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Found 217 results

  1. I have a 2008 WR250F dirtbike. My speedometer is very messed up along with something else electrical. First off, when I turn the key (I wired in a key ignition) the speedometer does not light up, the taillight doesn't work, and the headlight doesn't work. They only turn on when I kick it as my electric start doesn't work either. Then when I start to ride the speedometer reads anywhere from 100-189mph. Even when Im standing still, if I rev it up the speed will go up. Also I have gone through 2 AGM batteries in 4 months because they keep shorting out. Does anyone have any ideas on what is happening and how to fix it??? I need to sell it so I need to get this figured out. ***BTW I know that the problem does not stem from the new ignition I wired in because when those wires touch it blows the right fuse under the seat, happened to me when I was putting it in and that fuse is still good so no problems there.***
  2. Pissed93CR

    Need radiator help 93 CR 250

    Hey! New to forum and have quick question. I just started a 93 cr250 project and all the parts are original and some are a bit clapped out. The radiator needs to be replaced and I am wondering If the eBay radiators are worth it. Company names on ebay are, MSR Racing, Worley, GPI, and HR Racing etc. Are these radiators any good or am I stuck buying an expensive OEM unit? Should I buy a used OEM? No one really seems to make or carry them except the eBay stores. I also have a hard time trusting eBay purchases. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks -Peter
  3. At one time I was a pretty good rider back in highschool but got out of it during college when my KTM got stolen. Im fresh out of college now and am trying to get back into the offroad world. I recently bought an 07 CRF 250X. Im 210 pounds with gear and know im to heavy for my stock suspension but dont have the money to get my suspension re-sprung and revalved at the moment. Does anyone have any tips for getting the most out of stock suspension without heavier springs and revalving for until I can get the suspension worked?
  4. Mikethe80srocker

    1984 YZ 250 VIN Decal Info ??

    I'm restoring my old 84 YZ250L and need some help identifying the correct " Wording " on my VIN decal off my frame's neck area . I want a local graphics shop to remake this Decal / Badge , but mine was half rubbed off ... Does anyone know what the missing words are ??? Thanks for any help , i really appreciate it !!!
  5. Hello all here goes my first post, I have a fully rebuilt rmz 450. The bike runs great, the only problem is every time I try to kick the bike over, about every other kick the bike gets hung up, like some of the teeth on the kick starter gear or the idler gear or clutch basket are messed up. I tap on the kickstarter and have to lean the bike over a bit and keep tapping the kick starter and then it will free up for a few kicks. I took the inner clutch cover off and swapped the kickstarter gear with the one that was in it because I had one laying around. Worked for about two rides, then same thing. I found quite a bit of black suit looking stuff that appeared to be from the clutch plates like it was possibly getting in between gears and causing them to bind. However, I just received a new washer/spring that goes behind the idle gear and wondering if that could be the issue.... Again, I have rebuilt a ton of motorcycle engines and am very knowledgeable, but this just baffles me because I haven't found any damage to the gears from the kickstarter, idle gear, and clutch basket. Any advise would be great. I have attached pictures of the washer and I believe the manual calls for the convex side facing inward.
  6. ThumperTalk

    Maico 250 1983

    0 reviews

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Moto Cross ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 248 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2 Speeds: 5 Speed TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 5 Speed Dry Weight (lbs.): 222
  7. Brady The Honda Guy

