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Found 39 results

  1. I've really enjoyed reading all the help everyone on this site gives so I thought I'd try it out for myself. Looking to get my first dirt bike and trying to find the right one for interests, money, etc. New to dirt, but used to ride a CBR929. I'm 40, 5'9" and about 230, and mostly looking to ride trails/woods. Would love to get a 250f, but hear so many problems and that maintenance is high. Found this guy today (https://hartford.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2005-kawasaki-kx250f/6357000998.html) and was wondering if it's worth looking at. This is the second owner and has "very low hours". Bought it for son and rode it around yard. Hasn't ridden it in 3 years and starts it once a month. Besides the normal stuff, is there anything I should look at that would give me clues that something is good/bad? Thanks for the help!

    2005 KX250F

    I have a 2005 KX250F. I know they have a bad rap for overheating and other engine problems, but got it super cheap so couldn't walk away. I want to know if anyone has tried putting some kind of fans on the radiators to allow for higher ride temperatures. Like slow trail riding and things like that, that particularly don't get enough air flow across radiators to cool the coolant. Let me know if you have, and how you did it. I may be starting a fire with this, but what was so bad about the 05 kx250f? Mine runs great and has never overheated after hard riding, slow riding with high rpm, and several other situations. Just want to know what to look out for in the near future for problems. SO WHAT WAS SO BAD ABOUT THE 2005 KX250F?
  3. Title

    2015 KX250F Won't Start

    New to this site and looking for some help. Recently I've been having troubles with my 2015 KX250F regarding it starting. When I bought it (used) a few months ago it started on the kick like normal and ran like a dream. Not even a month into owning it, the thing would not start cold on the kick no matter how long I spent flogging it; it could only be started by rolling it. However once the bike was warm, it would start 1st or 2nd kick no problem. Now recently the bike will not start whatsoever. Tried to roll start it and it kept a big sort of buzz but never really caught on and started. I put a new spark plug in and cleaned the air filter but no luck. It is fuel injected so I feel it may be a problem with that. My mate suggested I could need to dump the fuel and put fresh fuel in but just looking for other possibilities. Cheers.
  4. Tired of putting money into an old 2003 KX 250 that keeps breaking and isn't perfect for what I ride, has some upgrades but kills me every race from the suspension. I like the bike but just don't want to be the guy who puts $1000 into suspension to make it suitable. What does anyone think the best option would be? budget around $3000. 6ft 160lbs. Really interested in a crf 450x or a wr450, and I know it will be heavy for me to handle but I'm hoping the trail settings and suspension should compensate and still be better than my KX (and it would still be a fun powerful bike). Ideally I would want a 250f mx bike that already had the suspension work done, but that is rare. Is there a certain 250f to buy that would have the "best" stock mx suspension for the woods? Really want something reliable and newer (2006-2010ish) but I know I would be bored of a regular trail bike (KDX, 250x, TTR) after the first ride, and need something to be able to compete. I can deal with my 250 2Ts power but the 450x torque might be a bit much in the PA single track. KTM is an option, probably only a 2 stroke, but bikes newer than 2005 are fairly expensive and hard to come by. Any suggestions for a competitive woods bike for that budget would be great, thanks.
  5. I picked up a yz250f for a pretty good deal. All that was wrong was a bog off idle. I thought easy fix just need clean the carb and change some jets, not knowing what I was getting myself into aka the infamous bog that all these damn 250fs have. My current hypothesis on why it isn't working, the accelerator pump does not seem to be squirting any fuel at all. Today I cleaned the shit out of the acc pump blowing carb cleaner and air through all the passage ways, and leak jet. Both the o rings, and diaphragm are in great condition. Still no squirt. The bike came with a boyeson quick shot, and I'm thinking about upgrading to the quick shot 3 just to get rid of the hassle of changing out leak jets, which I am still not convinced is the problem as the leak jet is stock. I tried the o ring mod but since my acc pump isn't squirting it did absolutely nothing. If anyone has any suggestions or fixes to my problem it would be greatly appreciated. Dean
  6. So I need some help deciding what size of bike I should buy. I'm new and want to start riding bikes with my buddies and am looking to get a bike. I've looked at 85 2s, 125 2s, and a 250 4s. I am 5"10 , 130lb, and 15 years of age. What bike would work the best for me? I want a bike with enough power for sand dunes but good enough for a beginner. What bike would work the best? Awnsers are much appreciated!
  7. I have a 2012 kx250f. I was riding at about 10-15 mph around a burm, the tire lost traction and slipped out. It fell on its right side, facing down the burm so the top was lower than the bottom of the bike. I waited about 2-3 min to pick it up and idk why. Now the bike backfires pretty bad and does it constantly. There's also a noticeable power loss in the lower rpm range. The bike doesn't backfire as much in higher rpms. It doesn't backfire at all when in neutral, only in gear. It's still pretty easy to start (started cold in about 35 degree weather in about 2 kicks after not being started for weeks) so I don't know whats up. Any suggestions?
  8. Brayden_wilkens

