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Found 228 results

  1. Recently purchased s 2005 KTM 250 exc. I am out of state from where the bike is currently stored and am trying to get info about the stock stator. Looking at OEM part schematics, I find that this year and model apparently could have either the 2k-2 stator with about 35-40W output or the 2k-3 stator with a better/higher output (https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/oem-schematic/21). The bike currently has no head light but allegedly it used to when it was bought. Is there an easy way to know which stator is actually on my bike without pulling it out and actually looking at it or testing the output? Or should I assume that if no one has done the upgrade to 2k-3 stator that it would have a 2k-2 stator by default? Next question: If the bike has 2k-2 stator, what would be the brightest light I could get for relatively decent price. Broad question, I know. But if anyone has some really standout recommendations for older type bikes, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. ashfmxuk

    Cold start choke or not?

    Just wondering if anyone who owns a honda cr250r, "mine is an 03 super clean". When cold starting I am having to use the choke, I am sure back in the day about 2004-2008 I had no issues starting from cold without choke how ever maybe I always used the choke and forgot. But since refurb the bike with out choke when cold will not fire as soon as choke is on first time start. I have recently changed the plug still no difference. Is this normal or should this bike be starting from cold without choke?
  3. Alex Seprish

    2003 cr250 carb issues

    Hey Guys, (READ EDIT) I made a post on this before and I had thought I figured it out but.. I didn't. So, I have a 2003 cr250 and it has a keihin Pwk 38mm AS (I think), vforce 3 reeds and cage, a stock fatty, and a powercore 2,the guy I got it off of said it had a wiesco top but I have never really look at the piston tho. My problem is I think the carb may be fake, because I got the carb on the bike when I got it and I cant seem to make it have power with that carb. I have the carb jetted with a 45 pilot 175 main and clip position 3, I believe the slide is a #7 but im not sure and i dont really think that matters tho. I cant really get it to have all its power and when you hit the throttle at first it wont rev but when you let off and go back on it will(in neutral). The carb I got with it has a cereal # but it is lazered on not stamped, Im not sure if that means anything, and the slide looks real because it has a keihin mark but when I put the carb off my brothers 95 cr250 it runs great, the 95 carb has a 55 pilot ,clip 3 ,185 main but if i jet my carb like that the bike runs like shit. with the 95 carb it has a lot more power and sometimes it wont rev but I think I could fine tune that. It could be my Rc valve but im not sure today I may either put a extra carb off a 95 cr i have lying around and try and jet it real good ,or the carb off my 97 rm250 which looks pretty much the same as my carb got with my cr just a little older, and the cereal # is stamped in. I put the video below that I used to tune my rc valve. and I will get pics later of my carb. . If you guys know anything any help would be appreciated. Thanks, (EDIT)I did aa little more testing and adjusted my Rc valve real good and have concluded it to carb and i think my 38 as is real but cand quite work out jetting or clip position and fuel air screw any help im at about 1500ft above sea.
  4. Somebody please help me lol I have a 2009 ktm 300xcw the bike will start fine but wont idle the bike sounds like its hitting a rev limiter or blaaah blaaah blaaah every time I get on the throttle I've tried everything I could think of I've bought new reeds, cleaned all the jets out, changed the powervalve spring, changed the plug, still nothing I'm going to check the stator and coil tomorrow but I'm lost if it's not the stator or coul
  5. ONyX711

    New Graphics and plastics

    Got a chance to put on my new plastics and graphics. pretty happy with how it turned out.
  6. Eric Andrew Charles

    Checkout my new channel please

    PLease checkout my first video, sub if you like it. It will get better. first time uploading
  7. Parker_B30

    2003 KTM 200 EXC Jetting

    I recently bought a 2003 and tore the carb down just so I knew what it had for jetting. I found a 178 main, 48 pilot, and NOZG needle on 2nd clip from top. (Bike has totally stock exhaust and riding is about sea level). The 48 pilot caught my eye as I thought it should have been more like a 42 and was wondering if this is correct? Also what is the best needle to use and on what clip? Any help is appreciated, Thanks.
  8. ThumperTalk

    Maico 250 1982

    0 reviews

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Moto Cross ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 248 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2 Speeds: 5 Speed TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 5 Speed Dry Weight (lbs.): 222
  9. BMak

