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Found 75 results

  1. Hi all, Have a problem here that I need sorted by tomorrow night. Let me just say that the bike (2010 kx250f) was running like a dream (well, maybe a little lean) before any of this happened. Recently the throttle cable snapped which prompted me to replace it, no biggie. I had been running without a hotstart since I had bought the bike last year so I decided to replace it along side the throttle repair. The bike came with no lever for the hotstart and I presumed that the cable was snapped (which it was). I bought a replacement cable and lever, no hassle. I pulled the tank off the bike to access the carb to replace the cable. I unscrewed the plastic screw that sits over the hotstart. There was no little brass cylinder (not sure if this is the plunger) or spring on the end of the cable or in this screw. There was no point in replacing the cable since I hadn't got the brass cylinder or spring so I left it while i fixed the throttle cables. I have now seemingly lost the black plastic screw leaving a little nipple like rubbery thing sticking out of hotstart port in the carb. I am presuming that this is the plunger which should be pushed into itself rather than sticking out. I didn't think of it as much of an issue at the time, but now with the bike back together, the carb is pissing out fuel, from what I think is the float overflow tube, every time I turn the fuel flow valve to open. I can now not get the bike started.. The only reason I can think of this happening is because the little rubber nipple is sticking out of the carb. Can anyone confirm this or have any quick fixes that I can use? I cannot for the life of me find the plastic screw and will not be able to get one by Sunday Below on the right, is a picture of the black plastic screw I was talking about.
  2. Hi guys, I want to get something long term to play around on the weekends out in the fields (no MX racing) and something that wont bore me to death as time goes on. I have never owned a dirt bike yet alone any motorbike, I rid a CBR600 sports bike once which was my friends and I loved it but thats pretty much my whole 2 wheel experience So I narrowed my choices down to a brand new 250F or a 450F. I dont want to get a 2 stroke new because i'll have to wait for the order to come in, the 450Fs and 250fs are always in stock and as for a used dirt bike, thats crossed of my list, where I live they are owned mostly by kids who never take care of them properly especially 4 strokes. So yeah, 250F or 450F? I'm buying brand new so I can't upgrade to a better bike, once I buy, its gonna be with me for a while I've had people telling me a 450F is fine for beginners as long as I take it easy, where as some told me to stay away and get a 250F I'm 200lbs btw What do you guys think I should do?
  3. Hey guys so I am considering powder coating my swing arm black to try and match the frame on my 16' sxf 250. I don't know much about the process or durability of powder coat or if I should go with a different method? what have you guys done and around how much should it cost? Thanks!
  4. I've really enjoyed reading all the help everyone on this site gives so I thought I'd try it out for myself. Looking to get my first dirt bike and trying to find the right one for interests, money, etc. New to dirt, but used to ride a CBR929. I'm 40, 5'9" and about 230, and mostly looking to ride trails/woods. Would love to get a 250f, but hear so many problems and that maintenance is high. Found this guy today (https://hartford.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2005-kawasaki-kx250f/6357000998.html) and was wondering if it's worth looking at. This is the second owner and has "very low hours". Bought it for son and rode it around yard. Hasn't ridden it in 3 years and starts it once a month. Besides the normal stuff, is there anything I should look at that would give me clues that something is good/bad? Thanks for the help!
  5. I have a 2004 Yamaha WR250F that the previous owner modified and the bike doesn’t run the way it should. It has an FMF muffler with an aftermarket pipe coming from the engine. There’s no other silencers or restrictions in the exhaust. When I got the bike, it was backfiring every time I let off the throttle no matter what speed I was doing. When the previous owner first started the bike, part of the exhaust pipe was cherry red while he was warming it up by giving it more throttle. I took the carburetor apart and found out that I have a 178 main jet, 40 pilot jet, and 72 leak jet. The needle clip was in the middle in the 4th position. I adjusted the fuel screw back to the 1.5 turns out position from the 3.5 turns out position the previous owner had it set at. I changed out the pilot jet to a 45 and the bike no longer backfires while I ride it but it does die when I leave it to idle. Sometimes it dies immediately after letting off the throttle and other times it will idle for a minute or two before dying. Now before this gets too confusing, I ran the bike with the fuel screw at 1.5 turns out and 3.5 turns out after changing the pilot jet. At 1.5 turns out, the bike would only run when choked and would die when idling. At 3.5 turns out, the bike will run with the choke off but will still die when idling. If anyone has any suggestions to try, please let me know.
  6. Alright guys I’m looking for some input. I’m deciding between a 2016 fc250f and 2016 sxf250. I’m coming off a 16 yz250f, does anybody have any experience or info to help me make a decision? I️ am a MX racer between novice and intermediate. Any info would be great thanks!
