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Found 32 results

  1. I've rode my tx 300 about 2.5 hours so far for "break-in." Did not ride hard at all just cruised around did a few hill limbs ran through gears. I am going to change engine oil. My question is I plan on racing Sunday and feel that is a sufficient amount of time on motor before a race. I watched slavens break in video and I agree with Jeff. The race is a haresceamble, typically it is tight single track. Weather may b a bitmuddy. I did put a trail tech fan on it plus running Evan's coolant. Any opinions on this?
  2. Hey guys I just bought a 2020 kx450 a month ago I have almost 10 hours on her already... never had a fresh bike so really looking for some authentic advice, mainly concerned with spike tightening... I tighten them until they’re snug is this okay??? They have zero play once I tighten them is this the way to have them??? Also I’m looking for quality knee braces to save my body in the long run lol who can recommend me any?? I am 6”2 with long legs... lastly when should I replace my top end 40 hours? Or push it to 50-60??? Thanks guys!!!
  3. Hello all, I just bought a 2020 WR450f and I am searching for any slip on muffler that will work with my bike, everywhere I looked said there are no compatible slip ons. Do 19' specific slip ons fit?
  4. I just purchased a new 2020 350 Exc-f and want a new exhaust rather than chopping out the screen and unpacking the stock one. I called fmf and they stated they do not make the 4.1 for 2020 yet and have no time frame for when they will make it. Has anyone put a aftermarket exhaust on this bike yet? I’m a welder by trade and am considering buying a 2019 muffler and fabricating it to the stock header. Is this a poor idea? I plan on buying vortex Ecu and removing reeds as well thanks for any and all feed back!
  5. Yes, I am asking what to buy, I’m sure there are a million other threads with a very similar question, but before bashing me for posting, please understand that although I am talking about the whole topic, I want to focus a large portion of this post on the expense of the two bikes, mostly the repair expense. Now that we’ve got that cleared up, I’m an intermediate rider, bought a brand new 2018 250XC last year and love the bike. I race hare scrambles, but lately I’ve been riding MX a lot and thinking about trying a new 4 stroke and getting something that will handle the track a bit better (suspension-wise). I’ve been told the 350’s are about as expensive as they get to repair when it comes to the engine, but I don’t truly know what the case is. Does anyone have some round-about numbers, any comparisons to the expense of the 450? Yes, I know the 450 costs a few hundred more up front, I don’t care about that, just looking at maintenance. Also, I’m worried that being used to the 250 2 stroke (and I ride with the red spring in, I like an aggressive feel) I will have a hard time getting used to a 350F, kind of like getting on a 250F where I feel like I’m pounding on the throttle to keep it moving. Is this anything to be worried about? In every other way I lean towards 350, being a 2 stroke guy, liking the lighter-weight, more nimble-feeling bikes.
  6. Hello fellow “Thumperatalkers”, I have a question in regards to rust on my YZ250. I had left my bike out in the rain for a couple days about a month ago, and I am still concerned. I have done a general look around the bike and have only seen a small amount of rust on the radiator cap. Are there any other things on the bike that are prone to rust? Also, I pulled the jug to inspect the piston yesterday. There was no indication of rust on it or in the crank. Should I still split the cases to ensure that there isn’t any rust on the bearings or on the sides of the crank? Also, how do I check external bearings such as those in the linkage or wheels for rust. Do I need to pull them apart, or is there an easier way? Sorry for the long post. Thanks! * I just wanted to add that if there is any rust, it would be noticeable because it has been a month since the bike was exposed to water. *
  7. I am shopping for a fmf q4 slip on for my 2019 crf250l. The only ones in stock are for a crf250l rally. After doing some research the oem exhaust for a crf250l and crf250l rally are the same part number. But the fmf site has different part numbers for each bike. Does anyone know if they are the same pipe? Because I accidentally orders a q4 for a rally and I just have a normal L.