    Rmz 250 clutch problem

    I have a 2004 rmz 250 and when I pull in the clutch and put it into first gear the bike still moves (the clutch is all the way in.) I tried adjusting the cable and the idle but that didn't help at all. Also when the bike is running I can't go back to neutral unless I shut it off. Are these problems related? And do I need a new clutch or new clutch basket? Pls help! Thanks.
  10. I recently purchased a used 2009 CRF450r.. before this bike, everything I've owned had carburetor and cables. That being said, I'm certain something is missing here in the assembly, I just have no clue what I am looking for, what it's called or where to order it. There is nothing that really helps in the manual, but if anyone knows the part(s) i need to get my front brake functioning again, it would be greatly appreciated. Here are a few pictures of the setup with the new lever on, as well as with it off. All i know for sure about this font brake, is that the lever i purchased doesn't reach/touch anything.
  11. Today i flushed the old coolant out, and added fresh coolant to the radiator. When I started it up, it began smoking after 1-2 minutes of idling. I killed the engine and started checking hoses, looking for leaks and noticed some damage to the radiator. It looks like this part was pushed into the radiator, but i'm not even sure what it is? My question is about the damage to the radiator, is it enough to say the radiator is ruined and needs to be replaced? Also, what the heck is this thing that was pushed into it? I bought this bike a week ago, and I've only owned older bikes in the past, so I've never seen anything like this before? Main concern is the smoke from the radiator, but any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Found this good looking 2008 YZ250 on craigslist in my area for $2500. Guy says it runs good, very powerful. Has full FMF exhaust, suspension done by factory connection, protaper bars, cycra probend guards, restyle plastics kit, and oversized gas tank. Theres a photo. (only one he posted) Is there anything bad about the 2008 yz's? 2006 and up has the SSS forks? I have been scouring for a 2stroke forever.
  13. hi all, I just bought a 2014 Yamaha yz250f that is set up for a 120lb rider. the guy gave me the old fork and shock springs that were for a 180 pound rider. I have a friend who always bottoms out his yz85/105 super mini because the suspension is not set up right for him. Would i be able to put the springs i got into his bike. Both bikes has srs suspension. I know some spring cutting may be required but could it be done? Thanks for any help Luke
  14. Hi I have a KTM 250SX and its a nice bike, a 2005. The problem I have is it feels kinda slow compared to other bikes, like my friends 4 stroke 250s. I don't know the exact speed of it. It is definitely a fast bike for what it is, but there is a "spare" tire with a large sprocket on it. Maybe the bike feels slower because of that, and I don't have much experience with sprockets and gearing in that way. That might be the problem. I don't know the exact difference in sprocket teeth between the two sprockets, but I never had the normal sprocket on. It pretty large in comparison to the other, from what I know. I didn't know sprockets would make a significant difference in speed. Is this why?
  15. I weigh 130 lbs and I currently have a 2017 honda 450R. The bike is too heavy and a little too much power for me. I am stuck deciding between a ktm 150 sx or 250 sx. I ride a lot of desert, freeride, and a bit of track. Which bike should I get?
  16. KyleHubert


    Hey guys, I have let my bike sit for a couple months and now it won't kick over, and of course the battery for the electric start is dead. it will sputter and run for a quick second and then shut off. anyone have any suggestions as to what could be causing this? Bike is a 2015 ktm 250xcfw
  17. yeti_runner

    XL250R Web Camshaft

    Hi yall, I am new here so I will introduce myself. My name is Collin and I ride a 1982 XL250R. I got it for a steal because it was smoking a ton. I did a full top end rebuild on it and now it runs like new! Now knowing that it is solid and running well, I would like to start adding some more power to the engine considering that it only had 17 horsepower stock... I have already modded a Pro Circuit Platinum exhaust pipe from a 98 KLX300R to fit on the bike. I do need to rejet the carburetor, but I probably won't do that until I get a new cam and a pod filter. Now for cams, I looked for a very long time and finally came across Web Cam Inc. They have three different grind cams for my bike and I was wanting to see if any of y'all have used any of these grinds before on a 250 and what you would have to say about it. Also, I am not too good at determining how cam specs will effect the performance of an engine, so if someone know how to do that, could you help me out with the specs below? What would add the most power to my bike (forged piston, free flowing exhaust, pod filter, ported and polished head)? They do give descriptions of what kind of engine each cam would be best for, but my main issue is that I am not sure how to tell if my engine fits into the modified or "well prepared" category.. There is a 402 grind with .360/.360 lift and 238/238 degrees duration at .050. There is a 340b grind with .372/.372 lift and 248/248 degrees duration at .050. This one is likely not an option because it is for racing engines, but there is a 389a grind with .390/.390 lift and 250/250 degrees duration at .050. http://www.webcamshafts.com/index_blank.html?pages/vehicle_search.html Thanks in advance!
  18. Thought I'd share some recent footage with ya'll from over Labor Day weekend, Single Track Heaven Enjoy!
  19. MountainGahwd