  7. Hey guys, so recently I've noticed that my front pro circuit suspension is stiffer than hell. So I read on it and it said that sometimes it's because the front wheel is misaligned and the forks will not sit right. So I put the bike on a stand bled the suspension and got the axle nut loose and the pinch bolts, and every body said to push the suspension down or even press the brakes a few times to help align the wheel. I made sure to tighten the axle then tightened the pinch bolts. But when I tried to push the suspension down while everything was loose it barely moves at all because it's so stiff. I even tried putting the bike on the stand and turning the clickers counter clockwise to soften them up but they were out of adjustment. What do I Do? How do you guys realign the wheel? I've got a riding trip coming up soon and need as much help as I can get. I'll try to add a link to video I found of a bike doing the same thing.
  8. Can anyone help me with adjusting my fuel/air mix with a Boyesen Quickshot carburetor? I see a black knob but as far as I know all it does is adjust the idle. I cant seem to find a guide on how to lean out or make it richer. It's on an 05 kx250f. When I'm at the bottom of the rpm range in first or second gear and dump the throttle too hard, the engine cuts out for a second. Am I running too rich?
  9. Hi there, I am 13 and 5’6 almost 5’7. I am wanting a rmz 250 like 2 of my friends, they look and sound really cool and they seem right for me in my opinion, but my parents think something like a 150r is better. I am looking for a 4 stroke only though. What bike should I get. Thanks
  10. I can't get my gas cap to come off! When trying to spin it off, it just kinda clicks like it isn't grasping or something. Not a fan of this new seemingly unnecessary gas cap design.
  11. hello my name is Noah and im 13 years old. im about average size 5,6 120 lbs. i started riding about a year ago (dirt bikes anyways). i started on a 2005 drz110 then went to a 2006 ttr125le and finally to a 2003 crf230f. but ive been looking for a new bike, ive been thinking along the lines of a 2006 yz250f. I've had experience with bigger and big bore bikes (trx400ex, drz400s and have rode them many times). my dad has a 50th anniversary yz450f, and i love the look of it. i have been riding about every day on 25 acres. please give me back some feedback. thank you
  12. First Post. Longtime reader. 26 year old male with 2 years of dirt bike experience. Skill level: Below intermediate, but not a novice. bike experiences: rode a ttr 230 for a season wanted something lighter, got a yz 125 for a season just sold it today because of some maintenance issues and the powerband.... my goodness I never could really get it to sing like the moto gods or not stall in single track semi- technical stuff (Utah). terrain: track (no doubles), woods, not much single track (Florida). Concerns: engine characteristics and weight are my concerns I don’t like the sound of 2 strokes either.... I thought I did but I was wrong haha. I’ve looked back at the trail bike category as a possibility but I’m more interested in the 250f class but I’m open to the best suggestion. I’d love to hear a wide variety of experiences regarding the lower end capacity of the newer model 250fs. I’m not interested in buying a used bike anymore, just to sketchy.... am I right? thanks to everyone who reads and takes part!
  13. Hi guys, I'm currently using a 2017kxf250 at my local MX track for fun and fitness, but plan to race cross country next month with the same bike. When out trail riding in similar conditions yesterday i noted especially the very low top speed in 5th, perhaps 90kph ,With stock 13-50 gearing. Has anyone done much riding on a 250f mx bike with higher gearing, say 14-48 or 13-46, i am also weary of not having a low enough 1st cog for the odd ugly section. As it sits now i can predict me getting demoralized on the straights plus i hate holding bikes flat out . Any experience appreciated.
  14. Hello! I am hoping to get some help with my 2006 KX250F. The problem is that it keeps blowing oil seals on the engine. I have checked the crank case breather tube and it is free of any sort of trash that may have built up between rides. I was it regularly. I have replaced most of the outer seals aside the valve cover gasket. Any suggestions would be a big help in attempting to solve my problem.
  15. Hey guys first post, hope im putting it in the right place. searched around for an answer to my problem but couldnt find it. So i dumped my 2017 kx250f on the left side the other day. the clutch lever got bent and from then on the cable seemed real loose and couldnt get it to disengage. so i bought some asv levers and some random cable since i assumed i just stretched the sheath. unfortunately those didnt help and its seems like the cable is still too long. I was playing around with the bottom connection to the cable and even when i would manually pull it the clutch wouldnt disengage. so im starting to think its something internal. what do you guys think? clutch spring?? TIA this is really pissing me off
  16. There is a 2014 crf250 for sale near me for 4 grand. Has 50 hours and full dual fmf pipes. Is this worth it or could I find better deals.
  17. I'm looking at these two bikes as dualsports for the price and mpg. Even though I just said I'm looking at these two as dualsports I plan on putting slicks on them because I already have a dirt bike. I don't plan on any crazy mods with them except for maybe an exhaust. Which one would you recommend and why? And if you want you can throw in the CRF250L rally model as well.
  18. I’m looking into flipping a 2001 yz250f (because it’s cheap.) and I wanted to make it look like a 2019 (or just newer). Is there anywhere that makes a restyle/update kit for something that old? There’s also a 2003 i’m looking at but it’s blown rather then just needs a valve adjustment. Would that be a better option?