    250f vs 450f

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some help on what size bike to get. I'm 6'1 and 165 lbs. I ride quite often and have decent experience on a bike. My friend that has been riding for about 10 years thinks I should get a 450 because they're more reliable. I ride trails pretty often but would like to learn how to ride tracks. I have ridden a 450 before but never a 250f. Any comments are appreciated
  9. So my little bro wants to go from four wheelers to bikes, I don't really know how the skills translate, he would prefer 4 stroke but he isn't to opposed to 2 smokers, I was thinking he should be ok on a 250f or 125 smoker, he has a raptor 350 been riding for about a year, I let him ride my old 230 he seemed like he was doing fine, would a 250f or 125 smoker be to much for him he thinks it would i think he will be fine though, what would you guys recommend?
  10. so I have the opportunity to snatch up a 2015 ktm 250f factory edition for real cheap. But im worried about the forks. Im an intermediate+ rider, 6'2, and weight is 155lb. Buy or naw?? PLEASE HELP
  11. Nasty collarbone crash.
  12. Stevej1989

    03 yz250f transmission

    Ok guys i have a 03 250f witch 5 gear is out..if you put it in 5th you can feel it grab but soon as you put a load on it it kicks out. I tore the motor down and i put all new parts in.now the shifter feels funky and i dont have neutral and the gears feel as if i put it together wrong.. Has anyone ever did a yz250f trans there self and were successful
  13. Hey, internet. I am rebuilding a 2009 Yamaha yz250f. I bought it blown up from another guy. I took the motor out of the bike for ease of rebuilding. The head was destroyed so it got a brand new head, entire valvetrain, cams, piston, new spark plug, and I honed the cylinder. Once I got everything back together, I put it in the bike. I hooked up all the electronic plugs to the bike and timed the motor then. No start. I talked to a couple guys and they thought I might have been off 180 degrees on my timing, so i took the cams out, rotated the motor over once, then reinstalled the cams. Still no start. I tried the old spark plug, no start. I put the plug in the ignition coil out of the bike and it made a good spark, on both plugs. I also have a 2007 Yamaha wr250f with the same motor, tried the ignition coil off that, no start. I reshimmed the valves, I might have had a too big shim leaving the valve slightly open. No start still. I've retimed the motor about 5 times now, with no success. I also went through and cleaned the carb. As of now I don't have the air filter on it. I opened the throttle all the way and gave it some starting fluid to get at least one fire. Still nothing. I got a bit of gas and dumped it down the spark plug hole, nothing. I haven't had one single fire since rebuilding it. I'm out of ideas, any suggestions?
  14. Brent Steele

    Kickstarter stuck

    So I did a valve shim adjustment on my 2009 YZ250f and followed my service manual and followed a video on YT. I got my clearances in spec and put a new spark plug in as well. I put everything back together and torqued the bolts to spec, as well as following the timing marks. Now the kick starter won't budge, it feels like something is in the way when I push down. I didn't try to force it because I don't want to damage anything. This bike has low hours and has been taken care of. I'd rather fix this myself than take it anywhere so I can learn from it, any help would be appreciated. I can attach images if needed
  15. The question is simple. Will plastics off a 2009 yz250f bolt onto a 2006 yz250f?
  16. I have a 2008 ktm 250sxf and I'm having a lot of problems with it. I missed yesterday's race because it wouldn't run right. It's idling really rough. Every few kicks it will back fire really loud when I get it to run it will idle rough and when I give it gas it will bog then when I release the gas it will rev high and is hard to come down. I will give it the smallest bit of throttle and it will stick at a really high idle and I have to rev it hard and quick a few times for it to come back down. When I put it in gear and try to ride it slowly it just tries to take off and it doesn't even feel like a high idle. I have to ride the front and rear breaks for it to not take off. I can let off the throttle and put it up to 6th gear and it still keeps going. I just had the entire top end replaced. Cylinder piston rings etc. I cleaned the carb several times cleaned all of the jets and still nothing. Replaced the throttle cable even disconnected it and still nothing. If I disconnect the throttle positioning sensor it runs a little better but is still pretty rough. I used a multimeter to test the tps and it seems fine other than when it's at "idle" it's at 1.14 on 20k I give it a little gas and it sticks at 1.17 until I rev it hard a few times. No idea what it could be. Needle and seat seem fine I'm stumped on it. Please help!
  17. Zalein

    Money pit?