    2007 KTM xcf-w

    Hello all, i just recently purchased my first dirk bike! I bought a 2007 KTM xcf-w, and boy does she run like a dream! Theres just one problem, i have a small oil leak. ive located where the leak is and i believe its just a gasket thats leaking and needs redone. However, there are wires running in where the leak is happening so i am maybe thinking the leak is caused by the wires allowing oil to seep by? I added a picture so maybe some of you mechanics out there can point me in the right direction. I am going to order a whole gasket kit for my bike unless someone thinks it could be something else entirely. Thanks in advance for your recommendations and your time!
  20. My Old/New 2008 KTM XCW 250. I knew I wanted a KTM.Knew one day I would have one,just didnt know which one.So I decided to let fate decide.So I placed a KTM sticker on the window of my truck and just knew one day I would come across what I was suppose to have,no matter the condition.I have my own A.C. business, and had a call to a Memphis radio personalities home one day.She sees the KTM sticker,says hey,my brother rides that kind and is selling one,my spidey sense kicks in,I say oh yeah?She says yepp,Ill call him to see if he has it,I know its on craigslist.I went to craigslist and there she was,in all her beaten down glory,good god all mighty,she was whooped on.I get it for $1200,knowing the suspension is shot,the E start,will not start,but she fires every time from the hip.I knew nothing about these xcw bikes,so I took her on home. I rode it for a few hours to feel her character then knew exactly what I would do.See,she was down on power and didnt like to get up and go,me weighing 220 didnt help out im sure.I had a challenge ahead of me.Here is what I did......I took it down to a pile of nothing and restored it Powdered the frame PPG white,The swing arm black,sub frame black.All parts are new,Factory KTM bearing in all areas,KTM wire harness,Rekluse Z Start Pro,Wiseco billet clutch basket,Lectron HV Carb,S3 Slavens High Compression head,SX CDI box,2011 model Translucent tank,Plastics including new airbox and 2017 front fender and plate,Moto Seat,Front Suspension by Zip Ty Racing with Gold anodizing of forks by Ty,Rear Nitro bladder and builld by KTM world,Chain and sprockets,wheels and tires,tubes,rear tail light,FMF fatty,power core,VForce 4 reeds.Lithium 130cca battery,all new updated 2016 xcw E start components,7602 racing clutch cover,ims pegs.All gaskets by Cometic.New starter and kill switch,new speedo lens.All nits and bolts are new factory ktm,even engine mount bolts.I know im leaving something out....I rebuilt this bike to how I envisioned it to perform with all the components combined,working together to enhance one another and it does perform. You can see black and orange,the day I got it home.Then the new,white frame and black powdered coated swing arm and sub frame.Then various money shots,but not all of the parts to the go fast puzzle.Finally the finished product.The condition of the bike is,the only things not being brand new would be the triple clamps,bottom end,rotors and radiators.Everything else is new.KTM world rebuilt the entire engine 75 hours ago per the receipts I have,which total over 2K.The bike runs so perfectly,it is just what I had in mind. Thanks for looking! Nate Davis
  21. My rm125 leaks gas when sitting there on the stand with gas off. I've tried cleaning carb to make sure no dirt or anything! Please help! Also my kickstarter is tight when pulling out?
  22. Hi, I recently bought a 2009 KTM 250 XC-F. Everything is great about it, although I am having a minor issue with the clutch. So I start up the bike, let it idle for a minute or so to get everything up to temperature, pull and hold in the clutch...shift into first...and...*jolt forward*...*stall* I have peeked inside the oil cap and the clutch operates fine (obviously when the bike isn't running). So I then have to start up the bike again and let it idle longer. I have found that it takes almost 2-3 minutes, sometimes i give it a 1/4 throttle to get things going faster. After enough time I shift into first, still get a little jolt, but engine continues to run like the clutch finally separated from the plate. But after this everything is flawless, clutch operates perfect. It's just with a cold engine, the clutch doesn't work. Is this normal and I have just never been told this?? I find it annoying how I have to sit there for 3 minutes or so just letting the engine idle before the bike can even move. Thanks for any info, Dean
  23. Hey guys its me again... the motocross noob and this time I bought a clutch cover protecter when bought my brand new 2017 yz250f so that it wouldn't get all scratched up. It came with longer hardware etc. do you know if when I take off the clutch cover bolts to bolt the protecter over the top will it leak oil? If it will I will just wait till after I break it in while I'm doing the oil change. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  24. MotoXRacer_19

    KTM 2-stroke Overheating

    I'm caught between a rock and a hard place. My 2010 KTM 250 XC won't stop peeing coolant out of the overflow tube. I've used 3 different radiator caps (two of the oem 1.8 bar caps and one CV4 2.0 bar) and it still continues to pee coolant as soon as the bike starts up. I just recently bought and installed brand new radiators [GPI on eBay for $88 (the seem fine just the welds are a bit crappy and you can see inside of the tubes where the metal from the welds drooped down but there are no blocks)] and silicone hoses (profactory hoses) thinking they were the problem since the old radiators were bent in like bananas. To my dismay that was apparently not the issue. I've had everything apart and looked at. Has brand new base gaskets, head gaskets, radiators, and radiator hoses. I've bled the radiators like the manual says and there are no bubbles like air leaking into the system or being in the system. The jetting is also perfect. The only thing I haven't changed out is the oem impeller in the water pump but it looks to be in great condition. Any ideas on how I can fix this problem before it gets worse? Also, has anyone else had this problem and figured out how to fix it? I ride it in mostly tight 0-10 mph trails and also some 10-20 mph trails.