  19. Hi i had a problem with my husqvarna fe 250 2015. I have been riding it for a year and suddenly it wouldnt start. Not even crank. I cleaned all the contacts and checked the fuses. In the process i accidently connected my battery backwards, a mistake i will never do again.. But after going through all contacts and changing the main fuse it suddenly started, ran for a few seconds, ran poorly and then the rectifier started smoking. Bought a new one but all i get is cranking. No sound from the fuel pump, no spark. All the relays and fuses seem ok. Cleaned ground surfaces, tried a new battery. I measured the ignition coil and got the right amount of ohm. Does anyone know if the Ecu could be damaged? Also wondering if the stator/pickup could be damaged?
  20. Hi all, I have a 2012 kx250f. I recently thought I saw something weird in the coolant. I changed it about 10 minutes ago and found lots of these little flakes in the coolant. I think it’s metal, but not sure. They aren’t magnetic so if they are it’s aluminum. What can this be, and what are the causes if it is aluminum? Here’s a picture for reference.(it’s on the tip of my thumb) there were lots of these.
  21. Hey guys, so i'm a West coast 250C level rider. [Not a top 250C rider at all] and I currently ride a super clean 07 Crf250r. I'm looking to get a newer used 250f. Pretty much open to anything 2016 and up. I'm looking for the most reliable motor. I meticulously maintain my bikes but for some reason have not had alot of luck with my crf250r. I'm leaning more towards the KTM/Husky cause i've heard you can get well over 100 hours on the bottom ends compared to the 30 hours on a older Honda. What are ur guys opinions and experiences. Keep it civil.
  22. Gday guys! I’m new to the site, but am stuck and would really love some input! Recently purchased a 2007 YZ250F - insanely cheap, because the previous owners bought it not running and didn’t know enough about bikes to ever get it working. anyway I’ll cut to the chase it hasn’t been ridden in over 12 months and cosmetically is pretty rough. Bloke told me it was seized… I got it home, put a new spark plug, cleaned the air filter, drained the tank, cleaned the peacock and replaced the fuel hose from the tap to the carby, than refilled the bike with premium unleaded. Started second kick with choke on. Sounds reasonable, abit poppy (but the exhaust needs attention where the muffler slips on is very loose - I assumed causing popping) anyway after about 20 seconds the bike dies. I started it straight back up again and gave it some throttle. If I keep the revs up the bike doesn’t stall, it backfires every now and than, and if the revs go to low it tries to stall. I have just taken the carby off, and it will be getting a clean and rebuild with fresh seals and everything. The rubber manifold gasket thing between the carby and head looks pretty perished - should I replace this whilst I’m in there? What is your opinion as to what could be happening?! also have fresh coolant (the radiators were only half full) and oil filter and oil ready to go in the bike, and am planning to double check the valve clearances this week. look forward to a reply!
  23. I'll try to keep this short with as much detail as possible.. Bike was running hot and coolant was coming out of the overflow, then it stopped, and then started again. Coolant probably had 10 hours on it so it was fairly fresh. Stopped riding for a few minutes and then my electric start was acting as if my battery was dead, eventually got it to kick and start up to get it to the garage. Wouldn't kick after a few minutes so I hooked the battery up to my charger and it fired right up and got a lot of white smoke (it appeared). Revved it a bit in case it was just moisture since I had just been riding a stream (only 6 inches deep or so no water should have gotten into the exhaust system) but smoke continued. First instinct said head gasket so I drained the coolant and it was very low and had some black specks.. after draining the oil, it still looked brand new and there appeared to be no coolant whatsoever in it.. Removed the spark plug and it had a small amount of oil on it. Even though it is at least burning coolant, does this sound like piston ring and not a head gasket failure? Do you think it is the head gasket and the coolant was just burning off quickly and that's why I'm not seeing it in the oil? I have had a little smoke on initial start up for a little but I figured it was from running fuel rich but now I'm thinking it was burning coolant off the whole time. Any ideas? Thanks!
  24. Hey y'all! Just recently bought a 2016 yz250f with 27 original hours, it came with a GYTR tuner and has a full yoshimura rs-4 exhaust, I was wondering what would be a good way to remap it for someone who races 250 beginner/250D I'm new to racing the bike is amazing but just would like to calm it down a little as of right now, old owner was the father of a friend of mine and stated the bikes already mapped for its rs-4 exhaust and I do not wanna mess anything up as it runs flawless but would just like to calm it down on the bottom end of things.
  25. I’m a 5’10” 130lb 16 year old and I want to get into dirt biking I currently have an atv but want to switch over, I have no idea what size or type of dirt bike to buy, I most likely won’t ever be riding track and mostly trails in northern Ontario and single track. I will just be riding it playfully and not racing. I’ve been looking at a rebuilt 2008 Kawasaki 250F not sure if thsi will be too big or not? My budget is hopefully under 4000$ Cad. Any suggestions please
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