    Cr 250 Conversion

    So I can get a 1986 cr250 motor for a good price and I also know a guy that has a 2005 crf250r that needs work. I have the idea of just swapping motors. Would this motor fit in the newer frame?
  8. Hello guys im new so bare with me but i just picked up a 1999 yz250 for 550 it had a blown head gasket didn't know till i wanted to change piston and etc but it will not idle whats so ever choke on it will idle for 7 sec then die no blip of the gas or nothing and another thing is im not sure what kind of carb is on there i've been looking for a 1999 yz250 carb rebuilt kit but there is not none noooooo where !!!! i was thinking to just buy a brand new carb from summit or ebay can you guys tell me if this will work perfectly on the yz please im trying to ride with my step pops SAME EXACT ONE THatS ON THE BIKE - http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/192119880998?lpid=82&chn=ps&ul_noapp=true SUMMIT - https://www.summitracing.com/parts/mku-tm36-2/recommendedparts
  9. I have a 2010 ktm 250xc and as I was changing the chain and sprockets today I spun the rear tire and noticed a wobble from side 2 side. It wasn't that bad but it's noticeable. Long story short I cut my chain 2 short and it was very tight on the bike I cranked it and ran it for maybe a min in first gear before realizing. I took the chain off and spun the tire again and it seems like the wobble has gotten worse... it's not the bearings because I just changed them and they only have one ride on em. I didn't change the spacers tho. I'm not super knowledgeable about wrenching on the bike I've just been kinda teaching myself. Idk if I fcked something up or if the rim is bent need some help here. Also we have a ride planned for this weekend would it be safe 2 ride it with the wobble or would I just be damaging it even worse . Thanks In advance for the help
  10. I'm researching slider and chain guide combos and am leaning towards TM Designworks, but they seem to have multiple versions and to confuse things none of the retailers I've checked nor TMD's own website compares the various models, e.g., GP, Factory Edition, etc. Any suggestions? TM Designworks guide combo kits TM Designworks guides on RMATVMC
  11. Jr Hurst

    KTM 250 MXC 1983 Value

    I am thinking about selling my dual sport KTM 250 MXC 1983. I have no idea what a reasonable asking price would be in the condition it is in. It runs and drives great and has good compression. The bike works as it should. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. considering riding 450s : Is 12t sprocket better for trail/enduro use !? does it help the bike not getting stall in the tide sections !? or 13t is still better and just changing the rear to 52t ? dose it help to have 12t front + 52t on the rear ? any other combination !? suggestion !?

    2005 KX250F

    I have a 2005 KX250F. I know they have a bad rap for overheating and other engine problems, but got it super cheap so couldn't walk away. I want to know if anyone has tried putting some kind of fans on the radiators to allow for higher ride temperatures. Like slow trail riding and things like that, that particularly don't get enough air flow across radiators to cool the coolant. Let me know if you have, and how you did it. I may be starting a fire with this, but what was so bad about the 05 kx250f? Mine runs great and has never overheated after hard riding, slow riding with high rpm, and several other situations. Just want to know what to look out for in the near future for problems. SO WHAT WAS SO BAD ABOUT THE 2005 KX250F?
  14. Long story short, my KX has been acting up lately, it seems like the jetting is constantly changing and will run lean even if i have the air screw in tight enough to foul a plug. Sometimes it runs perfectly fine, usually trail riding, but typically when I'm hill climbing or riding very hard i will get the idle surge when i let off the throttle. This makes me want to turn the air screw in to avoid a shattered piston from running lean but its not really solving the issue. Last weekend I raced and it ran great for the first 2 minutes, got the holeshot, then it just kept bogging, putting and popping until it died and did not want to start again. The one cover for the actuator rod for the powervalve was loose which i could not tighten without taking the cylinder off, could air be getting into the ratio from there even though exhaust was coming out? Also, this piston has a ton of hours on it. Someone recommended replacing the rings, as they could be worn and not keeping a great seal on the engine. Should i replace the rings, tighten the cover for the powervalve actuator, clean the carb and put it all back together or throw a new piston on now? I wanted to race this weekend which probably wont happen if I'm doing the top end rebuild. Also, if the top end is recommended, where do i start? the cylinder looks fine, do I have to get a (very slightly) bigger piston to make up for the worn cylinder edges? How do I know what piston to get and how do I know what size base gasket to replace it with? Any tips, thoughts, recommendations would be great thanks!
  15. dirtbagian

    1998 KX250 shifting problems

    Hi, this is my first post on TT! I recently traded my PS4 for a 1998 KX250 with a "broken shift lever" the bike was unable to start due to it being freezing cold and stuck in gear. The reason the shift lever was broke was because the splines were completely worn. So right away, I bought a new shift lever. The old one was a bitch to get off as he had snapped the end of the bolt off to tighten the lever to the shift shaft. I ended up using a pickle fork to pry it off. Bit anyway. After putting on a nice, new shift lever, I was ready to get it running, only to unable to get it into neutral. Which wasn't really an issue. I figured I'd just bump start it. After several attempts, it didn't start, but I got it into neutral. After getting it into neutral, I couldn't get it back into gear. It just clicks about 7 times up or down and nothing happens. Now, I am able to get it in and out of gear, but only by clicking it randomly up and down so many times. I have no idea what gear it's going into, and it has no pattern. I already have the bike mostly tore apart. I plan on splitting the cases, I am just curious if someone can help me diagnose the issue, before I split the cases. Possibly worn shift forks?
  16. There is a problem with my friends 06 crf250. It will start up and idle for a little bit and then stall. Turning on the choke makes it run longer but not by much then it stalls. Also, if you give it throttle to keep it from stalling it sputter and dies. The carb has been rebuilt, also all the Jets have been cleaned along with everything else. The tank had been emptied and filled with fresh gas. What could cause this?
  17. Clayton Skarke

