!! for 1-2 minutes. Then, your supposed to operate the throttle, as the chop throttle direction is supposed to kick the plunger back out to its N.O.T. position. I did exactly this, but, when I operate the throttle, the throttle close direction DOESN'T kick the plunger back out. The engine was revving at about 3100rpm for only about 40 seconds, when, to my dismay, I looked down at the engine & exhaust pipe; the exhaust pipe exiting the cylinder port was glowing so hot I swear it was almost molten! Screaming inside my head, I quickly grabbed a pair of long slip joint pliers to pull the plunger back out (or else I'd no doubt brand myself on the glowing exhaust), and the motor rpm dropped to a more conventional warm/idle up speed. I then had to accelerate the water pump briefly, then cut the engine. I waited a few seconds, and started it up again, and varied the throttle slightly. I repeated this a few times in order to cycle the motor, and safely remove the heat conduction thru the cylinder head. My YZ450F runs great, post incident, and has more power than ever now. My only issue is now I have to always have a pair of pliers when cold starting the powerhouse, because the throttle and starter plunger still don't communicate. I DON'T let it run for more than like 15 seconds on fast idle anymore. My question is, WHY did the pipe heat up so much if that is how long it's recommended to fast idle, AND does anyone else have this issue with their starter plunger sticking, or had their pipe heat up orange hot? I went to the dealership to correspond with the mechanics there and no one was able to give me any information. Please, ONLY 2018+ YZ450F owners need reply on this thread, as it is a BRAND NEW starting device on a fuel injected engine for Yamaha, so other instances or experiences will not apply.
  14. Happy Moto day !!!! Houston's stadium makes for one badass track
  15. Parker4570

    2006 kx250f newer plastics?

    Will any newer plastics fit on my 2006 kx250f if so what year and what plastic is it ec front fender pic just cause
  16. A brief overview of the 2018 thumpers with a pile of changes that are quite noticeable when riding the Italian beasts. Interested to hear of known issues from anyone with a new bike to add to the list below for prospective new buyers or existing owners. THE CHANGES FOR 2018 All the four stroke RR350 RR390 RR430 and RR480 have a weight reduction of 5.3kg, mainly through a lighter engine, redesigned frame and lithium battery. Personally I've never worried about weight too much but all the bikes feel considerably lighter in harder terrain, and feel more flickable in cornering. Beta clutches have traditionally been heavier than other brands and they've finally opted for a new lighter clutch in 2018. I do a lot of clutch slipping and these middle aged fingers would ache after an hour or two with a stock Beta clutch, but the 2018 one has a much easier pull. The Beta four stroke engines have all been tweaked, with probably the biggest change being a dual fuel injector system. Apparently it's increased power across the rev range but I mainly noticed there was some extra lowdown grunt on all the models, which has in effect made the power even more linear than it was. It will be interesting to see if it increases fuel range as Beta claims. The snappy response from idle (especially the RR430 and RR480) with the fuel injection also seems to have mellowed a lot. I remember buying a G2 throttle tamer for my RR480 a few years back but I doubt it's needed now. For me the biggest change in engine characteristics compared to earlier years is the mapping switch. In the past I've found most mapping switches don't make much difference but throw it into rain mode and all the engines become very docile and tractable at lower revs. All the bikes will still wheelie like mad once you wind the revs up though, which is handy if you are riding in mud but occasionally get some good grip. To me those were the differences that stood out. Beta say the new frame has less flexing but I can't ride hard or well enough to tell lol. Ditto with the suspension upgrades, there are minor changes but think Beta dialed in the Sachs suspension well for gumbies since 2015 and it's all been good since then - aggressive riders may beg to differ. There's a new gear shift selector, I've occasionally hit false neutrals on earlier models so maybe they've cured that. What else? The Beta 2018 models get a new airbox, skidplate and Takasago wheels. The Japanese rims have a good reputation so that can't hurt. 2018 BETA RR350 So let's look at the individual models, starting with the 2018 RR350. While it is lighter and has more low end power, it has the same characteristics as last year's RR350. It is essentially the same weight as its bigger brothers, but less reciprocating mass does mean you can throw it around in corners more. Surprising grunt but it really comes alive the more you rev it. For more details, see our old RR350 review here. 2018 BETA RR390 The 2018 RR390 has really changed. The longer stroke engine always made the 390 an extremely tractable bike with very predictable power, but I suspect that dual fuel injection has really woken her up. I found the 2018 model revved up much faster and was keen to spin up if I applied too much throttle. Then I put her on the rain map and she was back to the thumper that could lug up hills so easily. More than any other model this felt like two completely different beasts with the mapping switch. See our RR390 review. 2018 BETA RR430 This review found the 2018 RR430 is a real weapon if you hit that throttle too hard. Surprisingly the new engine has almost the same lowdown grunt of the old 480 and is tractable if you are easy on the throttle, but spins up faster if you crack the throttle. See the RR430 review here. 2018 BETA RR480 The 2018 RR480 felt the least changed. The lighter weight is noticable in slower terrain, but the beast makes so much power already that it's hard to feel the increase this year. It's still the gentle giant and won't give any nasty surprises unless you are ham-fisted on the throttle. Personally I'd like to see Beta develop this into more of a dual sport or light adventure bike mode, it's such a good engine for dirt and road work. Our RR480 review. POTENTIAL ISSUES What's not to like with the 2018 Betas? The good news in this review is the Beta crew haven't been resting on their laurels and have fixed niggling issues over the years. What haven't they fixed yet? That Beta pointy ended sidestand. It's always funny watching parked Betas topple one by one in soft soil. Most of us screw a little baseplate on to fix it. The shape of 2018 Beta fenders mean they tend to break instead of bending. The only good news is that as with most parts, Beta plastics are incredibly cheap compared to most other manufacturers. Some will still want a kickstarter and you can order this. Personally I think the starter motors are so reliable now, and there's always bump starting or other techniques if you are stranded in the bottom of a gully. The Beta oil pump gears are still made of plastic and need replacing at 100 hours. You normally should be checking your clutch around this point so it's an easy job, but some owners put in the steel replacements made by Boano so they can forget about it. So there you have it, a review of the 2018 RR350 RR390 RR430 and RR480. As with any bike, get a test ride if you can. Sometimes you can watch a pile of reviews and think you've found your perfect bike, but then go for a ride and not gel with the bike at all. But I think these latest Italian beasts tick the boxes for a lot of guys, judging by the comments that were flying around on this Beta Ride Day.
  17. drz2018