  8. Took the silencer off my 2020 200RR yesterday to repack it and what I thought was a plastic washer hit my foot. That surprised me and more surprising was that about 1/3 of the washer was missing. Checked the parts list and couldn't place it so I checked the photos I took of the bike when it was new for inspiration. It was only then that I realised that the plastic silencer guard was missing! The plastic washer was all that is left of the single mounting point. Anyone else had this happen? I can only assume that the plastic has fatigued and the guard has dropped off on the trail, not sure when as the silencer is unmarked. A replacement is stupidly expensive, £28 sterling so approx $33. It leaves the silencer very exposed.
  9. I bought a brand new never touched dirt 2020 Honda CRF150R and it’s bogging, backfiring, and hard to start and when it is started it’s shuts off you have to give it a LOAD of gas just to get it going and it’s bogging and backfiring the whole time I got it today and I haven’t even broke it in yet cause I can’t ride it please someone help you don’t get a warranty on the bike
  10. What are the significant changes to the new 250l.any change in suspension,horse power.talks of double spark plugs and maybe a 300cc.I am buying a 250 Rally but wondering now should I wait.Any news on changes and release dates.
  11. Hello all, Just bought 1st new bike of my life. Chose WR450f for its softer suspension over the FX and 18” wheel. Understanding I can upgrade the motor with ecu, controller, map switch when ready. I had read a lot about the “free mods” before purchasing but I didn’t realize the 19 and 20 were different design. Not a lot of info out there 2020 specific. Removed the airbox snorkel last night, picking up security torx bit for throttle stop. Question on the throttle stop. I have read the upper part of the shaft is not threaded and just to cut that part off leaving only the threads. If someone had the length the replacement bolt is (from the shoulder” that would eliminate any questions! Second question is the baffles, I did not remove end cap yet, hoping that will be self explanatory once I get in there but I also read there is three other baffles throughout the exhaust, should these be removed? I do plan on doing full exhaust and electronics in the near future but just want to make the bike rideable for now! Any tips related or not to my questions greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance to all!
  12. Assuming you had money burning a hole in your pocket how much would you pay for a 2020 kx250f with a 04/05 kx125 engine conversion? No hours on the frame, full rebuild on the engine, lectron carb. Obviously the cradle would be modified to accept the 125 engine along with the mounts, air box, and pipe mounting points. One of a kind and as if kawi suddenly started reproducing them. New ktm 125sx is $7300 and yz125 is $6600 of course those are being pumped out by the thousands. Just an idea that's driving me crazy so post your thoughts and numbers down below!
  13. PLEASE HELP!!! For my 2020 Crf250l I have installed the FMF power bomb header and Q4 exhaust, and I still have stock gearing Now I understand that the bikes changed at 2017, along with the EJK model. 2017-2020 stock EJK settings are: 3/4.5/4.5/5/4.5/4.5 NOW- Soooo what are BETTER EJK settings. I hear over and over, that EJK stock settings are Way too rich, I don’t live near a Dyno tuner. PLEASE help someone !!!! theres someone with a 2017 -2020 Crf250l model that has figured this out, I can’t get a direct answer , nobody follows up with there posts!!!!!!!!!! I’m newbie at posting but I have read many threads on EJK, ( that’s how I found out about the two different EJK stock settings from 2017+ models! Thankyou for that thumpers and for helping with that and many other information . But::::: I just haven’t found the thread on my main question Crf250l 2017-2020 EJK settings!!!?????????? Pleeaseee hellpp
  14. 500rr-s 20hr Review & Questions Time sure flies when you’re having fun! My 2020 Beta 500RR-S just reached 20hrs and I thought I would share my novice rider findings as well as a few unanswered questions I have about the bike. First, it’s an absolute dream of a bike. Not a single issue so far, including the fact that I somehow dodged the melting blinker issue some had with the exhaust melting the right rear turn signal. The sun/rain mapping is such a great feature. It’s the first bike I have ridden with it and it’s super noticeable. Not noticeable because they’re two extremes but more like they are just different. The sun map is responsive, powerful and strong. For being a big bore, it somehow balances chugging on the low end and screaming at the top, with any flatness in between than a rookie like myself can notice. The rain map is similar, but with the edges polished off. I decided to get to know the bike on this map and spent the first 6 or so hours almost exclusively in rain mode and I have no regrets. It has all the same power, just tamed a bit and easier to finesse. The