    97 yz 250 acts like the choke is on

    My 97 yz 250 has a 96 top end on it and I can't for the life of me get it to run right. It runs just like if the choke is on. It has great power in the low end but as soon as I get to mid range and up to top end speed, it bogs down and it won't rev out like it should. Every once in a while It will speed up and run decent but It seems like It has a hard time transitioning from mid range to full speed. It also won't idle. The odd thing is, is that the very first time I put it all together and ran it, it idled perfect and ran amazing durring the 5 minute test ride that I took it on, the next day when I tried to ride, it was instantly giving me this problem. I was running 32:1 mix in it but it kept fouling the plug so just for testing purposes I ran 40:1 in it, it still bogs but now at least it won't foul the plug. By the way, it's a brand new plug so that should have nothing to do with it. So far what I have done is changed the crank seals, I've gone through the carb(168 main jet i believe) and everything else checks out there, choke is working as it should, it has brand new reeds in it, looked over the stator, all electrical connectors, ground wires, nothing looks out of place ignition wise, replaced some worn power valve linkage and I've ran the bike with the power valve linkage cover off to verify that the power valve is working correctly. It also has plenty of compression. Idk if it's ignition, fuel, or a porting issue with the different year model cylinder but any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Hi all, I have a 2004 Kawasaki kx250 that died suddenly on me the other day. all i can get it to do is backfire every once in awhile. Tested the resistance and everything of the magneto and stator with a multi-meter and all is good. Coil is new oem Kawasaki the reeds are brand new vforce and the top end and carb have been completely rebuilt. key on crank is intact and all the timing marks are lined up. I hooked a timing light to it and spun the motor over really fast and found that it is sparking way to late. The service manual says that it is supposed to fire 14 degrees before TDC but it is sparking way after TDC. Im thinking its a fried CDI box since its the only thing i wasnt able to check. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  19. EnduroBandit

    bushing Gio X31 250cc Linkage Bushings

    Hey ya'll! I've been riding my Gio X31 250cc really hard lately and one of the rear linkage bushings went. Now it makes a horrible squeaking noise lol. Does anyone know were I can get replacement bushings or if there are any compatible bushings from name-brand bikes? Thanks, Jordan
  20. ThumperTalk

    ATK 250 1990

    0 reviews

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Enduro ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 244 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2 Speeds: 6 Speed TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 6 Speed Dry Weight (lbs.): 220
  21. Just as the title says, what's everyone's favorite eBay mods for your bikes. I find my self buying quite a few parts on there for cheap money. Might not be the best stuff but it sure is cheap! 👍🏻
  22. swamp-donkey

    KTM Stator

    Recently purchased s 2005 KTM 250 exc. I am out of state from where the bike is currently stored and am trying to get info about the stock stator. Looking at OEM part schematics, I find that this year and model apparently could have either the 2k-2 stator with about 35-40W output or the 2k-3 stator with a better/higher output (https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/oem-schematic/21). The bike currently has no head light but allegedly it used to when it was bought. Is there an easy way to know which stator is actually on my bike without pulling it out and actually looking at it or testing the output? Or should I assume that if no one has done the upgrade to 2k-3 stator that it would have a 2k-2 stator by default? Next question: If the bike has 2k-2 stator, what would be the brightest light I could get for relatively decent price. Broad question, I know. But if anyone has some really standout recommendations for older type bikes, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  23. Callahan Scholtus

    Need new cylinder for a 1995 cr250

    I have a blown motor a 1995 cr250 and i need a new cylinder but cant find one for that year what year cylinder can i buy to replace that one and what year would be the best fit.