    Hey guys, have a quick question. Is riding a damn money pit? I remember when I first starting riding I bought a 2006 drz125l and that thing seemed to need no work at all but my 2010 yz250f seems to always need work. My buddy has a 2011 kx250f that never seems to need anything, but it's never been rode at all. He thinks that it's just yamaha but I disagree. Any kx or yz riders that are always working on the bike? Sent from my SM-G935V using ThumperTalk mobile app Sent from my SM-G935V using ThumperTalk mobile app
  18. IsaacW6

    Blown up 06 yz250f

    Hey guys, looking for some input. I have an 06 yz250f that blew up. The connecting rod broke and destroyed the Piston, cylinder, and the bottom end cases. Needless to say I'll also need a new crank. My 3 options are rebuild with used parts and sell it, part it out, or spend a lot more money and rebuild with all aftermarket parts. Just wondering what anyone thinks is my best option
  19. So, I took my 03 yz250f out riding for the third time since I've bought it. I never had any overheating issues till today. After riding it around for a bit I stopped and I let it idle (which btw has a hanging idle) for around 1 minute. Out of nowhere it started spitting coolant out of the radiator and the bike was super hot. I dont know if it being 100 degrees outside and idling might have affected it or my jets are dirty which is causing it to idle high and run hot. Ive also noticed that the gas is boiling inside the 5 gallon desert tank that sits directly on top of the carb and pipe, and it remains boiling all the time I am riding. The bike does not overheat or spill coolant when I ride it. If It starts spitting coolant at idle and I ride around for a bit right away, it stops leaking. I opened the radiator cap and revved the bike, the coolant was spitting out and bubbling, however, with the cap on the overflow line does not spit any coolant or even air for that matter. If it overheats at idle, the coolant comes out of the radiator itself and not the hose. Could it just be these bikes do not like idling for more than a minute or is my head gasket blown? Why does the gas boil all the time? Anybody have any thoughts on this? Thank you very much!
  20. MotoXRacer_19

    KTM 350 XC-F Reviews

    Hi Guys. I'm in the market for a different bike as mine isn't cutting it for me anymore. I have a 2010 KTM 250 XC and have the opportunity to buy a damn near brand new 2014 KTM 350 XC-F. I've heard a lot of mixed things about the 350, and was wondering what the owners of them have to say about them. I've read a lot about different years but haven't heard much of anything about the 2014. Can someone help me out?
  21. Boydballs

    2017 kxf 250 cross country gearing

    Hi guys, I'm currently using a 2017kxf250 at my local MX track for fun and fitness, but plan to race cross country next month with the same bike. When out trail riding in similar conditions yesterday i noted especially the very low top speed in 5th, perhaps 90kph ,With stock 13-50 gearing. Has anyone done much riding on a 250f mx bike with higher gearing, say 14-48 or 13-46, i am also weary of not having a low enough 1st cog for the odd ugly section. As it sits now i can predict me getting demoralized on the straights plus i hate holding bikes flat out . Any experience appreciated.
  22. Alright guys I’m looking for some input. I’m deciding between a 2016 fc250f and 2016 sxf250. I’m coming off a 16 yz250f, does anybody have any experience or info to help me make a decision? I️ am a MX racer between novice and intermediate. Any info would be great thanks!
  23. TeamGreen242

    Kx250f oil seals

    Hello! I am hoping to get some help with my 2006 KX250F. The problem is that it keeps blowing oil seals on the engine. I have checked the crank case breather tube and it is free of any sort of trash that may have built up between rides. I was it regularly. I have replaced most of the outer seals aside the valve cover gasket. Any suggestions would be a big help in attempting to solve my problem.
  24. Hey guys so I am considering powder coating my swing arm black to try and match the frame on my 16' sxf 250. I don't know much about the process or durability of powder coat or if I should go with a different method? what have you guys done and around how much should it cost? Thanks!
  25. Hey guys, so recently I've noticed that my front pro circuit suspension is stiffer than hell. So I read on it and it said that sometimes it's because the front wheel is misaligned and the forks will not sit right. So I put the bike on a stand bled the suspension and got the axle nut loose and the pinch bolts, and every body said to push the suspension down or even press the brakes a few times to help align the wheel. I made sure to tighten the axle then tightened the pinch bolts. But when I tried to push the suspension down while everything was loose it barely moves at all because it's so stiff. I even tried putting the bike on the stand and turning the clickers counter clockwise to soften them up but they were out of adjustment. What do I Do? How do you guys realign the wheel? I've got a riding trip coming up soon and need as much help as I can get. I'll try to add a link to video I found of a bike doing the same thing.