stock tires are fine. They have served my purposes but at 20hrs are not too far from replacement. My standard ride that’s easy to hit from my house without packing the rig up is 75 miles round trip on a DNR road with 20 being paved with a top speed of 55. The tires do fine. At first the pavement was pretty sketchy but it’s smoothed out a lot(or I’ve gotten used to nobbies at high speeds) and it’s not very sketchy for the 3 miles I am at 55mph. The rest is 35 and it’s handling is perfectly fine. Honestly the whole bike is so good I’m not going to list out everything I love, but rather will jump to my open questions/complaints with the hope there are some answers available. Fuel consumption. This is weird, but on my 75mile loop my fuel light turns on almost exactly halfway through the trip(it’s a there and back kind of road) IF I am in rain map which is roughly 40 miles. If I am in sun mode, it turns on when I am 60 miles into the trip. This caught me way off guard. Is it possible the smoothed our map uses more fuel? I’ve tested it a few times and it’s consistent where rain mode consumes more fuel. The fuel light has a pattern but I can’t lock down what it is. I know it flashes once at half a tank which I actually like a lot. I don’t ride loops, so having a halfway reminder is nice for me personally. But after that blink there are quick flashes, long flashes, and the finally it actually stays on. Has anyone found a mapping that diagrams out the logic? Or am I just way over complicating it and it’s just the fuel splashing around in the tank and it’s all random. My exhaust pipe rusted at the base super quick. It’s just surface rust, but I’m pretty damn sure it’s never been wet when I put it away. I’ve ridden in the rain a few times but I’m sure the heat would have dried it off pretty quick. Anyone have thoughts on if this is a thing? Finally, seriously is it possible to have a more uncomfortable seat? I legitimately think a solid wood seat would be more comfortable. If you plan on buying one of these incredible machines, budget a new seat in ASAP. All said and done, what a incredible machine. 10/10 would buy again.
  15. Well that was quick! I was on the Beta website this evening checking on the delivery of my next two 300REs and ordering some goodies and saw that the 250 and 300 Race Editions are sold out for the year. Guys must have read about Kranny's purchase and jumped onboard 😂
  16. Does anyone know if a stock exhaust from a 2020 crf250r would fit on a 2013 crf250r? I know that the 2013 is a single exhaust but i just would like to know if the mounting points would match up.
  17. Well it FINALLY happened. I took this beauty home and joined the cool kids club. I didn’t want to do too much out the gate so all I did was a re-spring for my weight, and bulletproof radiator guards. I haven’t popped her dirt cherry but the cruise around the hood was amazing. Such an incredible bike already! As a novice rider I’m planning on posting more as I learn about the bike and put some more hours on it.
  18. Yamaha has recently released the yz125x in the US. What is everyone's opinion on the bike specifically for trails, enduro, hare scrambles etc. What could/should Yamaha have done differently? Is it a good purchase or not worth the money? I provided a link to the bike and specs on their website for those who are interested in viewing. https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/cross-country/models/yz125x
  19. It's been a couple of days that the new bikes arrived locally , next batch is scheduled for early September and from what I heard, demand from other European countries is already high. I really doubt that August will be a vacation month for Beta. So some photos from RR200, RR300 and RR350.
  20. Hi, Anyone know if it is possible to reset the ECU to factory settings? Have some issues, and checked about everything else now.
  21. I'm thinking about buying a dirt bike. I have past experience riding my first bike was a 1998 tw200 and I'm now looking for something with a little more pore and seat height. I'm considering the 2020 Klx300 dual-sport. What are the pros and cons? Any other suggestions on bikes? I am also considering the Klx250 anything on those?
  22. Hi Guys, I installed a street OHV light kit on my 2020 CRF450R, the kit is actually pretty nice, the main harness is built well the wires to the LEDs are a bit small and could be a bigger gauge wire for durability. My question is, would the map switch from the 2021 CRF450R that has the traction control incorporated work on a 2020 model? trying to clean up my bars a bit and I don't want so many switches, right now I have the light kit control, map switch and launch control button. Below are pics of the 2021 map switch which shows the new style traction control/map switch, the street OHV light/horn control and the 2020 double switch for map and traction control. It would be nice to only have the new map switch and the OHV control. I appreciate any feedback, thanks Guys!
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