    FCR39MX TT Kit Questions

    Ok so my FCR39 TT Kit came in the mail & it has some instructions as well as the extended fuel screw & jd kit.. first: the jets on the carb match the jd settings but I'm pretty certain the fuel needle is different.. should I swap everything to jdkit parts or is the needle all I need? second: I've also read about the o-ring (size #78) or wire mod.. didn't see it anywhere in the instructions but is it something I still ought to do? Also, is the R&D Power Bowl2 a permanent solution to the o-ring mod.. meaning I wont have to ever put an o-ring on or replace them.. just put the new bowl w/ ap adjustment once & I'm good? also, anything else I should know? I've pulled the old carb out in the past & I understand what's what for the most part.. just not certain about finicky mods and what shits current..
  18. Race Day!!!! Race Day!!!!! Whoooooo !
  19. Richardson Moffatt

    2018 WR450F ECU/GYTR

    Hey everyone i recently bought a wr450f, love the beast. But i don't think im getting the pull and the power that i wanted out of the bike. Its got lots of guts but i was thinking it would power up in 4th and 5th no problem. So i did some reading up, do you guys think the new gytr competition ecu along with the screw will give me that snap? Also what kind of map comes on the new ecu for the first time ? 2018 wr450f, thanks all for the read.
  20. http://racerxonline.com/2018/06/06/phil-nicoletti-to-fill-in-at-rockstar-energy-husqvarna When Jason Anderson went down after a practice crash last week at Glen Helen, he joined his Rockstar Energy Husqvarna 450 teammate Dean Wilson on the sidelines. With both 450 riders out, Rockstar Husky team manager Bobby Hewitt told us the team would have to get a replacement. Hewitt mentioned quite a few wild cards to us—such as factory Husqvarna riders from the GPs during a few off weekends, or former team riders. The final answer is surprising—it's Phil Nicoletti, who, up until now, was racing for Autotrader/Yoshimura Suzuki. Phil, though, was only a fill-in for the team, and fill-in roles in Lucas Oil Pro Motocross have become a specialty for the New Yorker. He was apparently able to get out of his JGR deal and is now part of the Husqvarna squad for the remainder of the summer. Nicoletti is currently seventh in 450 Class points. “I am happy to have the opportunity to finish out the Pro Motocross season with the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing team," Phil said in a Rockstar Energy Husqvarna PR. "I look forward to getting on the bike and showing everyone what I have. Thank you to everyone backing me—see you at the High Point National!” No word on JGR Suzuki's next move. Nicoletti was filling in for Justin Bogle, who is back on the bike and testing, but we're not yet sure when he will return to the racetrack. Suzuki has its other 450 slot covered with the steady Weston Peick. “It has been a devastating week for all of us here on the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing team," Hewitt said. "Losing Zach [Osborne] for the remainder of the season is unfortunate, but he will be back just as strong as ever. We are excited to have Phil for the rest of the Pro Motocross races and know he will mesh well with the team.”